‘Dark Matter’ Canceled at Syfy After Three Seasons

DARK MATTER -- "It Doesn't Have
Courtesy Syfy

“Dark Matter” has been cancelled after three seasons at SyfyVariety has learned.

The third season finale, which aired last week, will now serve as the series finale. The series centered on an intergalactic crew who awaken on a derelict spaceship with no memories of who they are or how they got there. It starred Marc Bendavid, Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, Roger Cross, and Zoie Palmer. Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie created the series, which is based on their Dark Horse graphic novel of the same name. Prodigy Pictures produced.

Syfy declined to comment.

With the cancellation, Syfy’s scripted original lineup now consists of:  “Killjoys,” “The Expanse,” “12 Monkeys,” “Z Nation,” “Wynonna Earp,” “Van Helsing,” “Channel Zero,” and “Blood Drive.” This fall, the network will debut “Happy!” starring Chris Meloni and Patton Oswalt as well as “Superstition” with Mario van Peebles and “Ghost Wars” with Vincent D’Onofrio. They are also prepping the release of Superman prequel series “Krypton” for a 2018 launch.

Syfy is also developing a follow-up series to the cult classic movie “Tremors” with original film star Kevin Bacon, and have ordered a pilot for “Nightflyers,” based on the novella by George R.R. Martin.

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  1. Niel Gaskine says:

    Stop giving footballers all the money and give the money to bring back Dark matter instead!

  2. TD1965 says:

    And it ends in a cliff hanger… have to love these morons making TV

  3. Roger2 says:

    Maybe a feature movie like “Serenity” to close things out ? Hmmm

  4. Tim Dean says:

    Another crap decision by some crappy executive!!! This was a good series. I’m fed up of good series being cancelled without a thought for its fan base.

  5. Mark Sanders says:

    I’d rather see the idiot executive who called this shot sacked.

  6. D A Wilson says:

    Dark Matter rocked. Its not too late to recover from your error.
    Most of the stuff on SF is dumb throw away junk. Dark Matter was a keeper with a super cast.
    Try cancelling the financial staff who have no sight past the spreadsheet in front of them

  7. Evilene says:

    They kept Earp ans the dreadful blood drive and got rid of this great show. They have no clue about good shows.

  8. Greg Otjen says:

    My girlfriend and I are so angry that this show got cancelled! We loved it. Why cancel this one with all the other crap shows on that channel?
    Seems like all the good sci fi shows get cancelled. We also really liked Almost Human that only lasted one season.

  9. Thomas Schwaighofer says:

    the story should continue, We all like the characteres. The plot is very good and brings a lot of thoughts and ideas. So it’s a own universe besides Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate. It has a high quality of actors and there are still lots of questions unanswered. So we think that Dark Matter should continue or should be “taken over” by a streaming service like Netflix or Amazone prime. The producers, the Raza Crew and all people of the staff deserve more than only 3 seasons.
    I hope that Syfy will rethink their decision and not only hoping but also signing some petitions in order to give them a chance to be back in a “season 4”.

    Greez Thomas

  10. koketso says:

    Dark matter has proven itself to be above many series that syfy didnt cut yet….. Syfy should at least give us a valid reason why they are cutting dark matter in such a crucial season coz “the ratings are low ” is just not enough because we all know that its not true

  11. Neil says:

    These corporate @#cks always cancel the shows that I like, WTF!? Firefly, Stargate Universe, now Dark Matter, among several others.

  12. Jana says:

    If you want to be a part of trying to give Dark Matter a new home, join our campaign on Twitter September 8 2017 US 9 PM EST. Follow @DarkMatterFTL for further instructions. The Raza crew will be there too of course!

  13. Bryan says:

    I can’t believe they just left us hanging like this! An alien ship comes through a portal and that’s it?? Why would they cancel dark matter?? Try canceling all of the other stupid shows that they have that no one watches. They always cancel the good show. this is just like when they cancelled Star Trek. This show is really equivalent to Star Trek maybe even better. If they would do more advertising for the show and get the word out on it people would watch. I mean seriously it has a 7.5 at least on IMDb. I think 85% on Rotten tomatoes.

