‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Contestant DeMario Jackson’s Lawyer Speaks Out (EXCLUSIVE)

DeMario Jackson Bachelor In Paradise
Courtesy of ABC

Bachelor In Paradise” contestant DeMario Jackson has been thrust into the spotlight ever since production was shut down on ABC’s dating series, due to allegations of “misconduct” that launched an ongoing investigation by Warner Bros. Television. Jackson is at the center of the scandal along with fellow contestant Corinne Olympios, amid tabloid reports about an inappropriate sexual encounter. Jackson broke his silence earlier this week, saying, “My character and family name has been assassinated this past week with false claims and malicious allegations.”

In an exclusive interview with Variety, Jackson’s lawyer Walter Mosley says his client has suffered because of the recent swirl of coverage.

“This has caused a lot of trauma — both physical and emotional injury,” says Mosley. “It’s been difficult for DeMario and his family. He’s a celebrity for all the wrong reasons.”

Mosley says his focus is on clearing his client’s name, and then exploring any legal remedies. While he declined to say whether he will be taking legal action against the studio, network or Olympios, Mosley did say that a potential case may came after he views the footage from “Bachelor In Paradise,” which neither he nor Jackson have yet seen. “I have requested the tapes and I’m hoping to see the tapes next week,” he says. “The tapes are the real facts needed to vindicate DeMario’s name.”


BACHELOR IN PARADISE - The long awaited fourth season of summer's genre-defying breakout hit series "Bachelor in Paradise" returns on TUESDAY, AUGUST 8 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)CORINNE OLYMPIOS

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestant Corinne Olympios Hires Top Hollywood Lawyer, Claims ‘I Am a Victim’

Given the serious nature of the complaints, Mosley says he supports the investigation, but says he questions the process given that the tapes should provide a clear answer.

“As a lawyer, oftentimes, you’re in a case where it’s a he-said-she-said and there are parties with conflicting stories, and every once in a while, you’re gifted with a story that the entire thing is caught on camera,” he says. “This is one of those rare occasions because they were shooting a reality television show. For 20 or 30 people to get it wrong or to miss something, for seasoned professionals over at Warner Bros. and ABC to get it wrong and for some third party who never saw the tape and who wasn’t on set at the time of the incident to make an accusation — as a lawyer, it’s like Christmas.”

Olympios, who hired attorney Marty Singer earlier this week, says she has “little memory” of the night in question. “As a woman, this is my worst nightmare and it has now become my reality,” she said in a statement earlier this week. Olympios’ publicist Stan Rosenfield tells Variety, “Corinne has not seen the tapes.”

Mosley says he is “not at liberty” to share Jackson’s side of the story, but says “there’s no criminal investigation and we don’t fear any criminal investigation.” He wouldn’t say whether he has heard from Olympios’ camp, but said, “DeMario is not the big fish in this situation.”


Corinne DeMario Lisa Bloom Bechelor in Paradise

Reality TV Needs New Rules for Sexual Consent, Says Attorney Lisa Bloom

Mosley also declined to share Jackson’s version of the night’s events, but he did challenge the timeline. He pointed to Olympios’ statement, which reads, “I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened the night of June 4,” and explains that Jackson was not actually with Olympios during the “night.”

According to Mosley, Jackson’s “very limited interaction” with her happened around 5 p.m. “That’s not at night — that’s early evening,” says Mosley. “If you read the account [in tabloids], they suggest that there were three other people who had similar hookups with Corinne throughout the night, after DeMario — none of which have been perceived like my client has, but those hookups would have happened at night.”

Jackson’s attorney would not say whether his client has been in touch with Olympios since the scandal broke, but says Jackson has her best interests in mind. “He has a great deal of respect for Corinne,” Mosley says. “They were as friendly as castmates could be.”

Before the “Bachelor In Paradise” scandal, Jackson was portrayed as the villain on the current season of “The Bachelorette.” A woman from his past was brought back on the show, and he was ultimately sent home.

Asked if Jackson was put in a staged situation, Mosley says, “I’m sure if you asked him that, he’d say they brought a girl from my past who I never knew and had a few text messages exchanged, but they paid her to come on and say that she’s my girlfriend — she wasn’t. But that’s part of reality TV. You sign up for that, and that’s the producers’ job to find a girl that would come on and do that.”

