Bill O’Reilly: Hatred Toward Roger Ailes Was What ‘Killed Him’

Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment
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Deposed Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly broke his silence Thursday on the death of Roger Ailes via a USA Today op-ed in which he claimed that hatred toward the cable news channel’s founder was what “killed him.”

In a column in which he lauded Ailes for his many accomplishments in the TV industry, O’Reilly noted that the world is currently in a “rough age” in which technology is breeding bad behavior. “The downside of that is turning us into a nation where hatred is almost celebrated in some quarters,” he wrote. “Roger Ailes experienced that hatred and it killed him. That is the truth.”

O’Reilly also lashed out at those who rushed to judgment on Ailes, who was ousted from the network he architected months before the Fox News anchor himself was shown the door amid a similar swirl of allegations involving sexual harassment of fellow employees.

“Roger was convicted of bad behavior in the court of public opinion, and it was painful for many of us to watch,” O’Reilly wrote. “He, himself, was stunned and never really recovered.”

While O’Reilly doesn’t exactly specify how hatred led to Ailes’ death, a medical examiner disclosed Thursday that the 77-year-old’s passing was related to complications from a fall he experienced last week that led to bleeding in his brain.

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  1. That’s what killed Ailes, it’s that simple huh? Oh good, you’re prolly next in line.

  2. Mark O'Neill says:

    Roger was a great man, who began the process of making America Great Again. He also started a side project , Making America Work Again – which liberals HATED. They hate working.

    Manufacturing is coming back
    Work is cool again
    Young people like to have jobs
    Heterosexual is cool again
    Being a fag is not cool, again

  3. my2cents says:

    Sounds like your next book Bill you better get your ghostwriters on it so I can ignore THAT one too!

  4. Cl Heyes says:

    If mass hatred was an effective means of killing repulsive people we wouldn’t have so many still on our airwaves & oppression people throughout the world. Those who enjoy exerting their power at the expense of others rarely regret their actions, as O’Reilly has repeatedly demonstrated. They only regret being penilized or punished for those acts.

  5. Bill Morton says:

    Roger Aile’s karma is what did him in. If hatred killed him, it was certainly self directed. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence could understand and comprehend that.
    He contributed nothing positive to our civil society and will be forgotten about in 10 years

  6. Ari Manuel says:

    Bill thanked Ailes for mentoring him in the art of women abuse..Bill is only missed by his leach-in-chief Dennis’ filthy looking’ Miller..Thrilled to be rid of both of them.

  7. Kenneth Hackett says:

    Sean leaves I leave

  8. Ed says:

    Ailes and O’Reilly: two peas in a pod. Anyone else notice how Bill-O used Ailes’ death to project and defend his own downfall, one caused not by hate but by sexual predation?

  9. Fred says:

    Generally not a fan of hatred but in this case I’d like to pat him on the back. Good riddance Roger!

  10. Based on what I just read, Bill should be getting his affairs in order.

  11. It sounds like Bill thinks Ailes Subdural Hematoma was not from an accidental fall! Why would he say this if he believed the story the Ailes fell and died from complications from a fall? Suspicious.

  12. Blofeld says:

    So easy to blame technology. Yes, lets blame television and the divisive messages that get broadcast over it. Not the fault of the talking head. Must be the transistors. If I may paraphrase a well known line: ..and in the end the hate you take is equal to the hate you make. Just words.. so much easier to blame liberals.

  13. John Dector says:

    he was a serial predator who made this country dumber and worse, and i’m glad he’s dead.

    and i hate you, bill. and i want you to die

    • DianeL says:

      Allegations are just that, allegations. Facts are different. You do not have any evidence to support your contention about Ailes being a “serial predator.” Bill Clinton is a “serial predator,” and so is Bill Cosby. You want Bill O’Reilly to die? You just proved his point. Hatred towards a person you don’t know just reveals much about your personality disorder. Get some help.

      • The Truth says:

        Fox had enough evidence to show Ailes the door, just as they did with O’Reilly. You don’t oust the architect of your highly successful news network and your most popular on-air talent because of baseless allegations. Many millions of dollars in hush money were paid over a significant span of time to silence the victims of these men. O’Reilly’s op-ed is a pathetic attempt to shift the blame for his and Ailes’ bad behavior on society and technology.

