Fox News Host Slams Trump’s Response to Charlottesville (Watch)

Fox News Eboni K. Williams

Fox News host Eboni K. Williams denounced President Trump’s failure to explicitly condemn neo-Nazis and the KKK in his initial statements after last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Va.

Williams called out the president in her segment “Eboni’s Docket” on “The Fox News Specialists.”

Calling his initial statement regarding the incidents “ambiguous” and “irresponsible,” Williams explained that she had initially withheld judgment from Trump, but the events in Charlottesville forced her hand. She called him out for deciding that “[his] portion of the base that is absolutely racist is so significant, so valuable that [he] hesitates even in the face of blatant, flagrant hatred to risk turning them off and thereby crippling [his] political stronghold.”


Donald Trump

Trump Retweets, Then Deletes, Image of Train Crashing Into ‘CNN’

Williams then categorized his actions as an attempt to calm voters upset over the “perceived depreciation of the intrinsic value of whiteness in this country,” and offered an example of what a forceful condemnation would have sounded like.

She finished her statement by addressing Trump directly: “You are uniquely positioned to forcefully call out evil, anti-American domestic terrorists,” she said. “We certainly cannot change what we fail to acknowledge. I am asking you to address their anger, their misplaced fears. Let them know this is America, land of opportunity, and there is indeed enough to go around.”

The “Unite the Right” rally held in Charlottesville resulted in the deaths of counter-protester Heather Heyer and state police officers H. Jay Cullen and Berke M.M. Bates. Heyer was killed when a man ran his car into a crowd of counter-protesters and injured 19 other people. The driver, James Alex Fields, was charged with second-degree murder. Cullen and Bates died when a helicopter sent to conduct surveillance of the white nationalist rally crashed.

The Department of Justice announced late Saturday that they were opening a civil rights investigation into the incident.

Watch Williams’ full segment below:


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  1. Joe says:

    No longer watching fox news specialist til Eric boiling gets back and puts these liberals in check

  2. Robert Varnum says:

    Don’t like you wished you were not on fox

  3. Stephen says:

    Michael… I know people that will say to me, “Oh…you listen to Rush Limbaugh?” My standard answer to them is “Have you ever listened to him, or do you just go by what others tell you?” They always respond, “just whatever others tell me.” The left does not want their followers to listen to any conservative viewpoints . So, my question to you is, do you ever listen to anything conservative, or, just go by what your liberal friends tell you to listen to? That would make you a narrow-minded follower…not a leader, if that were so. Most educators fall into this category (80/20 rule). They have been so brainwashed by their union newsletters, and sixteen years of liberal education, that they only have the “follower” mentality. These people are teaching future generations…pretty sad!

  4. Michael. says:

    Well done, Eboni, for exposing President Pussygrabber as the vile racist bottom-feeder he is.

  5. Michael. says:

    That should have read “great and brave”…

  6. Michael. says:

    Eboni Williams must have given the morons who watch Fox News multiple heart attacks. A geat and brave statement.

  7. Thomas Fries says:

    Ebony Williams is the new voice of the Alt-Left and if she had any ethics at all would leave Foxnews and go to CNN.

  8. Linda Abernathy says:

    Eboni Williams didn’t your mother ever say if you don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say anything? Haven’t seen you for very long on Fox and Timpf either but the both of you need to realize that this is a “conservative” TV show. It is quite apparent that you are not conservative and probably the Liberal we all know and dispise. Did you ever think what would happen to your job if all the people that watch Fox just quit watching Fox? A good reporting journalist will investigate the facts before running lips in fact a good reporter doesn’t put “their” opinion in the mix. When I grew up I never knew who was liberal and who was conservative because they never voiced their opinion but just the news. Maybe you should take some reporting lessons!

