All Major TV Networks Block Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Ad

Donald Trump

The major television networks have all decided not to run Donald Trump’s so-called “fake news” ad, according to a statement released by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump.

Lara, an adviser on Trump’s 2020 campaign, called the rejection a “chilling precedent against free speech rights.”

“All of the mainstream media television networks have decided to block the paid placement of a campaign ad that celebrates the achievements of President Trump in his first 100 days in office,” Lara wrote in a post Friday on, which is not an official government website. “Apparently, the mainstream media are champions of the First Amendment only when it serves their own political views. Faced with an ad that doesn’t fit their biased narrative, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC have now all chosen to block our ad. This is an unprecedented act of censorship in America that should concern every freedom-loving citizen.”


Jimmy Fallon Donald Trump Tonight Show

Trump Will Soon Be Target of More Late-Night Jokes Than Any Other President

Lara appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Thursday night to promote the campaign. “There are certain networks, the majority of the mainstream media throughout the country that refuse to report the facts,” she told host Sean Hannity. “It’s a great ad and it highlights all the wonderful things that have happened that you don’t hear about everyday because some people don’t watch Fox News. If you don’t watch Fox, you probably aren’t hearing all the great things the president has done.”

President Trump regularly re-tweets Fox News and praises the network, while labeling others — notably CNN — as “fake news.” The term “fake news” appears briefly in the paid ad that the other networks have refused to air.

“CNN requested that the advertiser remove the false graphic that the mainstream media is ‘fake news,'” CNN said in a statement on Tuesday explaining their decision to not run the ad. “The mainstream media is not fake news, and therefore the ad is false and per policy will be accepted only if that graphic is deleted.”

President Trump’s contentious relationship with the mainstream press has included banning CNN and publishers like the New York Times and Politico from White House briefings. His surrogates often appear on news shows offering conflicting commentary. One surrogate — Kellyanne Conway — used the term “alternative facts” while trying to defend false information put out by the Trump administration about the inauguration crowd size.

Earlier this week, President Trump cut short an interview with CBS when asked to explain claims he made that the Obama administration had wiretapped Trump Tower — assertions without any factual evidence.

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  1. Cloud Lawson says:

    Yay, great to hear CBS got our Channel 10 in Australia. How awful it would of been had fake news Fox got it..

  2. Just imagine this: The President of the United States writes to all food companies – except for one –
    asking for them to publish an Ad, paid by him, where they say that their food is “Fake Food”. Imagine the disbelief and the reactions. Yet, this is EXACTLY what he is asking for news outlets to do.

    Maybe Trump did some good things – I literally don’t know – but for sure he pulled one stunt after the other (often ending up shooting his own balls). The Russian “cloud” is a very serious affair, which is getting bigger every other day. Let’s not talk about his fiascoes in implementing travel bans etc. These things are not “fake news”: they are simply being reported.

    I actually think that all these Trumpisms – Fake News, MSM, Alternative Facts and the ubiquitous “Snowflake” – are nothing else than easy labels to be used when someone is unable to reason. “Trump is now under investigation for Obstruction to Justice due to this, that and that.” —> “Fake News!!!!”

    Last but not least: you don’t want for the media to be your enemies? Don’t piss them off. At 71 years old a guy should have already learned this.

  3. CFlower says:

    Why can’t the media just let people reach their own conclusions. I am not Rep or Dem, and I have never seen such bias and censorship in my life. The MSM has taken censorship to a whole new level. Their interpretations of the news and their tactics when reporting the news and attempts to silence those that disagree with them is pushing me to the right. I used to consider myself a Lib., but thats all beginning to change. The attitude seems to be “choose what side you want to be on”. And if you’re leaning to the right side, you will be silenced. Sounds a bit communistic to me. Can we say Kim Jong-il?

  4. Regina A. Ryan says:

    These ads remind me of something a communist country or dictatorship would run on their TV stations.
    Very scary!!!!

  5. throwaway says:

    the first amendment primarily concerns the government, law enforcement, etc, not TV channels

  6. dukentx says:

    So sick of the hatred, and Anti-American sentiment from the left……what’s wrong with ya’ll? GTFO if you don’t like OUR country…….WE are very tired of being the SILENT majority……… are about to open pandora’s box…….Beware!

    • Constance says:

      While I’m fairly certain this will be unproductive, I feel compelled to ask: What “hatred and anti-American sentiment” are you referring to, specifically, and why do you assume it comes from “the left”? And when you say “OUR country,” are you suggesting that those you characterize as “the left” are not included in “OUR,” or is your use of that pronoun expansive enough to include those with whom you disagree?