  14. Eric Forbes says:

    This was truly sad, i am afraid to like any show on this network. They will just cancel it.

  15. Folks, if you want to get this renewed, 1) Tweet #TeamRaza and at 2) Netflix. Also do the request title thing from Netflix. There is also a change.org petition. Also do a search for Joseph Mallozzi’s blog in wordpress. It is josephmallozzi DOT wordpress DOT com. I cant link it here, the site wont publish posts that contain links. Boo

  16. Barry says:

    Need to get this show renewed.

  17. Rubl says:

    A good show has a beginning, middle and end. You’ve given us a great beginning, interesting characters, and unique plots in the middle, but no end.This show tackled some social issues in our society, but I guess it was too complicated for your target audience. Stick with your stupid series like Wynonna Earp. Maybe Netflix will pick up Season 4 and 5 of Dark Matter.

  18. rob says:

    disgusting they start so many good shows and cancel them for no reason, yet keep the crap going or bring in new stupid shows. No thought to the loyal fans, and they wonder why they are losing fans, well whats the use your going to cancel a show just as its got very interesting and never finish it

    • Folks, if you want to get this renewed, 1) Tweet #TeamRaza and at 2) Netflix. Also do the request title thing from Netflix. There is also a change.org petition. Also do a search for Joseph Mallozzi’s blog in wordpress. It is josephmallozzi DOT wordpress DOT com. I cant link it here, the site wont publish posts that contain links. Boo

  19. Captain Morgan says:

    They cancel “Dark Matter” and keep “Wynonna Earp?”
    Wynonna Earp is supposed to be Wyatt Earp’s great granddaughter…
    Um, one problem with that… Wyatt never had any children.
    But never mind that… the geniuses at Syfy don’t care.
    They’ll keep THAT historically inaccurate and generally horrible show and trash “Dark Matter.”

  20. Edward McArdle says:

    I don’t mind if shows are stopped after several seasons, as long as they are FINISHED! The worst I can remember is something like the show where the man was killed and resurrected, hen had to go on tthe run,… and finish! And I can’t remember its name. Home and away?

  21. Buddha says:

    And this is why I stopped watching the SciFi channel several years ago. Oops, I guess it’s the SyFy channel now. How whimsical. These guys/gals are worse then Fox. Total morons. That’s it for me. I thought I would try them out again to see if anything is changed. Apparently not. No more SyFy for me. I’ve learned my lesson. Good riddance.

    If NBC wants to make some money with this channel they need to install some content programming expertise and fire the MBA grads who are running it now. They have no idea how to run this channel.

    • Folks, if you want to get this renewed, 1) Tweet #TeamRaza and at 2) Netflix. Also do the request title thing from Netflix. There is also a change.org petition. Also do a search for Joseph Mallozzi’s blog in wordpress. It is josephmallozzi DOT wordpress DOT com. I cant link it here, the site wont publish posts that contain links. Boo

  22. Brian says:

    Unbelievable. Great cliffhanger and it gets cancelled? I loved this show as I did Stargate Atlantis! They cancelled that too after 5 seasons! Up yours SYFY!

  23. Marc says:

    Lol lol I swear I thought I was alone on this shit monkey ass…. lil baby girl having visions of the future and now what?? Smdh smh

  24. That’s suprising. I like Dark Matter better than Killjoys. In fact, I’m starting to get bored with Killjoys. I like Blood Drive, as weird as it is, but can forsee getting burned out on it quickly. I liked the first season of Wynonna Earp, but it got boring after that. None of the others do much for me, although I haven’t yet tried Channel Zero. Bring back Dark Matter!

  25. This is my second comment. I will watch sci-fi again but this time I will take note of any adverts and make a point of never buying those items.

  26. Luís Reis says:

    Up yours, SyFy.. There are fans all over the world! You murder all the space series!!

    • I will never watch Syfi again. Every story has a beginning a middle and an end but not necessarily in that order. This series did not bother with an end. This is unforgivable to anyone who invested time in this series. To be left hanging in mid air. Well done syfi, you dick heads.

  27. Zé Carvalho says:

    Get Lost, SyFy.. There are fans outside your country! You kill all the real SyFy series!!

