Hollywood Reacts to Donald Trump Calling Meryl Streep ‘Overrated’

Meryl Streep Golden Globes

Following Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night, Donald Trump fired back on Twitter, deeming the DeMille Award winner “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood.” On Monday, several stars tweeted their own responses to the President-elect.

“Anyone who calls #Meryl ‘overrated’ is unfit to serve,” former “Saturday Night Live” star Rachel Dratch tweeted.

“She is over rated as an actress like Michael Jordon is over rated as a basketball player or Sully as a pilot or Ted Williams at baseball,” added Judd Apatow.

“Trump takes the bait & calls overrated?! Please Pres-Elect. Don’t make this into the WWF which is fun but not presidential,” Ron Howard said.

“Fascists used to have a much better sense of humour about Hollywood actors mocking them,” actor and 2016 Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais joked.

“So, like, who does he think is an UNDERrated actress?” #tryingempathy,” another “SNL” alum Taran Killam lightheartedly remarked.

“What a small, small man. SAD!,” George Takei reacted to a Second Nexus article about Trump’s response to Streep’s speech, mimicking Trump’s Tweet style.

“Never forget that some people’s good opinion would be more insulting than their abuse!,” J.K. Rowling responded to a Twitter user who claimed the “Potter” scribe would be the next victim of Trump’s cyber-insults.

On a brighter note, Streep’s speech itself garnered high esteem from many individuals from Hollywood, who also voiced their praise on social media.

“There has never been anyone like Meryl Streep. I love her.

“Is there anyone better? #Meryl,” actress Anna Kendrick pens.

“Meryl, you give me life. #GoldenGlobes,” “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez tweeted.

“MERYL STREEP,” singer John Legend simply but manifestly stated.

“So overrated is one word,” tweeted comedian Margaret Cho. “Don’t start telling legends what they can and cannot do. The word for today is JOB. Focus on your JOB.”

Watch Streep’s full speech below:

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  1. L Nobilini says:

    I think Meryl Streep is a wonderful actress….her failure is with real life! Has no idea what it is to worry about putting food on the table for your family. I wish she would stick to what she knows….just act.

  2. susan blye says:

    Congratulations meghan mccain I agree totally with you all of hollywood actors are for their own selves ridiculously overpaid and all have a nerve tearing down mr trump when he decided to take on the united states as commander and chief and teying to help america I think merrill streep is an actress and just that a phony actress who portrays heartfelt sincerity she should have given her award to a disabled person right there on stage!! Phony indeed!!!!

  3. susan blye says:

    There is a thing called freedom of speech and yes merrill streep voiced hers and so did donald trump too many hillory fans upset that mr trump won plain and simple! Merrill should have talked about how actors are so overpaid and and how all americans should get the same payrate they do and nevermind kindergarten he said she said sooo immature and anybody could put on an act

  4. G. G. Lee says:

    I am responding before 20 Jan 17 when free speech will be outlawed. Any coward who maliciously threatens, attacks or maligns our war heroes, POWs, Gold Star families, our beloved stars (of stage, screen and TV), our truth-crusading media, and innocent people does not deserve respect. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stand your ground and fire back to “Buster Buffoon” (the Evil Pied Piper who is a self-proclaimed sex predator, swindler of college students/others, racist, outrageous liar, and draft dodger with seven deferments). FIRST, tho, be wisely prepared for any threats or harassments from him or his enforcers. Google and read “Whatever Happened to Maria?” and ”Trump/Jeffrey Epstein/ underage girls’ lawsuits”.

    G. G. Lee

  5. Trumpelstiltskin says:

    Meryl Streep IS overrated, egregiously so (and with that self infatuated, arrogant, tone deaf speech, she proved herself to be as clueless, snooty, and pampered a human being as she is mechanical and mannered an actress). That Trump is willing to dispense with false pieties is one reason he connected with so many voters (not saying I would’ve voted for him if I were American, of course). Worshipping Streep is not a sign of superior culture or sophistication, and that Streep can get an Oscar nod just for breathing is not necessarily a sign that she’s the greatest actress. As has been often pointed out, critics and Oscar voters frequently confuse the MOST acting with the BEST acting, and there most certainly is a pack mentality among critics and awards voters anyway.

