TV Ratings: ‘Big Brother’ Season 19 Premiere Sinks to Series Low, Still Tops Wednesday

Eviction #1 - Cameron Heard ,
Monty Brinton

Big Brother” Season 19 premiered on CBS on Wednesday night, returning down from the Season 18 premiere last summer for the show’s lowest-rated premiere to date, but still making it the highest-rated show of the night.

Airing from 8 p.m.-10 p.m., the season premiere averaged a 1.7 rating in adults 18-49 and 5.9 million viewers. The Season 18 opener, by comparison, drew a 1.9 rating and 6.2 million viewers last June, meaning this year opened down approximately 11% in the key demo and 5% in total viewers.

On NBC, “Little Big Shots: Forever Young” (0.9, 6.5 million) was down in both measures from last week’s premiere. A new episode of “The Carmichael Show” (0.7, 3.5 million) also dipped in both measures.

“MasterChef” (1.0, 3.5 million) held steady on Fox, while “The F Word” (0.6, 2.1 million) dipped in the demo.

ABC aired mostly repeats, with the exception of “To Tell the Truth” (0.6, 3.2 million) at 10.

The CW aired only repeats.

CBS won the night with a 1.4 rating and 5.1 million viewers. Fox was second in the demo with a 0.8 but third in total viewers with 2.8 million. NBC and ABC tied for third in the demo with a 0.6. NBC was second in total viewers, however, with 3.9 million. ABC was fourth with 2.7 million. The CW averaged a 0.2 and 757,000 viewers.

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  1. Angela S. says:

    I for one was very disappointed with this years show. I can’t believe all cry babies and sore loser’s that played this game this year. I was not rooting for Paul to win the game but a guess the hex that Paul put on them completely blinded all of them but Cody. Now Cody that’s another story this guy had no social game at all hated everyone and really had no desire to do any thing unless it had to do with Jessica he did not deserve to be on the show much less in the jury house. His vote along with Mark, Elaina’s,Jason and Alex where all HATE VOTES and should not have been allowed. Big Brother is supposed to be a game based on strategy and manipulation. Paul played this game to the tee and really deserved to win he out played every single person even Cody who new his game but was more interested in an alliance of two with Jessica. The only reason he won the right to come back was to be with Jessica. I really give Cuto’s to Raven and Matt who did not let their emotions get in the way of making the right decisions in voting for Paul. I liked Josh (Meatball) but the only thing I will remember about him is his pots and pans and his silly tune and well he played follow the leader along with everyone else in the house to Paul’s tune. I Hope you review people more carefully before you bring them on BIg Brother next time this was truly a very disappointing season!! All we saw was a bunch of poor sports and sore loser’s. I Guess will have to see if they review comments and make changes I have been with show since it stated but they are becoming very poor in the presentation of this show. Hopefully better luck next show other’s I’m done.

  2. CJ Afflitto says:

    I have been an excited and loyal Big Brother viewer since its inception but NO MORE. This years cast is the worst of the worst. I stopped viewing any of this seasons shows after the vote off of first Cody and then Jessica, these two being the only true players. This cast is a bunch of losers, crybabies, back stabbing and down right DUMB people and not in the usual game strategy ways the game is played. If CBS does not screen their future contestants much better and bring back the caliber of previous shows, then I will delete Big Brother from my DVR for any future shows and I am sure many more viewers feel the same way. How stupid can a group of people be to not see what Paul has been doing. He has played them like the bunch of moronic losers they are. Did they NOT watch his game play last time.. How dumb can any person be to not see everything he was saying and doing was to draw them all into a false sense if security that he was their friend, when what he was doing was setting himself up to just swagger up to the winners circle. He is by far one of the most sly, devious, dishonest and disloyal people ever to be on your show. CBS shame on you for destroying a show that garnered good ratings before and scraping the bottom of the barrel this year. Be warned by your viewers, DON’T DO THIS AGAIN or the show will be history.


    I hope so many punches Paul right in the throat Worst season of Big Brother ever

  4. Amy says:

    Worst season ever! Way to predictable! Why waste 60 minutes when all u need to see is the last 5! Definitely disappointed!

  5. Frances Shipley says:

    I agree with all the rest of the other posts. CBS needs to clean up this show big time. Get rid of the twists, vetoes comps, and returning players. Why was Paul given so many unfair advantages? He’s destroyed the show this year. So tired of Paul and his bullying puppets. If you can’t show the truth on tv of these people’s true natures – their prejudices etc, then the show needs to be scrapped permanently!

  6. Priscilla Oliver says:

    I’m done with Big Brother!! Too much bullying for me. This is a nation that’s cracking down on bullying and you promote it? WOW! You are dipping too new lows!! What happened to strategy and real game playing???? I am so disappointed….this show needs to be taken off the air. ……the sooner, the better.

