Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park Exit ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim
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UPDATED 5:02 P.M. Stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park have departed CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0.” Their characters, Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua, will not appear in the upcoming eighth season. The characters’ absence will be referenced in the season premiere.

Sources tell Variety that Park and Kim had been seeking pay equality with stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, but were unable to reach satisfactory deals with CBS Television Studios, which produces the series. CBS’s final offer to Kim and Park was believed to have been 10-15% lower than what O’Loughlin and Caan make in salary. O’Laughlin and Caan each have deals that also provide them percentage points on the show’s back end.

“I will never forget meeting Daniel while still writing the pilot and being certain there was no other actor who I’d want to play Chin Ho Kelly,” said executive producer Peter Lenkov. “Needless to say, Daniel has been an instrumental part of the success of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ over the past 7 seasons and it has personally been a privilege to know him. Grace’s presence gave ‘Hawaii Five-0’ a beauty and serenity to each episode. She was the consummate collaborator, helping build her character from day 1. They will always be ohana to us, we will miss them and we wish them both all the best.”

A CBS spokesperson said in a statement: “We are so appreciative of Daniel and Grace’s enormous talents, professional excellence and the aloha spirit they brought to each and every one of our 168 episodes. They’ve helped us build an exciting new Hawaii Five-0, and we wish them all the best and much success in their next chapters. Mahalo and a hui hou…”

Kim and Park have both been cast members on “Hawaii Five-O” alongside O’Loughlin and Caan since CBS premiered a rebooted version of the classic television cop show in 2010.

The “Hawaii Five-0” changes represent the latest in a series of cast overhauls at returning broadcast dramas. NBC’s “Taken” and ABC’s “Quantico” and “Once Upon a Time” have also parted ways with veteran cast members in the lead up to the coming season.

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  1. Sharon Breedlove says:

    Daniel Date Kim and Grace Park made Hawaii Five-O. They represented Hawaii. Is CBS stupid, they cannot be replaced. You have destroyed this show. When you grow to love characters on a show and they are unfairly replaced, you resent the new characters. Sharon

  2. Maybe Dan and Grace will get picked up by NCIS. Get rid of some of the dips on that show?

  3. Mel says:

    I’m so sad to hear about Dan and Grace’s departure. In a time when tv has been inundated with horrible reality shows and equally bad shows in general, CBS goes tampers with the chemistry of Hawaii 5-0!
    It’s so sad as in the grand scheme of things, it’s really a drop in the bucket for the network, but I understand the hierarchy of showbiz, but still it doesn’t seem fair as their characters have evolved from supporting to co-leads truly. Loyal viewers have grown with these characters from the beginning so to introduce new characters after all this time just seems sloppy at best. It was a well rounded show, action/romance/family. they have seemed to have taken romance and family off the table. (and i don’t by the connection with Dano and Grace its too force and awkward)

    I for one, loved the love story between Kono & Adam. RIP Hawaii 5-0. It’s always the gone ones that go:(

  4. Diane says:

    I agree with all the comments that Caan should go and Kim and Park should stay. They can act and he can’t. I guess I won’t be watching Five-O this season. I guess I’ll just have to watch the old Five-O on TNT.

  5. Cheryl says:

    After reading all the comments, I have to say I really like Danny. His mannerisms are just like his Dad.
    I loved James Caan in the Godfather, of course, but I love watching Danny.. His dad should make another guest appearance.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I can’t believe these two characters are leaving. The show won’t be the same.

  7. Aerin says:

    The only reason I started watching the show in the first place was that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were in the cast — two of my favorite actors (whom I knew from Lost and Battlestar Galactica). I came to appreciate O’Loughlin (who was underwhelming in the short-lived Three Rivers), but Caan I could do without. Though the show will suffer from the departure of Daniel and Grace, I feel that these two fabulous actors were terribly underused (in terms of how their characters were written), and I’m hopeful they will find vehicles that better showcase their talents. They both deserve to star in their own series.

  8. Laura Gruendemann says:

    Whow, i will really feel a loss that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park have left Hawaii 5 0. It is hard to understand about the “money” aspect, when the viewers don’t have that kind of money. I hope they did what was best for themselves. I also hope we will still see them in other shows. God bless you all.

  9. Chris says:

    I’m going to stop watching CBS. Park and Kim deserve to make salaries, maybe not as much, but at least closer to what O’Loughlin and Caan make. CBS screwed up big time. As a loyal fan, I will not be watching Hawaii Five-0 anymore.

  10. Dawn Warthman says:

    I can understand why they are a little underpaid, they are not considered the main star, but it seems like they are cutting off their noses to spite their face by quitting.. I would rather they dump Danny and keep Kim and Park. I have watched the show from the beginning and Scott Caan gets on my nerves!!!

  11. Pat says:

    I like Grace and Daniel ‘s characters more than Danny ‘s character. I have watched the original Hawaii Five-0, in the 70’s and I’ve looked forward to watching the remake. I am very disappointed and will not return as an avid viewer, shame on the tv network!