      • Maher Shari says:

        Constance…. I admire your attempt to logically debate “dukentx” However… he/she probably has too much coal soot in their eyes to see how people like Trump are pissing all over “the silent majority.”

  7. Gene Moser, LTC (Ret) says:

    He is a big problem.

  8. KMacK says:

    More and more Trump is coming across as a child-like mentality trying to avoid something. He blames everyone to protect himself. He denies his own words if they cause him trouble. He is totally focused on his own reward and seems to care nothing about harms done to others as long as he gets what he wants. (Note: this is MY opinion based on observations of television and on news stories. I claim no titles, I simply observe. This is how our system works, we get the Government we deserve, not necessarily the Government we want or need. We only get what we deserve.)

  9. Gordon Anderson says:

    Trump is getting more publicity out of their rejection than he would have out of the ad if they had published it.Brilliant

    • Peter G. Lewis says:

      I disagree. One of the most important news stories of the decade is that the President of the United States and all of his minions are incapable of telling the truth. They don’t even try. They trat the mainstream media as their private platform for spreading disinformation to the public – – the opposite of what they see as their mission and duty. It is a huge story and needs to be widely spread for the well-being of the country and the the world.

      • D. McNulty says:

        You’re thinking of Hillary and the left. They’re the ones incapable of telling the truth.

  10. LC says:

    Free Speech is not at issue. He can still say anything he wants, however, these media outlets are not obligated to take advertising money from anyone.
    That he wants to use advertising is a bit worrisome — think of foreign countries which use massive propaganda (North Korea comes to mind) to prop-up dictators.
    This sounds like propaganda: a commercial which sells his brand over and over again – and what he is selling is mostly untrue.

    • Constance says:

      Hear, hear!

      Additionally, constitutional protections against curtailment of speech offer protection from censorship by government, not media, commercial entities or private citizens. So it is ironic that Clownstick’s familial flunkies are claiming “censorship” when, in reality, it’s denial of a request for commercial transaction.

  11. Sandra H Lee says:

    Never in the history of our country have I ever read or heard such ,rude, vulgar and accusatory condemnations of predecessors, rivals, leaders of other nations, and our own foundation document; The United States Constitution. This is despicable adolescent behavior from a 70 year old man. If a leader cannot expect and know, in advance, how to handle criticism, he should not put himself in that position.
    Rearranging the foundations of our nation to suit himself, does not reflect anything but his unique ability to deny, distract and loathe what he does not understand. He is a hazard to the youth, the educated, the elderly, the poor and this gracious Planet Earth. A house of lies is not likely to be stable for anyone.

    • Frank says:

      Wow glad you live without neighbors.

    • Steve Holmes says:

      I’m fairly certain that those are the exact same groundless accusations that were used as an excuse to execute Socrates. Interesting how history repeats itself.

      • Constance says:

        PS: Consider your comments in the light of Clownstick trying to sic the FCC on Stephen Colbert for speaking truth to power with an awesomely wicked sense of humor.

      • Constance says:

        You can’t be serious! Equating the Clownstick with Socrates is not only ridiculous, it’s offensive to reason. Socrates was primarily charged with not believing in the gods of the city and corrupting the minds of youth by teaching and encouraging them to ask questions–to question authority (“Believe me”). Socrates may not have believed in the gods of the city. But if you believe that asking questions of those in power is a crime of “corruption,” I imagine you would find the conceptn of education a crime as well since so many educators rely on the Socratic method in our pursuit of helping students become independent thinkers better prepared to participate in a democratic society.

        The ad contains inaccuracies and would require networks to air material that slanders themselves.

        History may be repeating itself, but it’s not the charging and execution of Socrates.

        Nice try. You must write for Fox & the ‘Stick.

    • Kenneth Paul Koelling says:

      Well said.

  12. R says:

    With every blow to his hateful fascist propaganda machine, the world laughs in relief seeing that asshole-face pucker up even tighter and resolve to try some other hare-brained scheme a few minutes later. Thank GAWD (of your parents’ choice) that most Americans are not like his welfare hillbilly followers, otherwise he truly would be a modern day Hitler.

  13. Rex says:

    “If you don’t watch Fox, you probably aren’t hearing all the great things the president has done.”

