Fox News Host Eboni K. Williams on Receiving Death Threats After Segment Criticizing Trump

Fox News Eboni K. Williams

Eboni K. Williams had never received anything like the responses she garnered after she aired her grievances with President Trump while on-air on “The Fox News Specialists.”

The co-host addressed Trump on Monday in her “Eboni’s Docket” segment, which she writes herself, berating him for failing to specify white nationalist groups in his condemnation of the violence that occurred at Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend. She told Variety in an interview on Wednesday that her personal website, which usually receives an average of 10-15 emails after each segment, was inundated with over 150 emails, only three of which were anything other than “seething, scathing” takedowns.


Trump Charlottesville

Trump Again Blames ‘Both Sides’ for Charlottesville Violence in Combative Press Conference

“I should meet my maker soon, I shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets of New York,” she cited as some examples of the type of comments she received. “They heard that I live in Harlem — Harlem needs to watch out.” Her book publisher became so concerned that he asked her to request additional security from Fox News, which she did — Williams is now escorted to and from the building when she arrives to work. Her book, “Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success,” is available next month.

Williams explained that the typical responses she gets from Fox News viewers, while sometimes disagreeing with her views, often praise her ability to formulate her arguments and present them on-air, which is what makes this week’s digression so shocking for her. She chalked up the new level of vitriol directed at her as partly due to President Trump’s “tacit compliance” of violent political rhetoric, which she said was apparent in his Tuesday morning retweet — now deleted — of an image of a train running over someone with the CNN logo edited in over them.

“When you don’t speak out and condemn, that’s tacit compliance in my book,” she said. “So whether President Trump approves of it actually, or actually wants it, I think is irrelevant because what we know is that these people think they are acting on behalf of the President of the United States.” She added that the retweet was “typical and unfortunately expected” and that while it is protected free speech, it does little to help the situation.

“It flies in the face of what I hoped would be a better day post-Congressman Steve Scalise’s shooting, where for two seconds, everybody said, ‘Let’s do better, let’s do better, we can disagree, but let’s stop with the violent political rhetoric,’ and, really, what becomes violent political action.”


Donald Trump

Trump Calls Out KKK, Neo-Nazis, and Other Hate Groups Following Charlottesville Backlash: Racism Is ‘Evil’

Williams reiterated her “Docket” belief that Trump’s supporters will never turn on him, and added that she thinks that’s where his power to call out the behavior that resulted in Heather Heyer’s death lies. “I truly believe what he said, that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and they will stand by him,” she said. “So I think that empowers him to actually forcefully reject and speak directly to the fears and the anger that’s driving this level of violence and white supremacy and Nazism, I think he can actually speak it down in an aggressive way and they will still support him.”

Williams is a registered independent and voted for Obama, who she has nevertheless openly criticized in the past. Williams compared Obama’s stance on violence in Chicago to Trump’s stance now. “While I think President Obama was uniquely positioned as a black man and the leader of the free world in that moment to speak to those black males in Chicago in a way I would have better appreciated, it’s a similar thing with President Trump right now,” she said. “He’s a white male that represents…the patriarchal, white male dominant structure, so he could speak to white America in a way that Obama never could.”

Many of Williams’ critics took issue with their perception that she didn’t address the role of the counter-protesters in the violence that occurred at Charlottesville in her “Docket” speech. “I don’t think they were at fault because they didn’t drive a car into a crowd of people and kill Heather Heyer,” Williams said. “That was one individual that self-identified as a white nationalist and Nazi. To even have an analysis beyond that is irresponsible.” 

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  1. Méria Jeanfreaux says:

