Bill O’Reilly Says He Wants to Make Appearance on CNN

Bill O'Reilly
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Trying to figure out Bill O’Reilly’s next TV home has turned into a cottage industry: Might the former linchpin of Fox News Channel’s primetime lineup move to Newsmax? A deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group? The conservative-leaning One America News Network?

The answer, as it turns out, is CNN – at least temporarily.

O’Reilly indicated during a streaming video-cast on his own Wednesday evening that he intends to visit the CNN weekend show hosted by Michael Smerconish after the publication of his next book, “Killing England,” slated to be released in September by Henry Holt.

A CNN spokeswoman who represents “Smerconish” said a date and time for an appearance have not yet been confirmed. A spokesman for O’Reilly could not be reached for immediate comment.

The appearance, if it were to take place. would be O’Reilly’s first on CNN, with which he competed for years while anchoring Fox News’ 8 p.m. slot. O’Reilly and Fox News Channel parted ways in April after advertisers defected from his long-running “O’Reilly Factor” in the wake of disclosures of financial settlements made to women after they levied charges of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior at O’Reilly, who has said he was targeted due to his fame.

Clearly, the popular host is eager to appear on video more regularly. O’Reilly unveiled his CNN intentions while in the midst of a first streaming video for his website. During the half-hour program, O’Reilly, clad in suit and tie, interviewed both Smerconish and columnist Ruben Navarrette via Skype, weighed in on the crisis swirling around North Korea, offered some thoughts about Brian Williams and NBC News, and answered letters from fans of his podcast.

O’Reilly has some work to do to match the look and feel of his old home. A Skype connection fizzled while Navarrette was speaking, and the absence of regular graphics was noticeable as the host read his viewer letters aloud. But O’Reilly also seemed looser than when he hosted his Fox News show. His interviews went longer than a typical segment on cable TV might allow, and he appeared to enjoy speaking more directly to his viewers.

The videos aren’t free. O’Reilly is running a subscription-based website, and his goal, as he explained to viewers Wednesday, was to get more people to pay for an annual subscription for his content. “This is designed to bring everybody into the premium membership fold, and spread the word,” O’Reilly told viewers. But the web shows are expected to be made available to a wider audience at some time after their initial broadcast.

The new program even has a few commercials. In the middle of the half hour, O’Reilly unveiled spots for his theater tour with comedian Dennis Miller, as well as his array of books. At the end of the program, he hawked High Bar Shirt Co., the manufacturer of the white dress shirt he wore on camera. He hoped viewers liked the format – and solicited feedback. “This is essentially what we are going to try and do – I think,” O’Reilly said. “Anything could happen.”

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  1. Pat Ireland says:

    Who would pay for this blow-hard’s opinion on anything?

  2. Oh how I wish this interview potential interview were going to take place with Rachel Maddow.

  3. jack says:

    I want the Packers to fire McCarthy, My grand daughter wants a pony and my son in law wants a new boat. Not going to happen.

  4. george johnson says:

    It will be called Bill’s Hot Chocolate Hour…

  5. Blofeld says:

    Only if he faces off with Keith Olberman in a point, counter point format. Yeah.. that’ll happen.

  6. mary blasy says:

    He’s a PIG OF MASSIVE PROPORTIONS and I willnot be watching.

  7. George Connelly says:

    Oh great. CNN finally dumps Comrad Lord and now this a$$hole wants to invade the airwaves again?
    Go away, Bill. Stay away Bill.

  8. John Greenberg says:

    Really great – this scum is accused of sexually harassing women than gets his own show? Where is the justice?????? Women’s lives matter!

  9. Please not!!!… Thank you!

  10. Eric Mills says:

    This self-righteous, condescending old lech should not be allowed on TV ANYWHERE.

  11. Oc Lewis says:

    The location of a skunk doesn’t change the bad smell of its spray. A differ microphone is not going to change the useless information he shares with the un- inform.

  12. Kevin Goss says:

    I miss seeing Bill on Fox. One of the few people that tells it like it really is. If the media had more people like him, this country would be much better off. We would be receiving accurate and truthful information.

    • Mahatma Flanders says:

      Bill O’Reilly has no frickin’ clue how “it” really is let alone what “it” is in the first place, unless “it” is whipping up hatred, fear and reactionary ignorance among the ill-informed.

  13. cadavra says:

    Well, now that they’ve finally given Jeffrey Lord the boot, there’s a space open for O’Reilly’s sorry ass.

  14. Don’t give this Sleazeball any air time.

  15. geri313 says:

    Ugh. Let him retire and write books.

  16. SMS says:

    And CNN continues it’s race to the bottom.

  17. tommariner says:

    You know the price of O’Reilly flogging his book will be a withering questioning about the “sexual” allegations.

    I can’t wait for Bill to be over his contract period so he can buy Fox News from those idiot Murdoch kids for pennies on the dollar. Then hire back Greta and Megyn, pay them even bigger bucks and regain the title of the most watched news channel on cable.

  18. John Sellers says:

    Why doesn’t O’Reilly just proceed into obscurity where he belongs?

  19. Tom says:

    It would seem from the number of financial settlements that O’Reilly spent his entire career making life miserable for his professional female colleagues.

  20. Dunstan says:

    Why would anyone give this serial sexual abuser a second of airtime?

    He is a slug through and through.

  21. Bas says:

    The AT&T Era Begins!!

  22. The Truth says:

    Perfect that O’Reilly will appear on CNN — Trump’s “fake news” whipping boy — plugging yet another book he didn’t write.

  23. 1Ronald says:

    Can’t hurt. CNN has been all over the place since they got rid of Larry King. Viewers never got used to Pierce Morgan sounding like a wounded sheep every time he got excited and tried to get those words out. And then there’s Anderson. Yes, he gets confused at times and struggles to get out what he’s thinking or trying not to think but say what needs to be said. But, still there anyway. So roll out the carpet for Bill. The viewing audience knows him and once this opportunistic sexual hysteria thing dies down he’ll but up and running again. Some of the stuff we like, some of the stuff we don’t. But it is a viewpoint that forces you to think. At least some of us.

  24. Deanna Buchholz says:

    I can’t Imagine CNN is a good fit
    Most fans don’t like CNN

    • John Sellers says:

      No, MacWhine just getting the name right.

    • Dunstan says:

      Deanna, really enjoyed your incoherent post.

      “Most fans don’t like CNN?” Most fans of what? You mean fans of this serial sexual harasser, O’Reilly?

      I love your generalizations. He’s a slug for sure but what are you talking about?

    • mcgwynne says:

      Maybe they will now!

      I will certainly tune in.
      It’s about time CNN Got tugged a little to the right.
      Fox has been drifting Left ever since Ailes and Murdoch Left and somebody insisted on keeping Shepherd Smith and Chris Wallace.

      Maybe a true fair and balanced news media will evolve and get back to basic journalism rather than op-ed pieces and shrill screeds from both sides.

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