‘Chelsea’ Moves to Weekly Format for Season 2 on Netflix

Chelsea Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

Chelsea Handler’s Netflix series will move to a once-a-week format for season two. The comic revealed the shift Thursday in a video announcing the premiere date for the show’s second season.

In its first season, “Chelsea” aired three half-hour episodes per week. The new format will see the comic shift to an hour-long format, with new episodes appearing on the digital service on Friday nights.

Season two will premiere April 14 and run 30 weeks, just as the first season did.

“Chelsea” struggled to find its footing in its first season, with original showrunner Bill Wolff leaving just weeks into the show’s run. Variety‘s Maureen Ryan wrote in her review of the show’s early episodes, “Unless it gets sharper and funnier or begins to offer something more than a puffy celebrity hang, it’s hard to make the case that it’s a necessary addition to the talk-show scene. Handler’s longtime fans may be willing to ‘Chelsea’ and chill, but it’s difficult to see how this particular offering will expand that narrow base.”

Netflix renewed the series — its first attempt at a late-night style talk show — in July alongside scripted comedy series “Lady Dynamite” and “Real Rob.”

Watch the video with Handler below:

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  1. I love her, I love her humor and I’m disappointed that I’m only going to get one show a week. I also love that she hates Trump as much as I do. <3

  2. Sandi says:

    I think she’s great and the 1 hour format per week is too short. I love the way she speaks her mind and her comments on Trump and Trump world are hilarious!

  3. map says:

    Love the show but disappointed to learn the show has been DOWNSIZED to once a week!

  4. Jess says:

    I love her show, and can’t wait for season 2…only one show?? Boo….she rocks!!

  5. DJWendella says:

    She is hilarious, and perhaps doesn’t resonate with the angry commenters here, but she resonates with women in their 40s, and we dont have a lot out there to reference to. She really hit her stride half way thru the season (hell, even Jimmy Fallon was awkward at first….) she had quirky guests and she says what she wants and feels. Men do that all the time. I thought it was hilarious. Horses for courses!

  6. JD says:

    Chelsea should go away

  7. Bill B. says:

    Good. Talented outspoken woman, but this format did not work.

  8. Wendy Hail says:

    Chelsea hateful bully. Why would anyone watch her?

    • Suibne Geilt says:

      nobody does watch, but since cnn is floated by outside money it doesn’t matter….their ratings are horrible and have been for years…..but there they are….just like snl, nyt’s, politico….all the same, floating on somebody elses money.

      • Easy there, little Trumpette. I think you’re getting your circuits a little crossed. This “FAKE NEWS” show is on Netflix, not CNN. And everything that you listed there is actually doing VERY well this year. Just saying.

  9. Haz says:

    Netflix sadly proved what many had been saying, that she is overrated and not funny. I watched Chelsea Lately and thoroughly enjoyed it and was happy she was moving to Netflix. I dropped her show by its tenth episode. She is not funny. Sadly the other comics who wrote for Chelsea Lately as well as the ones who were on the round table is what made the show. If the show would have been retooled and a round table would have been brought back I maybe would have tried watching it again. Bottom line is: Netflix if you are smart do not extend her contract.

    • NO NO NO says:

      Chelsea is just an example of how bad Netflix is at choosing shows!

      House of Cards is terrible since season 3, Dear White People is racist and hateful, even Fuller House is anti-white (fuller’s are whiter than polar bears said the proud latina teen) and anti-Trump ‘jokes’ in the first season, and Netflix proudly proclaims putting liberal propaganda garbage in their kids shows like King Julian.

      Netflix, I may have to quit you…you SUCK!!!!!

      • lol little puppet says:

        I had a feeling I knew where your comment was going after the first sentence. You are just a sensitive snow flake that can’t handle being the butt of the joke for once, meanwhile white people have been making fun of other races to a worse extent for hundreds of years. Its not racist because nothing they put up is going to effect your day to day life, you won’t be denied a job based off of the skewed stereotypes of your race. Also before you clap back at me for being a PoC I am a white man who understands the world for what it is.

        Moral of the story leave netflix, they won’t care, they know its not their programming but your skewed and antiquated view of the world.

        Also Dear white people is a great show with a powerful message.

  10. VERY FAKE NEWS says:

    maybe if she would stop the liberal garbage more people would watch. I won’t even watch Bill Mar anymore…sick of hearing a bunch of dumb political opinions from a bunch of self-important dummies. None of them are more informed than I am or anyone else…we all read the same fake, half-fake, and misdirected media / CIA lies…

  11. Quaker says:

    Put this crap out of its misery. It’s garbage, and she’s an angry hag.

  12. Steve says:

    Yep. She hasn’t been funny for years. Pull the plug.

  13. greg marotta says:

    How long before POTUS refers to her as the “failing Chelsea Handler”?

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