Chelsea Handler Blames the Kardashians for Donald Trump’s Election

chelsea handler inauguration issue
JAKE CHESSUM for Variety

On the day after the election, Chelsea Handler was so devastated, she wanted to move to Spain. Then she came to work on her Netflix talk show in Culver City and saw the faces of her staff. The millennial women in her office hugged her and begged her not to retreat. “They all just said, ‘You’re our only outlet. You’re our mouthpiece.’ That will motivate anybody, and it motivates me,” Handler says, lounging in the living room of her house in Bel-Air with her dogs, Chunk and Tammy.

Her streaming talk show, “Chelsea,” has taken a hard stand against Trump, as Handler helped register 17,000 voters and lined up recent guests like California Sen. Barbara Boxer, Van Jones, and Jake Tapper. The comedian, who plans to lead the Women’s March at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 21, spoke with Variety about how she’ll continue to call out Trump.


michael moore inauguration issue

Michael Moore on Why Donald Trump Will Build a Wall and Ban Muslims

You just wrapped the first season of your show on Netflix. How does it feel?
It feels right. We have more of an impact being on Netflix than I would have had on another network, because we have a huge international audience. It’s nice to be able to let them know that just because this man is our president, this is not a representation of everybody in our country. It’s a representation of less than half the people.

“There’s a toddler in the White House.”
Chelsea Handler

Would you ever want to interview Donald Trump?

Why not?
Why would I? I don’t ever want to see him. I don’t ever want to interact with him, which won’t be a problem. Once he came up to me in a restaurant in L.A. to introduce himself — to tell me he’s Donald Trump. I said, “Great.”

What do you think the role of your show will be during a Trump presidency?
First and foremost, I’m a comedian. But also, we have to hold him accountable. And we have to make fun of him, just like you’d make fun of anybody who was president. Obama was boring in that sense — there was nothing to make fun of because he was so responsible and such a leader.


real time with bill maher

Bill Maher Previews How ‘Real Time’ Will Handle President Trump: ‘We’re Entering Uncharted Waters’

Do you think your show will be more serious going forward?
I think the great thing that Netflix has afforded me is to be serious when it calls for it. I’m not going to be funny on the day after the election, when I was horrified and crying all night. It was going to be a celebratory day. I walked into my office that morning, and I thought, “There’s no way I’m going to be able to do this.”

Were you surprised that you cried on air?
Yeah. The last thing you ever want to do is break down. It’s just so unprofessional. But my whole life is being unprofessional.

There’s been a lot of talk of how the media didn’t treat Hillary Clinton fairly.
Absolutely. 100 percent.

“I’m not going to be funny on the day after the election, when I was horrified and crying all night.”
Chelsea Handler

What could they have done differently?
Stop covering [Trump] so much. They were treating him as an entertainer first. It was a reality show. We’ve turned into a reality show. I blame the Kardashians, personally; the beginning of the end was the Kardashians. The way these people have blown up and don’t go away — it’s surreal. Everyone is for sale. We’re looking at a man that gets mad at Vanity Fair for reviewing his restaurant poorly. By the way, have you ever been to that restaurant? It’s the biggest piece of garbage you’ve ever walked into. That place looks like a Southwest airport lounge. It’s the worst.


rachel maddow

Rachel Maddow Is Ready to Tackle New Challenges of a Trump Presidency

The fact that there have been so many scandals on his campaign was reminiscent of a reality show.
Somebody should have put a stop to it. The idea that so many people were so wrong about the outcome is so screwed up. The fact that Russia is interfering with our election is beyond repair. How do we ever recover from that? What’s to prevent them from doing it for the rest of our lives?

Women were an important part of Clinton’s coalition. Yet Megyn Kelly was attacked when she called out Trump’s sexism.
I like Megyn Kelly. She’s a badass. There’s a toddler in the White House, and it’s not one of the children. The other thing about his children, they have absolutely no influence over him. The idea that Ivanka is going to help women, or do anything for women, is absurd, because she’s a puppet. They’re all his puppets. They’re scared s—less of him, and the fact that they’re still around him means they have never stood up to him.

PICKING UP THE PIECES: Handler speaks with California Sen. Barbara Boxer after the election.

Did you see that Trump met with Kanye West?
Kanye needs to get on his meds.

