Caitlyn Jenner Scheduled for Tucker Carlson’s First Episode in Bill O’Reilly’s Old Fox News Time Period

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner will be interviewed by Tucker Carlson Monday, the Fox News host’s first night in Bill O’Reilly’s old timeslot.

Jenner will appear on the 8 p.m. ET telecast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” The Olympian and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star will discuss President Donald Trump and the current divide in American politics.

Fox News on Wednesday announced that Carlson would move from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m., taking over the primetime lead-off spot from “The O’Reilly Factor.” The network officially parted ways with O’Reilly this week amid a sexual harassment controversy.

O’Reilly had been critical of Jenner after the Olympic gold medalist, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, came out as as a transgender woman in 2015. “Pardon me for this, but from the waist down, he is a ‘he,’” O’Reilly said on his Fox News show at the time — claiming that Jenner would not be a woman without having gender reassignment surgery.

Jenner, who underwent reassignment surgery in January, has been making the media rounds recently to promote her new book, “The Secrets of My Life,” released Wednesday by Grand Central Publishing. She will appear Friday on ABC’s “20/20” in an interview with Diane Sawyer, who conducted the first major television interview with Jenner after the athlete’s coming out in 2015.

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  1. gary b vogt says:

    I think it is disgusting to promote the mental illness of Jenner. I refuse to watch such filth. Your ratings mean more to you than anything else. Not a good sign for the future of America

  2. cathy says:

    OMG What are u thinking. There are so many things going on in this country . I’m so disgusted with most of u . I thought u were for the people.No excuses please.

  3. jack ringenberg jr says:

    tucker i am a long time veiwer of your show. i will not be watching your show are giving air time to somone who threatend our president. it should be in jail not on your show.

  4. I knew fox would go into the crapper once O’Reily left, just didn’t think it would be this quick, freaks on Tucker? You obviously forgot your core audience.

  5. waldo trout says:

    WHY ?!?!?


  7. Lucky I cancel my Cable. I could walk next door to my neighbor and watch it. It would be too far for me to walk for this circus. Tucker you are one a^%$h*&^%. Sincerely a previous supporter of Tucker.

  8. There was a time we were never sure about Tucker. Well , this stayed forgotten until now. Why would he invite Jenner or is that the network who makes the rules who to invite. I would have told them no. But the job is more important to keep. So what makes him different from these women who stayed for years taking insults . ?

  9. I can’t believe Tucker used him for the first of his new time . What a stupid decision. Glad I cancel cable..

  10. Carolyn Mass says:

    Whew now I know I made the right decision to boycott fox news.

  11. B hart says:

    No thanks….done with Fox

  12. Su says:

    My opinion is that he should take his money and stay away from the
    k clan. They are dangerous. On their k shows they sound violent behind the scenes. Why are the women all so brain washed and materialistic. The only reason for the kind of excess they are obsessed with is that they are extremely unhappy people.
    The only hope here is for kendal as her income depends on her modeling,
    for Bruce/ to never talk to any of the
    k clan ever again and stay close to his sons and previous mates/kids.

    • Toni says:

      That’s why they have tried to whitewash themselves and remove all the ethnicity that was obvious in their original appearance generated from their
      world famous father, that they have seemed to totally disgrace with this public self-obsession and self gratification.

  13. Jenner sounds like a man and looks like a man dressed up as a woman

  14. Theresa thompson says:

    I think that Bruce/Caitlin Jenner is a very bitter person. This is evident in the book he wrote slamming kris Jenner the mother of his girls. I don’t believe for a second any woman would have 2 kids by somebody knowing full well they wanted to be a woman. Good try baitlin!

  15. Daryl Cannon says:

    OAN, One American News, is the best news network on tv. All news and leans to the right. Not as many talking heads as Fox.