    Funny that’s about the only place willing to help spread the manure no questions asked.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Please watch Fox News, not the lying Liberal Democrat Networks, like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC because these Liberal Networks are not telling you the truth about what is going in USA and about our President of USA, Donald J. Trump. These Democrat Liberal Networks are brainwashing all of the Democrats, because they know the Democrats are watching these networks. Don’t watch these Liberal Networks, and please watch the Fox Network, the only network who is telling you the truth about what is going on in USA and President Trump. Fox News is a fair, balanced, honest, and truthful network. Thank you.

    • katdoral says:

      I guess then when trump said his healthcare bill wouldn’t cost anyone their coverage that, what, the lying Liberal Democrat Networks took control of his mind and made him say that? I mean, I get party loyalty and all, but there’s got to be a point where you admit, at least to yourself, that trump’s not really very honest.

    • You do know, of course (as if!) the FOX is not news at all but entertainment. Fair? Balanced? Honest? Truthful? That will never sell as entertainment and FOX knows it and that’s why they the sell their BS entertainment stories.

    • Fox News says:

      Yes, please, please, PLEAAAASE watch Fox News. We’re begging you. We’re dying over here now that we can’t assault women and minorities with impunity anymore. Don’t you worry, we’ll mindlessly parrot everything the president says, no matter how ludicrous or scientifically impossible, because we know that his sheep only want to hear one side of the story. Please, wait! Don’t turn that dial! We’ve got more hate on the way!! Really!!! Free food stamps, people! FREE FOOD STAMPS!!!

  15. bryan thornhill says:

    I simply cannot imagine what it must be like living in a country that has become the joke of the civilised world and beyond. After all the effort and bloodshed that went into stamping out fascism and bow we see it rearing its ugly head again. Censor this tyrant in every way possible, render him mute in all haste,

  16. Ivanna Tinkle says:

    Same reason they don’t run advertising for pyramid schemes and the KKK. The Trump administration has accomplished nothing and now they want to lie and blame everything on the immigrants again. Trump chumps will believe anything and need to wake up! Lock him up!!

  17. Mike Hill says:

    This is a law on the books called the Truth in Adverstising law.

  18. starbbycat says:

    So sorry to see the US in so much turmoil. I find it really sad that the Trumps have no ability to be of service, ever. They have been given so very much but it is never enough for them – they never give except where a 1000 strings are attached, which is of course not really giving. Very sad to see this crass gimme family at the helm of what is a already a great country.

  19. AllWiledUp says:

    Maybe if Trump lied a little less… It’s pathological with this man. Trump’s lies aren’t the news or even an ‘alternative set of facts’ – they are blatant, dishonest propaganda like Pravda served up to people who lack the education necessary to see through the inventions.

  20. Bruce Tascona says:

    Mr. Trump should realize if a commercial “stating that the product does not do what it claims to do” then why would a major network choose to broadcast it. His claims dont pass the smell test.

  21. JMH says:

    perhaps the networks don’t want to spread “alternative facts”

  22. This is awesome news….so proud of the networks!

  23. TruCelt says:

    Freedom of speech means that you can not be put in jail for saying something the government doesn’t like. It does not mean that the world is responsible to help you spread lies. Why am I not surprised that a Trump has difficulty with this concept?

  24. Angela LaCombe says:

    These are corporations doing business, and they get to chose what “product” they sell on their channel. It’s not a violation of freedom of speech. It’s business…odd that the Trump team who’s all about business fails to see this. You can’t force a company to promote any product/agenda that they don’t deem fit for their business.

    • That and it does not violate the First Amendment. Have any of these dummies passed a civics class? The First Amendment means that the government can’t retaliate against you or put you in prison for speaking up against the government.

    • Sam says:

      They are telling lies and presenting as
      news. 1/2 truths are lies. Not
      reporting positive news as well as negative news about an official is slander and targeting.
      What if your tv filtered out all shows and you were limited to viewing only
      pet adoption shows.
      Or only cooking shows.
      Or only home improvement shows.
      You were prevented from watching
      a hit comedy sitcom.
      the media only reports negative, slanderous. and lies/1/2 truths about this president because of the corporations owners. They don’t get rich without illegals, living off the backs of the mddle class and poor stealing jobs and affordable housing.
      Read about case chicken you have cheap chicken because of illegals that are used up and disposed of.
      They are desperate to keep their billions made off of foreign imports, that are made under inhumane conditions, knowingly, we wouldn’t allow it in our country but it’s ok to sell the same from a foreign country??? ???? ??????
      Build the wall and tariff imports.
      You are suckers.