  28. Lokz says:

    What in the =(!”#=(“!=/=!/%! Those =!(“#/=!/”=/%!=%..who the (“#¤=”#)=¤%(“#)% for !”¤=(#%=(%.

  29. Ryan S says:

    Noooooooo!! F@ck you Syfy!!!

  30. androidgeo says:

    What a disappointment. (decepção sempre tiram as melhores series )

  31. Quinn says:

    Why do they always cancell the good stuff. What am I going to watch now.

  32. cazlyn7 says:

    I’m SO VERY disappointed that syfy would cancel such a fantastic show. I get so sick of the networks never EVER listening to the viewers! 😡

  33. Darkmattermatters says:

    2’s kid, 3’s robot girlfriend and the knowledge of him being responsible for her sickness, 5’s sister, Android discovering her humanity and ultimately taking the side of her crew in the upcoming Robot Wars, also meeting her creator, The Black Ships, Corporate war, Raza (possibly) ending up in the invading aliens dimension,4’s and 6’s fate. Why SyFy, why? If Killjoys get’s a 4th season, im going to do something regrettable.

  34. GAH!! Are you serious? This is Firefly all over again. I feel so betrayed….they can’t even let them do a 2 hour wrap up? Seriously?

  35. Gary says:

    SyFy was producing 3 shows with the same basic premise.
    Bad or washed up characters with a heart of gold, fighting the system.
    Mostly fighting in abandoned warehouses.
    (Why cant the future look futuristic?)
    Season one of Dark Matter was one of the greatest shows on TV.
    Season three was barely watchable, especially the first half.
    I has already decided not to watch a season four.
    I would watch a Netflix spin off as our favorite Android travels the Galaxy in search of knowledge, her own kind and yes, even love.
    I already gave up on Expanse and Killjoys.
    No plot, just comic book shootouts in those warehouses.


  36. Max says:

    Bloody hell, this is a great show, interesting characters, why cancel, what a disgrace, just typical, when something is good somebody nose must be out of place.

  37. This really sucks. There was still so much to tell and most of the plot lines and character arcs are still unresolved. We never even found out who Five’s sister is. They just ended the show in the middle. Such a shame.

  38. jonny says:

    my guess is that they did it be-Clause.
    Some star or four had a season four clause and rating trigger.
    Sci-Finance department could not afford the next ratchet up the star level.

    And in the end we all loose. Yeah we lose as well – bet we get loose.
    Networks are running a business and if the gross is not enough to cover the next range.
    Oh shit you be canceled .

  39. Luk says:

    That sucks! They cancelled one of the best sfi-fi tv series? And instead they continue The Expanse which on the other hand is one of the worst series I have seen so far? Who the hell takes such stupid decisions?

  40. Chris says:

    Wankers, great show that should have continued. With shows like Blood Drive surviving you would have to wonder what goes through these clowns heads. I for one only liked one show on SyFy si I suppose you have lost me.

  41. Jo Kubik says:

    If you want people to be invested in your shows you can’t do this!!! You have to honour those that have been loyal and at least give us a proper ending!!!!! This is NOT ok!!!!!

  42. Misiek666 says:

    Who decided about such a thing? What a moron??? DM was except Existenz one of the best show of the kind. I’m pissed on!

  43. Dark Matter was the best sci fi show in a decade, edging out Killjoys by the barest margin. Both shows deserved to keep going. If there’s a fan campaign to get the pencil pushers to reconsider, I’m in!

  44. James says:

    I loved the show. What’s wrong with them

  45. Neal Frost says:

    Wow.. Is that a bad decision…!! I am completely fed up with investing into a show, a great show like Dark Matter, to then have it cancelled half way through. . Its like someone taking a book away from you before you’ve finished it. Syfy .. Sack the idiot that made that decision. .
    And please somebody else pick this show up. ..

  46. just made account to comment says:

    farrrrrrrrrkkkkkkk you scifi

  47. Nancy F says:

    The same station that cancelled “Firefly” after one season. Are we surprised?

  48. Nancy F says:

    Dark Matter was the best original syfy had. They renewed inferior Van Helsing & & even worse Killjoys.

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