Bill Maher, HBO Face Backlash After Host Uses Racial Slur on ‘Real Time’

Bill Maher Real Time
Courtesy of HBO

Bill Maher apologized and HBO scolded him publicly. But will that be enough to quiet the storm over Maher’s use of a racial slur during Friday’s edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher”?

Public outrage swelled following Friday’s 10 p.m. live airing of “Real Time with Bill Maher.” HBO issued a statement Saturday calling the host’s use of the phrase “I’m a house n—–” during an interview with Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse “completely inexcusable and tasteless.” HBO said the remark would be edited out of subsequent airings of the episode. Maher made the comment in jest after Sasse invited Maher to spend a day working in the fields of Nebraska’s farms.


real time with bill maher

Bill Maher Apologizes for Using N-Word on HBO’s ‘Real Time’

Maher acknowledged that the N-word was “offensive” and said he regretted using it. “Friday nights are always my worst night of sleep because I’m up reflecting on the things I should or shouldn’t have said on my live show. Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment,” he said in a statement issued Saturday.

By multiple accounts, HBO has no plans to take any action against Maher, who has been a mainstay at the network since 2003. A source noted that Maher has rarely offered any kind of mea culpa for provocative comments. Most recently, he stood firm in the face of harsh criticism for his decision to have the controversial blogger Milo Yiannopoulos, known for his racially charged online postings, as a guest on his show. The formal apology for using the N-word indicates that he recognizes that a line was crossed, something that was important to HBO.


Bill Maher Real Time

HBO Calls Bill Maher’s Use of N-Word ‘Completely Inexcusable and Tasteless’

But the fury voiced on social media after Friday’s airing stirred up examples of past statements from Maher about Muslims and the LGBTQ community that were widely deemed offensive. ThinkProgress, the editorial arm of the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund, posted an article declaring “Bill Maher has been a public racist for a long time” with links to past clips from “Real Time.”

The anger is an echo of the groundswell that led to the ouster in April of Bill O’Reilly, after the New York Times published an expose on sexual harassment allegations leveled at the Fox News host. It also has a parallel in Maher’s past. Maher’s ABC late-night show “Politically Incorrect” was axed after five years in June 2002 following Maher’s observation that the U.S.’s post-9/11 bombing campaigns against terrorist targets were cowardly acts. The comment sparked advertiser defections from the show — a pressure point that can’t be used in the commercial-free environment of HBO.

But at a moment of great political and cultural strife in the country, inflammatory statements and actions have been the undoing of numerous public figures. Just this past week, Kathy Griffin was forced to apologize amid a tidal wave of criticism from both the right and the left when she posed for a photo with a prop depicting President Trump’s bloodied, severed head. Despite her apology, that stunt quickly cost Griffin her gig co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper.

For Maher, another damaging video clip making the rounds on Saturday is an interview with comedian Wayne Brady from HuffPost Live in 2012, after Brady and Maher tangled over the latter’s assertion that Brady was a “non-threatening black man.” Brady said the comment indicates that Maher has a stereotypical view of black men as menacing.

“When I talk to you again, I’ll give you that black dude and I will beat your ass in public,” Brady said of Maher in 2012.

Maher and “Real Time” have long been highly regarded in industry circles for the host’s willingness to confront thorny issues. The show earned consecutive Emmy noms for best talk-variety show from 2005 through 2014, and was nommed again in 2016.

Reaction from viewers and industry insiders via social media to Maher’s comment was, not surprisingly, fast and furious, and overwhelmingly negative. But Maher does have prominent supporters, such as author and Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson.

Dyson condemned Maher’s use of the N-word but defended his record of offering a platform to an array of African-American perspectives on politics and culture. “Given the Bill Maher I know, he will use this opportunity to strengthen his role as an ally to black people,” Dyson wrote.

Spike Lee, meanwhile, had mixed feelings about the comedian.

“Oh, him using the n-word? I think it’s problematic. I’ll leave it at that,” he told Variety at a Brooklyn event on Saturday. “I like Bill Maher, but I don’t know if he should have used the n-word.”

Here’s a sampling of more reactions:

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  1. Kathleen Smith says:

    The best way to end his bigotry is Boycott his sponsors. End the source of funding.

  2. Bob says:

    omg he said a word. What Wayne Brady can make an entire career off pretending to be white, but bill Maher (an actually funny comedian) can’t be black for even one second. Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyggg

  3. Phyllis Mae says:

    Words used carelessly, as if they did not matter in any serious way, often allowed otherwise well-guarded truths to seep through.

