Charles Payne Will Return to Fox Business Following Sexual Harassment Investigation

Charles Payne Suspended Sexual Harrassment
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Fox Business Network host Charles Payne will return to his early-evening perch at the outlet following an investigation into claims of sexual harassment, the network confirmed Friday.

The latest development in a series of personnel issues that have plagued the Fox News operations owned by 21st Century Fox was previously reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Payne is expected to return to hosting the program “Making Money” this evening, the network said in a statement.


NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 17: Fox Host Eric Bolling sits on the panel of Fox News Channel's "The Five" as pundit Bob Beckel rejoins the show at FOX Studios on January 17, 2017 in New York City. Ê (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Fox News Will Part Ways With Eric Bolling After Harassment Investigation

Payne was suspended in June after a female political analyst who had made regular appearances on Fox News and CNN contacted the law firm of Paul Weiss, which has been working for Fox for several months, and alleged she was banned from Fox after ending an extramarital affair she had with the anchor in 2015. The analyst alleged her Fox appearances were reduced after she terminated the relationship.

At the time, Payne denied the allegations and said he would fight to clear his name.

Both Payne and Fox News host Eric Bolling had been under suspension in recent weeks. The staus of a probe into harassment allegations levied against Bolling could not be immediately learned. Bolling has denied the accusations.

21st Century Fox remains under scrutiny as it strives to acquire the remaining shares in European broadcaster Sky PLC that it does not own and its bid is examined by British government regulators. Proving that the company has taken steps to improve a working culture that had been rife with claims of harassment wouid serve to curtail criticism as its effort to buy Sky progresses. In recent months, the parent company has parted ways with former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, primetime host Bill O’Reilly and Fox Sports programming chief Jamie Horowitz, all of whom had been accused of sexual harassment. All three men denied the charges or aspects of them.

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  1. Cheryl Burns says:

    Welcome back Charles. I have watched making money since you left. Just caught it today and saw you are back.

  2. Joseph Grogan says:

    Bring Eric Back!

  3. Please, more Kanye and Kim news!! And of their adorable baby.

    Steve Whatley

  4. Ed Krumbah says:

    It appears that when you are the top newscaster in the ratings, if you can’t beat them with the news accurately, then you go after the hosts or anchors. It certainly appears to me that these “women” have came out of nowhere to levy these accusations. If it turns out that Eric’s son did commit suicide over his father’s termination and then it is found out that these charges are nothing but lies, I think that those who perpetrated this bull needs to be charged with manslaughter. If my memory serves me correctly, thats what happened to a young lady who coaxed her “boyfriend” into suicide. These people who want to burn down FOX had better think twice about what they are doing. O’Reilly, and attempt on Hannity, Charles Payne, Bolling. Who is next? Dana Perino? Its very peculiar that these “things” come to light just when the accused is shedding some serious light on the hard left loons and their criminal activities.

  5. Hayden says:

    Is it me or are male Fox News commentators getting these charges lodged on them I maybe crazy but ithink that there Is women are being used to assasinate their character you should be thrown in jail and sued for everything you own for making these false charges

  6. Regina Moore says:

    Missed you Charles. Glad you’re back!

  7. Bill Leggieri says:

    Funny that harassment is such a huge issue for News Broadcasters but NOT for Presidents! Where was all this concern during the Clinton days?

  8. Val says:

    FOX News as it appears is the nest of sexual maniacs not deserving to access to microphone! Very funny! It proves that “sexual harassment” allegations is sure way to get rid of ” center to right ” commentators who definitely much more talented than female accusers. Keep doing it, Channel! Next stage should be accusations with lesbianism and bi-sexuality !

  9. Jeffrey Schmitt says:

    Welcome back Charles! Loved your show and super to see it coming back.

  10. theotherhanddude says:

    Glad to see Payne returning to the fold. He had a lot to offer fox business and didn’t want to see him go.

  11. We missed you Charles. Let them try to tempt you with their false boobs, eyes, butts, hair, intelligence and say, ‘How do you like me now??”

  12. wow…so weak….she uses the guy to get ahead in her career, and then, then when she cant stand the heat anymore, yells out sexual harassment?

    this is why women have the stigma they have now days, they are like snakes and will attack anyone, in a heartbeat, just to be a b****h
    no wonder why men are turning gay, look at the quality of women now…

  13. Josh says:

    Very articulate opening paragraph…SMH

  14. Jim in Bishop, CA. says:

    Ya can’t keep a good man down. Welcome back Charles its good to see you again.

  15. Roger says:

    Welcome back, Charles! I enjoy your insight and am ready to settle back in to watching your very informative business telecasts!

  16. Charles is the best on both Fox and FBN.

  17. Lisa says:

    So glad you’re back on FBN!

  18. Charles Ingraham says:

    Welcome back Charles.

    You are a champion for all of us little guys who fought to climb out of the jungle and worked hard to get a touch of the American dream. This 82 year old veteran is proud, thankful and happy for your return.

    God speed

  19. Marilyn Timmer says:

    Welcome back Charles great to have you back at Fox and on your program again missed you. Always enjoy listen to you, B est of luck .

  20. donika says:

    Charles, I am so happy to see you back and enjoy listening every evening
    Best wishes from an Albanian American grandmother

  21. larry eaton says:

    yea really like Charles payne glad hes back on fox business

  22. pickles says:

    Payne over Bolling. Both are fantastic both should be on tv. Both were alleged with sexual harassment but only one gets hired back. Liberal Murdoch brothers keeps the token black guy. Sorry but that’s what it’s about.

  23. MmeMoxie says:

    I am so glad that Charles is back!!! I have missed him and his insights. I can’t wait until Eric Bolling is back. Both of these men have good reporting skills and insightful minds about the issues at hand. This is what is needed at Fox News and ALL of the other news outlets!!!

    All of these allegations against most of the conservative Fox Hosts has to stop! First of all – These sexual suits harm the men involved reputations and job security. Secondly – Fox News is trying to purchase Sky News, which Fox has been using their videos, opinions and have acquired some of their previous reporters and hosts. Right now, the UK is very leery of this purchase and they say it is because of all the sexual harassment suits! I wonder who is getting all of these women to come forth with these accusations, probably paying them, to stop the sale???!!! In today’s business world – Nothing is sacred anymore!

    • The Truth says:

      Bolling will not be back because the internal investigation into the allegations against him did not support his denials. Conversely, Payne’s return demonstrates that the investigation process is not a kangaroo court.

      Those who sexually harrass colleagues in the workplace deserve damage to their “reputations and job security.” Those who are cleared deserve acknowledgement of their innocence.

  24. lulu says:

    That woman is a nut job. What a pile of crap that she says that she was forced to have an extramarital relationship with a married man so that she could appear on TV…What does that make her? No one was forcing her to have to be on TV. Anytime she was on I “muted” her because there was not one thing that she was going to say that was insightful or worthwhile. She is a BIMBO. I am a female attorney who used to be involved in sexual harassment cases. She is pathetic.

  25. cowgirldiva says:

    If I were Charles Payne, I would sue the dirty, judgemental tighty-whities off those hypocrites at FOX NEWS and NEVER go back…!!

    • Kaboom! says:

      Better to sue all the other “news” sites that defamed him with “guilty until proven innocent” like CNN, MSNBC, Huffpo, etc.

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