  16. Chris O'Brien says:

    Many of my Face Book friends probably recognize my political perspective to be “somewhat” conservative. I freely admit I have long been a fan of Fox News for quite a number of years. I have enjoyed watching Bill O’Reilly and the O’Reilly Factor for well over a decade. Although Mr. O’Reilly did come across as somewhat arrogant and verbose, I found it refreshing to see someone who dared to push policies and politicians with respect to issues confronting America. Although I did not believe Mr. O’Reilly to be a “true conservative,” I found him a lot less “progressive” than commentators on other cable news stations, or on broadcast television networks.

    Then, it comes to light that Bill O’Reilly was a “sexual predator” who viewed women through his myopic view of women as “sexual objects” to whom he made lewd and inappropriate remarks to on a relatively frequent basis. As an American who spent 24 years defending the Rights of ALL Americans, and on the heels of Roger Ailes penchant for the same type of behavior, I have to question the moral turpitude of the Fox News environment.

    After settling charges of “sexual harassment” brought by Grechen Carlson; with the rapid departure of Greta Van Sustern and Megyn Kelly, and the departure of a news contributor who’d recently lost her husband, it shakes the foundation that drew such a large audience to Fox News. In its search for conservative commentators, had Fox News looked past the immorality of some of their best known male employees?

    It was refreshing to see that Tucker Carlson has been chosen to fill the time slot previously occupied by “The O’Reilly Factor.” Whether or not he is related to the liberal minded Margaret Carlson, most notably associated with the McGlouglin Group, is irrelevant, even though she had a liberal perspective. Tucker Carlson’s first show his show’s new spot will feature the “former Decathlon Champion,” “formerly known as Bruce Jenner.”

    Caitlyn Jenner is a transgender woman whose personal choice to transform from masculine to feminine cuts across the conservative American grain. With the main stream media and politicians seeking to erase the line separating gender in America, many conservatives, including myself, are appalled. However, there have been many changes in the social fabric of America since the day Bruce Jenner ran around the track at the 1976 Montreal Olympics draped in the American flag. In fact, the majority of Americans living in this country today weren’t even born when this event occurred.

    So, along with the motto of “fair and balanced,” I applaud the courage of Fox News to confront this topic on the heels of the O’Reilly disgrace. Fox News has an obligation to its viewers, and to America, to prove these cases of sexual misconduct at the station are an “abnormality,” and not the culture of Fox News. At the same time, I am intrigued with the Fox News “teasers” that Caitlyn Jenner does not embrace the “radical progressive views” being pushed by the main stream media and liberal stalwarts like Michael Moore.

    Only time will tell if Fox News is able to move past their recent anomalies. It is also a point of interest to learn a deeper perspective of Caitlyn Jenner’s political and social policies. All in all, it’s a matter that intrigues me, and I look forward to “expanding” my understanding of the current atmosphere at Fox News.

  17. Duane Starlight says:

    Simple, the liberal mind F*** is 10 times worse and Greg Gutfeld’s show.

  18. JOE S HILL says:

    Another argument for FOX NEWS going down the tubes after Bill O’ Reilly’s ouster, and putting Bruce Jenner as their guest on their new “Factor” is supposed to do exactly what? improve the ratings, or signal a new change in the format? whatever its supposed to do, it only proves that Rupert Murdoch’s sons are pretty liberal, which means that FOX NEWS will become another CNN liberal cable news outlet-pathetic, retarded, and a total waste of time!

  19. Duane Starlight says:

    Sounds like a FOX double cross!!
    An attempt to get republicans to ACCEPT gender confusion just because the HESHE is a Trump supporter?
    Really Tucker…WTF!!

    • Kat Man says:

      Why you still watching fox. It’s dead now. James Murdoch look him up. Big time liberal. They think they can desensitize us because republicans are just confused and uneducated. Flood us with their ideology and we will come along.

  20. Todd says:

    Why on earth would anyone care what an mentally, emotionally, physically, mixed up, mentally ill person have to say about politics? Enough with this guy parading as a girl already and trying to make the rest of us believe it, and accept it as some kind of new normal. It’s/he’s not.

  21. ramoncarder says:

    What?!.. I want to hurl everytime at it!…

    I used to be a forever Fox News watcher until that whole sleazy Alies thing broke and when they went all in for Trump without question..

    i was welling to look over that and seeing how Alies was out.. But when they threw Megyn Kelly under the bus and to the wolves, that did it for me!.. Now i just watch Fox Business..