  12. Jude Pittman says:

    Not even interested in CBS’ lies. Too cheap to give them equal billing so they try and throw two more actors we’re not even interested in at us. Bye CBS

  13. Jean says:

    I always considered Grace Parks and Daniel Kim equal costars on 5 0. I doubt if there will be a season 9.

  14. mr donewithit says:

    im done with 5-0

  15. Kenneth gooswit says:

    Very stupid to let them go! They are the stars!

  16. K Dumont says:

    I love this show and ALL the actors. I find it despicable that negotiations failed for a measly 10-15% of pay. Grace and Daniel were a perfect fit to a great show. I only hope it’s not ruined.

  17. CBS you should have worked a little harder at keeping the two actors that ARE Hawaii Five 0. To let them go because of 10 percent is petty. I see no reason to watch season 8. What a shame.

  18. Justin says:

    So, the the show revolves around Steve and Danny… always has. They are the main two characters, you can’t deny that. Not taking away any importance from the rest of the cast, I loved them all for all the seasons. But you can’t, as a supporting cast member, cry that you’re not making as much as the main two in the series. It’s stupid. I think maybe the network should have negotiated a bit but ultimately they left for pay. That’s their call. I will NOT stop watching cause of that.

  19. Kathy Cameron says:

    I will miss both of them, but before I say I won’t watch anymore, I need to see their replacements and what show they are against. CBS, 10% more certainly would not have hurt to pay in order to keep the cast that makes the show a success. You may regret being so tight with the money.

  20. Emily F. says:

    Eh, I wont miss Chin or Kono. As long as Scott and Alex are in the show I will continue watching. However I wish Masi Oka would come back. The new doctor is kinda boring.

  21. Arlene Kochis says:

    With Kim and Parks leaving it will be a totally different show. We were really looking forward to the new season… but, not now. At least we have 250 other channels to watch. Didn’t realize CBS was that cheap.

  22. Orlando Tumacder says:

    won’t watch anymore.

  23. This Sad…guess I’m now Finished with 5-O :(

  24. Their greed got the better of them. They are not the stars. They are supporting characters.

  25. Shay says:

    I just found out today that Kim and Park are leaving the show. I have been watching the show for awhile and I never saw both of them as supporting cast. I saw them as main characters on the show. I presumed they were given equal pay. I do not like O’Loughlin and especially Caan they are so boring. O’Loughlin is monotone and sometimes emotionless. Caan is blah. To me Kim and Park are also lead cast on the show and they will always be. I watch the show because of of them especially Kim.

  26. Kenneth gooswit says:

    Too bad, i wonder if i will watch the show, they should have paid them what they ask!

  27. Dale May says:

    Keep the sexy Daniel Dae Kim and oust Scott Caan as he adds nothing to the show!

  28. Anne Grey says:

    Costars don’t make the same as main character I liked them both too

  29. jkskybrown says:

    I think CBS has made a huge mistake with not paying Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park an equitable salary compared to the two “main” stars. They are both a huge part of what made the show a success in the first place. To call them merely supporting players is an insult to both of them. There are very few good shows on TV in the first place, and even less for minority actors. They both deserved equal pay compared to O’Loughlin and Caan (who is absent from the show half the time anyways).

    • Nikki says:

      Agree sop as o fall in love with a show the network dummies go and mess it up. How are you going to have a 5-O task force without the natives be for real Kono was and is the S&$t she classy sassy and can kick but she’s always held her own with the boys I will miss her and Chin I can’t believe CBS did that. I need to see who’s replacing them to see if I’ll continue watching. Heck I’m still mad at NBC for canceling GRIMM!

  30. mcgwynne says:

    Only “idiots” who write a large capital letters and know nothing about what they’re talking about except their own opinion would say something like this.
    In show biz deals are made through agents to actors from producers in major networks like CBS and NBC.
    There are salary caps for supporting players.
    If an offer is rejected by the actor it’s considered a “Deal breaker”.
    That’s what happened.
    Using the race card in situations like this is counterproductive.

  31. Grace Park was the only reason I watched.

  32. LYNN says:


  33. Davis says:

    How arrogant is Peter Lenkov, lauding the ‘instrumental’ part Kim and Grace played in the series then refusing pay parity?. We should boycott all CBS programs as I’m sure this policy is across the whole company.

  34. Bill says:

    since they dropped Kim & Grace,we well drop Hawaii 50 from our list.I thank with all the money floating around you should be equal pay by now,How can you do this to them after all these years.We will miss them greatly

  35. MSP says:

    Without Grace Park, why watch? She is SOOOO HOT!!! (And I’m one of those Male Sexist Pigs.)

  36. Lowism says:

    Why not remove Danno? He’s just a nuisance in the whole series and he’s totally boring

  37. Ken Mumper says:

    Tthis move by CBS will guarantee this will be the LAST season of Hawaii Five-O!!!! SAD!!

  38. LORIE MORAWITZ says:

    I completely agree with Mr. Mark Hutchings. Grace Park and Daniel Kim deserved to receive the same salary as O’Loughlin and Caan. I will no longer watch the show either. CBS just lost another viewer. Did O’Louglin and Caan consider holding out for equal pay for their co-stars?