    Many thoughtful and intelligent film critics have thought Streep is highly overrated (often with her, you can see the wheels turning when she acts, as if she’s “acting” the emotion instead of truly experiencing it, whereas a true acting giant makes it look seamless and effortless). Neither Trump nor anyone else is obliged to fawn over this arrogant woman. She’s not the be all and end all of acting no matter what the herd of sheep that constitutes our critical establishment thinks.

    And by the way, I’m left wing. And I agree with Streep that Trump’s mockery of that disabled reporter was disgusting and offensive. But his willingness to attack George W. Bush and call him the worst president ever was thrilling, jaw dropping, and hilariously entertaining, as was his willingness to go for the jugular with various pompous talking heads like Bill Kristol, who despite being one of the neocon architects of the Iraq war is still treated with reverence everywhere he goes. And where was Streep’s outrage when four black youths attacked and tortured a disabled white man recently, yelling anti Trump invective the whole time? If she hates seeing the disabled being abused, why is such horrible abuse okay when the perpetrator is an anti Trump zealot? Where is Streep’s acknowledgment of the DNC’s conspiring against Bernie Sanders, or Hillary’s role as a principal architect of the chaos in Libya and Syria? Where is her admission that the War on Terror (illegal drone strikes, etc.) initiated by the Bush Admin actually expanded and increased under Obama? Where’s the admission that Trumps rhetoric led to the cancellation of TPP that Obama was about to sign? Where’s Streep’s admission that many left wing figures, from Jill Stein to Slavoy Zizek, although they think Trump is a terrible demagogue and may prove to be a dangerous president, they actually thought Hillary had the potential to be even worse, more of a warmonger and more of an establishment lackey?

    Without the failure of the official Left to offer the American people (those who aren’t cosseted, spoiled multimillionaires like the overrated Streep), anything of substance, any real reason to vote for the Democrats, or even any acknowledgment of their humanity, that they’re anything but uneducated white trash (if you’re poor, you have to be non Caucasian as well to still draw any sympathy from liberals), Trumps rise to power would not have been possible.

  6. jonnyrp says:

    So what? He responded or attacked her. The fact that we deem actors overrated doesn’t mean we think they’re bad. As much as we can agree that many are overrated, when someone thinks that one in particular is underrated doesn’t mean that others think the same.

    It doesn’t make Trump smarter or make him the voice of truth that he shares an opinion like that. But if we all must agree that he’s wrong, then we should all agree on lists of underrated actors. And being underrated is a sick pain in the ass for many i bet.

    She’s a great actress. Overrated? In the mouth of many, they make her overrated imo.

  7. Looks like Opie, and rightfully so, is Not Happy, Days, with the coming direction, DeJa-Vu Bush and Company, of the Country on the World stage!!
    And recent reports * Andy Griffith’s hometown hopes Trump will make America great again * in talking to TRUMPer supporters, in coming TRUMPica, wanting the fictitious, TV shows, Mayberry as their destination in ‘Taking America Back Again’ might have hit a Huge road bump, or failing infrastructure sink hole, and crashing!!

  8. christinelynn101 says:

    Give them Hell Trump! They are not used to people standing up for themselves! Buch of sour grape libs! Boycott all movies for a year and watch Hollywood disappear! Sick of these over paid actors and their lectures! No more movies for me. Meryl you are a two-faced hypocrite! For those who don’t remember, Roman Polanski pled guilty to statutory rape and admitted in open court to having sex with his victim when he knew she was only 13 years old. Polanski was 43. Meryl, you are a Hypocrite!

  9. John says:

    Who gives a rats #$$ what anyone in Hollywood thinks. Since when do they matter more than my three sons in the military? I truly couldn’t care less what any actor/actress thinks. The fact that people look to the idiots who make films to help them make a choice for president is disgraceful. Makes me want to stop watching TV or movies.

    • PS says:

      Geez. And who cares about your f-ing sons in the military? Got no other options than go to war in other countries they have no business of being in? What’s this glorification of the the military anyway. And yes. Those actors in Hollywood are grossly overpaid, but it doesn’t make automatically make their opinions invalid. Like anyone else in this world, they have their right to voice their opinions.

    • You’ve missed the point. The problem is that the President Elect cares more about what Hollywood people have to say about him, than he cares about the well being of your Son’s Also, who would you rather influenced the election Meryl Streep or Vladimir Putin? I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I’m sure you’re proud of your boys, and I thank them for their service.