    Sadly, Fox News was one of the only places for us Republicans to go for News … It was RINO, though watchable, even when pervert Alies was running it..

    But if this is an indication of what the lefty Murdoch sons have in mind, then Fox News will be no more.. It was Republican viewers who made Fox News the top rated Cable Foxnews!

    I have a feeling that Fox News will crash and burn soon enough!..

  22. Bill O. says:

    The beginning of the end of Fox. The wives of the two Murdoch sons are now calling the shots, and it will soon be “Entertainment Tonight.”

  23. Wrenchman says:


  24. Frank says:

    Yeeech. Keep it to yourself. We are not interested.

  25. Who cares what he/she thinks.

  26. He/she still has the same brain and same soul! God does not make a mixture of genders!

  27. This is not a good start.

  28. Robert Lehr says:

    What a stupid move for Fox… they should never have let O’Reilly go .. he was & still is the best.., I will not be watching fox only will watch when Hannity is on..
    Fox Management has its head up its ass…… With all due respect if any is due..

  29. Super_cat says:

    With the advent of people being able to medically modify themselves to reflect the opposite sex, there is a cultural confusion on how to label them. Are they a she or a he or an it? I think a new pronoun is needed by combining all three. So Tucker, why are you interviewing a sheit on your first night?

  30. Michael Zuilkowski says:

    Bad move to have this guest. I’m done with you FOX . You apparently do not have the ability to make appropriate decisions.

  31. Linda says:

    No longer watching FOX.

  32. megan says:

    he’s a he

  33. cowgirldiva says:

    Hopfully BRUCE/CAILTYN will “tuck it” when he/she is interviewed by Tucker..!! HOPEFULLY…!!!!

  34. If you said find someone who is more douchey than Bill Oreilly…. that would be a tough one. but Tucker would be on the short list.

  35. MICHAEL KELLY says:



    • John Cleary says:

      Stupid guest , how freak show like, overexposed and irrelevant, Tucker hits immediate new low. Avoiding the station now for 5 months

  36. Janet says:

    I will not be watching Monday’s show! What the hell could Caitlin Jenner have to say that is worth air time on any show? He/she is on 20/20 tonight with Dianne Sawyer and I won’t be watching that either.

  37. James Morgan says:


    You’ll never be a woman. You are a drag queen. Wrong chromosomes. Where is this legitimization of transgenderism coming from? It’s a mental illness.

  38. WHY??? Is that the best he could get?? Maybe some Political Leader of conserve? Lib?/Commie?? Liberta?? I could care less about what he is..But he is a sicko who has this need for attention and ???

  39. Stephen says:

    From Bill O’Reilly to this sideshow.
    FOX is toast……….the kids are idiots!!!!

    • Fred says:

      One word.

      • Fred says:

        We are so sick of having this person shoved in our face. why. just keep it to yourself nobody cares. It’s a disgrace to the olympics and gold medal winners. still Using the fame to make money in this perverted( not everybody changes their sex) style of publicity.

  40. I want O’Reilly back. If he doesn’t come back I am cutting my cable.

  41. jim says:

    No more fox for this home.

  42. Jean E Vermeire says:

    WHY? She is boring….

  43. melvin furd says:

    I refuse to watch if that sicko Jenner is on.

  44. Joni says:

    Really Tucker, like the are not bigger problems in this world? Main stream media wins this one. They so wanted to bring fox down. They have their in and you are not helping the cause. Jenner is pathetic. Report on something that matters

  45. Nancy says:

    OH PLEASE Jenner I think you can do a little better than that.

  46. Andrea Shackamaxon says:

    I hope Bruce does’t accuse Tucker of sexual harassment.

  47. Dee says:

    Time to cut the cable cord. Fox news is the only reason I was paying for cable. Now I am not interested anymore.

  48. Sam Colt says:

    What the fock?

  49. I would rather see Tucker Carlson do an interview with Harambe’s corpse than this freak.

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