  7. Doug Clemons says:

    Worst season ever and I am getting very tired of past contestants returning especially Paul. That said Christmas should have been excused from the game when she broke her foot or leg. All other shows like this the person has to leave and all we see is her doing nothing. Next its time to stop all these couple love affairs. Seems it gets worst every year and I am wondering what is next “live sex”. Its time to clean up this show and take it back 15 years when it was good.

  8. Me, Myself & I says:

    Too much bullying from the other houseguest and too many standing by allowing it. Jessica and Cody didn’t’ deserve it and they were not even my favorites. BULLYING IS NEVER OK!! It’s a form of abuse and I’m really surprised the network is allowing it. I don’t plan on watching EVER again. This has to be the worse season ever and in the world we live on today…tolerance of this type of bevahavior sickens me.

  9. Audrey Lewis says:

    Why are you allowing all the bullying. Worst season ever.

  10. Cate says:

    yup I am done with this season – been watching since day 1 of BB. These houseguests are horrendous with the exception of Cody and Jess. Paul is a disgusting, unlikeable guy – he is a Bully with a capital B… he along with his mob are so obsessed with jess and cody – its a joke by now. Bye Bye BB 19 done!

  11. Rebecca says:

    This season is the worst ever! I don’t know why they brought Paul back.No one seems to be playing the game. They are just being puppets for Paul. Josh is the most obnoxious person! Can’t stand to watch his childish antics! So disappointed!!

  12. Dianan says:

    Season 19 is awful. I have been a fan in the past, but I’m dropping them this season. I know it is supposed to be some sort of social experiment, and that those can go terribly wrong. This one has and it is no longer worth the time. Who wants to spend time watching grown babies taunting each other for an hour. It was a huge mistake to bring Paul back to run the house. I hope CBS is reading this – they messed it up!

  13. Mary says:

    Not enjoying this year with all the nasty actions of the players. Also seems fixed as how can all these players trust Paul. You need to do better. Josh needs to grow up.

  14. Christine Moore says:

    To be honest Paul have made the show worst,take him off!!!!!

  15. Christine Moore says:

    Iam so disappointed in Big Brother and I been watch it seen day one,the bully now and not given new people a chance to win the money ,instead you put that loser from last season back on there,yes I mean Paul,he is a mess maker and I don’t like him period,so that’s not fair at all and thought they was gonna have to call security for that show also,when you let Jessica and Cody go throught that stuff in the back yard,all because she want to play the game like she want to,I think Paul should be put off that show & it would be better played,he influence weak minded people to do things he want done and he sit on side line and laugh about,I don’t like how the other people get away with that & I think Christmas should go home and give someone else a shot to win,she cannt play every game &that not fair at all,to the people that compete in everyone,I was think about trying out I pass,that show is wrong in all levels now & race also,two people need to go now Paul & Christmas,if he win it will suck bad.

  16. Pat says:

    I always watch this season is disappointing the people are very mean and imature following Paul. Jess was my favorite, boyfriend is scary!
    Who ever picks the cast needs to not to pick the best boobs ,and the guys should have some leader skills. Thanks for reading!

  17. Eric says:

    Use to like Big Brother, can’t stand it now. Stopped watching last week. I teach my kids to. It bully and act like disrespectful, thugs. The show is promoting it. It’s gotten way out of hand. Time to move on to another show!

  18. Pat Lemimg says:

    What a joke. Big brother should be called THE PAUL SHOW. Only good thing about this season is Julie. Shame on the writers and producers for rigging this season
    Not worth watching any more episodes since Paul, the star of the show, is going to win. The producers will make sure every one in the cast does what they are told to do.

  19. Redwolf says:

    Worst show ever. Cancel it!

  20. Terrie Welch says:

    Have been watching and not at all happy with the attitudes of the contestants. HORRIBLE decision to bring Full-of-Himself Paul back into the mix!!! Cody was absolutely correct in trying to get him out of the game when he had the chance, damn that temptation crap. If Paul would of be out (never brought into them ix), I think the game would of been much, much, much better. It would of been a chance for all of the new contestants to actually compete fairly. Horrible season this year. Hope you do better in the future years. I’m done with this season already.

  21. Dorothy says:

    Not real happy with big brother! No one really stands out this year! Heard about Meagan and was truly upset with the behavior of those two guys bullying her! You better do something quick to help your show! Very foul mouth kids and not very likable! Not all of them but most! This is not what made big brother successful!

    • Freddie says:

      ……..haven’t watched Big Brother in a few years so I thought I would give it another try…..after watching this cast, their comments, attitudes, and lack of empathy for each other, looks like I won’t continue watching…..Bye Big Brother!

  22. Karen Willey says:

    Josh is out if his league, he needs to go home especially after flipping on Mega for no reason. As for the HOH guy, yeah you deserve no respect after you Jerk move. Separating the people into groups of ” insiders and outsiders “, funny cuz everyone who is there own person are the ones you left out. So what is this school where only popular kids get to stay cody. Really… I hate that Megan left, I hope Paul gets cody & Josh out

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