  9. Veteran says:

    Eboni Williams is a racist her “Docket was nothing but a race baiting racist rant.Backed up by her useful idiot Kat Timpf. This show should be called Dumb and Dumbest neither knows what they are talking about .The guests should be embarrassed to be part of this.FOX here is a little tip that might keep viewers stop with the anti Trump liberals.You do not need these naysayers and never Trumpers to be called fair and balanced .If we want anti Trump content we can go to CNN or any of the others .Please put the 5 back on at 5 and give the 9:00 pm slot to Laura Ingraham.

  10. Kathryn Sapp says:

    Ebony … you are so very, very wrong! I hate bigots as much as anyone else. But Trump was right and he hasn’t said anything wrong. Like almost always, there’s blame on all sides here.

  11. Stephen says:

    Denise Benson; just wondering, are you a politician, lawyer, or more than likely a teacher? I read down ten comments before yours, and I understood them all perfectly. More than likely, you just do not want to hear what a non liberal has to say. “Teach Your Children Well!!!” Not to be useless snowflakes!

  12. R. James says:

    I understand that Eric has hired a lawyer and is trying to sue someone who was trying to defame his character.
    Our TV stays on FOX 99% of the time. After yesterday Weds Aug 16th 2017 we are not watching Fox specialist anymore until Eric gets back.
    Eboni and Kat are so full of their selves and their small mindedness has emerged big time. Fox News has been going down hill since Roger had to leave. Who ever is at the helm steering this ship should resign and bring Roger back. (if it were possible)
    Fox Please Don’t Hire Anymore People like Ebony, Kat, Sheppard Smith, Jaun Williams and other libs. I used to like Charles K but lately the majority of the time he is so full of himself that he dosen’t have many kind words for the President.
    I will go on record that my household stands up 100% for President Trump.

    Deplorable and Proud of it

  13. R. James says:

    The police / mayor should have kept both sides far apart and possibly the death of the women wouldn’t have happened.
    Also I was told as young man (when the Vietnam war was going on) If your not there involved or not you wouldn’t get hurt. So if the people that got hurt stayed home things wouldn’t have gotten out of control!!!!

  14. Cheryl Gerblick says:

    There was horrific violence on both sides, and unless someone is willing acknowledge and condemn all violence. It will continue from the many domestic and international terrorists. Violence is violence and it all has to stop! If one side is not condemned they will see that as acceptance or condoning it.
    Please, stop picking one side over another.

  15. Shirley Mattarella says:

    Eboni is biased. She belongs with the Trump haters. Eboni is liberal and the liberals cannot wait to pick apart any little thing the president says or does. So far Trump has been doing a great job in the white house. If you want to pick on people what about Obama and his lies and Clinton and her lies regarding Benghazi, or how she totally smashed her hard drive so the authority’s could not see her scandals, and on and on it goes.

  16. Gary Johnson says:

    The Specialist has gone down hill since Eric Bolling left. Eboni and Kit are both very liberal and the guy in the center also was leaning liberal. What happened to giving both sides of the story!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cheryl Gerblick says:

      I was not aware that Eric Bolling left the Specialists show but it does not surprise me. All the leftists and Swamp lovers, shout down the conservatives and Trump supporters. People like Dana P., Juan W. and KG who ridicule and put down Jesse W and act like mean Junior High bullies. Fox is being taken over by a bunch of far left and more moderate lefties who DO NOT think Trump is a legitimate President and would do just about anything to negate all the votes and voters that support and elected Donald J Trump.
      He is our President so get over it and deal with it with honesty and dignity whether you like it or not.

  17. Diane Macan says:

    President Trump did the right thing by waiting for all facts to surface before speaking. He has denounced white supremacy, racism, throughout his campaign and presidency. I liked Eboni and am shocked that she is part of the swamp. She needs to be drained.

  18. S. Mac says:

    Ebony should go to work for MSNBC with Maddow and Megyn. She is a Fox mole!!