  10. Ray Q says:

    Streep is the most decorated overpaid pretender. That’s what actresses do, pretend. Bunch of hypocrites.

  11. Chris says:

    So sick of people judging trump’s tweets. Why when someone becomes president do they no longer be able to have opinions like a human being? We should stop putting them on a pedestal and being so shocked when they have a personalised opinion about something. I like he has the balls to say things, everyone else is allowed to but he isn’t? Why? It’s called freedom of speech. And for the record streep is freakin overrated lol.

  12. General Person says:

    She is overrated. I have never ever cared for her work

  13. Donald Trump 8/15 Hollywood Reporter interview:
    Any actress you love?

    “Julia Roberts is terrific, and many others. Meryl Streep is excellent; she’s a fine person, too. The problem is I’ll name three or four or five and then the hundred that I know will be insulted, and I don’t mean to insult them.”

    • PS says:

      Right. People are only overrated, worthless at their jobs and pretty much a failure at life, when they dare to criticisize the president elect. A very thinskinned and sad individual.

    • Ken McKenna says:

      He said that, but he misspoke. Instead of “Meryl Streep” he had meant to say “Joan Rivers.” It’s an easy mistake to make, especially now that Joan is dead.

  14. Remember when Meryl Streep blasted Obama for making fun of the mentally disabled by saying his bowling skills could land him in the special Olympics?….. yeah neither do I.

  15. Giselle says:

    Not sure how she’s able to walk her nose is so far up in the air…looking down on what I’m sure she calls “fly over country” and their football and MMA watching ways. Tell you what Meryl, lets take a look at your hypocrisy. I don’t pretend to know the walk of middle America’s struggles but let’s just look at YOUR and MY world: the film industry. There are fewer and fewer jobs here in Hollywood. EVERYTHING is going out of the country because of the enormous tax incentives and/or cheap labor. How DARE you criticize people voting for Trump who want to keep jobs here in America. I only glanced IMDb for your last three films: Florence Foster Jenkins was filmed in England – a film about an American in AMERICA and yet they turned Liverpool into New York City! Entire film shot in Britain! The Guardian Brothers is animated and was done in China. Suffragette filmed in England. The visual effects industry has been decimated. Everything is done in England, Vancouver, etc. And only if you’re above the line, like you, are you able to travel for those jobs. My husband is above the line, he’s “lucky”, if by lucky you mean he gets to spend 9-12 months away from home from his son and home. What about all the other technicians and production people, like me, who aren’t so “lucky”…they’re out of work. Animation industry – also decimated as the studios have a few key people but send everything to India, China, Korea, etc. So shut up Meryl and maybe try to understand the REAL people that voted for Trump because they can’t survive the ideologic, virtue signaling world you inhabit. And stop believing the liar media about racists with their bared teeth – the people who voted for Trump are from all walks of life and your media has made them into cretins. Racist are on both sides of the aisle. Oh and he did NOT mock a handicapped reporter, he used the exact same gesture to mock himself in 2005; there’s other examples of him doing the gesture for Ted Cruz and others so let’s do away with that canard. What’s even more insufferable is where you are saying all this…at an awards show. The incessant self-congratulations the industry has to reap upon themselves; the perpetually insecure. How dare you have the nerve to look down on the moms and dads working 60-80 hours a week just to afford their mortgages and health care! Where are their awards? It’s hard out there for EVERYONE except sanctimonious actors.

    • wut says:


      Average Movie ticket price in 2016 America as reported by Variety is $8.73

      Federal minimum wage in 2017 America as reported by Dept. of Labor is $7.25

      People are tired of being patient & being talked down to.

  16. Alex says:

    …and that’s how Hollywood helped Hillary win the election

  17. Ken McKenna says:

    Overrated? By what standard. Streep’ latest film, Florence Foster Jenkins, had a disclosed production budget of $29 million. Add to that an undisclosed promotion budget that the typical rule-of-thumb estimating the promotion budget of a film to be roughly one-half of its production budget would place at about $15 million. That puts studio outlay on the film at about $44 million.

    The worldwide gross for Florence Foster Jenkins was just $44.3 million, with domestic gross an anemic $27 million. Studios receive a much smaller share of gross revenue from international box office than they do from domestic box office. Even giving the film every benefit of the doubt, total studio revenue from Florence Foster Jenkins was almost certainly substantially less than one-half of worldwide gross: $22 million.