Could Trump be impeached?
I hope so. Probably. But how would they even get him out of there? He doesn’t abide by laws and rules. They’d have to physically remove him. It’s becoming clearer what a sociopath he is. I think our job as entertainers — or my job — is to reach across and figure out the people who are so disenchanted that they voted for him, and try to find some common ground.

Do you think a Trump voter could watch your show?
Yeah, I think so. As long as you’re not racist or a bigot, we can find common ground. A lot of these people don’t have time to watch the news. They are working three jobs. I get that the working class is fed up. That’s important to get. When there’s such divisiveness, it’s so ugly. Who wants to f–king fight all the time?

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  1. Nancy Miller says:

    You want our Country to change so much that it will be like another Country. The problem is you and the other liberal base do not understand that all these illegals come here and try to make the U.S.A. to be just like what they left. Our democracy would change to include bombs going off on a regular basis. I along with the majority want a safe US. for our grand children and that is why Trump won. Chelsea you are an unpatriotic comedian that does not have any depth about the consequences of liberal ideas years later, this would not even be anything like the Country we grew up in if you and the left had your way. Shame on you, you need to stick to being a comedian and your Obama that you adore was a horrible arrogant back stabbing narcissist excuse for a President. Obama spent more time and tax dollars taking vacations and planning golf games than serving the people. Obama could not and would not even place a call to get an American soldier out of a Mexican prison because he made a wrong turn on their poorly marked highway, if that soldier was a Muslim he would have placed that call. I and everyone I know will never watch you or your lying unpatriotic actor friends. Go live in one of those places you want the U.S. to be like, good riddance.

  2. lola flores says:

    Chelsea, the only way Melenia would grant you an interview would be if Hillary have won the 2016 presidential, dream on …………

  3. Virginia Clarkson says:

    Chelsea how many languages do you speak? Oh I know, the only language you know starts with FU…If you had the brains of a gnat you would realize how stupid you sound.

  4. Ben says:

    Chelsea The Cry-Baby again…I never thought that Chelsea was a bright woman, but she’s OBVIOUSLY not very intelligent, right? This ridiculous interview shows again how out of touch with reality the people in Hollywood really are. To insult Trump with stupid remarks will not give your cause more credibility. People care about JOBS, not about the Kardashians, the Handlers, the De Niros & other celebrities. YOU ARE ONLY ENTERTAINERS & STOP BELIEVING YOU HAVE ANY INFLUENCE ON POLITICS. Chelsea Handler is not nearly as important as she thinks she is. Nobody really cares about her pseudo activism, but she needs to sell her show somehow to her dems target audience as ‘relevant’, I guess.

    • Ben says:

      Chelsea Handler: “Obama…he was so responsible and such a leader.” So, this is the reason why he couldn’t make ObamaCare work, couldn’t create long-term jobs for ordinary Americans, allowed NSA spying totally get out of control, treat whistleblowers like criminals & kill more people by drones than any president before. When will people start to use their brains? Obama is one of the worst Presidents the US ever had. People only liked him because they liked the idea, that they had elected a black President. But skin color is no competence, liberals.

      • Adam Black says:

        Are you sure about that? Actual numbers and statistics taken from the State Department, IRS and the Stock Market say otherwise. You also forget that the Republicans did everything humanely possible to veto everything Obama did. Hopefully this translates correctly.

        2009 TODAY
        6,626 THE DOW 17,481
        683 S&P 500 2040
        10% UNEMPLOYMENT 4.9%
        18% UNINSURED ADULTS 11.8%
        10.4m AMERICAN CARS SOLD 17.5m
        9.8% DEFICIT % OF GDP 2.8%
        37.7 CONSUMER CONFIDENCE 92.92

      • Adam Black says:

        Pro Hillary and Anti Trump? No. The media did it’s job. The reported on what he said, played what he said, they didn’t make anything. I witnessed him saying almost all of the horrible things he actually did say. That’s the media’s job. He’s afraid of the media because they are going to expose him for who he is. He loves the free press, but he doesn’t want the baggage that comes with it. It doesn’t work that way.

        You’re also wrong about the media treating Clinton fairly. She was roasted daily over her emails, questions over her ability to handle sensitive data, a highly inappropriate investigation by Comrey just days before the election. They also did plenty of reports about how unpopular she was.

