CBS Chief on ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Talks: ‘We Want to Get Them All Back’

Big Bang Theory
Courtesy of CBS

The three lead cast members of “The Big Bang Theory” are in talks to renew their contracts for the show, according CBS entertainment president Glenn Geller.

“We are in negotiations, but it is definitely business as usual,” Geller told Variety Monday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Monday. “We are guardedly optimistic that we will make a deal.”

Geller said that there is no timetable to complete negotiations with Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco to continue on the Warner Bros.-produced comedy. Asked whether the show could continue without any of the three leads, Geller said, “We want to get them all back. That’s the goal.”

When Parsons, Galecki and Cuoco last renewed their contracts in 2014, they each secured a fee of $1 million per episode for three 24-episode seasons. Geller declined to say whether, should negotiations with all three cast members prove fruitful, the network would renew the Chuck Lorre comedy for multiple seasons.

“The Big Bang Theory” remains TV’s most watched comedy, with its season 10 premiere drawing 21.5 million total viewers. The series has generated more than $1 billion since its 2011 debut in off-network syndication, fueling the ability of the lead cast members to command such high salaries. But the 10 seasons in, the show is not poised to generate significant new revenue in syndication for additional new episodes, possibly limiting the ability of the actors to negotiate a sizeable raise.

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  1. BBTFan232 says:

    $1m per episode is a lot just to make this show. I love this show but honestly Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki are the main stars in the show. I look forward to seeing them in the show. Kaley Cuoco however may look good and is ok with the show, she really isn’t that good of an actress. Not to say she isn’t right for the show, it’s just that if you were to replace her with another actress, I don’t think viewers would stop watching, because if you’re just watching the show just because of her, then you’re not a true fan of the show. She’s not what makes it funny, she’s just a supporting actress. So with that all said, if she is what’s holding everything up because she demands more money, then either let her go, or keep it as is. She really does need acting classes. She’s gotten a little better but still same annoying qwerks here and there. I’m sure most people will disagree with me because they think she’s hot, but in my opinion, being hot doesn’t make you a good actress.

  2. sharonspeck87 says:

    Give them percentage of dvd sales, syndication and use of their images. $1mil an episode is plenty. Their greed will destroy the show.

  3. To turn down any offer is to turn down income. This is the peak of their fame and they will never make 24 million a year again. Were I CBS, I’d point this out and offer less. They will be has beens the moment they walk out. Look at how well the careers of the Friends cast have gone. I can’t stand greedy stars,even if I love the show. These are the same people lecturing us on how we should donate to the causes they get paid to promote. They’re not to be trusted.

  4. AJ says:

    Or maybe they can just finally cancel this awful, unfunny show and use the rest of their money to produce actually good content. Maybe.

    • JacksonM says:

      21 million people disagree with you. One of the highest rated shows on TV, but you would cancel it. It’s obvious you know nothing about business.

      • I agree with JacksonM, to a point. The show really is cute but greed is not. If only the actors were nicer people. I’d just assume let their careers die off for the amount of money they want.

  5. Leon says:

    If anyone of those 3 leave the series is over. Also dont be greedy. Either side. Pay the actors and split the profits. Dont be little greedy jerks.

  6. Norma Maddox says:

    They are all getting too big for their britches! They used to make the show but not any more! Raj, Bernadette, Howard, even new baby are much more fun to watch than these too big egos. I love these others, they make me laugh.

    • Alberto says:

      Let me tell you this: if they write Leonard, Penny or Sheldon out, the show will decline in viewership. If they write Raj or Howard out, the same will happen. If they write Bernadette or Amy out, the show will go to shit too.
      I guess they could write Raj out, since’s he’s pointless at this point, but people still would stop watching.

    • JacksonM says:

      What, specifically, has the baby done to make you laugh? Quote a line.

      • Oh come on. It’s called a sitcom. Do you have any idea what that means? It means situation comedy. The baby is a situation for Howard and Bernadette. It’s called grown up humor. I mean, Sheldon’s child like behavior was cute but it’s been done to death. It’s time to move on to maturity, marrying, having kids, etc. There have been plenty of successful shows that made the transition.

        Viewers just need to grow up too.

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