  4. Lori Hansen says:

    Seriously annoyed at this. Why do Liberals continue to walk into this purity trap. For God’s sake his intent wasn’t malicious! We certainly have earned the title of Libtard. If HBO fires Maher they damn well better scrub what they air of any racial slurs or racist content no matter the artist or actor. If they sever ties with Bill Maher I’m cancelling my subscription. He is one of the few reasons I have HBO.

  5. If you are a continuous watcher of Bill Maher you would realize that the totality of his persona is not reflected in one out of context comment. Sarcastic yes, also unfortunate, but not reflective of his character nor the constant positions of his show.

  6. Rico Mandog says:

    Politically correctness of steroids! First off I love Bill Maher so I’m quite biases and I’m also not black, but it seems like this N-word stuff has just gotten crazy. Some blacks use it like some whites use the word “man”, “Hey man what going on, cool, all right man, I’ll talk to you later man. Now replace ”man” with the N-word. I mean this stuff is just getting stupid. Also Bill Maher’s called himself the word “I’m a house N…” and immediately said he was joking. On top of all that, this is BILL MAHER, the guy gave a million dollars to our first Black President, he has more minorities on his show in one week than Fox News has on in a month. In my world he gets a pass and does not even need to apologies. I’m pretty sure any black person who knows him would also agree. Also if the word “black” is now offensive too, feel free to replace it with African American. Although I don’t understand that piece of PC either, as all Blacks are not from Africa…

    • Lars Timson says:

      “his is BILL MAHER, the guy gave a million dollars to our first Black President, he has more minorities on his show in one week than Fox News has on in a month. In my world he gets a pass…

      Of course he gets a pass by you. You and your liberal friends give passes to fakes like him just because he preemptively gives time and money to those he considers below him. You can’t see how transparent he is, just like you can’t see how the politicians you vote for pretend like they want to help people they consider below them.

  7. Jimmy the Greek says:

    Believe me, HBO will fold this week.

  8. Bliz says:

    Whiny overdramatic pc liberals totally raking comment out of context and out of character. Maher shouldnt even have to apologize for anything. Hes also a known controversial shock comic for three decades and live on HBO at midnight on a friday

  9. Tony! says:

    Mr. Dyson says:
    >>Dyson condemned Maher’s use of the N-word but defended his record of offering a platform to an array of African-American perspectives on politics and culture. “Given the Bill Maher I know, he will use this opportunity to strengthen his role as an ally to black people,” Dyson wrote.<<

    Given his comments about blacks in the past, how much support do you think a man with these unchallenged, unexamined implicit racial biases can possibly have? That's on top of him being a libertarian, bc that reality challenged political ideology is rife with racism.

    • You don’t like libertarians? You just truly be a freedom hating piece of crap. It must be sad and pathetic for you to live your life hobbling along using the crutch of ‘racism’ to explain away your own shortcomings and failures.

      I suppose if you ever really had a good dose of reality, you would likely run straight to the kitchen and swallow a bottle of Drano in total panic.

  10. Brian O'Neill says:

    Well, I have to laugh when I hear so much protestation over Bill Maher’s use of the n word last Friday night. Michael Eric Dyson says it should be reserved for black use. I guess that means black use by self-hating Black people. What other kind of Black person would use this ugly, loathsome word. But wait, was it okay for Larry Wilmore to say to the first Black POTUS: “You my n___a”? Because Wilmore is Black it was okay to say that insulting thing to Obama? Black skin allows this sort of disrespectful delivery of the n word in a PREPARED comedy bit by Wilmore and Maher, of the Caucasian persuasion, AD LIBS a line and the end is near? Bulletin: this just in….HBO FIRES BILL MAHER = WE FIRE HBO!!! IN A NY NANOSECOND!!! PROMISE. HE IS THE ONLY REASON WE SUBSCRIBE TO HBO. Furthermore, Bill Maher is the only person (that I know of) on all of TV who has spoken frankly and openly about Islam and its relationship with the Islamist terrorism making the rounds these days. I have no idea about his LGBTQ comments, but since he is a Tinseltown guy I am willing to bet he has a gay friend or 6. Just guessing. We can’t get enough of the hilarity he puts out each week. I laugh at his show more than any other (ok, maybe “The President Show” is funnier, at times) and his panel gets into real, important issues and his guests are top notch. Michael Eric Dyson is correct in saying that Maher is a strong supporter of black civil rights and all things toward equality for Blacks. He even gave $1,000,000 to the Obama campaign. How much did Al Sharpton give? He’s got some pretty nice TV money coming in now. Did he ever pay what he owed in that Tawana Brawley scrap he was involved in? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” That goes for Al Sharpton and all the other holier than thou folks out there, black and white. Michael Eric Dyson apparently knows how important forgiveness is as a fundamental ingredient of Christianity. Forgiveness is given to friends and enemies alike. A friend of black people like Bill Maher should be close to the top of the “people to forgive right now list”, IMHWO. Peace to all on Earth. Right now.