        Really, you have to get over this conspiracy theory. It would be one thing if the alternative sources of journalism actually were credible, but they aren’t. Sorry if Briebart, Info Wars, RT, Alex Jones and Fox are all that the ‘Right’ side has to offer, i’ll be sticking with CNN or PBS.

        Fox is solid in their reporting, horrible in their execution. They really don’t make any attempt to hide their love for all things not LIberal. The other sites I mentioned are full of racists, lunatics, people that talk like they were educated in a hut underneath a nuclear reactor.

        The media doesn’t have to be ‘fair’ to anyone. The President of the United States is the most powerful person in the world, the scrutiny and press is par with the job.

      • Ben says:

        “Q: There’s been a lot of talk of how the media didn’t treat Hillary Clinton fairly. Chelsea Handler: Absolutely. 100 percent.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??? The mainstream media was nearly 100% pro-Hillary and anti-Trump. Everybody with a working brain and eyes could see that. It was the strongest media bias you can imagine, but people still didn’t like Hillary. They understood that it was simply media manipulation by Hillary’s influential mogul friends. It’s nuts to claim now, that the media was against Hillary….this is a total distortion of reality. Check your head, Chelsea ;-)

  5. Registered democrat says:

    Rooting against your president is like being on an airplane and rooting against the pilot. if he goes down you all go down. We should all support our president and absolutely hold him fully accountable on all issues but please stop whining and saying he’s not legitimate. That questions our democracy and our constitution. He won because he better communicated to the industrial states that are hurting, plain and simple. He is our president and the more you tear him, the more support he gets. Lets all join together and try to find common ground to help this great nation be greater for all Americans. Our constitution provides equal rights for everyone and not even the president can change that. Keep the faith and be positive and stop this negativity. Its counter productive.

    • Adam Black says:

      Pro Hillary and Anti Trump? No. The media did it’s job. The reported on what he said, played what he said, they didn’t make anything. I witnessed him saying almost all of the horrible things he actually did say. That’s the media’s job. He’s afraid of the media because they are going to expose him for who he is. He loves the free press, but he doesn’t want the baggage that comes with it. It doesn’t work that way.

      You’re also wrong about the media treating Clinton fairly. She was roasted daily over her emails, questions over her ability to handle sensitive data, a highly inappropriate investigation by Comrey just days before the election. They also did plenty of reports about how unpopular she was.

      Really, you have to get over this conspiracy theory. It would be one thing if the alternative sources of journalism actually were credible, but they aren’t. Sorry if Briebart, Info Wars, RT, Alex Jones and Fox are all that the ‘Right’ side has to offer, i’ll be sticking with CNN or PBS.

      Fox is solid in their reporting, horrible in their execution. They really don’t make any attempt to hide their love for all things not LIberal. The other sites I mentioned are full of racists, lunatics, people that talk like they were educated in a hut underneath a nuclear reactor.

      The media doesn’t have to be ‘fair’ to anyone. The President of the United States is the most powerful person in the world, the scrutiny and press is par with the job.

  6. Dee says:

    Chelsea…you are great. Please speak your mind as we are listening in Canada.

  7. Eugene says:

    Chelsea disrespecting the American Flag is a disgrace. Too many patriotic young people have died protecting the ideals for which the American flag stands for. You are entitled to your political views but that does not give you the right to disrespect the American Flag, and our democratic process which our country was founded. Shame on you!!!

  8. sadierose10 says:

    Chelsea, I noticed your still here. I can help you pack if that’s what holding up your move abroad.

  9. Jean says:

    Chelsea handler is a disgrace. How dare she disrespect the American flag. She said she would leave the country if Donald Trump was elected. Well, what are you waiting for Chelsea? If you are so devastated go live in another country. You showed such disrespect for our president elect. And our democratic process. Donald Trump was chosen by millions of Americans who happen to think that he will do a lot better job than Hillary Clinton. Crying all night? Get a life.. do you live in the same world we do? Because you would realize how dishonest Hillary is. Did you forget Benghazi.?

