Bill O’Reilly: Conservative News Outlets Likely to Pounce Post-Fox News Ouster

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly was on his way to the airport in Rome on Wednesday when he found out Fox News had decided to let him go. The details of his departure have yet to be worked out, and he was not yet thinking about his life after Fox.

But when he turns his attention to his future, he will have no shortage of options. Though his sexual harassment settlements may pose an obstacle, O’Reilly’s loyal fanbase presents a major opportunity to conservative networks looking to grow their audiences.

“Our management here is obviously discussing it,” said Charles Herring, president of One America News Network, a conservative cable channel that reaches 35 million households. “Clearly he’s built one heck of a brand. Clearly there’s been accusations that need to be looked at also.”


Don Lemon Bill O'Reilly

Don Lemon Suggests Bill O’Reilly Come on His Show

Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax, said he would be “very open to talking” with O’Reilly about joining the network, which reaches 10 million homes via cable and broadcast.

“I think some of the allegations made against him were serious, but he’s never been convicted in my mind of anything,” Ruddy says. “I think he still remains a very hot property in the media word.”

Either option would be a step down from Fox, which reaches 100 million households and paid O’Reilly $20 million a year. But Ruddy argues that the “fraying” of Fox News has created an opportunity for other conservative outlets.

“I think there’s a lot of players willing to invest,” he says.

O’Reilly, 67, also has enough of a profile that he could strike out on his own. After parting ways with Fox in 2011, Glenn Beck launched a TV and radio show on the Blaze, his multi-media platform. The Blaze has reportedly reached as many as 300,000 paying subscribers and is available in 13 million cable households.

“I think it’s harder than it looks,” cautions Scott Baker, the site’s former editor-in-chief. “Obviously O’Reilly is in a position to do better at that than nearly anyone. But we’re talking about people at different life stages. The question will be how much does he want it.”

“My guess is he loves that idea of being America’s anchorman,” Baker says. “Revenge is a powerful motivator. But having to build something from the ground up, it puts you in your place a little bit.”

A less strenuous option would be to launch a podcast, which he could do from his own house for minimal cost. Nancy Grace, who left HLN last year, now does a daily Crime Stories podcast.

O’Reilly already has a “premium membership” plan on his website. Subscribers pay $4.95 per month for access to a newsletter, a message board, and the “O’Reilly Factor” archives. The site is rumored to have at least 20,000 paying subscribers, bringing in more than $1 million a year.

O’Reilly could launch a daily podcast or streaming show and substantially grow the premium subscriber base.

With relatively little effort, he could replace much of his lost earnings from Fox.

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  1. Danielle F. Marin says:

    Penny Lundeen, I just read your comment from back on May 1st of this year. Do you not have the One America News Network channel currently? I have Verizon Fios & discovered OANN just a year ago. Prior to that, I had Comcast/Xfinity for 13 years. To this day, I don’t believe Comcast/Xfinity carries OANN, at least not yet. I can give you a very fair assessment of this channel as far as getting good, legitimate, unbiased news goes – they are truly the real deal & the ONLY news channel I watch when I want to know what is going on in this country & world-at-large. Their format, in my opinion, however, is a bit unusual in that all of their anchors are extremely young, including the men. I know it’s common place anymore for just about all news stations, local or national, to have young women with men old enough to be their fathers, which as a woman I find somewhat pathetic & beyond obvious. However, with OANN, these anchors are even younger than the norm. They are also a bit on the robotic side, again, imo. I am 46 & it is somewhat of a deterrent for me. My mother is 76 and she continually tries to give this channel a chance but she can’t get past all of the young anchors, as most appear to be in their early 20s, barely. There is an oddness to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. The best part of OANN is Graham Ledger, who is one of the hosts with his own show. He is the seasoned vet of the station, I am assuming, as he appears to be in his 40s. He is extremely conservative but without being uptight or stuffy. He is very honest & you get a feel for his personality in the way he delivers his commentaries & interviews guests. It’s extremely refreshing!

