Bob Beckel Will Return to Fox News’ ‘The Five’

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Bob Beckel is back on Fox News Channel after a somewhat contentious separation.

Beckel, who offered a liberal counterpoint on the network’s late-afternoon panel show “The Five,” will return Monday evening as a co-host of the 5 p.m. program, which he left in June of 2015. “Bob was missed by many fans of ‘The Five’ and we’re happy to welcome him back to the show,” said Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of Fox News Channel and its corporate parent, 21st Century Fox, in a prepared statement.

Beckel, who in the past served as a political consultant as well as a campaign manager for Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale, was one of the original co-hosts of the program. He left in 2015 while recuperating from back surgery in a split that was seen as less an amicable. “We tried to work with Bob for months, but we couldn’t hold The Five hostage to one man’s personal issues,” said Bill Shine, who was then the network’s executive vice president of programming,in a statement. “He took tremendous advantage of our generosity, empathy and goodwill and we simply came to the end of the road with him.” Shine is now co-president of the network, along with Jack Abernethy.

Beckel’s re-hire continues to put a spotlight on Rupert Murdoch’s influence at the cable-news outlet, which had been run for years by Roger Ailes. Murdoch was also said to be instrumental in the move of conservative journalist Tucker Carlson to a one-hour program. Carlson’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” launched in November on Fox News and has since been moved to the network’s 9 p.m. slot – a berth previously occupied by Megyn Kelly.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to go home again and join my television family around the table of ‘The Five’,” said Beckel, in a prepared statement. “I have no doubt it will be a vigorous yet entertaining debate.”

“The Five” has been the most-watched cable-news program in its timeslot for 66 consecutive months, according to data from Nielsen. During the fourth quarter of 2016, “The Five” averaged 2.7 million viewers, beating CNN and MSNBC combined, while attracting 462,000 viewers between 25 and 54, the demographic most coveted by advertisers in news programming.

After he left “The Five,” Beckel served as a contributor for a time at rival CNN.


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  1. Linda says:

    The fives ratings will drop because of bob. He just opens his mouth to be rude . I can’t believe he spouts so many non facts. And disrespects the other members of the five. He needs to go home. He definitely Will not be missed. He does come off as a disgruntled old man.

    • Cheryl Gerblick says:

      Ditto 93 times over. Bob is an uninformed rubber stamper for Obama and the Clintons. He is a classless Democrat that is the male version of Maxine Watters. He should take a look at himself before he calls others names.

  2. I guess I will stop watching The Five – Ole Fat Bob can’t do a show with out bad mouthing the President – Juan was bad but this crotchety old asshat is plainly suffering from the butt-hurt of his candidate losing. Sad that he insists on being such a dick.

    • Tina Wilcox says:

      so true, I am home today and I had to listen to his disrespectful mouth towards our President, makes me sick to my stomach- he is a piss pore example, so tired of the crap talk about Trump, he IS OUR PRESEDENT, YES HE WON, so shut up, most Americans are sick of listening to all these losers that can’t get passed the election, we dealt with Obama for 8 years, and that was a joke, so get over it already, I will never watch this show because of all the negativity, would like to watch something positive for a change, the world is to much of the negative

  3. Becky Alverson says:

    Why did Fox bring this crotchity old fart back anyway?? I didn’t like him before and I certainly don’t like him now!!!

  4. Rosemaree Meclosky says:

    Please GET RID OF BOB BECKAL from the five! My husband & I are going to STOP watching one of our favorite shows due to Bob!

  5. Sorry But when Bob Is On I turn channel…..sorry…He needs to go To a Liberal Channel….

  6. Hillary says:

    Get rid of this total loser!! Where is Juan?? Bob argues with everyone, can’t stand to listen to his constant negativity. Please get Juan back–Bob needs to retire.

  7. Russell Channer says:

    Beckel needs to go…He is so obnoxious and adds nothing to the show.

  8. John Ely says:

    So sorry to see Beckel back on the Five. He is nearly negative no matter what the subject. I believe he pulls the other hosts down.

  9. David Jones says:

    I have been recording The Five on my Tivo for years. The last month I will immediately stop and delete the show as soon as I see Bob on there. I never thought I would be glad to see Juan but I love him compared to Bob. At least he is respectful when he disagrees like we all should be.