    In other words, Florence Foster Jenkins lost a boatload of money, probably well north of $20 million. It’s hard to imagine that the people who financed this film don’t think Streep is overrated.

    • 2020 says:

      Don’t forget her 2015 steaming pile known as “Ricki and the Flash” served with a side of #nepotism co-starring her daughter.

      • Ken McKenna says:

        Streep was reportedly paid $5 million for the money losing Ricki and the Flash.

      • Ken McKenna says:

        Ricki and the Flash had a production budget of $18 million, worldwide gross of $44 million, and just $27 million domestic gross.

        By the same calculations, Ricki and the Flash must have lost many millions.

        Critics like Streep. Paying customers, apparently not so much.

  18. Steve says:

    Going for her looks because you can’t rebut her words.

  19. Russian Hacker says:

    You poor, delusional victims. Stick with acting, and stop pretending that your smart, educated, and informed.

    Your arrogant, unhinged, temper tantrums only serve to the show the entire world what a bunch of sick, pathetic degenerates you are.

    Trump doesn’t hate ‘foreigners’ and immigrants. He is married to one.

    Hillary was a clown who thought she was president. She spent more time acting ‘above it all’ rather than addressing issues and ended up losing badly!

    Your focus on 3 million votes only serves to show how uneducated and pathetic you are. The total votes of any election are seldom counted. There are close to 6 million uncounted ballots and they will never be counted, because we aren’t a direct democracy.

    Once again, sick, uneducated, pathetic, Hollywood degeneracy on display for everyone to see.

    • LeSigh says:

      My favorite part of your rant (during which you attack people as “uneducated” over and over) is that you misuse the word “your” for “you’re,” leave out words that help form a complete sentence, and add them where they needn’t be. Sorry autocorrect couldn’t help you on that one, but rant on…I’m sure the internet is the only place you feel remotely intelligent. Meryl had the balls to say what she said in front of the entire world. Glad you feel so powerful hiding behind your computer.

      • Chris says:

        lol and Trump had the balls to say what he did in front of the whole world, I don’t see the difference.

      • Russian Hacker says:

        “:you misuse the word “your” for “you’re,”

        Nice argument. Lots of substance. You’ve proven your point, not only to me, but to everyone reading this.

        Blame Apple’s Auto-correct.

      • robert colontonio says:

        your first line could apply to Trump also,but change acting to business.He is so not mentally competent to be president. He is a childish immature buffoon who acts like a petulant child.You don’t see it now,you will, but we are in deep shit.

    • Steve says:

      You care too much.

      • Russian Hacker says:

        steve you might care more if you maybe took a break from that meth pipe you’re holding.

  20. bethjanelle says:

    Meryl Streep is the very definition of substance and grace. A well deserved honor!

  21. ittyhead says:

    meryl you give me piles.

    2017 is gonna be hilarious.

  22. tony says:

    She goes high, he goes low.

    • Russian Hacker says:

      Throwing a temper tantrum on TV, intentionally lying, whining about what victims actors are, playing to a crowd of degenerates…. that’s going high for Hollywood?

      Wow, I hate to think what going low is for you sickos.

      • Wes says:

        You Trump disciples are too funny. Of course you don’t want to admit that you have been “had” by an amoral, lying, immature, narcissist with an ego the size of New York. Trump has never done anything that wasn’t good for Trump….and you expect him to change at age 70. I can see it now…his advisers want him to deal with something of great importance to the country, but he will be too busy “tweeting” to get even with the latest person who insulted him.

        And all the talk about who is intelligent and who isn’t…. Intelligent people aren’t taken in by numerous fake news stories (like the kind Trump supporters repeatedly quote) no matter how much or how little formal education they may have. Meryl Streep, the most talented actress of all time in the opinion of those who have the credentials to judge, has more class and more intelligence in her little finger than those who are trashing her here.

  23. Bill B. says:

    She is magnificent and proved it once again last night. Him, well, what is the opposite of magnificent?

  24. Ahntara Miller says:

    It’s hard to give credence to the opinion of someone who is so clearly in error. Isn’t she the most awarded, highly respected actor living? Makes me question Trump’s opinion on EVERYTHING. How did this petulant child get elected?

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