‘Downward Dog’ Canceled by ABC

'Downward Dog' Canceled ABC

ABC has canceled half-hour comedy “Downward Dog.” Co-creator Samm Hodges tweeted news of the cancellation Friday.

“Got the very surprising news today that ABC is not moving forward with Downward Dog,” Hodges wrote. “They loved it creatively and really wanted to make more but couldn’t find a financial path to do so.”

Hodges added that producers are “committed to finding a new home” for the series and that the last two episodes of the show’s eight-episode run will air Tuesday, beginning at 10 p.m.

A representative for ABC confirmed the cancellation.

“Downward Dog” starred Allison Tolman as Nan, a woman navigating relationship and professional changes. The show prominently featured Nan’s dog Martin talking to the camera and narrating the story from his perspective.

Tolman thanked fans for their support of the show, posting a message on Twitter saying, “To all #downwarddog fans, simply put- we wouldn’t be us without you. Thanks for getting us. Bark bark.”

In her review of the show for Variety, Sonia Saraiya wrote of the show’s talking-dog narrator, “‘Downward Dog’ grafts this schtick onto what is otherwise a mumblecore relationship comedy, with an apparent eye towards sincerity. And in giving Martin a personality, the show settles on a mopey, selfish little cretin who observes, matter-of-factly, that he really has to ‘dominate’ his owner, Nan (Tolman), to get what he wants out of their relationship. It becomes difficult to not root against Martin (voiced by Samm Hodges) just so that Nan can get a few minutes of peace.”

“Downward Dog” was produced by ABC Studios. Executive producers were Michael Killen, Hodges, Jimmy Miller, Sam Hansen, Kathy Dzubiek, Kat Likkel, and John Hoberg.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I absolutely loved this show and I’m so very disappointed to hear it’s been canceled. Downward Dog was a fresh new show that adults of all ages could relate to. It was well written and a wonderful change from all of the regular/trash sitcoms that can be found in the prime time family viewing hour. What a shame such a great show with so much potential has been cancelled before it was even given a chance…👎👎

  2. morgan rye says:

    what a shame. with all the crap on tv they cancel this, such a delightful show.

  3. Roxann Moody says:

    Downward Dog was one of the funny shows of the season. Will miss it

  4. David Hennessey says:

    Canceling Downward Dog sucks. Wake up ABC! Not everyone likes dancing with stars and other nonsense.

  5. DEBBY SOLDAN says:

    I LOVE DOWNWARD DOG!!! I so looked forward to watching it every week!!! Please someone, pick this show up!!! “The show must go on”!!!
    ABC, get your head out of your A$$!!! This show IS a money maker!!! Isn’t that what you are all about???

  6. Lisa Shook says:

    I am heartbroken that they canceled this show!!! i dont think it was given a chance with only one season.

  7. Molly Barrow says:

    There are so few shows that are unique, quirky, and well-written. ABC should have found the money to continue this wonderful show. And I don’t even have a dog( just cats.) Not only did I adore Martin but also Nan and Jason. The rest of the cast is icing on the cake. Please somebody… Anybody… Pick up Downward Dog!!!

  8. Maureen says:

    Finally, a delightful show with a wonderful character, (Martin) and it gets cancelled!! So sad! But hey, let’s put on more crap like reality TV and the like. I am SO bummed!!!!

  9. I discovered Downward Dog. Watched it. Love it. I have since binge watched the 8 episodes 3 times.

    This program is creative and funny. Hilarious! So much fun, I looked forward to the next episode and turned my friends onto the show–watching episodes together and eating popcorn. It’s that good!

    I looked online to find when episode 9 would be airing and discovered ABC cancelled the show. I am very annoyed this show has been cancelled. Unbelievable!

    When I think of some of the crap that ABC does air that is not even half as good as Downward Dog, I wonder who is steering the ship?

    Kudos to producers, actors, and all that have anything to do with creating this show. It’s so great. Please find new home. Please. Please. Please find new home. I know you want to, and I want you to and anyone who knows anything about this show wants you to. I’ll keep my eyes open for the new address of where it lands. Godspeed and all that. Sob, sniff.

  10. Melanie E Blanton says:

    I love Downward Dog I guess ABC is All Bout Cancelling. First Last Man Standing now this. Done with ABC (All Bout Cancelling.)

  11. Anna Chalmers says:

    IF EVERYONE CONTACTS ABC EXECUTIVES LISTED BY NAME IN LAST PARAGRAPH OF ARTICLE, WHAT AN IMPACT. EVERYONE CONTACT THEM. Go to ABC website, at bottom, contact info. TELL THEM, EVERYONE. We love that show so everyone contact them. It will make a difference.