    • Richard V Anthony says:

      I don’t like either of them, like picking between dying of drowning or hanging. If the Five was a hot tub these losers would be the turd someone threw in and ruined the whole thing.

  10. ted jaynes says:

    I feel Bob beckel is the biggest dunce on any network news outlet I suppose negatively is what they pay him for the ignorance must be free

  11. Beverly Allen says:

    Boo. Get rid of Beckel!!!! He is a disgrace. Why did you bring him back to The Five? I will turn Fox off when the fine show comes on.

  12. Mary says:

    So sorry that Fox brought Bob Beckel back. When he is on the show I do not watch . I don’t need to raise my blood pressure . I hope that his return will be short lived.

  13. Vic says:

    Glad to see Bob back. Juan was far more objective (if that is possible), and Bob just proves what a biased, uninformed, brainwashed, hateful liberal is actually like. Kimberly rules the guy, and eposed what a fraud he is. Good choice Rupert!

  14. Get rid of Beckel! Really, bragging about his 100.00 tie saying he would give it away because of what Trump did? If he has a 100.00 tie I will eat my hat! He looks like an old drunk and soooo rude!!!! I didn’t like Juan Williams either but I would take him over this joker. What a loser!

  15. Sue Brashears says:

    If I wanted to hear things Bob is spouting off I’d turn to CNN! Please get rid of him!!

  16. Randy says:

    Sorry Bob your to old and grouchy you need to retire , Im a big fan of the Five but i dont watch it when your on there

  17. I can’t stand to watch the Five since Beckel came back!! I liked him when he first started the Five and missed him when he left —BUT he’s different! I want Juan back!!!

  18. Will Frazier says:

    I watched The Five regularly until Beckel returned. No more! Can’t stand the man. Don’t want to watch anyone who disrespects the President. Most people I know are no longer watching The Five.

  19. Ted Wierzbicki says:

    Can they fire him again??? Please

  20. Sandy says:

    Fox needs to put the curmudgeon/wind bag/ Beckel back out to pasture. I cannot watch the nasty blowhard and will not watch him. Granted he is the “token” liberal on the Five; however Juan Williams is also a liberal, but he does not scream and get nasty at the rest of the panel when disagreeing with them.

  21. sally steffen says:

    I have watched the five since it started – but when Bob Beckel came back and said I could watch some other channel it I didn’t like him – as he was here to stay. I did just that. I am watching Fox Business, Someone who calls our President “Comrade” has no place on Fox at All. When will they get the message.

  22. William Bronner says:

    The Five is one of our favorite shows, but Bob Bechtel ruins it for us. Get him out of there pronto.

  23. Allan D Presley says:

    Bob Beckel has a habit of calling people he dislikes punks. Well heres a news flash. That fat pig is theb punk and IF he doesn’t like it I will meet him anywhere and see if has the guts to ncall me a punk. No he won’t do that because he a coward and will never call someone a punk to their face. I servered in Viet Nam and was awarded the Purple Heart what has that punk done for our country.

    • Sonny says:

      Remember, the liberals when losing or have lost, immediately resortto name calling and pointing out flaws in ones appearance. They can’t battle with the truth.

  24. Judy silver says:

    Get Bob Bectal off the Five. Do not care for his comments, such a negative person. Get Juan or Heraldo back, much more pleasant to hear.
    Do not want The Five to drop ratings.

  25. Roger Bulgren says:

    Please send Bob Beckel back to CNN. They deserve an angry old man who has the stupidity to challenge us to watch a different channel if we don’t want to listen to his diatribe. We plan to take him up on his threat.


  27. Sylvia says:

    I love The Five, but with Bob back as soon as he opens his mouth I shut it off.. He cannot even carry on a sane conversation with out his ranting & slandering other people, all his years of drugs & booze has warped his pea brain. You lost me & few other friends. The other hosts cannot even make there points heard.

  28. Barbara says:

    Get rid of Bob – he still is intolerant and can’t stand him!

  29. Sonny says:

    It is good to hear from both sides in debates, but Bob Beckie has got to bone up on everyday news. He seems like he is clueless. I wish they could replay what he has said.

  30. Madeline says:

    I will NOT watch the 5 until Bob Beckie is gone….

  31. Carl says:

    Bob Beckle is an ass hole. He needs to keep his bleeding heart and fat ass off FOX.
    When FOX fires him for good I’ll start watching again.