  19. rbk525 says:

    Ms Williams has got to go….. I would normally afford anyone the opportunity to speak their mind – whether I agree with them or not. But, times are different today. Because of constant berrage of attacks from the left wing main stream media lines are being drawn. It is what it is. And, Ms Williams just fell on the left side of the line on one of the few right side of the line stations in this country. She very clearly belongs elsewhere – on a left side of the line station.

  20. denright says:

    Hmm…. She’s obviously another Megan Kelly in the making. I like her until she uncloaked as a popularity seeking anti-American opportunist. Too bad.

    • Rick says:

      Hmm…perhaps you’ve uncloaked your tiny sympathetic for neo-nazis, Supremacists. Just saying.

      • Dave says:

        RICK – Simply because we do not want our nation taken over by MINORITY values does not make use racist or any other BS label you choose.

  21. Stephen says:

    So, Eboni K Williams: if the United States had never brought “ONE” slave to this country, where would you be today (always think backwards)? You would not be! More than likely whatever part of your African past would not have survived in Africa. They (slaves) were sold and sent away because they were not wanted there. You should think about that when you criticize all the time. Please apply at CNN where you belong… and take Kat T, Steve Hayes, Shep S. and Charles K. with you.

    • Rick says:

      Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Where would you be if your great great grand parents weren’t here? Somewhere in a starving farm Ireland? You wouldn’t be here making this comment would you? We are all immigrant descendents. We are all live in glass houses. Stop throwing stones!

  22. Gordon Smith says:

    Fox news segment The Specialists has become another political Opinion show, not news worthy Journalism, and not worthy of the time slot with a JV staff. How Ms. Williams aspiration to ascend to the bully pulpit is amazing. Can the Fox Network not vet its personnel. I support the constitution and free speech 100%, I just don’t agree with the way she made an attempt to teach me, her personal political opinion. Journalism requires Balance of opinion not blatant disregard of it. Of her professed voting record of non participation, it would seem she is A political but her actions say otherwise. Does Fox really need this kind of media content at 5PM

  23. shankblack says:

    Eboni Williams is weak. She talks so fast, you can’t understand her as she leaves a trail of spittle all over. Gross. And not much in the way of intellect either.

  24. billy hendrix says:

    eboni williams is a arrogant leftist liberal and needs to be shown the door………

  25. Wallace smith says:

    The only thing more embarrassing than the neo Nazis is the White House occupant!

  26. you have to be kidding says:


  27. Stephen says:

    The liberal politicians/news talking heads (Eboni K Williams) need to keep the pressure on Trump. They, (Lawyer’s/ Politicians) cannot let a successful businessman make them look like the fools they are. They (politicians) know that if Trump is successful their little club is over. If he can get the black population back to work, (off public assistance) they (blacks) will no longer need the Democrat party to hand them their breadcrumbs.
    Politicians (Lawyers) write the laws to keep themselves working and in continuous lawsuits (think about it). Vote them all out!

    • Rick says:

      Stereotype people or groups is like throwing gasoline on a fire. It is never good. Not all whites are smart, and not all blacks are dumb. What nonsense you spew. Very sad.

    • Seema Jooya says:

      Well said Stephen. If nothing else, President Trump has exposed just how corrupt, dysfunctional, and quagmire of muck, our government and media have become. Where to start to clean this horrible mess?! How to hammer some sense into the bamboozled masses, that they are STEALING your country right from under you with these manufactured race wars s***. They knew exactly where to throw the match, when to set the blazing fire, how to play with the emotions of the bamboozled idiots, to find their clubs and cudgels, to beat the hell out of the only other thing, the only other people, standing between them and their post-America, Bolshevik-Globalist hellhole mission. This is #SorosCivilWar, his brainchild, through and through — google that so-called leader of the white supremacist march, #jasonkessler: an obama supporter and #OWS activist until November 2016!!! — and yet these emotion-driven fools can’t see it. Damn all fools that fall for this crap and can’t see who their real enemies are, and who’s trying TO SAVE THEIR COUNTRY FOR THEM.

