Bill O’Reilly Tells Glenn Beck His Firing Was a ‘Hit Job’

Donald Trump Bill OReilly Sexual Harrassment

Former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly suggested his ouster from the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news outlet last month was “a hit job” in an interview with Glenn Beck on the pundit’s radio program Friday.

“Look, the entire ordeal was a hit job, and in the weeks to come, we will be able to explain some of it,” O’Reilly said. “It really has to do with destroying voices that the far-left doesn’t like. That’s the general tone.”

The interview was the first public one O’Reilly has given since he parted ways with Fox News in the wake of a New York Times report disclosing how $13 million in settlements were paid to several women who accused him of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. O’Reilly has said he made the payments to protect his children, and that his fame makes him a target.

O’Reilly hinted that he might take legal action or at the very least expose some parties he feels played a role in his demise at the cable-news network. “Look, people were very sad when it happened. I felt bad not only for me and my staff, but for the viewers and listeners because they really had no idea what had happened. People know the left-wing media hates me and hates Fox News, but they don’t know the full extent of it,” he said, adding: “We are accumulating information and hopefully it will all be made clear soon.”

He also said: “There’s going to be an exposition soon, but I can’t tell you when, about who exactly this crew is that terrorizes sponsors, threatens people behind the scenes, that pays people to say things. We’re going to name them, and it will be a big story. The left-wing media will downplay the story, but it’s coming. Unfortunately, I was target No. 1. It’s sad for me, for my family and it’s grossly dishonest. From now on when I’m attacked, I’ll take legal action.”

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    The biggest sociopaths like to hang out together, surround themselves with enablers who benefit and they love to play the victim when they are in fact the aggressor.

  2. Glenda Flint says:

    I truly believe what you say is true. I’m sorry you had to go though this injustice. It’s obvious that they are trying to distort, indoctrinate, and destroy as much information to control all of us. I pray every day for help to open eyes before it’s too late.

  3. Stephen says:

    Wow the dumbocrats. Proving how stupid and selfish they are.

  4. Lisa BDodge says:

    So if I understand this, it was a liberal conspiracy to make billy sexually harass women and pay them for the privilege of doing so? I guess he just isn’t any more accountable for his illegal and unethical behavior any more than the predator in chief. Of course there will be those that say but, but, but…Bill Clinton did it! All I can say is if that is the rationale for allowing this behavior to continue, then why can’t we all just go out and shoot people who voted for donnie dolt in the first place? Surely it’s already been done and if someone else can do it, why can’t you too? Do you get it now?

  5. Dave says:

    Yeah..we need Bill Clinton back in so that respect for women and the truth can be back to the level that it truly belongs!!

  6. Sbg says:

    It appears he is “setting the stage” for some yet to be seen media campaign to clear his name in the spirit of a reverse engineered witch hunt / when will this crap end – go home o’rielly

    • SuperWittySmitty says:

      In your world, it’s all relative to what someone else did. There’s no such thing as right and wrong; just compare someone’s behavior to what someone else did years ago and you can let them slide. After all, look what Hitler and Stalin did, right? How can you be upset with O’Reilly?

  7. Jacques Strappe says:

    The FOX News culture takes p_$$y grabbing to a new level of deplorable. Of course his fans, also Trumpkins, support their men over any of the many women who have come forward about these perverted sick men. Depolorables unite!

  8. mcgwynne says:

    The last time sponsors were threatened with boycotting in the broadcast world was back in the 1950s when senator Joe McCarthy was going after Communists.

    A powerful grocery chain owner from upstate New York started a magazine called Red Channels which listed actors and actresses they didn’t like and thought were Communists and then passed this magazine along to sponsors who promptly withdrew their support of any given radio and television programs featuring people they didn’t like.

    It worked.
    Lives were ruined.

    And the far left wrote books and pamphlets about how evil it was.

    Woody Allen even made a movie about it called, “The Front.”

    Books were written about Communists and how innocent they were.

    Unlikely heroes were made of the Hollywood 10.

    It was the first time we heard the term ‘witch hunt’ coined by the leftist playwright Arthur Miller for his play “The Crucible” and which witches were innocently condemned.

    There were no witches of course but over time since the release of the Venora Papers it seems there were Communists and plenty of them.

    It seems now the left has embraced past wrongs by the right proving once again you become the thing you hate.

  9. Timely Comment says:

    I think Bill O’Reilly after doing Glen Beck’s radio show should be on Rush Limbaugh next…

    Then the whole FOX ‘hit squad’ fair-and-balanced opinion could be ‘ditto’d by all those Republican/Conservative listeners for their agenda fix!

  10. Jeanine says:

    I’ve listened to GB and all I can say is I have to question this allegation about Bill O’Reilly. Like anything else, they did it when he was on vacation in Rome to make it appear like he was trying to side-step the issue. He has done a lot of good and to go after Jesse Waters just shows there is a witch hunt.

  11. Steve says:

    Serial harasser says what?

  12. MaryMitch says:

    He won’t take legal action; he’s been given a severance that is more than was paid to all his victims combined.

    Calling it a “Hit Job” and blaming “the far left” is ridiculous, but of course O’Reilly will never take any blame for his actions.

  13. Jane Kuchenbecker says:

    I like Bill O’Reilly and don’t believe his accusers. I want him back on Fox News!

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