  2. Penny Lundeen says:

    Please hurry with the new network! Fox and Friends and Hannity are all I can watch anymore! We desperately need a conservative station that tells the truth.

  3. Lori says:

    …And yes, you called it, Bill O’Reilly has his own podcast on his Membership Network. I became a Premium Member. He is the best and I am going to support him, as all his viewers should. Keep up the fight Mr. O’Reilly!

  4. Cindy says:

    In one breathe, “I will never watch FOX again!” Next breath, next will be Sean Hannity-Jessie Waters- Gregg Gutfiedt…..Someone needs to stand behind them! Really? How about the YOU stand behind them. If you back down, you hand the most watched station to the left.

  5. Ski Piotrowski says:

    What or where Bill O’Reilly goes , I will be watching. And NOT watching Fox Network except for Hannity. He’s the only one there that’s worth watching.
    The Liberals will probably come after Sean next. Someone needs to stand up to them!

  6. Al stevens says:

    Long live the KING OF NEWS. The only man the far left and the far right Hates. The hell with fox news i will no longer watch your programs and i have been watching 10 years. Oreilly and the Blaze is a match made in heaven. Beck and Oreilly are gold together. Be careful what you wish for media you could eventually see a Brck,Oreilly,Hannity and Savage network with a limbaugh. It be 10 million viewers a nite

  7. Ruth Coffey says:

    I am very disappointed in Fox News that they have let their best news broadcaster go. I will not be watching Fox News anymore unless they bring him back. I hope he starts his own show – I will be watching even if I have to pay for a membership. Good Bye Fox News!!!

  8. Ella Howell says:

    As a result of Fox Terminating the VERY BEST “OLD SCHOOL MAN” & provider of HONEST news, BILL O’REILLY, I have TERMINATED all CONTACT with Fox…………Cable,internet etc. A terrible LOSS for our country & me personally.



  9. mjweir0317 says:

    There are times when I really wish we could just package up these bitter racist misogynistic ignorant religious kooks and send them off to their own island so the rest of us can live in peace. Or looking at the state of the world, maybe the rest of us should just leave. We’re a smaller cohort.

    • Nga202 says:

      The liberal nuts have their own safe space in CA, but it’s still too close.

      • Danielle F. Marin says:

        mjweir017, you make an excellent point. the only thing i feel differently about is that i would rather THEY be the ones to leave OUR country. with their criminal & treasonous attitudes, they do not deserve to live in this country, as they are against everything in which the United States of America is supposed to be about & stand for. with the disgusting, undeserved, and in most cases illegally-begotten funds they possess, it would be far easier for them to get the hell out & set up another corrupt camp some where else, far, far away….

    • Wickham says:

      They probably feel then exact same way about you and your kind.

      • JoeHTH says:

        Nobody with any sense cares what they think or feel. They’re scum with no morals to speak of.

  10. Alex says:

    It’ll be over for him if he ends up at GQ spewing lunatic rants with Keith Olbermann

  11. Jim Randy says:

    Well of course. Sexual predators will always look out for their own. I’m thinking he and Bill Cosby will start a Network.

  12. mascondante says:

    Thank you for writing this fair and informative article.

  13. tina holland says:

    President Clinton dId the same and he still rocking and rolling with the public. The women had a choice, yes or no or leave me alone.
    It’s all about money

    • I will be boycotting Fox News as well as the companies that do advertising with your company! I can get my news from other sources! It is clear you have been pressured and perhaps paid money by the shadow government!

      • Ski Piotrowski says:

        Tommy is an IDIOT.
        I would like to see a list of the advertisers who left fox over this farce.

      • JoeHTH says:

        Tommy, you don’t even know Linda, so you don’t know diddly squat.

      • Tommy says:

        Linda,…Your careers going downhill….you’re broke, you have no money anyway, so it just doesn’t matter what you do.

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