  11. Mark Spiegel says:

    If the term is voodoo, why do I hear it so much from black people? You can’t have it both ways, either it’s a word to not use or it is a word people use. Blacks choose, other will follow suit.

    • Lori Hansen says:

      I have incredible respect for Michael Eric Dyson. Ironically, the only reason I know of him is because of the platform Bill Maher has given him over the years. However; I strenuously disagree that it is ok to keep the word in the Black lexicon but its use is taboo for anyone else. I suspect the reason the term in that context so easily rolled off Bill’s tongue is he has Black friends and they freely call each other that. I too will be done with HBO if they fire Bill Maher.

  12. Dr. Anti Gmo says:

    Yeah…. only house nig***s can call each other house nig***s…. because the term is SOOO offensive it should never ever be said by any human in the world ever. It reminds each and every african of when they were enslaved…. wait; none of the ones alive today were ever enslaved, I mean besides by ignorance and poverty. And by the demon-rat-ic party and their own community leaders who NEED them enslaved to the dole in order to keep the power exactly where it is.
    Now: Their great great great grandparents MIGHT have been enslaved by chains of iron…today’s house nig**s are enslaved by themselves.

  13. Chris Miller says:

    Bill Maher like a lot of Hollywood elitists as well as uppity overdramatic race baiters of Washington ,CNN and others.. follow a very easily spotted racist inclination.. call everyone else a racist to camouflage what is inherently in you

  14. As long as blacks use the word and tell whites they don’t have the same right to use it, it will be used by all people of every race. You can’t fight for equality and tell others they aren’t equals. Stop using the word completely, or stop whining like a broken hearted little school girl when someone else uses it.

  15. The Truth says:

    Stupid crackers, when will you ever learn. There’s a double standard out there you know.

  16. Buzzby says:

    Did Bill Maher refer to anyone else by a pejorative term? No. Did the remark make comedic sense in the context? Absolutely. I am truly unclear as to what all the excitement is about. It’s 2017. I would hope that we’re beyond getting flustered by the use of a word taken out of context.

  17. So. Blacks say it it’s fine he says it in a joke about himself lets fire him get real keep keepin on bill!!!!

  18. Jay says:

    Am I the only one reading the part about Wayne Brady basically defining a hypocrite lol yea shitty word. It’s a word. Wonder how many people died too soon today …. hmm. Mahr is annoying and I wish he was gone, not because of this though. If there was one word that allowed for people to get offended, it’d be the ‘N’ word – but in the “name calling derogatory way. Yes it’s 2017 and I’m white. I’m still allow to determine when the context is offensive or not. Pick a white slur, I’m sure any of you can magically do the same. So he said he BS apology that everyone knows is fake… can we move on now? Ppl are too thin skinned these days. Yes calling someone that-still bad. Context context context. Grandmother was black if that helps anyone here, looked white as a klan hood though. lol thicker skin people.

  19. Saddened Observer says:

    Indicted, tried, convicted and executed by the fascist social media.

  20. Kent Price says:

    Listen, enough is enough. This racist has been in the closet for years and has been wearing a liberal cover so nobody would know his true colors. HBO needs to sweep him out and get their cred back. I am cancelling my subscription to HBO until I know this pig is gone. The world needs to get rid of jerks like this, once and for all.

  21. Peter Bourne says:

    While no one should ever use the stupid word and the loud protest of it’s use is extremely important and appropriate, the REAL problem remains Donald Trump and his brain-dead cult following of complete idiots.

    Armed with their idiotic belief that race is real (it is not as every scientist in the world has been screaming at the top of his and her lungs for over ten years that the idea of race is a complete lie) and that they are being victimized by African-Americans, Asians and Latinos becoming more equal than ever, Trump’s blind cult following have committed acts of violence against half of America’s population based on skin color, language, political persuasion and religion (Jews and Muslims have also been attacked by these insecure twits).