    Madame, shame on you!! Do not compare our Wonderful President to that Obozo, from Kenya 🇰🇪, had no right to even holding our Presidential office! You and your kind continue to call obozo black yet, he’s not a; black man! He’s A, Hybrid!! His mother; though Athiest lower her own sorry body to mate with a, very black Muslin!! Seem you and your hatred towards our Caucasian Christians President, blinded you and your hateful black liberal happen to be known as a Satans’ seed line! Known as Kenites!! What is it you black ppl are always wanting things which you believes’ you’re entitled as black woman! Did you know your race of ppl will never amount to we, Caucasian Christians!! Being the sons of Isaac through Ephram and Manasseh! Father placed His Blessings upon My Ancestors and for this reason USA 🇺🇸 is Fathers’ “Nation of Milk and Honey!” In our Eternal Home 🏡, Oriental and The Black Race Christians will be innFathers’ Eternal Home 🏡 on this Planet 🌎 Earth 🌏! Difference is all races of every race outside 12,000 of the 12 Tribes of Israel will be the only Saints to live within His City of Foursquares=1600 miles four square and 1600 miles High!! All other Christians shall live throughput the Earths’ Land Mass! All Earth will have any water except for Lagoons as the “Petrified Forest” in Arizona! You madame, and your ilk, call us Caucasian Christians racist, then you’re calling Father God Racist for He’d ordered His Children: “NEVER MIX YOUR RACE WITH THE SIXTH DAY RACE!” We’ll be separated in Heaven!! Stop bashing my President!! You had your pathetic President with Obozo without ever hearing us dislike for that impostor!

    • Jacen says:

      Wow, this is so incompetently written and incoherent, it has to be trolling genius. The misuse of commas, the meandering and unclear sentences, the insane wording–this is intentionally bad, right? If so, bravo–you couldn’t have done a better job of mocking the Trumpanzee Cultists. If not, then good lord….

  2. Dusty Smith says:

    President Trump can never do anything to make you happy. You will complain about everything he says or does. Are you still mad that Hillary did not win?

    • Jacen says:

      Actually, HRC did win–by three million votes. Loser Donny got in thanks to what he ironically called the “disastrous” Electoral College. And people such as you spent 8 years on boards like this screaming about “Obozo” and “Obummer” (amazing unimaginative insults) and making occasional connections to the new Planet of the Apes movies. Turnabout…

  3. judy black says:

    The specialist was never the same without eric bolling. Fox needs to bring eric bolling back.

  4. pdj says:

    So why not focus your attention on the driver and what led up to the violence and why Nazis and Antifa were bused in to Charlosttesville and why both groups were coralled into meeting up and why an armored vehicle was parked on the next street over from the collision and reporters were also waiting in this area doing nothing and the golf card emergency vehicle was also parked on the same street as the armored vehicle. All of them showed up after the car ran over the protesters and when he drove away and drove down the streetwith the bumper hanging down cops looked on and did nothing. Why are you blaming Trump. Trump didn’t order any statues to be removed.

  5. Since Eric left the 5 o’clock 2nd string show to the five….it’s not worth watching…., it should now be called a hour of liberals and lesbian screeching!

  6. Louis Wells says:

    Nobody cares if you watch or not.

  7. Frances sears says:

    I think she is rude and I really hadn’t watched this since she had her spell. After today probably will not watch it anymore.

  8. BJ SIDES says:

    Sorry Enoni; I don’t believe all this; maybe trying to promote your new book?? Yes people were angry,

  9. I think that she is really in an attitude of total denial that Hillary Clinton lost the election! Somehow she believes that America was ready for the first woman President after 8 horrible years under a black one! America could have one I would site Gabby on the democrats side as their only hope after seeing all them! On the republican side the voters could go away from any Washington appointee and get a lady governor one in Tennessee and Jan Brewer as well as the South Carolina appointee to the UN! As for this newsperson she should get over it and move on!

  10. Henry Reader says:

    I saw this witch for a minute today. She said she was from Louisiana. Who cares… you Trump hater

  11. Jim Rehm says:

    she needs to be taken off FOX news

  12. John Conrick says:

    I have been a Trump supporter and contributor to his campaign but even I do not agree with everything he has done. Delaying building the wall for instance. I wanted him on our border with a shovel breaking ground right after his inauguration and told him on his web page. I would tell him to his face if I could get in to see him. But I am still a strong supporter. We should feel free to criticize Trump when he is not doing what he promised and that is just what Ebony was doing. Good for her.

  13. Bob says:

    A ‘good person’ would NEVER BE CAUGHT DEAD marching with nazis and kkk morons. EVERY person who marched with the Nazi’s are racist bigots.

  14. Bob says:

    Because he’s both a hypocrite AND a racist. Lots of racists are Jews you idiot!

  15. graceann beamish says:

    all i have to say is that she does not belong on fox news. she is disgusting.

