Beyonce, George Clooney Among Stars Set for Multi-Network Hurricane Harvey Relief Telethon


Beyonce, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Barbra Streisand, Reese Witherspoon, and Oprah Winfrey are among the stars lined up to appear in a one-hour telethon set for Sept. 12 that will raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief.

“Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Relief” will air live at 8 p.m. ET across ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and cabler CMT in a roadblock fashion. Country superstar George Strait will appear on the telecast in concert from the Majestic Theater in San Antonio, Texas. The telecast will originate from the Universal Studios lot, Times Square and Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry.

Proceeds from the event will be distributed to a range of charities aiding recovery efforts in Houston, which was ravaged last week by the storm and widespread flooding left in Harvey’s wake. The organizations include the United Way of Greater Houston, Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children, Feeding Texas and the Mayor’s Fund for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

The death toll from Harvey has hit 63, according to CBS News. Tens of thousands of people in the southeast Texas region have been displaced from homes that were damaged or destroyed after days of torrential rain and winds.

Other notables set to appear in live or taped segments include Jamie Foxx, Karlie Kloss, Rob Lowe, Matthew McConaughey, Dennis Quaid, Kelly Rowland, Adam Sandler, Ryan Seacrest, Michael Strahan, and Blake Shelton.

“Hand in Hand” was the brainchild of music manager and producer Scooter Braun’s SB Projects. Braun and Allison Kaye will serve as executive producers along with Den of Thieves’ Jesse Ignjatovic and Evan Prager and Houston-based rapper Bernard ‘Bun B’ Freeman.

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  1. John Kutsch says:

    please have a scrolling text below every billionaire
    as to their contribution and then my $25 might be added.

  2. Kerry says:

    I’m all there for Drake Bey and Oprah.

  3. Bebs says:

    Ok blessing are GREAT GOOD let it happen….stop claiming…ITS all wonderful….you guys

  4. LADY OBSERVIA says:

    Oprah and Beyonce, two of the wealthiest people are soliciting the public to help hurricane victims? What is stopping them from just giving to these victims. THEY WANT MORE FAME AND THEY WANT OTHERS TO PAY FOR IT!1

  5. cadavra says:

    Don’t see any of those “compassionate” conservatives lifting a finger to help, only “liberal elitists.”

  6. Patricia Bickers says:

    Will the proceeds be shared with those in Rockport, Victoria, etc., who also lost everything?

  7. Stacy says:

    What about Beaumont, Vidor, and surrounding areas that were hit hard, as well? Do these contributions reach SE Texas?

  8. Fat & you says:

    No one behind the scene Should be paid to work this telethon as you are there to raise money not shell it out to staff like teleprompters or cuecards when the stars should be talking from their hearts

  9. Chrease says:

    Iris is getting ready to hit. What about them? Its a catagory 5 hurricane. If all give to Texas then does that leave Florida residence to be left in the cold? All in all it is a noble gesture. However, in light of Iris it would be devastating for Floridans to be left with no aid from this fundraiser. Iris will be far more devasting.

    • Liz says:

      Who is Iris and why is she so mad at Florida? Do you mean Irma? Calm down – you know they can do another fundraiser. This is not a competition – geez!

  10. Gill says:

    Just a heads up. These celebrities, especially Beyonce, have always given directly to disaster relief. It just doesn’t often make the front page — not salacious enough. Beyonce, who is from Houston has none much for her hometown but also many places with people who are more impacted by weather events, bad water and drought. Before bashing, just Google. I think that along with the millions these stars have given, the telethon will give folks another way to donate. People love and respect their celebrities and I think it’s a great thing they are giving back. Imagine the outcry if they did nothing…

  11. Sweetcheeks says:

    Instead of donating directly, these extremely rich “celebs” are going on TV to beg average people, who are struggling themselves, to donate? I guess they are so important that their time is donation enough? What a joke! Most average people who are able to donate have made their donations already. I wonder how much of this money they raise will actually make it to the people who need it after all of the “overhead” from this event is paid? God bless the REAL heroes who showed up with their boats, monster trucks and whatever they had to help. (The very same people that these Hollywood types would consider beneath them.). Beyonce, Oprah, George Clooney… They are not the heroes here.

    • Michael anthony says:

      Most have given well beyond what Trump did. The evidence is out there, which you’ve chosen to ignore.

      • Sweetcheeks says:

        Don’t tell me what I have “chosen” to see. I see the reality and think with common sense…as opposed to only seeing what CNN and other MSM decides you should see, which leaves a large amount of people ignorant by not seeing the entire story….thus, allows them to make inaccurate assessments about President Trump and other good people who have been branded “deplorable” by the elite. Trump donated as well as visited to hear the victims first hand. I didn’t see any of these celebrities or self proclaimed “good hearted” liberal leaders travel to personally show their support.

  12. Kenneth Katz says:

    There are some really nasty and angry people posting comments on this site. Wonder what got them all riled up to trash these celebrities? Must be their employment status.

  13. fro says:

    So is this gonna be a tour or something after Irma

  14. johnny says:

    These celebrities need to stay in there million dollar mansions and let the real world figure things out,better yet why don’t they all go to Texas and do some hands on work.Telethon hey free publicity also

    • Kenneth Katz says:

      What’s your problem with mansions and celebs using their popularity and talent to attract viewers to a worthy benefit for thousands in need of assistance to renew their normal lives after one of the most damaging hurricanes in recent memory devastated the Texas Gulf Coast and the 4th largest city in the country?

      Obviously, you never learned the moral concept of “charity” or “helping your fellow man.”

  15. Em Sanchez says:

    It is heartbreaking what happened to Houston but let’s not forget the other communities that were severely impacted by Harvey as well. What’s being done for these areas? Rockport, Tx and the surrounding towns & communities were hit hard with the Cat 4 winds and the eye of the storm that practically ripped those towns to the ground as well as flooded them. I’m also haunted by other communities; such as Port Arthur, Tx, that took to social media to beg for help to save them from rising flood waters. Houston is not the only area that was affected; only the largest one. Houston is part of Harris county but there were 52 other counties affected by Harvey; a total of about 46% of the Texas population. Then there were those affected in Louisiana. Harvey had a major impact on so many people who don’t live in Houston.

  16. Greg Stein says:

    It’s spelled Buoyancy. Read a science book America.

  17. angie says:

    I agree with the person who said “why don’t they just pull out their wallets and give”. They certainly make enough money and if they are so truly moved by the conditions in Houston.
    A telethon hardly seems necessary.

  18. Scruff says:

    To paraphrase Edina Monsoon, these people are skimming a neat profit off of human misery. Secondly, will anyone follow up on where the money goes? Why not have the Beyonce, Georgie and Oprah each cut a check for a billion and be done with it. Sickening.

  19. Paul Pope says:

    Beyonce really, reason enough not to contribute to the telethon !

  20. Johnny says:

    just get you’re checkbooks out,instead of telethon,sorry if that makes you feel like you are part of the real world

  21. SHEILA NIMM says:

    Won’t watch wont contribute because of Clooney..

  22. So what says:

    You know there’s a cat 5 headed right for Miami? How many of these do you have in you?

  23. Ted Faraone says:

    One hour does not a telethon make. It is a benefit broadcast.

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