    Bill Maher apologized for being stupid for a few seconds. Trump is dumber than “The Three Stooges” 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can’t even admit when he’s misspelled a word in one of his childish tweets.

    The country (including the Constitution itself) is not being destroyed by Bill Maher. That is being done by the orange idiot sitting alone in the White House; someone that is extremely likely to be taking orders from Russia on how to run America.

    • Stop Hypocrisy says:

      This isn’t specifically about Maher but about the hypocritical double standards of some people.

      I don’t condone what Kathy Griffin did, but I have a question to all those who defend racist comments by saying: “It’s free speech and comedians have a special responsibility to make fun of everything!” When you say that in defense of racist comments, would you also, then say that about Kathy Griffin’s disgusting joke? Would you strongly, publicly defend her stunt? C’mon — I’m waiting. Or how about jokes about sexually abused children? No, most wouldn’t because we understand the pain that those jokes cause. What about the pain of racist abuse? Ooopsie!

      Often, not always, but often, when someone makes a disgusting racist or sexist comment and gets called out on it, their defenders say: “There should be no line. Everything is fair game.”

      Even when they also draw lines. Just be honest and say where you draw the lines. Don’t pretend to be the “honest referee” and say you have no lines when you do. That’s the most dishonest of all.

  22. Bob Sagar says:

    I thought it was tasteful use of the word. As much as I don’t like the term, I thought it was ok.

    I’m more pissed off with his anti-science views on vaccination and his horrible film on atheism (I’m an atheist). Yet. he’s suppposed to push the envelopoe. Of his many faults, I doubt he is a racist.

  23. Joseph Conway says:

    I watched the show and saw the use of the word in a self-deprecating context that made a joke of himself as a field worker. It was more an identification with what once there was than any kind of contemporary racial slur. Bill Maher is comic genius with the satirical wit of a modern day Alexander Pope or Johnathan Swift with no measurable amount of bias or bigotry that I can ever remember seeing, except against downright and general ignorance, or general corporate, government or societal mismanagement. Lighten up and give the man a break. He apologized half way before it came out of his mouth; not because he felt it was an offensive thing to say the way he meant it to be understood; but because he realized that it might be seen as “Politically Incorrect” (May the Heavens Forfend!!) Lighten up America, it’s Bill Maher.

  24. Greschi says:

    I’m not in favor of using such words but then again intent is much more important then the words being used. On the other hand he was using this word on himself so please don’t exaggerate what happened. The fact that Trump reacted to this says it all….don’t play into Trump’s hands and stop being enraged about small petty issues in the grand scheme of what is really going on. Care more about the thing, that was discussed when the word was spoken – CLIMATE-CHANGE!!!!!!

    • mike bloomberg says:

      This is just selective outrage from people who read internet headlines and don’t watch his show. He’ll use the n-word on occasion when making a point and although I always feel uncomfortable when he says it, the intent is not one of ill intent.

      His prior show, when he went after Cornel West for saying Hilary is as bad as Trump and yet countless black children—which Cornel says he cares so much about—are now going to lose their healthcare because of Trump, and would not have under Hilary. That was a great moment. No one challenges their guests like that, and Cornel’s head looked like it was about to explode.

      It would be a shame if a tasteless joke would ruin his show. Of course the irony here is that the very politically correct—would never say a thing to hurt anyone’s feelings—bible thumping Senator Ben Sasse is far scarier to the left than any comment Bill Maher can make.

      • Johnny Edinburgh says:

        He used it to get a cheap laugh though I think thats where the problem lies. Of course no word is unspeakable in the right context but I think using a demeaning and derogatory term, even if he didn’t direct it to a specific person of color, to get a laugh isn’t a good on any level.

        Makes a lot of what he does on his show now very lame as he constantly take the high ground on many issues. His arrogance has now become part of his downfall. Should HBO can him, personally it makes no difference to me as I tuned out to him a while ago as despite finding him interesting to listen to at times I noticed how much of an arrogant elitist he is.

        Him along with most of the other political satirist currently on TV are insufferable blowhards spewing propaganda. Their audiences are full of clapping seals who love being preached to.

  25. Toni says:

    He’s a circus act.

  26. pk says:

    Bill Maher did no wrong

  27. HeywoodInSoCal says:

    HBO = Horifically downplayed Black Oppression

  28. Ben krull says:

    I believe in free speech, he said something very wrong in good taste, but he should have the freedom to be hated by using a slur. Just because we can speak freely doesn’t mean people have to like it. I could call my girlfriend a “c#nt” but and I have the freedom to that it doesn’t mean she won’t try to beat on me or make me sleep on the couch four half the year after I say it. He has left this to the court of public opinion.