  16. Cindy says:

    I was shocked when I heard Eboni Williams horrible and hateful remarks about President Trump. I really liked her until I heard her that day. It was so bad, I couldn’t even watch the rest of the show. I never knew how hateful and vindictive the left was until President Trump took office. I think it’s so funny how they talk about the right being hateful and racist? The hate from the left is unbelievable. When President Trump said that there were fine people on both sides, he wasn’t talking about the Nazis and Supremists or the KKK. There were a lot of people there protesting that the statue not be taken down that did not belong to those racist groups. But of course the left will never listen to anyone who doesn’t believe exactly how they believe. President Trump condemned the racist groups just like we all should. The left should be thankful that he even said that any of the left we’re good people because I have yet to see that myself.

  17. Randolph Burton says:

    Her rant did not surprise me. Eboni and Kat may claim to be independents but from day one they’ve shown their left liberal leanings. Neither one of them have shown an in depth knowledge of politics, history or international affairs. Hey FNC…your formula of pairing up a stand up comedian and an arrogant attorney (oxymoron) with a true professional has failed. Cancel the show and give those two young women the boot before you lose more viewers.

    • Bob says:

      If you aren’t in favor of removing Confederate statues, you are the EPITOME of a racist. Trump was very clear when he told Americans he was a racist bigot and I believe him. It’s amazing to me we have Americans so incredibly stupid they support criminal Trump. The Trump/Putin regime retthe greatest attack upon American and Constitutional values since the Civil War!

      • Dusty Smith says:

        What planet are you living on? Trump never ever said he was a racist! Are you off your meds?

      • wiseoldsnail says:

        @silverado … plenty of the statues were erected in the 50s and 60s to intimidate black people … you might wanna study up before revealing your ignorance here in public . these aren’t ‘historically important statues’ … they were erected at a couple of different times : right after the confederates LOST … to impress upon freed slaves that white racists were ‘still in charge’ … and during the dying days of jim crow, for the exact same reason . many of the statues celebrate losers who fought a war to preserve their right to own and abuse other humans

      • Silverado says:

        Removing historically important statues that were put up over 100 years ago doesn’t seem like something a great country that knows it’s history would do as much as it’s apparently…out-of-touch and pathetic leftists trying to remake history in their image. And their image must be the invisible man.

  18. Robert Myers says:

    We have all been told at one time or another ” two wrongs don’t make a right” by our mothers . Thats all the President was trying to say . Grow up Ms Williams !

    • wiseoldsnail says:

      that’s not at all what dt was trying to say . he said what he was trying to say : that ‘some of those [kkk members] are nice people’ . in fact, not a single kkk or white supremacist is a nice person, in the eyes of black people or anti-racists . there isn’t anything ‘wrong’ about committing self-defense when nazis are attacking

  19. DOLORES says:

    I no longer have respect or confidence in Eboni & she did that by talking stupid but she will never see it that way. I wish Eric was back cause Specialist is “out of control”. NOT FAIR & BALANCED!

  20. Stephen says:

    All this statue madness is being stirred up by the same people that put them up…white Democrats!
    See: Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America, and “The Big Lie”

    Charles Barkleys comments (YouTube below) regarding this subject, will not be seen on,CBS, ABS,NBS, BSNBS or the Clinton News Network… CNN

    Charles Barkley Says Confederate Statues Don’t Matter For Black People

    • Jim Nasium says:

      Dear Eboni,

      Please add me to the “seething, scathing” group for most of the same reasons:) FYI – I watched it all, as a matter of fact, I saw it all live. President Trump’s first comments were the same as Obama’s would have been and FYI in his second statement he DID vilify the alt right groups BY NAME. I mean, come on, what more can he do. I doubt if Obama would call out his alt leftists:( I didn’t see this particular show but I am very glad I didn’t so the personal offense of your remarks were lessened by the passing of time:) There were two sides to this and the violence went both ways period. I feel bad for the young lady who lost her life but it could easily have gone the other way as it did when the alt left man shot the Republican Congressman. I noticed that the big story there was, “We must all come together” and that the man was a soloist and just a crazy guy. Maybe you should not be on FOX, why not move to CNN!!!

  21. Mona says:

    Eboni usually has pretty good opinions but she is wrong this time. Trump said nothing wrong. She acted a lot better than the cry babies on Fox. They were sickening.