  12. Anna Chalmers says:


  13. Anna Chalmers says:

    Michael Killen, Hodges, Jimmy Miller, Sam Hansen, Kathy Duzbiek, Kat Likkel and John Hoberg! What are you thinking. You have listen to a hand ful of critics and cancelled a very brilliant and funny show. You need to look at the other side of the coin, there are many people who enjoy this show. The show is witty, funny, original and heartwarming. Stop listening and believing the handful of sinical reviewer against the show. THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE AUDIENCE, THE VIEWER, REMEMBER US. THE ONES WHO COMEBACK EVERY WEEK TO ENJOY THIS SHOW EVERY WEEK. This show was snowballing every week with more and more viewers watching. This show was becoming beloved by many. You have made a VERY BIG MISTAKE IN CANCELING THIS SHOW.

  14. Lynda Burgess says:

    Screw you ABC, you have so few shows that I watch anyway, this was one I acctully looked forward to. Keep going with your stupid reality shows everyone hates. Cancel Designated Survivor and I will delete your channel FOREVER.

  15. Jackie Conway says:

    Can’t cancel this show, no no no no!!!!! This is the best new show on, wondering why I haven’t seem it lately, I’m very disappointed, reminds me of my own dog Bailey!!! Something has to be done, we just got started, can’t go away yet!!!!!!

  16. Carol Kraft says:

    My favorite new show…made me laugh and cry….nothing violent or political, just good clean fun, and of course they cancelled it! Hot under the collar!

  17. Analessa says:

    Why downward dog It is a delightful series why some of the other junk shows

  18. Dorothy Martin says:

    I love that show! It is great. I’m so depressed about it being cancelled! Martin is so adorable!
    And the way he talks is so clever!!!! Why!

  19. Diana J says:

    So sad this show was funny, heartwarming and a nice change ti all the reality crap on TV. I hope it finds a new home soon. If you own a dog you relate. Will miss you Nan and Martin.

  20. RDC says:

    In seven weeks, the wonderfully witty Downward Dog went from a Wednesday time-slot (premiere) to a rugged Tuesday spot….and then kicked into a later Tuesday slot for the finale — after the initial ads did not show a time switch and essentially coinciding with the cancellation announcement. Perhaps Netflix would be a nice home for Martin & Friends.

  21. Veronica Christian says:

    I love Downward Dog, it was a very funny show. I think word didn’t get around about the show to begin with–more publicity would have helped. Not happy about cancellation.

  22. Bonnie Greene says:

    We’ll miss Martin. Cute show. Hope you find a home.

  23. Tonya says:

    If you want to save Downward Dog please write to ABC asking them to reconsider. If they get enough feedback they might reverse their decision like NBC did with Timeless.

  24. Tom says:

    The show was way more original the the same old shows like americas got talent or mastercheft or Hell’s Kitchen those shows r the same over and over again it’s a dame same I love Martin and I just found the show two week ago from a friend way to avertive it best show ever I hope someone picks the show up made my girlfriend cry and then laugh in two seconds best show ever!!!!!!!! Love the cast good luck!!!!!!

  25. Tom says:

    Worst discussion ever best show in the worst time spot abc messed up brought so much joy to dog lovers

  26. Noel says:

    Nooo! This was my new favorite show. I found myself laughing out loud at every episode. Ratings are bunk anyway, I watch almost everything on demand at this point. PLEASE pick this up. It is a brilliant show.

  27. Martha says:

    I LOVE Downward Dog!! I really hope they find a new home that I have access to with my antenna!! Brilliantly done – haven’t seen a comedy in years as unique, clever, warm and funny as Downward Dog. Cannot believe ABC doesn’t see what a gem they have! Great show!!! So true to life!

  28. Ann says:

    This show is terrific both from a dog owner’s and a career woman’s point of view. Even my construction-worker, manly-man of a husband couldn’t wait for the next episode to air. This is a show that we altered our schedule around just to watch it live. ABC just sucked a major part of the joy in my life right out. Oooo, but I bet that 2-hour Bachelorette was something! (sarcasm) Martin could out think any of these brain trusts.Who wants to see a Mystery Science Theater approach to that show with Martin as the witty voice-over host?! *raises hand*

  29. Carol says:

    A refreshing change other tv fare. So sorry to miss a plot that involves ordinary people, their pets and life events one cn relate to. Please reconsider decision not to renew.

  30. Susie Newquest says:

    So true Marie, so true. How do we campaign to get on another network?

  31. Marie says:

    This is the saddest news. My summer is ruined! ABC continuously cancels the best shows, yet keeps all this reality crap like The Bachelor! I had finally found a show that made me feel good, and gave me an opportunity to watch something on ABC, besides the news…which regularly depresses me every night.

  32. Dona L Martin says:

    We LOVE Downward Dog!!! And so does our dog. A sweet, clean and relaxing show is too rare these days, but DD makes it work in a really wonderful way that really grows on you!

    We hope it will have the opportunity of going forward.
    Dona & Robert Martin

  33. Marisa says:

    So disappointed and sad ABC has cancelled Downward Dog. It’s the only show on TV that makes me happy when I watch it. Please save the show so Martin can enlighten us with his wisdom!