  29. HeywoodInSoCal says:

    Bill Maher is nothing more than a racist who uses “humor” to mask his deep seated bigotry. He must be a real hoot at klan meetings

  30. scarletibis1 says:

    A poor choice of words. Then again, it ain’t grabbing pussy is it?

    • HeywoodInSoCal says:

      A “poor choice of words”?… Really?…He he mocked black people by calling himself a “House Ni@@er

      • Darr247 says:

        Apparently you’ve never watched the movie Gone With The Wind, nor read Mitchell’s tome, or you’d have some context for exactly how he said it.

        Next time somebody says “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies” be sure to express the same outrage about black people being mocked (and as Dan Aykroyd would put it), you ignorant slut.

  31. Jay McCain says:

    The n-comment was a bit over-edgy, but the “total outrage”?

    Hilarious. :-D

    • HeywoodInSoCal says:

      if the N-word is only “edgy” then you would use it to talk to a bunch of black second graders?

  32. Someone says:

    This is incredibly unscientific. People who were upset at Maher are far more likely to tweet about it than those who didn’t mind (and there were a lot of people in the latter group who DID tweet about it). Also, using Twitter data only gives you the opinions of people who tweet, which is a tiny sliver of the country. There is not any way to determine how many of the people who protested were viewers, as the article claims and how many never liked or watched his show to begin with (which almost certainly represents the majority of the protesters). If people are going to talk about how the country feels about something, they need to do a scientific poll, not a Twitter eyeball test.

    Finally, the difference between O’reilly and Maher’s previous firing is that those were both caused by corporate sponsors, which does not apply in this case. Being politically incorrect is the entire purpose for this show’s existence, so it’s almost expected that something on the show will be protested almost every week, and that has been the case as long as I’ve been watching.

  33. fjordan says:

    it sounded to me as he was quoting the line from ‘Gone with the Wind’… Where Scarlet tells Prissy to go out and help pick cotton and she refuses by saying that she is not a field hand but a house.. person.. In any case, I despise political correctness and I am sick of the double standard. I don’t believe he was being racist and I not white.

  34. Ed says:

    Bill Maher is ok, I don’t think he’s racist. I think he’s witty and funny at times. But he comes off a little dogmatic, with a kind of a superior, or know-it-all, attitude that I find distasteful. I watch him only occasionally.

    I don’t think its appropriate to use the N word. However I don’t really understand why blacks should be given license to use it! Its offensive, especially when using it in comedy where one has a huge variety of alternative ways to make a joke.

  35. Danson says:

    Kathy Griffin beheaded to the unemployment line. Take that POS Maher with you.

  36. Massie says:

    HBO says “inexcusable” but excuses it by doing absolutely nothing about it. F*** them and F*** Bill Maher.

  37. Marsha says:

    HBO says “Inexcusable, but tune in to Bill’s show next Friday.”

  38. R says:

    Bill Maher…the homely half-wit! He’s only a mental giant to pygmy liberals.

  39. Phyllis Mae says:

    i’ve got a hilarious idea. Have Bill Maher spray paint LeBron James’s house with those very words 😉 He and his kids will definitely get the joke.

    • Darr247 says:

      You mean why doesn’t LeBron spray paint his own gate with those words?

      ’cause Maher called HIMSELF a house n**ger, not somebody else.

      • David B says:

        Phyllis Mae, “co-opting our women, our language and our oppression is just a ploy to make himself seem edgy and hip.” If you promise to stop “co-opting” English, quit “co-opting” US dollars, don’t “co-opt” any of the things created in modern society by White English speaking people, Asian women, Hispanic men, we’ll quit “co-opting” the African culture. Deal?
        Personally, I love what US culture has become. We bring a little from many and make something new. Feel free to go live in a shack somewhere and not take advantage of all the things your White brothers, Asian sisters, Hispanic fathers, Mediterranean mothers have added to our great society. Feel free to continue to wallow in your victimhood. We are a better people with them AND our black citizens. I wouldn’t give up one thing we have to let you create some homogenous carve out of our country for “just blacks” or “just whites” or “just Asians” or “just Hispanics”.

      • Phyllis Mae says:

        Since you don’t mind spraying that word on this blog why don’t you spray N*gg*r on your own house (assuming you live in a house).