  22. Mark Smith says:

    She is a tonic to huh sef.

  23. J Kotopolous says:

    Eboni Williams’ “docket” was beyond belief insulting and dishonest. As a former admirer, this is very disappointing. The 62% of Americans (according to a recent poll) who don’t want the statues removed are tired of people like Ms. Williams insinuating we’re racist. We’re tired of the AntiFa, Black Lives Matter and Leftist extremists perpetrating violence against innocent people and then being defended by the Left and Democrats. There were two sides warring in Charlottesville. BLM and AntiFa came well-armed for violence. Remember the violence at Berkley? San Jose? Chicago? Why aren’t we talking about innocent people getting hit in the head with bicycle chains by AntiFa? People like Eboni Williams, Barack Obama and Colin Kaepernick are setting racial relations back decades. Unfortunately, Ms. Williams, you are creating the very hatred and resentment that you are trying to stop and you’re creating it in kind, fair, non-racist whites.

  24. Gerry smetana says:

    Why is ebony on my tv. I will stop watching

  25. Rita Brittos says:

    Lose Eboni

  26. Ted Faraone says:

    Pictures are “hung.” People are “hanged.”

  27. Captain America says:

    Trumplings certainly love protecting free speech, especially when it’s coming from neo-Nazis and white supremacists. But for some strange, unknowable reason the second a brown woman says something critical of their God Emperor they threaten to kill her. Funny how that works.

  28. Dean Graham says:

    Hopefully we won’t be seeing you much longer… have earned the right to be fired. YOU are part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. You are NOTHING more then a racist rate baiter. All races voted for President Trump…unlike osma bama who tried to divide the races…President Trump is trying to unite all of us..President Trump is no more responsible for the white Racist then you are responsible for black lives matter racist group. You have no shame and if Fox doesn’t fire you….I’ll quit watching them…you hateful racist pathetic excuse of a woman.

  29. Tommy Jahn says:

    You are so off the wall. Trump is not a racist. 62% of Americans do not think Civil War artifacts should be removed. And Boston was an anti Trump rally, nothing more. These idiots were out protesting the right to protest. What fools.

  30. Bob Judd says:

    Trump told all Americans he thinks that Neo Nazi’s and White Supremacists are ‘fine people’ and he supports their right to terrorize Americans. Trump has a rich history of Nazism and white supremacy in everything he does, he is NOT presidential material and never will be. Impeachment NOW! We don’t need to wait for Mueller on this, the president has sided with terrorists, and has done EVERYTHING in his power to egg them on and continue their violence. IMPEACHMENT NOW!

    • Elasi says:

      What? Where did you hear that Trump supported the Nazis and said they were fine people and supported their right to terrorize Americans?????? What a joke?? Please research before making twisted comments. He said that both sides were violent and he understands that there were some fine ppl on both sides , which is accurate. There were awful nazis and white supremacists along with people that didn’t want the statue and our history to be taken down. On the other side , you had antifa and black lives matter along with people that were just standing up against the white supremacist groups that were going. You must be kidding me that our president sided with terrorists when he never did. So racist for someone to put him in that group because he is white and rich. Who cares? Odd that you don’t feel that our past Administration always sided with terrorists. I know you may not see it, but Obamas love for terrorism was getting scary. It truly was. Lastly everything in his power to egg on terrorists- please!!! Obama did all in his power to defend Antifa and turn a blind eye as well as empower black lives matter while bringing them numerous times to the White House despite all the hate, violence and murder they committed.

    • Tim says:

      If Trump’s a Nazi, why does he have a Jewish daughter and son-in-law?

      • Sherian Epstein says:

        Rediculous. I watched his first comments four times to see why I did not hear what you did. Concurred with friends and we came to the same conclusion
        The president said there were good people on both sides. MEANING. There were good people protesting on both sides of the monument issue who were neither white or black supremacists

  31. mforgione says:

    The comments on this article are shocking.

    People rationalizing and defending a rally that was billed as a white supremacist event to prevent Jews from influencing the country and where a self-identified white nationalist murdered a woman. “Oh, well, some counter protesters acted out, so both sides were wrong!” That is insane, frightening logic.