    • Why don’t you chip in for their salaries if you are so committed.

      • Joe scaduto says:

        Why do you have to be such an ass, honestly stop forcing your opinion on other people, these are the types of people most of us hate. The show was a great one for sure, I don’t think they are costars frankly. If you add the episode count I feel as If they are in it more than caan. I feel as cbs has made a mistake but, I don’t see how They are costars if someone can inform me that would be nice

  39. Mark Hutchings says:

    Removing Grace Park and Daniel Kim was a total mistake by CBS. They deserved equal pay as there weren’t just “two stars”…there were FOUR. I liked the show but not enough to continue watching it now. Shame on CBS for insulting Kim and Park and the viewers like myself.

  40. mcgwynne says:

    Excellent point. You should have been their agent. I suspect the budget for each episode was the problem.

  41. mcgwynne says:

    You’re both ignorant of the way Show biz works.

  42. Todd says:

    This is fucking vs, just like a movie studio to not pay actors what they are worth and RUIN a good series. Who in the HELL what this dumbass thought? Are they serious?

  43. Wallace R Williams says:

    Such a loss, you should get rid of the Danny character and keep the two. He’s so negative, he brings down the show.

  44. gwendolyn Brown says:

    I wouldnt support this show anymore, bet that!!! To hell with CBS, doing this hoe ass shit!!

  45. Brian Brown says:

    Between the both of them CBS and the ACTERS they have just destroyed a great show. All the respect in the world for the 2 ACTERS they no more about there financial than anyone so maybe it wasn’t enough. But talk it out get it fixed instead of just quitting. Thanks tho for all the wonderful years and hard work y’all have done

  46. Brian Brown says:

    This is sad this has become the best dam show own TV where NCIS used to be great they have gonna in a direction with its show that has just made it not worth watching. Now here Hawaii 5-0 hasn’t they have stuck to what works and it is just great it’s by far the best show own TV. But without this 2 not being there It want be the same I mean really over some DAM MONEY. I hate this

  47. C Robertson says:

    Won’t work!! Chin Ho and Kono were integral parts of the plot, and the series won’t survive without them. Stupid executives making stupid decisions pretty much guarantee that I won’t watch it any more past the first episode (which I will watch as a courtesy).

  48. eileen godwin says:

    if you will miss them so much give them their raise the show won.t be the same without them

  49. former fan of H50 says:

    Here is the way I look at it, if you remove all the Grace and Daniel’s scene for the past 7 seasons what do you have left … the answer would be a purely crime solving show with 2 grown men bickering all the time. In 7 years what significant personal storyline have we seen for each character? Steve dated Catherine for about a season and now his dating … oops I forgot her name cause she’s never around. And as for Danny, he moves to Hawaii for his daughter hooks-up with his ex-wife who then calls it off and then now he’s dating ummm forgot her name too. For 7 years the best and most memorable storyline for Steven and Danny are when they’re being cops and taking down the bad guys, when it comes to the personal stuff Chin and Kono take the prize. After 2 Season the main aspect of the show that brought me back for the next 5 season was the wanting to see Kono’s evolution with her now husband, Adam, or Chin’s struggle with getting back together with his wife only to have her murder and now finding love with Abby and having a niece to raise. Chin and Kono may not play an integral role in the crime fighting aspect but they do play an integral role in the show itself. Without Kono and Chin’s storyline this show would be very mono toned and would have been canceled a long time ago. All 4 character play and integral part in make the show what it is today and this is why I have always and will always look at Hawaii Five-0 as a quartet and not a duo (i.e. 4 main and not 2 main). Therefore, they should all be paid the same.

  50. Rach says:

    I am upset they are pulling the race card, they (despite what they might think) are not the main stars, why should they be paid the same as the two main stars?

    • Amber says:

      The question should be, why weren’t they the main stars? They were in the show just as much if not more (ahem Caan) than the supposed two ‘main’ leads. To say that they shouldn’t have been paid as much because they weren’t the mains…. well they should have been considered mains but they weren’t because of discrimination in hollywood and the fact that networks don’t think Asian leads can be sold to audiences. Either way there is discrimination.

    • Could not agree more and the race card no longer has any value.

    • H50 will never be the same says:

      Because Grace and Daniel for the past 7 year have been work just as hard to make the show what it is today while being severely under paid. The truth is the network took a gamble on the fact that since pilot season is over and that there are not to many roles available for an asian actor both Grace and Daniel would take the raises instead of facing a possibly long unemployment period. Salary negotiations are all about strategy and calling each others bluffs and if taking race and gender into account helps save them a couple bucks, that’s exactly what they will do (even if they deny it) it’s just good business sense. Only thing is this time the networked lost, not just the actors but most likely the show itself as rates are going to take a hit.

      Also, after being so dramatically underpaid for the past 7 years it’s only fair that they get paid equally (call the extra pay back pay if you want).

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