      • Phyllis Mae says:

        How about appropriating some poverty. Maher doesn’t get a pass… In fact, that makes his racism disguised as comedy especially egregious. He proved once again on Friday night that he doesn’t care about black people or blackness; we are all just props to him, and co-opting our women, our language and our oppression is just a ploy to make himself seem edgy and hip. Get off of my lawn.

  40. Jon Ashley says:

    I had to work in the projects every day. I was called saltline, whitey, Cracker on a daily basis. Being a white man should I cry foul. No it is part of every day life . It’s just a word . And tell me who is responding negatively right now.Had a hard of life as the Actual ones who were slaves and fought for their rights . They are the true heroes show some respect for them. They were good people . They wouldn’t be posting right now complaining of a word

    • David B says:

      I keep wondering if Gen-X and Millennials have stopped teaching their kids “sticks and stones…”

  41. Steve Warren says:

    It’s no coincidence that two liberal comedians are being pilloried to distract from coverage and conversation about the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, arguably the Presidon’t’s stupidest move to date.

    • HeywoodInSoCal says:

      So according to you…it’s just peachy that a privileged white millionaire comedian mocks black people and their plight, and the other leftist loon decapitated a sitting president in effigy…got it.

  42. bozo says:

    Claiming Maher’s assertion that Brady was a “non-threatening black man” as proof Maher holds stereotypical views is as valid as claiming Stephen Colbert believed every word he spoke on the Colbert Report. Maher’s statement was clearly for the benefit of those who realize the “threatening black man” stereotype is alive and well and absurdly living in the hearts and minds (and voting patterns) of virtually every Trump supporter and Fox News anchor (redundant, I know). If you don’t realize this was satire, if you don’t understand WHY it was humor, you are part of the problem.

    • HeywoodInSoCal says:

      If Maher’s vile utterance is so benign then use the word yourself. In fact, teach your kids to use it.

    • David B says:

      If you grow up somewhere, you are going to create habits, and some of them do not define you, but they do come out of you sometimes, no matter how hard you try and fight to kill them. Does it mean that’s how you feel? Of course not. That’s the difference between US HUMANS and every other animal on the planet. We can DECIDE to try and better ourselves. Re-mold ourselves to something better. I would love to hear how perfect you are. How you never feel fear of something that is completely irrational. Because anyone that can’t admit they have those irrational fears of something, are liars. Everyone is human.

  43. Jon Ashley says:

    Fear God not words

    • bozo says:

      Fear Allah not words. Same thing. Fear dark-side midichlorians not words. Same thing. Fear ignorance not words. NOW we’re on to something useful.

  44. Kek Pistols says:

    None of us HATE as much as all of us HATE. #PraiseKek #KekPistols

  45. bozo says:

    If only Maher had actually denied apartment applications to African Americans based on their race, Republicans would all think he was acting “presidential.”

  46. Thomas Cain says:

    I’m a liberal but I also detest political correctness. Being excessively sensitive about (speech) is one of Bill’s complaints about us liberals and I agree with him. Nothing to see here folks, keep moving along.

    • Susan says:

      I think it’s easy to say that people are being “excessively sensitive” if this sort of thing is never directed at you. Is it too much to ask that he not say the N-word, especially during “banter” with a US Senator? As another poster said, Maher thinks this racial talk makes him seem hip and edgy.

      This has nothing to do with political correctness, which is a meaningless phrase. It’s just common decency.

      • mike bloomberg says:

        Common decency and late night comedians don’t mix well unless you’re of the mindset that Gallagher smashing watermelons is real gas.

  47. Buster Jones says:

    You just can’t trust Liberals to display proper decorum, as we have seen the past couple of days.

  48. Peter Reali says:

    This is the worst kind of political correctness and one of the reasons the Democrats lost the election. It’s ridiculous to have to apologize for such peripheral comment that obviously wasn’t racist. Bill Maher is the least racist guy on TV.

  49. Barbara Nichols says:


    • bozo says:

      STOP SHOUTING AND GO BACK INTO YOUR CABIN, GOOBER! It’s so quaint how you call it a “house.” Your baseless claims of “underlying hatred for African Americans” is not only absurd, but some might call it libel. And claiming any other network should do something because Fox news fired a liberal on the first possible occasion…well..that’s just special.

  50. Steve says:

    It is too bad that it requires some familiarity with the social and cultural context to appreciate the wit and perfect fit of Bill’s replica for the congressman’s provocative offer in defense of Trump voters. Mark Twain would say the same thing, based on my readings…

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