  28. Ray Licalzi says:

    Now we know how you really feel about the press. but where were you with Black Life matters wanting kill cops,where was your outrage when Berkley morons rioted destroyed campus and so on i think you should go to CNN explain yourself

  29. Robert says:

    Did anyone know that she’s a attorney? She says every time she introduces herself.

  30. I wont watch a thing this “woman?” has to say …EVER.
    AND…..If Fox chooses to keep someone thats so racist and nasty, on their panel, then I wont watch or listen to them again. EVER. Overbearing, biased, white hating is NOT what I call “news”.

  31. Av Alsop says:

    Please fox get rid of this show nell is disgustingly dumb and feel sorry for guests who dare to go near them

  32. Don says:

    I will never watch this show again as long as Eboni Williams is a part of the show.

  33. Robert Buczynski says:

    Eboni Williams is a idiot . People on this show have no knowledge at all. This show is a dark stain on beautiful Fox chunnelplease cancel this show. Thanks

  34. susie says:

    I will never watch Eboni Williams again. Clearly she hates all white people and doesn’t have any respect for our president. Shes the racist.

  35. Dot says:

    We stopped watching !!!!! Fox News Specialists… The Comedian (Kat) tries to act so intelligent with politics and her going out to the public with a microphone ridiculous. She is best suited with Greg Gutfield on his silly show. We found Eboni was way to judgmental on her comments and let others (guests) know how smart she feels she is. Miss Eric on the 5 …. We no longer watch either the 5 nor the supposedly “Specialist” ?????????

  36. Ken says:

    I usually think eboni is fair and unbiased but her comments about Trump went over the line. Seems her and Kat are overreacting. I lost a little respect for them both.
    Hope Eric comes back soon!

  37. linda says:

    Where is Eric Bolling? Bring him back but to “The 5”!!

  38. Mike Sheehan says:

    Done with the Specialist show. Ebony Williams has become more vocally against Trump and Kat Hasn’t figured out just what a libertarian believes.

    • V. Falconer says:

      Listening to Eboni’s extreme and overbearing commentary has alienated me from the Specialists show. She does not reflect the logical and discriminating thinking that lawyers should demonstrate. Her dislike of President Trump is clouding her judgment.

  39. brandon bias says:

    all negative comments prove that whites hate blacks deep down inside

    • linda says:

      So….not true! Where are you coming from? Today was just a mismatch of people yelling at each other. What ever happened to “The 5”? Such a GOOD show. This is just a bunch of people trying to give ONLY their view and not letting anyone else to speak. So….sorry to have this show replace “THE 5”

      • Tuntz says:

        I am white and I don’t hate blacks. How dare you insinuate white people hate black people. I don’t know if you’re a Christian but I don’t see how you could be and make such a statement. That is hateful, and isn’t that what all the hype is all about, hate? You maybe ought think about retracting your comment. I’m offended.

  40. MyMuse311 says:

    At last, one small bit of honesty and sanity at Fox…

  41. t.wasoon says:

    I have always said the Specialists went to crap when it lost it’s crew to the 5. No more support for these losers. Trump handled this thing right, this makes script for these broads. They want to ride the wave of dissing Trump to make headlines. FIRE BOTH OF THEM. Keep this 1 channel of Rightness alive.

  42. Michele Smith says:

    Since Eric Bolling’s departure (which should of never been done) the Specialists has gone down the drain. The two women left are horrible and the show should be cancelled. I am going to stop watching it.

  43. Denise Adler says:

    I hope, for the sake of all, that you and all of your colleagues in the journalist industry stay on top of this man and hold him to the fire of his stupidity, ignorance and most or all arrogance. His lack of being able to identify the truth from his self fiction has got to stop and the only way to stop a food like this is to not focus on the bull he constantly throws out (i.e. fake news, somebody not being American, etc. etc. etc.).