    Whatever the counter-protesters did is not remotely the same as what the KKK and Nazis were doing — the white supremacists are domestic terrorists and the counter-protesters (“anti-fa”) were standing up against it. That Trump refused to call it out and that people agree with him is a startling insight to racism that was long pushed underground becoming emboldened and acceptable to some people again.

    I shudder to think of just how many people in the country feel this way. If it’s more than a small vocal minority, this is very bad news.

    • Elasi says:

      What? Where did you get that this rally was a white supremacist event to prevent Jews from influencing the country?? Lol….the rally was to stand up against the removal of the Robert E Lee statue… who told you it had anything to do with preventing Jews from influencing g the country? Sad…..are you seriously defending antifa?? What a joke when these alt left covered in black (as the kkk used to be covered in white) terrorize and vandalize people, businesses and our streets. Lol that you feel that what antifa was doing g does not compare to why the right groups were doing ? I don’t agree w white supremacy or kkk and neither do most Americans or some of the people that were protesting the statue removal. Then you have violent cowardly antifa that came in attacking with pepper spray , urine and feces balloons, sticks, chains and everything else … come on what a joke

  32. Ping C. Wu says:

    This woman is a no-name host @ Fox News who tries very hard to get attention. She often talks as if she knows it all. The show she is on now won’t last long. For one thing, I turn the TV off when I see her there.

  33. Tomini says:

    It is amazing to me how these talking heads can rationalize violence by one group over another. Violence is abhorrent regardless of the side you are on. How anyone can justify violence by counter protestors who did not have a permit, attacked Americans expressing their first amendment right to free speech. I don’t agree with them, I think their views are ridiculous and I believe they are wrong. Having said that the constitution protects all speech most importantly it protects speech we find most objectionable. Speech you disagree with does not justify violence. Why aren’t these violent anarchists demonized for their violence by the media or the political left? Why aren’t these talking heads vilifying these Antifa thugs like they are vilifying the white supremacists, or Neo-Nazis? Could it be that they support anarchy and chaos? Or they support any group that opposes Trump and the American people no matter how violent?

  34. Patrick says:

    What is going on with fox news ?? I had notice they are swinging more and more left. Then you have this racist woman, saying crap about our President and his followers. I would bet she supports the racist Black Lives Matter !! Adding more fuel to the fire. News media will become the cause of a future war in our country. Very Sad!!

    • Bob Judd says:

      No Patrick, you should be asking what’s wrong with yourself for not jumping on this and attacking Trump who sided with Nazis and made this very clear to all Americans. The only idiots supporting Trump now are Nazi’s and white supremacists, and if you support Trump, you’re simply NAZI SCUM, and should be in prison.

  35. I know ebonikwilliams and she is one that has always put thought into her way of thinking she is s spitural young woman that keeps God first in her life and does not allow no political parties to play a role in her beliefs she a person that love all people and feel we need to get rid of violence and we should speak out when things are wrong and not protect unrighteousness. I love you ebonikwilliams keep up the good work at Fox News it makes me feel as though fox is changing and allowing their talent to have a voice that’s not bias nor conservative

    • truepatriot959 says:

      I agree with you Gloria, and I don’t even agree with Eboni half the time. But she is a God loving, kind hearted, strong, independent thinking woman. And she’s not even anti-Trump!!! That’s the crazy part. She’s supportive of him and even gives him more credit than he deserves. She’s not on the “Trump Is Always Right” band wagon.

      But that’s not good enough for Trumpsters. It doesn’t matter to them, because these simple-minded, group-thinking, sycophantic Trump supporters don’t care for individual thought, much less have an opinion on anything that is contradictory to what Trump says or believes (only Trump can contradict himself and get away with it).

      I mean, if Jesus spoke out against a Trump policy (I dunno, by even saying something like “we should love thy enemy”) they’d bash him up and down these posts, tell him to go to CNN, call him an atheist commie bastard and direct him to go hang himself back on the cross and die. It’s really sad, but true.

  36. Alene Brown says:


    • Bob Judd says:

      Arlene, you’re a MORON if you think criminal Nazi Trump is ‘great’. The ONLY people who stand by Trump now are NAZI SCUM like yourself. Time to do a reality check!