  10. amy says:

    “The fact that there have been so many scandals on his campaign was reminiscent of a reality show.” This was the most disgusting question in this interview. It blew my mind, I almost had a stroke. What is the psychological term for when you blame the opposition for the very thing that you do? Projection? No, not exactly in this situation. Douchebaggery, assholery, etc… not sure which one it is. Scandal is Hillary’s middle name and it has riddled her whole political career… Benghazi coverup, Clinton foundation money laundering, ripping off Haiti, taking personal gifts of millions of dollars from arab countries that execute women for being raped and gays for just existing, Travelgate, Chinagate, Pardongate, Whitewater, Vince Foster, Seth Rich, Sean Lucas, John Ash, Monsanto, Jeffry Epstein…. it goes on and on.
    That compared to a conversation about pussy-grabbing and not yet revealing taxes… yet celebrities despise him. They are all brainwashed followers.

  11. 1776robert says:

    Most of my associates and I would feel even more horrified than these “Celebrity” types if Hillary Clinton had been elected. That is because we truly understand world history and the place our country has in it thanks to our amazing constitution and our founding fathers and the many that have sacrificed so much for us. We know her election would have put us on a downward spiral to lose our freedoms and prosperity because that is the inevitable result of ever growing “progressive” government. However bad we felt about Obama’s election we didn’t go to the extent of so many that we see trying to delegitimize the election and cause chaos and disruption. The reason the Democrats lost is they put up the worst candidate for president since Aaron Burr–plain and simple. Donald Trump was certainly not our first choice (or second or third, etc.) but any of the other candidates would have been better than Hillary. On Inauguration day we will be absolutely thrilled that Hillary Clinton is NOT being inaugurated. At least with Donald Trump we will get Supreme Court Justices that will uphold what our constitution says not what they personally think is right and socially just. We have a well established and effective way of changing the laws and the constitution. Having judges, who are not elected, decide for the rest of us is not the way. And we will finally protect our borders like any and all countries do.

    And I can’t resist adding a postscript or two. Anyone who suspects I am racist, misogynistic or xenophobic doesn’t know me–I am the opposite but won’t take the time to elaborate. And it is obvious that Handler is a comedian (although I had never heard of her before) when she said the news media were unfair to Hillary Clinton. Anyone with an IQ above 65 can see the blatant liberal bias of the media in general. But she lost even with the media, the president and his entire administration, the rigging of the Democrat Party, and a multitude of “famous and wonderful” celebrities all doing everything they could to elect her. What does that tell you? We the people spoke–pure and simple. Accept it and let’s all work together to make our country better. Isn’t that what we ALL want?

  12. Gary says:

    Although I don’t know Chelsea personally I have always liked her and feel bad for all the hateful replys to this story. The anger about economic injustice in this country must be channeled constructively. It was very dangerous electing Trump. Hopefully some good will come of it but the German support of Hitler was fueled by the same intense anger as a result of economic failure, although much worse than our Great Recession. All of you so angry have a responsibility as Americans to treat your fellow citizens with empathy and hold Trump accountable. The United States is a great experiment in self government because it was based on the principal of egalitarianism and equality for all it’s people rather than dictatorship. Let us all rise to our higher selves and make this country as great as it can be.

  13. -“And we have to make fun of him(Trump), just like you’d make fun of anyone who was president”. Except Obama. Because she wouldn’t dare.
    -The media didn’t treat Hillary Clinton fairly. “Absolutely. 100 percent”. Because they kept promoting her and saying she would win? And Donald Trump was treated fairly?
    -“Kanye needs to get on his meds”. Because he broke rank and spoke to Trump? He was actually put in a mental hospital because he defended Trump at his concert. Sad.
    -“Russia is interfering with our election”. Hahaha. Whoever gave info to Wikileaks should get a medal. (And it’s NOT Russia) Doing the job the media won’t. We got to see the real Hillary and corrupt DNC -who really interfered with the election by stealing the nomination from Bernie! & Infiltrating Trump rallies causing violence and trying to blame it on him.
    Chelsea is a late night skank. Please go to Spain. I don’t which is worse- the questions or the responses. No info here, a major hit piece. And stop disrespecting the flag!

  14. Frank Russell says:

    Bruce Springsteen was left in the 20th century where he belongs. He’s an irrelevant performer in today’s music scene. The guy your grandparents are so excited to go see. He’s only getting press because the liberal left can point to him as a “star” who dissents on supporting Trump.

    Another good example is Chelsea Handler, she’s not had this much press since her “sex tape” scandal. The cover of Variety magazine shows a group, that includes Handler, disrespecting the American flag. Each of these “stars” also struggle for press and media attention, so that’s a problem easily resolved now with a little anti-America, anti-Trump open hate. Seriously, where is that mythical party of “inclusion?” Seems they want it their way or the highway, much like the Women’s March which is now throwing out groups that don’t fit their agenda politically.