  44. greggebhardt says:

    Never eboni made me never watch the specialist again. Eric bolling would have put her in her place. Between her and gay Shep, not watching Fox anymore. It is ashame as I have watched then from day one.

    • Tuntz says:

      What is all the noise about. President Trump did call out the kkk,white supreme,and neo Nazis. Even called out all violence in his first response but that wasn’t good enough for you hateful people. So President Trump comes out a second time and by name calls out the violence of the kkk,neo Nazis, and white supreme. But no, that wasn’t good enough.
      President Trump has ask for this country to come together and LOVE one another, many many times since his election. I know you know this. This man has even ask for prayer for our country. At least he acknowledgesaid God as our creator. I am just appalled at all this resistance by the left. That’s hateful. And you all have the mainstream media for your voice. That is wrong. Thank goodness for Fox News,but I see that being diluted more and more everyday. I think the MSM and the liberals are really trying their hardest to shutdown that station down. You all don’t know squat about freedom of speech. You think the conservatives are stupid, but we are not and keep up your nonsense and we will for sure get President Trump re-elected. Quit tearing down our patriotism, our integrity, and our love for our country.

  45. What a racist PIG Eboni is. Calling Trump a coward?! Sweetheart, YOU’RE the coward. I never saw you getting outraged over Obama’s clear racism against whites. You are pathetic, and no one’s buying it. You’re nothing, and your opinion means nothing.

    • shankblack says:

      How right you are. Remember how Obama would never call Radical Islamic Terrorism, Radical Islamic Terrorism. Rather, Obama would call it workplace violence. Obama was clearly the racist who played the race card, the only card he had.

  46. “Eboni” is implying that Trump denouncing hatred and violence doesn’t cover the “alt-right”.

  47. It’s official….Eboni’s a racist! How dare she claim that Trump’s “base that is absolutely racist is so significant, so valuable that [he] hesitates even in the face of blatant, flagrant hatred to risk turning them off and thereby crippling [his] political stronghold.”

    Bull crap!

    I’m getting really sick and tired of these leftist racists using half the country as an excuse for their own insignificance, racism, bigotry and pure evil hatred. They need to get a grip….and if the Murdoch brothers continue their decline into turning Fox into CNN2, they can look forward to 24/7 racism equal to that of the main stream media.

    All this brouhaha is over the fact that the President was honest and truthful in pointing out that the alt-left is just as violent as the alt-right, and that both factions were present in Charlottsville to make trouble…both were ready for all-out warfare. And had the alt-left antfa not shown up at all (they did NOT have a permit to be there!) there would have been absolutely no violence. Where the alt-left goes, so, too, does hatred and violence. It’s about time the left recognize that they are truly evil and hateful and their intentional bias and prejudice against the president and the millions of people who voted for him proves that once again, the President was right….BOTH SIDES are evil organizations bent on violence. And the entire left is in total denial, depending solely on political correctness and identity politics to destroy our culture, values and traditions. These people are sick.

  48. Robert Kelly says:

    Fox’s clumsy attempt to acquire more viewers by hiring these kinds of people who perpetually feel victimized is going to cause their ratings to slip even more.

    The globalist cabal internationally is becoming exuberant with their small victories and now see themselves as finally ushering in their “every man” workers who will guarantee that the elites maintain their wealth and power via unlimited tax payers and consumers.

    But please take my word for it. The only people naive enough to believe their scheme will work are the self-appointed elites themselves, because nobody else wants it.

    And today’s events and actions signal the beginning skirmishes of the next civil war.

    Please believe me.

    • Fox News may become CNN2, but there will be a newer, stronger network for those of us that want the other side of the news (ie, the truth). Imagine O’Reilly (do you really think he is gone?), Hannity, Carlson, Styne, Limbaugh….all on one channel. It will happen!

  49. lmorris says:

    well i will no longer help blacks or people that don’t belong here if you are not for trump then go to hell

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