  34. Susie Newquest says:

    Love this show! What is the matter with ABC? The network executives have lost their minds. Pllllllease find a new home for it!

  35. Mary Fagan says:

    NOOOOOO!!!! I LOVE this show. And so do my dogs. They are inspired. Martin (Ned) is the best. I really hope someone picks it up. Great show.

  36. Gaby says:

    This show should not be cancelled for good another network should take over and give it a shot. Come on people

  37. Margot Bianchi says:

    So disappointed in ABC…hopefully some other network will pick this show up. Love Martin and his angst.

  38. Amanda Ohm says:

    So very disappointed that ABC would consider taking such a fun show off the air…especially one that brings such light, love, & joy via a pup, Martin. I do hope the series will continue on another venue. Thank you for sharing a few moments of giggles and sprinkles of kindness through a television show other then the typical shows filled with anger, fear, violence, and hatred that create a sense of separation amongst human beings!

  39. Screw ABC. They can’t make enough room for superhero shows and other programs with lots of death and destruction. Screw ’em. Right into the ground. This was the most enjoyable, smart, funny, sweet, humane & poignant show I’ve seen in decades. Anyone who’s EVER loved their own dog or anyone else’s pup would enjoy it. Kind of a large built-in audience, in case you didn’t notice, dumbasses at ABC. Again, screw ABC. (Not a surprise after those same jackasses killed Pushing Daisies several years ago. Otra vez, screw ABC.)

  40. JohnInDC says:

    I liked the show. Liked the dog, like the characters. Very sweet show, easy watching.

  41. Ann says:

    ABC is out of their mind to cancel this show! It is one of the best on TV. Hopefully they either change their mind or another network will scoop it up! Love this show!

  42. Diane Walton says:

    Totally bummed to hear this news. So smart and innovative. And Martin!! So ‘existential’. I love him. I hope you find some new ground to share this great show. ABC sucks. There’s so much crap on the air. When they get something fun and decent, no one knows what to do with it. Sigh.

  43. Gina M Rallo says:

    FINALLY something fresh & different! So tired of the same talk shows, reality show, crime shows, girl meets boy, family drama or comedy or competition show/talent shows. They finally come up with something we’ve not seen before & it’s smart & funny too & what do they do CANCEL IT! I’m so thru with the talent shows & modern family comedies that I’ve pretty much given up watching network TV. This show was family friendly without being lame & has a talking dog without it being corny WTH what are they gonna do replace it with another worn out spin off of some sorts? Bad move ABC you missed your chance at being innovative & break away from being a follower. Bring Martin & Nan back 👍

    • Pattie says:

      I so agree. Idiotic shows continue on and on, and something that made me laugh out loud gets cancelled. I introduced 8 people to the show, not one a dog owner, and they were HOOKED. What is wrong with ABC? Seriously. I skew older in demographics, have intelligence, and am pissed off!!!!!

  44. Caryn Hodge says:

    Unbelieveable. This was our new favorite show. Couldn’t wait till Tuesday nights to see what Martin and Nan were up to. Please don’t cancel it. We need a feel good show like this in this day and age.

  45. Eileen Hnath says:

    This show is great. I hope someone else picks it up

  46. Pauline Pratt says:

    I really love this show. I’m very sad that it is being cancelled. Martin portrays the epitome of some guy’s attitudes. What’s your trash?

  47. Rick Bustamante says:

    Such a good show..i too recommended to friends ..so witty..and c’mon..Martin loves Nan.. !👍👍

    • Of course Martin loves Nan. When you love someone, you sometimes do stupid things (right, Martin?) I just found this show and love it, but now it’s being cancelled??? Bummer, Martin….

  48. CAllen says:

    I am SO sick of networks canceling shows if they don’t immediately blow up. It’s a horrible business model. If a show gets one season, a second should be almost guaranteed. Big Bang did not blow up season 1. Buffy season 1 was weak and they had a chance to work out the kinks. Idiotic

  49. Chuck says:

    My wife and I set the DVR every week for this; one of two network shows I always watch. The ‘nap’ episode, to me, was a classic. The show was a very welcome respite from all the crap going on everywhere; but it’s obviously time to move on now. Enough thoughtful and clever humor, already.
    Please, ABC, give us another reality show. Put those whacky minds of yours to work, as there can never be enough of these fine programs. I’m thinking a show with crass and soulless singles seeking to mate might be just the thing we all need right now. Inspire us again; and don’t forget the hot tub! Just kidding; you’re probably already filling another one up.

  50. Joshua Kessler says:

    I really like this show. It is something different. That might be a reason why it is being cancelled. I hope it finds a new home. Netflix would be ideal.

    • DFilm says:

      Uh, not Netflix, don’t need yet another freakin’ subscription. Just put it somewhere digital with easy access. With this one, I don’t even mind the ads.

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