    The “progressives” are having a collective tantrum after losing the White House, Senate, House and most likely the Supreme Court as well. It’s quite interesting to watch their behavior because whether they realize it or not, they are trashing their own party publicly! Americans are more engaged and attentive to politics, they don’t just take the bumper stickers as Gospel anymore. And what these far left liberals are doing, so openly and publicly, will come back to further haunt the DNC and its party in the next election cycles.

    The arrogance combined with the ignorance being paraded by these pseudo-intellectuals is cringe-worthy to watch, I suspect at some point the DNC will get its act together, they’ll “sober up” their constituents and then begin the process of cleaning up and running damage control. But leadership should realize that the longer they allow these fits, to get it out of their system, the longer it will take to make the repairs needed to right the ship! Not to mention that none of this is helping Barack Obama’s “legacy.” It’s truly shameful to watch as I am sure this is not how Obama nor his surrogates wished to be remembered historically.

    God Bless America.

  15. Chelsea and the other Hollywood celebrities should be able to override the vote of the Electoral College. Hollywood is really smart and know what is best for the working family.

    • amy says:

      Yeah Charlie, that’s true. I don’t know what we would do without them. I’m not sure I could wake up in the morning without that twinge reminder of being a nobody because chelsea, and merryl, and amy schumer, and lena dunham… told me that my opinion doesn’t matter.

  16. IDoubtIt says:

    Hey Hollywood..we’re all feeling your pain, and we’re loving it!!!
    Best election ever!!!!

  17. Mike DeLuca says:

    Go shed another tear Handler,your so far out of touch with the common people it’s pathetic.Obama has put us in more debt than all the previous presidents combined,you idiot.Just a shame you didn’t leave the country,is there still a chance.Nobody cares about you or your Hollywood croonies opinions.Thank God I don’t have Netflix

  18. KP says:

    Are you people for real? My country is in crisis from the last administration and most Hollywood types think he did a great job. From the Right Take, Mark Tapson.: “In George Orwell’s novel 1984, Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth, which is responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism.” We don’t need you Hollywood types, you need us; grow up…

  19. Jay says:

    Watching Liberal Minds Explode….. anyone wanna buy this screen play cuz its going viral!

  20. Robin says:

    You Trump minions can’t be serious with the whole “Celebrity opinions don’t matter” right????? Incase you forgot, that idiot you voted for is actually “a fucking celebrity”….. an idiotic one at that….. Famous people are American citizens who vote, to deny their opinions is simply moronic. Oh wait, now it makes sense…. if you voted for Trump, you are moronic….. Fuck Trump and his moronic minions :)

  21. Bartleby says:

    You had me at “My whole life is being unprofessional”.

    Chelsea! You got some Spainin’ to do!

  22. I’d have voted for Chelsea Handler before Trump! At least she’s honest. Tells it for real.

  23. pass says:

    My dear Chelsea, the true cause for our beloved Hillary’s loss was that the inner core temperaature of the moon fell 1.5 degrees on election daay…!

  24. Jim Bean says:

    I think we know who the toddler is….Chelsea..

  25. Dexter Fowler says:

    Wow so I guess vanity fair has to censor how we talk about Chelsea handler. Because she can dish it out to others but can’t take it. So here’s goes a sanitized version. Chelsea is as funny as she is attractive and that is negative 10. She is part of the problem and the solution to nothing. She had the kardashians on her show plenty of times so for her to turn around and slam them now is highly hypocritical,but not surprising. Anyone who listens to this unfunny person about politics is about as smart as she is.

  26. gabe says:

    the kardasheians ruin everything

  27. Boss says:

    How can Trump be a fascist when fascism derives from large government SOCIALISM? The Socialist Hitler planned a 4th Reich One World Socialist Government ironically similar to today’s totalitarian socialist progressives banker fueled agenda…. I ASK Everyone!!! Who do the people vote for at the UN, EU,IMF, etc?… So… it is the Progressive Left that are actually the fascist tools in 2017…. Here is why…

    Today’s Left-Wing progressives and neo-cons are unwitting fascist tools… A classic liberal or libertarian (like our Founding Fathers or the honorable MLK) believed in equality, freedom of speech, limited government, a free market, liberty and sound Austrian economics. Progressives today believe in socialism, powerful government, censorship, massive debt via Keynesian economics and bureaucracies full of unelected leaders like the EU, UN, IMF, WTO, etc…

    Socialism almost always leads to either fascism or communism. When Google visits Obama at the White House over 450 times, one must remember that Fascism is the melding of socialism with corporations (known as Corporatism). The Godfather of fascism (Benito Mussolini) specifically spoke of this combination! And Hitler perfected it…

    In truth, the N@zis were also socialist… N@zi means “National Socialist”!!! Officially, they were the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP); National Socialist German Workers Party.

