Women’s Group to Demand Fox News Fire Bill O’Reilly at New Protest

Bill O'Reilly Scandal

Women’s group UltraViolet will demand that Fox News fire long-time network anchor Bill O’Reilly at a protest planned for this week in New York outside Fox headquarters, the group announced on Monday.

On Tuesday, April 18th, Ultraviolet will lead the protest with survivors of sexual assault demanding that the network fire O’Reilly in light of recent sexual harassment allegations. The group will also deliver a petition they say has been signed by more than 140,000 people calling for the network to fire O’Reilly. In addition, the group has commissioned a plane to fly around Manhattan with a banner reading “FOX: #DROPOREILLY, THE SEXUAL PREDATOR.”

“Fox News has a problem with sexual assault – and it’s bigger than just Bill O’Reilly,” said Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet. “For years, Fox News executives have provided cover for Bill O’Reilly’s systematic harassment and abuse of other Fox New’s employees – making it hard to take their promises to investigate such crimes seriously. Fox News needs to prove to the public – and its advertisers – that the era of covering up sexual assault is over. That means – firing Bill O’Reilly immediately and conducting a comprehensive and independent investigation into sexual abuse at the network – firing anyone involved in, or complicit in covering up, those crimes.”

O’Reilly has been under fire since a New York Times report surfaced stating that five women had received payments coming to about $13 million in exchange for agreeing not to pursue litigation or speak about accusations related to sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior by O’Reilly. O’Reilly in a statement said his fame had made him a target, but that no complaint about him had ever been made through Fox’s human-resources hotline.


Bill O'Reilly Scandal

With Bill O’Reilly on Vacation, Advertisers Still Avoid Fox News’ ‘Factor’

A large number of advertisers have announced their decision to suspend their ties with “The O’Reilly Factor,” including Jenny Craig, GlaxoSmithKline, Mitsubishi Motors, BMW and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, who have all moved ads slated to run during “Factor” to other Fox News programs. Last week, O’Reilly announced that he was taking a vacation, but that it had been planned long before the recent controversy. He is expected to return to the air on April 24.

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  1. Rachael says:

    Couldn’t agree more with both Dale and Barbara. I’m sick of this whole issue when there are so many more important matters. I don’t buy it either, it was/is all about money. And how ironic the timing of all these *allegations*. I hope Fox suffers the loss of viewers and realizes their mistake.

  2. Dale says:

    I hope Fox News drops dead too many women cry babies out there this country has more things to worry about then some flaky women AKA nuclear warheads on North Korea

  3. Barbara Knight says:

    I find it difficult to believe any woman who would sell out by accepting a settlement. Did
    These women see dollar signs? Not buying it!

  4. ahmad ullah says:

    One should watch out for a man who claimed to be God loving person,but he turned out to be monster.

  5. Mary says:

    I won’t be watching that time slot without Bill Oreilly. Funny women seemed to like it when Bill Clinton did far worst and he was our President. ONly choice don’t even look at women.

  6. Paul Waldron says:

    2 men standing on the sidewalk in any town she is sexy looking one man rich the other homeless they both have an erection. Both men are thinking with the LITTLE HEAD>

  7. britsunited says:

    He’s a mean, self centered bigot. Hope he never comes back

  8. If he really did sexually harass those women, he should be criminally charged and let a court decide the facts, it sure seems the media is attempting to destroy every conservative that has a platform, where were they when billy clinton raped several women and abused many? Just wondering…good grief..

  9. Matt says:

    This entire story is horseshit. The progressives are attacking anyone who disagrees with their warped opinions because they are fascists. Fox is the only media outlet that leans to the Republican side and they have been trying for years to destroy the network. They have 90% of the media,countless websites, classrooms across America, and many billionaires (like George “Nazi supporter” Soros) supporting their causes, yet most people still cannot swallow the Propaganda they are trying to force feed us. The progressives are failing, so they resort to legal attacks motivated by cash and protests paid for by Soros. Piss off. I’ll be watching O’Reilly tonight with a smile on my face because Democracy still exists in the US. Have fun protesting progressives because only easily manipulated people buy your platform.

    • Steve Wilson says:

      So Matt, given that both ‘sides’ are having the exact same debate, do we not equally hold Fox news accountable for truth? They are complicit in their lies about how the Economy functions, the Federal Reserve, the Banks, the Mega Corps, and ALL of Congress given the pollution of money in politics. Isn’t that the greatest sin of all (for Money over Humanity)?

  10. Can’t stand Billy for 30 seconds, but for the love of Pete let’s get a grip!

  11. Jim LaForte says:

    “Victims” who allegedly agreed to meet at his home after hours. Hmmmmm.

  12. Jim LaForte says:

    Ridiculous. Period!

  13. Sonia says:

    While I do not approve of sexual harassment toward anyone, the fact that payments were made without
    a trial could indicate that it is better to let something be put at rest and that it go away because any litigation is not going to be good for publicity. Whether it was true in this case, I don’t know, but I do believe that if these women were so damaged, then, they should not have taken a settlement and brought legal charges. it seems that greed was the deciding factor here and not the alleged act. And, sometimes just telling a woman her dress is becoming can be construed in this charged-up world of today as sexual harassment. Women should start looking at the behavior of their own partners, whether it be husband, or a significant other. Do they make comments when a sexy woman is on the TV screen? Do they gape at other women? Do they try to make a point of being close to a pretty woman? Do they ask you to dress like a particularly sexy actress? These are just some points. And, these are committed men or others while O’Reilly, I believe was probably either divorced or separated. Witch hunts are never good. If they were really damaged and wanted justice, then, they should not have raken the settlements whether it was true or not.

    • Steve Wilson says:

      Sonia, you are so very correct about what we accept from our loved ones. However, is it our place to judge acceptance of ‘payment’ versus ‘justice’ … what if our versions of Justice differ?

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