      • You made a great argument for Net Neutrality, so that ISPs cannot filter what you access based on content.

        Under Trump’s FCC Chairman, Anji Patt’s plan, ISPs could give you access only to cooking websites, or Home improvement sites and make you pay more or just prevent you from reaching Right-wing blogs and news sites.

        Only luddites watch television news anymore anyway.

        And, to solve your Chicken problem, go after the employers, not the employees. Hire undocumented workers, lose your business. Under-pay them and go to jail.
        No need for a symbolic and ineffective wall.

        Quit trying to force jobs back in the US That are gone for ever. Train the workforce for the modern era and be prepared for the 60% unemployment that automation and AI will bring to the entire first world by enacting policies that allow all Americans to profit from these advances.

      • gball1945 says:

        Are you that delusional? Maybe take a long close look at where Trump’s personal products are manufactured? Maybe look closer at Ivanka’s products and where they are manufactured? Do you even know what a tariff is? Trump putting a 20% tariff on Canadian soft wood imports will increase the cost of construction companies and lower their profit margins and therefore they will be forced to sell at a higher price. While you are doing your research find out where Trump gets his stell from for his buildings while telling the US Steel industry he will make them great again. Instead of listening to the BS and blatant lies that Trump and his cronies are filling your head with why not do some actual RESEARCH and see the truth.

      • While you are at it, please look up the definition of slander.

      • WTH do you think trump does? He has never told the truth. Those tariffs on the imports are going to cost YOU and me more money. That is just one of his “half truths” he has told.

  25. diane k hinzey says:

    Dear idiot girl – the media respects free speech – but when it is the so called president of the united states and everything he says is a lie – it would be unethical and wrong to print them. Idiots out there with the IQ of an amoeba might believe his lies – and that – as we know from his campaign – can have devastating results for our country.

    • Frank says:

      Wow. You are an idiot.
      You lost and you are still trying to explain why you lost.
      You are worse than hitler and worse than communism. you are a dictator.

      • Jane says:

        It seems that the people who can’t stop talking about the election are guys who think “you lost” is a rebuttal to anything anyone says about this administration that isn’t slobbering devotion. This is not a first amendment violation.

      • I see. You along with Trump and his daughter failed civics class. Bigly!

      • Smith Cassidy says:

        Well said, comrade. You make Putin proud and elevate stupid to art.

  26. Well have you seen the ratings?

    There is a reason why these, so called, major networks are hemorrhaging viewers and add buyers are starting to bail on them. When it was just NBC, CBS, and ABC, and CNN News their total views were in the tens of millions. Now look at them.

    Now the LARGEST audience in The Business is Fox News Prime Time with a whopping 2,429,000 Total Viewers. One TENTH of what CNN was back in the day.

    Why we insist on calling them “Major Networks” is beyond me. Compare to Rush Limbaugh. 26 MILLION listeners.

    If only one in 100 of them are paid subscribers to his website, at $55.00 per year he makes over 14 million per year. From, what amounts to, web site pocket change. No wonder he can walk into a Gulf Stream dealership and cash out the latest model.

    CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC. Major networks? That’s a laugh. You can add Fox to that and it’s still a laugh.

  27. It’s Bullshit news.
    They race bait most of the day because that’s all they’ve got

  28. Imzadi says:

    Since when does Freedom of speech mean, that the media has to air or print what the government want’s? That’s not how it works.

  29. Bobby Baggarley says:


  30. Joe Walsh says:

    Ignore this guy named trump and he will have a nervous breakdown.

  31. Christine O'Dell says:

    The major networks are not denying Trump his right to free speech, only theirright not to broadcast it. Trump doesn’t have the right to have any message broadcast, without critiscm, on the public air waves. This is Trump trying to rally his base. Transparent.

    • Cynthia Kay Nordstrom says:

      ALL you trumpsters who are ignorant (by choice) of the Constitution need to read it. The First Amendment states the GOVERNMENT can’t impede free speech. The private sector makes decisions like this every day..what to print, what to broadcast. It’s their right and their responsibility not to give credence to lies and manipulation. Also, Miss Hypocrisy, your guy has stated more than once how much of the Constitution he is willing to ignore and I mean REAL Constitutional violations, not the whining of stupid, uneducated hypocrites.

      • Betsy bloomingdales says:

        Free speech.
        Free to make a claim of slander, defamation, targeting, public persecution.