    How ironic that the socialist EU (like the UN, Fed Reserve, IMF, FEC, FCC, etc…) has no democratically elected leaders…. The EU is nothing more than a banker conceived fascist police state… And progressives love the totalitarian bureaucracies like the EU, UN, and our looming One World government (NWO)… Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of today’s progressive liberal media and culture that dominates the Western World!!!

    Understand… Our current financial issues and wealth inequality isn’t caused by a failure of free market capitalism, it’s caused by catastrophic Leftist Keynesian central bank policies that have instituted fractional banking with massive debt, nation building and war for fossil fuels, quantitative easing and job killing free trade.

    But by blaming capitalism, leftists (socialist) who warn about wealth inequality are playing right into the elite’s hands – because their solution is going to be more power in the hands of the state and central banks, the very same people and policies which caused the problem in the first place.

    • Chris says:

      Hitler and Mussolini were socialist??? This phony attempt by the Right to associate Nazism with the Left without any factual or academic basis is not going to work.

      • Misty says:

        Boss – I agree, but as is noted above, you can’t give leftist any facts, they must have a switch or something in their brains that clicks off as soon as any truth starts to enter their brains. It’s a bit scary when you really think about it.

      • mcgwynne says:

        There were no “Socialists” in that benighted era. They were calling themselves Communists in Russia and Fascists in Germany, Spain and Italy. Capitalism was the enemy. Only the innocent were slaughtered. The ill educated and unknowing millenials, indoctrinated by the Left for the last fifty or more years in schools universities around the country are now not much more than what Stalin referred to as, “Useful idiots” marching lock-step to the orders of the once freedom-loving Democratic Party! The Media as whore played entertainment role to the music created by politicians and no-talent “stars.”

  28. Sandy says:

    Just a note to Hollywood. The flag is supposed to never purposely touch the ground. They teach that in grade school out here in flyover country.

  29. BigBalls says:

    no one with taste thinks Chelsea Handler is talented or should have a voice in the public arena. why should does is a mystery as old as sphinx.

  30. Aaron says:

    “There is only one kind of freedom and that’s individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it.”
    ―Ron Paul

  31. Roz Johnson says:

    ..Everything Trump touches turns to gold, everything the Dems touched for the past 8 years turned to p##.

  32. Roz Johnson says:

    Unfortunately Chelsea Handler will NEVER EVER be a Kim K. Let the anger go.

  33. Paul says:

    The irony here of course being that the vast majority of people who pay any attention to the Kardashians are people who likely voted for Hillary… Chelsea is even more out of touch than most liberal elites…

  34. William Bedloe says:

    Her employees begged her to stay. They wanted to stay employed, but this nitwit thought they wanted her because she was “their voice” lol
    This is typical of the Obama years – liberal elites don’t like being challenged – if you do, they will throw a temper tantrum

  35. Tommy says:

    Now the Hollywood crowd wants to wrap themselves in the flag instead of burning it. How convenient!

  36. Greg says:

    So let’s see…
    Your Hollyweird activism not only failed to elect Hillary Clinton, but actually backfired, and turned off more of the electorate than it inspired.
    So you went on television, and cried like a toddler because you and your fellow bubble-babies didn’t get what you wanted, and then you all (utterly predictably) reneged on your commitment to leave the country.
    Now you’re showing up on the cover of VF, dragging an American flag on the floor, an obvious violation of the flag code -and promising to double down on your activism? Since you’re apparently cognitively challenged, allow me to explain to you as I would a 3 year old – you are despised by a huge percentage of the electorate. Your value is in entertaining people, some people, and that’s all. A huge percentage of the electorate doesn’t watch your shows, and most of those who do aren’t particularly swayed by your politics. Why you would think that your profession grants your political views any more credence or weight than those held by working class people, is a complete mystery. KNOW YOUR ROLE. You are a court jester, a minstrel, a distraction. You are not held in intellectual esteem by the vast majority of Americans. There is no correlation between comedy, and knowing what’s best for the country. Stop talking down to Americans, stop telling us what to think. By and large, we DON’T CARE what you think. We don’t regard you as leaders, nor as experts, nor as role models. Many of us hold you in contempt. Pick up your phone and call Zoe Saldana…she seems to have figured some things out that you haven’t begun to grasp.