  32. shelly Long says:

    Please remove BOB he is a A** Hole and I will stop watching the show can’t stand him Tell him to stop scaring Miss Kimberly when he says One more thing its so wrong if I was her I would sue him and or slap him you can’t even understand what he is saying he babbles on and on about who knows what
    he need to go let get a petition going BOB MUST GO NOW !!!!

  33. Susan Pember says:

    Enough of Bob and his distain of President Trump and Bob’s unprofessional comments. Juan Williams is a professional counter balance that makes the show interesting and enjoyable. If Bob continues we will have to stop watching.

  34. Rosemary M says:

    Tired of Bob’s unprofessional, unpatriotic commentary referring to President Trump as Comrade. He does nothing to enhance a discussion. PLEASE SHOW HIM THE OUT DOOR.

  35. bob browand says:

    And now, Bob should be gone again…..:blabbing on about how Trump will be assassinated is irresponsible and downright dangerous……And makes it obvious that FOX made a huge mistake in giving him a second chance……You want me to watch?… Get rid of Beckel

    • Sonny says:

      If I were to talk about pajama boy being assasinated when he was playing golf and spending our tax dollars helping out isis, I would have been arrested. What about Big Bob?

  36. Linda says:

    Bob ruins The Five. I won’t watch anymore after his comment tonight that he predicts that President Trump won’t be impeached but will not complete his full term. That sounds like a threat to me. He should be fired!

  37. Jim Wood says:

    Beckel calls the President ‘comrade’? Get that guy off the show.

  38. Judith Butcher says:

    Today on the Five, Bob said he didn’t think President Trump would be impeached but he went on to say he didn’t think President Trump would finish his first term. What does he know that we should know. Talk about loose talk.????????

    • david says:

      Trump is the all-time KING of the ‘loose talk’. Remember when he said the country’s murder rate was at an all time high? It is not even close. Remember when he said he won the electoral college by the biggest margin ever? He didn’t. I could go on…

  39. JCarol Watson says:

    It would be nice if the network would publish a list indicating which days Bob Beckel will be on the program in order that viewers who detest him will be able to plan ahead and not be anticipating a good program.

  40. g'mhan says:

    I applauded 2015 bob “debacle” Beckel( legend in his own feeble mind) gone from the five and then came Jesus Christ/ Juan Williams ( gods gift in his own mind) , otherwise yes the five is basically fair and balanced, but I’m about to tell Murdoch to shove the 5. I guess I will just live with Bill O’Rielly @ 8 pm. Very tired of debacle bob interrupting every other speaker with his moronic and baseless personal attacks.
    Thanks from Gary, Cleveland, 50 years voting both parties (mostly R) but volunteered 4 weeks last year for R convention at age 70. All the Rs I met (many dozens) were intelligent and insightful,
    all the Ds I know in past 8 years have gone insane.
    Lastly: People who didn’t vote should shut up already.

  41. Carl vega says:

    I am no longer going to watch the five with Beckel back. He totally ruins the show with his venomous attitude toward Trump, and that includes Juan Williams. Can’t they get a liberal with a little common sense like Ebony or Kirsten Powers that are not totally out in the weeds.

  42. David Wilson says:

    If Mr. Beckel is going to persist with his Comrade Trump comments, he needs to be shown the door again.

  43. Why did you bring Bob Beckel back, he sat there and referred to the President as Comrade Trump totally disrespectful and inappropriate

  44. Aurora Myers says:

    Get Beckel off the show. He was discusting today. Can’t believe you brought him back anyway. I am not going to watch when he is on. Nasty dirty man

  45. Beckel is a sexist pig. The only reason he is back is to look at K G. he is THE MOST left-wing commentator and never concedes reasonable points, unlike his c0-hostd.

  46. I love the five & have been a loyal watcher since it started…….Why is bob beckel back ?…I can not stand to hear, watch or see the man….I thought we were thru with his nonsense….Until he is gone….You have lost 4 loyal fans…I will miss the show…

  47. Mary Stanford says:

    Signing off on The Five on Fox News, can not stand Bob Beckel. Sorry I will not watch any more Fox.

  48. Duke Feist says:

    get rid of this clown…

  49. lj says:

    I cant stand any more of Juan Williams! Where has Bob Beckel disappeared now?

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