    • Ali says:

      Ah yes a great president fires his staff in the first 6 months

      • truepatriot959 says:

        If Trump has taught the world anything, it’s how to be disrespectful, in fact Trump has disrespected the role of the President and the United States by turning it into a clown-based reality show. Perhaps he should join CNN?

  37. Renee says:

    Calling someone a Nazi is hate speech. The group at the rally were Neo-Nazis. That is not great, but it is a far cry from a true Nazi. Just because someone claims to be a Nazi to bolster their own ego doesn’t mean they are a Nazi. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a part of that group.

    But it is equally irresponsible for Williams to use a very broad brush to paint the word Nazi across anyone who supports Trump. Her rant was a result of her allowing her own personal emotions to run amok.

    She should be removed from Fox News and allowed to cool her heels until she can regain some composture, if that is even possible for her at this point.

    • Bob Judd says:

      Renee: to correct your incredible ignorance, a Neo-nazi is EXACTLY the same as a Nazi. They are one and the same people. They share the same moral depravity and Trump is also a Nazi and I don’t give a shit if you call it hate speech or not. Anyone who supports Trump is a racist, not necessarily a Nazi, but the more Trump ad libs, he paints himself as a Nazi supporter which is EXACTLY what he did by suggesting people who march with Nazi’s are ‘good people’. It’s like saying that people who support ISIS are ‘fine people’. She won’t be removed from Fox now because she is the only link to SANITY that Fox has and if they fired her, they would lose ALL credibility. The ONLY reason Fox has blacks on the air is for eye candy so they don’t look like the white supremacists that they and Rupert Murdoch are. You need to GROW UP!

    • truepatriot959 says:

      Oh boy Renee… where to start? Well here goes:

      A) Splitting hairs over labelling people Nazi’s when referencing Neo-Nazis is just plain idiocy. Nazism is an ideology, shared by and championed by… guess… Neo-Nazis, something they are actually proud of. I suppose if they are not a card carrying member of the Nazi party, then it might not be technically accurate but then again, who really gives a shit. Democrats get called Socialist and Commies, boo hoo.

      B) Calling someone a Nazi if they are a self-identifying Neo-Nazi is NOT hate speech. You clearly don’t understand what the term “hate speech” means. Attacking a person based on their ideology is not hate speech, unlike some of these other posts that attack others based on race or religion.

      But in typical Trumpian fashion, you want to flip the definition and meaning of things, turn things upside down. News is now “Fake News”; Propaganda and opinion based media (i.e. Hannity) is News; celebration of treasonous Confederate historical figures is simply Patriotism (by that logic maybe we should erect a statue for Snowden?); War Heroes who criticize Trump are weak traitors; Speaking out against racist rhetoric is now “anti-American”.

      And now, according to you, calling hate filled Neo-Nazis that chanted anti-Jewish slogans “Nazis” is now “hate speech”. Go figure. Why don’t we ask our members of the Greatest Generation how they feel about that one.

      Up is down, and Black is… well still Black (and a few other pejoratives) – at least your consistent with that one;

      Oh and another one (and I really love this one): showing up to a rally with a hate-filled agenda, spewing out hateful rhetoric, toting guns, shields and body armor, waving torches, bashing in faces, and smashing cars into pedestrians is now “peaceful” demonstration:

      Brilliant! You’ve outdone yourselves!

      C) You clearly didn’t read Eboni’s docket or just don’t have reading comprehension… she didn’t call everyone who supports Trump Nazi’s. Her own mother’s a staunch Trump supporter, she’s not calling her a Nazi.

      D) It’s quite hypocritical that the same people who tout Fox News as being “Fair and Balanced” now want Eboni fired because she happens to have a different opinion about Trump’s reaction, even though her differing opinion is what makes Fox News somewhat balanced (abeit far from it). The idea that Fox should be comprised only those that share the same group-think based opinion and scripted agenda is the exact opposite of being “Fair and Balanced”. And if cool your heels means get with the “Everything Trump Does is GREAT” agenda, then that’s really taking a cultish stance. You’re just as narrow minded as any staunch Leftist.

      E) Eboni’s allowed to have her own opinion, either emotionally or logically driven, especially a point of view that differs from others (including you). You spend so much time defending free speech of the White Nationalist marchers, but Eboni says something you don’t like and now she deserves to have her ass handed to her, fired, lynched, strung up and hung from a tree just like them “good ol’ days”.