  37. SuckItLib says:

    The only toddlers in this equation are the ones throwing temper tantrums in Hollywood, San Francisco and New York.

  38. says:

    Wait, there WAS a toddler in the white house. Now there is an adult.

  39. Lib Serum says:

    Chelsea Simpleton declares moon beams cause Trump victory. Variety believes readers need to know.
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  40. Celebrities are stupid and insulated from the realities of life.
    Cry more.

    p.s.– There is a pedophile problem in Hollywood. I suspect much of their derangement is fear that TRUMP will expose it.

  41. Carl Lott says:

    I agree with Chelsea, Trump is sacrificing a great deal to help restore the country, in both time and money. His opponent, the poor loser, made her fortune off selling government influence and now that she lost is closing down her fake charity. Which is weird because now Hillary has all the time in the world to run an actual charity but is shutting it down instead.

    Remember, the special interests were all behind Hillary with her historic and unprecedented campaign spending. And now they get nothing for their “investment”. According to the Hollywood and the orchestrated media, GOP presidents are failures before they’re sworn in, and Democrats are successes after eight years of failure.

    Lena DumbHam, where are U?

  42. Kellygreen says:

    Like a true liberal, speak and ask questions later … she said she would leave if Trump won, but then, after her employees begged her to stay, she decided to. Isn’t that just like a Hollywood mind … never thinking before she spoke … think of all the stress she caused those that work for her, thinking she might pack up and leave and they’d be out of a job. To real working Americans that’s a big deal! To a Hollywood millionaire, just playing the game for popularity. It’s why Hollywood is disliked so much. learn to think before you speak … hell, learn to think!

  43. I agree, Chelsea. “Get to work”, as a comedian. Leave politics to people who have a clue.

  44. First – Trump had more white women vote for him than Clinton did. 2nd, Trump was not under an FBI investigation. It was Clinton who called 1/2 of America Deplorable and Irredeemable.Irredeemable!!!!!! Lastly, entertainers are paid to entertain us. Their political opinion does not matter as they are not a thought leader in anyway. So, do me a favor and entertain me and stop boring me.

  45. Vinny says:

    Uh, wasn’t she saying something about having to stand up for your ideals? THEN WHY IS SHE STILL HERE?

  46. tim west says:

    Weren’t you moving?

  47. Robert Pucciarelli says:

    Women were an important part of Clinton’s coalition? Are you including the ones her husband raped and sodomized and then she dutifully helped destroy? Next we’ll hear how gays/lesbians were important to her, except the ones that were being thrown off the roof in the middle east by the same countries that gave her millions of “donations”. (Funny how the Clinton foundation is already closing up shop) And for the life of me how idiots like Chelsea Handler simply dismiss the addition of 10 trillion dollars in debt, real unemployment of around 12%, “healthcare” that due its high premiums and deductibles can’t be used, and the policy of letting anyone who wants to come into this country simply come in, straining an already stretched healthcare and education system to the brink. I guess when you are rich these little things don’t matter, for the rest of us you idiot its day to day life.

  48. Tymtrvlr says:

    Lucky for us, the toddler will be gone by the end of this week, and he is taking his dog with him. The adults have taken over, the inmates are just about rounded up and put back in their straight jackets.

  49. phxfreddyii says:

    What is she some sort of collective village idiot mummy?

    Not a single word for 8 years as Obama violates the constitution. Now w/ Trump not even in office nothing but complaints.

    Do you see why we don’t like you?

  50. Sparafucile says:

    “we have to hold him accountable”

    This, right after Chelsea emphatically pronounced she’d never want to interview him.

    How special. She want’s the solution delivered to her, and refuses to participate in the process (despite her having a forum to do so). Just like Leo jetting all over the planet to tell us all to reduce our “carbon footprints”.

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