        Ailes was morbidly obese and could hardly walk. He was a poster child for wretched overindulgence. It’s not surprising that a person in his dilapidated physical condition fell and suffered a mortal injury. That’s what killed him, not hatred. But he certainly was deserving of righteous scorn, as are O’Reilly, Clinton, Cosby, and the Pussy Grabber-in-Chief.

      • dane says:

        Didn’t know Hitler. Hate him. Hate anyone who molests a child whether I know them or not. O’Reilly has poisoned our country with his hatred. Hate him. Your statement is asinine. But currently too busy hating his WH puppet currently to focus on him. One down – one BIG one to go. And BTW – as to Clinton and Cosby – correct. Ailes was a predator. Now he’s gone. Good riddance. The world is a better place.

  14. Steve L Reid says:

    Looks like the liberal idiots are out in full force today!!

    • snidely says:

      Tens of millions were paid out by Fox to women from settled court cases against Ailes. So the law says otherwise.

  15. Appearing Tonight says:

    If it was the hatred that killed him the p.o.s. would have been dead long ago . . . . .

  16. dog gone says:

    No being 77 years old, hating exercise and loving pork rinds is what killed him

  17. Because otherwise an overweight 79 year old could NEVER die, right?

  18. Bobert says:

    Here comes his next book “Killing Ailes”

  19. Johnson says:

    Keep hating O’Reilly, guys. Hopefully it kills him too.

  20. I stopped watching O’Reilly for his bloviating..and fact that
    NOBODY ever seemed to know anything, on any issue, quite like Bill did.
    A little of that goes a long way

  21. Ken says:

    I am sure “BO” meant Ailes hatred toward all who disagreed with him including molested women, minorities and those opposed to the Murdock method of blackmailing members of the British Parliament!

    And of course Mr. Innocent himself who believes Cosby is innocent too, just like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and his fascist buddy Trump.

  22. James says:

    For eight years, Fox news, Bill O and Ailes spewed nothing but hate towards President Obama. However, he is a mature adult who is healthy, happy and more popular than ever. Maybe it was the hate that Ailes and Fox spew everyday is what killed him. Except for the fall and hematoma, which is what did it. Never seen so much whining and alternative facts from this crowd. The party of “personal responsibility” , especially the whiner in chief, never takes any itself. SAD!

    • Frank says:

      You are lies. Ninety percent of the media covered up the truth about barryo, his fraud and deception, out of fear they would be viewed as racist.
      He set our country back 50 years back into a state of hatred, promoting black hatred for white, a twenty trillion deficit and 100 m out of work, 50 percent of immigrants living off of social services,
      no taxes from living wages to pay, and govrn workers on millions of useless jobs.

      • gramps says:

        Frank, sorry, but that’s just a whole butt-load of BS.
        It’s sad you eat the fox propaganda poo-sandwiches and smile about it.

  23. Well look who managed to keep his big fat mouth shut for about three minutes.

  24. Dunstan says:

    What about the hate you spewed regularly, O’Reilly?

    You’re a pathetic whiny bitch – much like the Conman in Chief.

    Ailes was a bloated, corpulent turd and a sexual predator. Good riddance.

  25. Toni says:

    The women are now cursed.
    Along with their lawyers.

  26. dituraye says:

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  27. Laura says:

    Nope, pretty sure it was a subdural hematoma that was his downfall. (pun not intended but solid)

  28. Tom says:

    No Bill he was like you. No respect for women or people who were different. Power was his downfall just like it was yours.Thinking you are better than everyone else . Karma is a bitch!!

  29. Angela says:

    Well, at least he admits that technology is breeding bad behavior, and that hatred is celebrated in some quarters. I think that what we consider “bad behavior” and “hatred” are probably different though. This is the closest I have evenr come to agreeing with Bill O’Lielly.

  30. Gervaise says:

    Well, if hatred did him in, then ‘ol Billy Boy and his sleaze bro, Dear Leader, sure are in deep do do.