      Thankfully it doesn’t matter what you say, she will not be fired because fortunately even Fox News Executives are not as backa$$ward as people who think like you.

      F) Let’s be honest, you’re the one who’s own emotions ran amok, so much so that you can’t even see the stupidity of your post. It doesn’t even make sense. It contradicts itself at every turn. Seriously, what was your point? Certainly you had thought you had a clever idea, and although illogical and nonsensical, your thinking was clouded by this anger because this socialist commie dared to speak out against Trump on your propagandist “news” program. How dare she!

      Scary that we have so many people who think like you in this country.

      You are part of the problem.

  38. Jim arendt says:

    I am done with all Fox programming as they have turned liberal.

  39. Mary C. Suley says:

    I will never watch that show again. She’s disrespectful and full of herself, and insulted half the contry with her public admonishment of the President. I don’t care to see her face again. I used to see a beautiful young anchor, and now I see an ugly, racist horrible self fulfilled individual who has let her success go to her head. And, oh yeah, good luck on your book………..don’t even think it will take off, you insulted the people. Especially me and disrespected my vote, my President, no matter how ignorant he is of political speeches, and the smooth lying lips of career politicians.

  40. Dave Miedema says:

    This bimbo needs to go over to CNN, where her anti-Trump hatred will be appreciated by the staff and all 163 of their viewers.

  41. Joseph says:

    It amazes me that an entertainment business trade paper gets so many comments whenever the comrade’s name gets mentioned. These pro comrade posters outpost everything. The box office, the SAG election, streaming stories and anything remotely involving entertainment. One would be led to believe that you are all on a blast that you have been ordered to respond to these negative stories.

    • mikeholloway says:

      This has occurred to me as well. It has been reported that Russian sponsored trolling has been on the increase since the election. No one who isn’t a Russian troll, or someone benefiting from Russian trolling, doubts how effective their media manipulation is.

  42. Bob Parks says:

    Who is Eboni Williams and why should anyone care what she has to say in the first place? She’s using her black, snowflake status to whine about being picked on after saying something on national television that many had the nerve to disagree with. And of course this has NOTHING to do with raising awareness of her upcoming book. Not buying the drama.

  43. Along Came Jones says:

    Eboni K. Williams is cute but stupid. She makes assumptions that she knows what President Trumps intentions are and were. She makes this same mistake with his support base. With all of the evidence that has emerged to prove voter fraud for the benefit of the Democratic party I believe and always have that President Trump won the popular vote by a significant margin as well as the Electoral College. That being said I believe that our President was right when he said that there was violence on both sides. The press and the left are trying to cast all Trump supporters as White Nationalists, Nazis, Skin Heads, KKK or some other radically violent group. I’m sure that a small portion of his support base is made up from some of these groups. If, as the press and the left would have you believe the larger portion of his support base was comprised of these groups we would not have the problems in the streets that we are now seeing since those peace loving liars of the complete left would be afraid to protest. However the Left’s SS tactics leave no doubt who is violent and it is about time that some of the majority on the right stand up to be counted. Like I’ve said before, our President now walks with thunder. I do hope these leftist protesters calm down and think this through before they learn the same lesson that the Japanese learned after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Trumps support base is the Sleeping Giant!

    • Kim says:

      OMG!! I LOVE YOU!! YOU ARE SPOT ON, and summed up the way that my husband and I feel! We live in Va (only about an hour from #Charlottesville, and almost went to the rally to ONLY protest the removal of the Lee on horseback monument/statue; BUT…WE are NOT racist in the least! Quite the contrary actually! Not just in words, but actions as well. Ever since last weekend, spending A LOT of x watching & scrutinizing a lot of different videos from many different people (because before I speak or act, I want/must be informed, so I don’t end up looking/sounding like a fool) and President Trump had it right the first x in that BOTH sides were to blame absolutely! Don’t get me wrong, the biggest, most awful thing was when that hateful lunatic drove that car into that crowd of people!!! 😡GOD rest HH soul.
      Back to the issue…WHERE was the media outrage when BLM were marching, chanting/screaming “what do we want!?, DEAD 💀 COPS 👮 ❗️When do we want em⁉️NOW❗️”
      Just yesterday, that black MO state congresswoman MCN CALLED FOR the ASSASSINATION OF MY/OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT!!! And today on the news channels…NOTHING!! CRICKETS!!! 😤 Can you imagine if the parties were reversed!!? 98% of the media took his statement and cherry picked, and twisted it around to make it appear that Trump is a racist asshole, which is the absolute furthest thing from the TRUTH!! WE MUST FIGHT BACK EVERYDAY!!!! HARD❗️