    • Sam says:

      You lost. The media keeps trying to explain why they lost.
      They lie and tell half truths.
      They refuse to publish anything but negative stories. Sic lies.

      • Cynthia Kay Nordstrom says:

        Well, when the guy only tells lies and all his stories are negative what do you expect? You want them to make up stuff? Oh, wait, of course you do. Just like trump, whose imagination, selective memory and channeling of Goebbels is pathological. Funny how none of you ever have any examples of false stories or what you call negative stories being false….Hmmmmm. Guess YOU lose.


  33. Michael P. says:

    Fox News is the most watched network on cable. How are we still supposed to think Fox News isn’t mainstream media?

    • Cynthia Kay Nordstrom says:

      FOXNews (sic) does qualify as ‘mainstream media’, no denial. Their stories (and I mean stories, as in mostly fiction or fictionalized) do influence millions. Doesn’t make them credible.

      • Rebecca says:

        Kudos, Cynthia Kay Nordstrom! Their “stories” are just that. And their viewers believe them like children who believe in bedtime stories.

  34. Bruce Ward says:

    No, Lara Trump- networks refusing to run your ad slamming them is NOT censorship. If the GOVERNMENT banned it, THAT would be censorship. Fool.

  35. William Cap says:

    Just wanted to point out that I saw the ad on Fox. Regardless of political stance, I would consider Fox a major network. Most but not all networks blocked the ad. I guess that campaign wanted to get their message out on a wide range of networks but some blocked it.

  36. It has nothing to do with free speech because those are privately owned networks, not public. Just like how a chat forum can block or ban you for any reason they choose, because they own it.

  37. Joshua Rhorer says:

    MSM is completely​ fabricating the majority of it’s news. Most people with a brain have become aware of it for the past decade or more. That of the truth rarely is shown, let alone discussed on air. Considering the large percentage of the many news agencies​ in the US are not independent, many owned and ran by the same person, it’s obtuse to suggest one trust MSM.. Even more frightening, most of those individuals are not only the super wealthy, they mostly are strongly aligned with the two dominant political parties which have held our nations politics prisoner for the up most majority of the past 150 years. Anything being broadcast from any American news source is either frabricated or biased. I along with many of my friends and family and colleagues, nearly everyone I know, rarely trust or believe what is so called “news”. Nearly all is fabricated, diluted to serve ones interests, or simply unimportant gibberish​

  38. Keith says:

    All the media leadership that has failed America and censors truth should not only face federal prison sentences but also be shot.
    It’s time to get tough if we are ever going to reverse the last 60 years of liberal indoctrination.

    • Kevin Eminger says:

      Maybe we can march with locked knees while we execute our political opponents, heh COMRADE?

    • Lynne Verde says:

      FYI, Fox is an Entertainment network, not a news network, as it has testified in court. Look it up. The media (other than Faux, Breitbart and that strange right-wing fundie net American One or something like that ) aren’t “fabricating” the news. Yes, coverage can be slanted toward one point or another, but the bigger problem is that the networks only care about corporate profits. News budgets have been slashed. That’s why you see the same political mouthpieces rotating from show to show. That said, it s always interesting to see the “fake news” epithet thrown about. It’s much easier to say that than actually check more than one source and engage one’s critical thinking skills. Nah. Easier to rant.

    • JacksonM says:

      Censors truth? You forget TRUMP wanted to rewrite the first amendment so people could print mean things. He never said for untrue things, he says for mean things. Also notice Trump calls the constitution an archaic document. Gee, is it because it prevents him from being dictator?

    • John Tanner says:

      Yeah, let’s murder them. In the name of Jesus no doubt, right?

  39. kezia says:

    So now the tw@t-in-law is involved? Is there no end to this family of grifters? JC on crutches.

  40. Ilwaco Flaco says:

    Lara Trump, Free Speech is about the people being free to speak or NOT speak at THEIR discretion. The media refusing to run an AD; a promotion, is not censorship. Censorship comes from the government restricting what the media says. The president has already come very close to doing this himself by barring news outlets from his press conferences and shutting down interviews when they don’t go his way. If the president believes in free speech he should set the example by dispensing and encouraging clean information in a gracious and mature manner, not stamping his feet and screaming “LIES! ALL LIES!” Whenever the press dime him out for something he did. When you can’t take some critical questioning, and when you ostracize and alienate the media just because they report unfavorable (but true) things about you, people will just ignore you. Because you look like an ass.