  31. Steve Barr says:

    Thanks Bill I haven’t laughed that hard in years .

  32. tjohn25 says:

    Or a guilty conscience and poor maintenance of his physical health?

  33. loco73 says:

    “The downside of that is turning us into a nation where hatred is almost celebrated in some quarters”

    Says the man who on numerous occasions participated and fanned the flames of that very thing!!! He is part and parcel of that, an architect of sorts, of the current poisonous, toxic and nauseating environment which exists in the world today, but especially in the US…Hey Bill, you are a “religious” man, ever heard that one about pulling the log out of your own eye before pointing to the splinter in someone else’s…

  34. stop says:

    Oh look Roger’s friend Bill is conjuring up one last fake news report for him. Hate filed blood clots killing privileged rich white guys new at 11.

  35. Twinkletoes says:

    You sure it wasn’t because of the fall, Bill? Or maybe because he was a 77 year old obese man?

  36. Happy to have done my part! B.I.H. Roger Ailes!

  37. colorowdy says:

    Good ol’ Bill he will never change – still blaming the women for standing up for themselves.

    • stevenmillan says:

      …and still blaming the liberals and the Internet for keeping the free open minded thinking,free spirited rebellious agenda of the late 60s and early 70s alive and well.

  38. eric says:


  39. Holly says:

    His whole schtick was to incite and inflame for entertainment without any attempt at being rational or with a shred of humor unless it was at someone’s expense. They incited these reactions ON PURPOSE and then are shocked and dismayed by the response. If someone slugs me repeatedly, daily they don’t get to play the victim and then continue to debase by goading me for my “intolerance” because I choose to stand up for myself. He created and fed an audience until they have no ability to have civil discourse about anything – they bully, spew insults and hostility and whine when they are called on it just like he is doing here. I wish no ill will but this Faux news does not get a pass after a decade of toxicity.

    • Ya know Holly. Half the people seem to think the same thing about you. The vile lies and hatred that come with rabid vigor from CNN and MSNBC are just unbelievable. Watching Faux is one thing but not being able to see through this pap that’s spewed by the other two just makes you not very sharp. If not gullible.

      • Blofeld says:

        “Half the people”? You are delusional but I suppose your delusion comforts you. You are overdue for a rude awakening.

      • Leon T says:

        Yeah, you keep thinking that Martie.

        You can file it right next to “Global Warming Hoax” and “Benghazi Scandal”.

  40. SmokeSpotter says:

    IF hatred was the cause of death Ailes would have died 40 yrs ago.
    Or was what he did for all those years the result or Rigor Mortise contractions ?

    • Leon, mocking Benghazi exposes your ignorance of an Ambassador’s death and the cover-up to protect a President’s reelection. The Ambassador was sent from his Embassy in Tripoli to an unprotected Consulate in Benghazi in order to negotiate an arms deal between Turkey and the Syrian Rebels. He asked for security five times and was refused. His bodyguard and some CIA Contractor volunteers were killed; others were wounded in the planned, sophisticated attack on the Consulate. US drones were overhead sending real-time video from the beginning. Calls for help were ignored. Americans died. Immediately there were lies about a video in Cairo from high-level officials in the Obama Administration.
      All this transpired two weeks before Obama’s reelection in 2012. Hatred, betrayal, lies and massive misinformation of the American voters, but not covered by your Mainstream News Media.
      Your mockery is shameful.

      • Leon T says:

        William Heuisler, do you get a discount at your table at the UFO conventions these days, or are you still paying the full rate?

      • T. Long says:

        Did you take into account that the Republicans had cut funds for embassy security, did you take into account that the state department can NOT order up the military and has go through channels? Did you think about the 85 embassy personnel that was killed during Reagan’s term and the several embassies that was attacked and nothing done, plus the over 240 marines killed in Lebanon and they were basically unarmed and nothing was done. No investigation no senate committee, no spending many millions of dollars to find nothing.

  41. Emily Langston says:

    Thank you Bill O’Reilly. Regarding Roger Ailes: “I would rather be the one with a broken heart than to be the one who broke the heart.”