  44. Ted Faraone says:

    Interesting thought. You may be correct. I am sick of the financial trolls. Their stuff should be deleted.

  45. mikeholloway says:

    Variety certainly gets much more violent trolling than you’d naively guess at. Anyone ever investigate how much of it might be Russian trolls? That’s not a paranoid suspicion BTW. Reports are that hate mongering trolling from Russian operatives has actually increased since the election, and no one in their right mind who isn’t a Russian troll disputes that Russian social media manipulation was very active in the election. Of course, much of it can undoubtedly be attributed to homegrown stupidity, perhaps inspired by outside influences.

  46. Heather says:

    she should be fired from fox

  47. Gregory008 says:

    I don’t believe her. It is a publicity stunt to draw attention to herself.

  48. Gerry Costa says:

    Get your head out of your butt girl !!!!!!! President Trump did exactly the right thing by blaming both sides because — BOTH SIDES WERE AT FAULT !!!!!!! not just the neo-nazis. Also — they had a permit to march — what did antifa and the blm have ??????????

    • Ali says:

      Gerry can I punch you in the face for over 200 years and call it a fair fight??? Probably not hence your comments are both ignorant and insensitive

    • Robert says:

      Gerry Costa – please…. listen to yourself. Antifa / BLM wouldn’t have even showed up if it wasn’t for the ARMED NEO NAZIs marching around WANTING and INVITING violence. Get your head out of YOUR ass. Stop supporting hate.

      • wiseoldsnail says:

        @terry edwards ::: the 1st amendment is our permit . a permit for a rally doesn’t give those who get the permit the right to prevent (by terror, especially) attendance at the rally by those opposing their hateful views . also, white nationalist nazis did NOT have a permit for friday night’s gang assault on a gathering of clergy members who were praying for peace

        a city permit doesn’t give the right to incite nor commit violence against people for their skin color or racial or religious heritage … which is what nazis were gathering to do . the minute they began their assault (carrying (tiki) torches as a gang is, in itself, an assault), they violated the terms of not only their city permit, but the terms of the 1st amendment

      • Remove your head. I don’t support but they had a permit. I will say it again, all sides are at fault. The right, the left, and the city. I don’t blame the police, they did what they were told to do. The mayor, looks like he wanted a fight.

  49. madmemere says:

    After hearing President Trump”s speech which, by the way came within a FEW hours after the mayhem- -he CONDEMNED BOTH SIDES; very plainly and clearly, so just WHAT in tarnation do all the idiots want? More “fraudbama” speeches? WE HAD EIGHT YEARS OF THAT GARBAGE and we’re all sick and tired of lies and division- – the fraudbama way! All the snowflakes claimed President Trump didn’t speak for forty-eight hours after the riots – -ABSOLUTE LIE!

    • wiseoldsnail says:

      you’re seriously confused . dt didn’t address the situation in #Charlottesville ‘within a FEW hours’ … the claim is the truth : dt failed to denounce nazi terrorism for 48 hours, and having finally done so after 48 hours, proceeded to equivocate and blame the victims, saying as you are now that SELF-DEFENSE and DEFENSE OF OTHERS committed by anti-racists is wrong . we all can see and hear, and video of the incidents at #Charlottesville was streaming live, as was video of dt’s several statements

  50. Xs says:

    Don’t be scared honey. Just his white trash supporters being scary behind the keyboard.

    • O really. I voted for the Pres. I am a 36 yr. veteran of the military.You are another one that paints a broad brush not knowing what he’s talking about. There are crazies on both sides. One side wants to stop all speech they do not agree with and for the most part it isn’t the right. So be very careful what you wright about if you don’t know what you are talking about.

    • She’s another attention seeking faux journalist. There’s tons of them on TV now.

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