    • Mary E. Clark says:

      Ilwaco Flaco: Perfectly stated! Thank you. Ironically, Lara Trump’s words could be true from a different view. [Trump’s] “. . . chilling precedent against free speech rights” due to disallowing mainstream media to cover his press conferences. Lara Trump: “Apparently, [Trump] the mainstream media are champions of the First Amendment only when it serves their [his] own political views. . . . This is an unprecedented act of censorship in America that should concern every freedom-loving citizen.” Hypocrisy, thy name is republican!

  41. Nancy Campbell says:

    Why should networks post lies about the media. I do not believe lying falls under the first admendment

    • Rick says:

      Why should the networks be allowed to promote false news, 1/2 truths with facts deleted to represent an untruth.
      And. Continually smear and target and persecute a person. Never posting ALL news and accomplishments about the person, only derogatory news.
      Continually 24/7.
      Because these publications are owned and funded by people that stand to lose to fairness for the middleclass and low income population. You know the ones they’re exploiting by maintaining illegal immigrants working no pay and living off of public services and stealing up affordable housing that belongs to
      LEGAL CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!

      • Sam says:

        Case Farms has built its business by recruiting some of the world’s most vulnerable immigrants, who endure harsh and at times illegal conditions that few Americans would put up with. When these workers have fought for higher pay and better conditions, the company has used their immigration status to get rid of vocal workers, avoid paying for injuries and quash dissent. Thirty years ago, Congress passed an immigration law mandating fines and even jail time for employers who hire unauthorized workers, but trivial penalties and weak enforcement have allowed employers to evade responsibility. Under President Obama, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agreed not to investigate workers during labor disputes. Advocates worry that President Trump, whose administration has targeted unauthorized immigrants, will scrap those agreements, emboldening employers to simply call ICE anytime workers complain.

  42. Rick says:

    Run his ad who cares. It’s just an ad.

  43. The Republican American Christian Taliban is fake. People of science, people who are educated do not talk to the sky and worship some dead guy on a stick. Your space daddy in the clouds is fake. We need to purge our government of these loons with invisible friends before they try to bring back their Lord in a flash of atom bombs! Wake up people!

    • Debra says:

      well said Mickey

    • Patrick Young says:

      @Mickey Weedon I’m sorry that you feel that way about our Lord and creator. I urge you to think about the life after this one, God will repay those who have sinned against him and rejected his salvation. Itis never too late, God is real and offers forgiveness through faith in his Son Jesus Christ, who gave his life for you and me and all, and who rose from the dead! He is alive and victorious. Remember our country is by the people, for the people, believers and nonbelievers alike, so your call to rid the government of believers is not what America is about.

      • R says:

        Oh and hey, Patrick? You REALLY, HONESTLY think Donald Trump follows the example of Christ? Or ever did? Or ever will (except when he needs to use it to fool the feeble-minded followers)?

      • R says:

        There is no life after this one. It’s a shame how much of yours you’ve wasted “behaving” (most likely in an intolerant, racist and sexist way, just like your president) in the “eyes” of your sky-fairy man and preaching intolerance and hatred in “his” name.

        And your call to plague the government with believers is not what America is about, but that’s just what the looney right has done, even though the man at the top is the biggest NON-believer of them all. Not that you dummies could see that through the fog of lies and patronizing condescension.

      • Patrick Young says:

        @Vormaen I agree with you. I’m not being smug or defending the political right. I believe all people need God and that telling them the truth is how people are brought to God (though it’s not the only way). And you’re right, we need to hold so-called Christians accountable for their actions and not just blindly follow them. Those who claim to follow Christ should follow Christ’s example, how he lived and how he treated others.

  44. Victor Martorano says:

    A liberal attack on free speech? Please. Trump is free to stand on any street corner soapbox and spout all the lies in the world. But main stream media does not have to give him the soapbox.

  45. Janet Traver says:

    The media needs to stop airing any of his crap including the daily briefings. Trump will be begging for the fake media to come back!

  46. Art says:

    Endlessly taking the cue from Russia and Nazi Germany in disinformation campaigning. Every time they lie they say the other side is the liar, every time they commit treason they say the other side did it, every time they attack some freedom they say the other side attacked it.

  47. Bill says:

    Fake news is whatever Trump doesn’t like hearing. It’s usually quoting him or reporting on his activities.

  48. Marsha Blackmon says:

    The ‘chilling’ thing is that our President is a liar and a propagandist.

  49. Kb says:

    That was the dumbest most bs commercial ever. trump should be exiled asap

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