    • Alternative facts? If Mr. Ailes fell and sustained an intracranial hemorrhage, such an injury is associated with a significant mortality risk. Attributing widespread hatred as the cause of Mr. Ailes’ death comes very close to a convenient lie, unless the implication is that Mr. Ailes’ fall was the result of his altered emotional state.

  42. I believe what Bill Oreilly said ab ROGER AILES death….ppl hated this great man w/o a trial..the same w Oreilly…don’t believe any of it..Fox will pay a big price for what they’ve done.

    • Leon T says:

      Great man?

      I didn’t know that running a media outlet that did all it could to foster racism, homophobia, misogyny, war and greed counted as making a man “great”.

      If that’s the case, you’d love this guy I know, Julius Streicher.

  43. Jujubee says:

    So since Bill O Reilly is experiencing this same type of so called hatred is he saying hes also at risk of a similar outcome?

  44. Steve says:

    So apparently, Billo thinks that subdural hematomas are liberal lies. Why does he hate science?

    • George Lewis says:

      Hello Steve. The hematoma didn’t cause the fall. The fall caused the hematoma. See my other reply for further details. Thank you.

      • Steve says:

        Well, I may be wrong, but I think it would be said that the fall would be the precipitating event that led to the subdural hematoma, which was the proximate cause of death. My point was that Ailes died of a actual medical condition, not a “broken heart” or something like that.

  45. JK says:

    Bill what killed him was complications of a subdural hematoma after he fell at home injuring his head. So you better correct your statement, and the people didn’t hate him they were disgusted by him because he was a sexual predator, as you know that very well

    • George Lewis says:

      Hello JK. Fact, not opinion: internet was full of hatred by the leftists against Mr. Ailes. Bill O is correct. Why did Roger fall (it caused the hematoma)? Perhaps he was depressed & on medication from the situation & that causes dizziness especially upon waking? I think his friend Bill O would be more familiar than you as to what happened? Further there’s no proof he was a “sexual predator”. The vast bulk of alleged accusations were not at that level (except to so-called feminists & leftists). Let the family mourn this great man in peace.

      • emmeso says:

        “Why did Roger fall (it caused the hematoma)? Perhaps he was depressed & on medication from the situation & that causes dizziness especially upon waking? ”

        Another thought: Maybe he fell down because he tripped on something. I mean, accidents do happen. To ascribe his death to some secret knowledge of depression or because people hate him, or what not, is kind of crazy thinking. Occam’s Razor applies here.

      • Leon T says:

        full of hatred by the leftists against Mr. Ailes.

        Now why would anyone from a group containing very high proportions of gays, minorities and women hate Roger Ailes?

      • JK says:

        He was a sexual predator that setlled more than one case and he made this to a lot of women who are not afraid to tell it as it was, they are victims of not a great man but a sexual predator

        There’s nothing wrong with leaning politically right or left, but it’s disgusting to overlook the deeds of a sexual predator. So you better check yourself

      • Muckluck Reichenbach says:

        GL: Fact: Any hate against Roger Ailes was propagated by Roger Ailes. He made his bed. Wouldn’t the conservative thing to do be to “man up” and accept responsibility?

  46. cwaynes says:

    The nerve of Bill O’Reilly to be lecturing anybody about technology “breeding bad behavior,” or the celebration of a culture of hatred. Some of you right wing clowns really do need to refresh your goldfish brains by reviewing some of the 24/7 nonstop hatefest you’ve been brainwashing yourselves with for the past 14 years.

  47. Anonymous says:

    If hatred could have killed Ailes it would have done so long ago. And we are indeed a nation where hatred is almost celebrated. Ailes did more than anyone else to create this situation, and eventually it ate him. There is a lesson for Bill O’ Reilly here. If you shovel that much shit some is bound to fly back into your mouth.

  48. T Henderson says:

    Why are sexual predators always “shocked” when they are held accountable? Are they missing the gene that codes decency and appropriateness? Or are they power-drunk and think thee are no limits in the rarified air of wealth?

  49. Leigh King Fossett says:

    Can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg.

  50. Cass says:

    Yes, Mr. Sexual Harasser, not because he was 350+ pounds. Not at all.

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