Mosley would not confirm whether Jackson lost his job this week, as has been reported, but says the combination of “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor In Paradise” has “seriously damaged” his client’s reputation, due to a series of “missteps.”

“It’s been a real joy working with DeMario. He’s super smart, very witty, well educated, comes from a really great family,” Mosley says. “You might read something or see him on ‘The Bachelorette,’ but the first thing about him is that he’s just a good kid from a really good family. He has no record, has never been accused of anything like this, and no one that knows him would ever think he would be in this type of situation.”

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  1. Dwight Love says:

    This is another case of Nate Parker the remix a case of two young ppl who were applied with alcohol now the young woman is claiming rape.How many cases of false allegations of white females have been made against black men in this country????

  2. TTownDweller says:

    Perhaps he has never been caught! You got it wrong he admitted that the woman from his past was his girlfriend & he handled all wrong with Rachael to beg her to give him another chance!! Trouble don’t keep following someone who’s on the up & up!!

  3. Kate says:

    I stopped reading when I read “a prominent and well-heeled family.” Are you kidding? That girl had her family’s support behind her behavior on The Bachelor, which was all just a ploy to make a 15-minute name for herself. Her home visit segment showed a cluttered space and her parents appeared anything but “well-heeled.” This is an opportunist family who will put morals aside for money and notoriety. Just because they HAVE money from their garage flooring business does not mean they are thirsty for more.

    I’m glad there are tapes of this episode – but based on Olympois’ past behavior, and the fact that the producer that came forward wasn’t even there and is her good friend, I feel she will come out of this looking like the hungry famewh&re she is.

    Prominent and well-heeled????

  4. Nj says:

    This is a sad situation and I blame no one but the producers in this as they should have stopped this immediately. To shoot the sex scene it wasn’t like they were gonna put it on the air so why film it. The production crew is the villian in this whole mess, but I don’t hear anyone dragging there name in the mud. Release the tape and lets move on and get the truth out. However, why isn’t the other guys that Corrine hooked up with and had sexual encounters with been named and called out as DJ has???? Is race a factor being the other guys are Caucasian??? This is bullshit!!!

  5. P Anderson says:

    ANYONE who believes Corinne Olympios should just check out her crazy behavior on the recent Bachelor. She literally hounded Nick for the whole time before she was sent home. Whether it was part of the ‘script’ or not, I don’t know, but I do know there’s not much ‘reality’ in reality tv shows.

  6. Young Herschel says:

    This video footage could be persuasive. One contestant on the cast says that Corrine Olympios was just being a sexually aggressive sloppy drunk sorority girl again just like she was on her season of “The Bachelor” from the very first episode and that Demario behaved as most men would if led into a sexually naked tryst by a beautiful fully naked woman who put it in his face as if daring him to kiss her kitten. Corrine even went on to hook up with several other male contestants that very night and initiated each encounter . . . but each of those men are Caucasian so . . .

  7. George Lewis says:

    Corrine is so cute & hot. Love these continuing stories including the repeat pics of her. I’m sure many men instantly fantasize for what Demario (who did nothing wrong) & allegedly others got to enjoy. She seems innocent too (didn’t do anything wrong); a fun loving gal who had fun. Just hoping she doesn’t end up acting out against Demario or others for choices she decided to make (nothing wrong with her choices). It seems both are embarrassed & injured now by the fact that the production company allowed for this story to go public.

    • 1Ronald says:

      Disagree. There’s plenty wrong with Corinne’s choices. Why do you think she now has a lawyer? Why do you think most of the public is now against her? About Corinne being “so cute & hot” yes and no. Look closely at those bikini shots. At 26yo she’s gaining flab and badly needs to start working out before it gets worse. And stop drinking. For good. How much worse will it get? And it will.

  8. 1Ronald says:

    The lawyer, Walter Mosley, speaks volumes. Much is said, much is put on the table, and much can be gained from what is said and is missing. Let’s start with “He’s a celebrity for all the wrong reasons.” No, definitely not a celebrity but a contestant–a known contestant who is considered 50% of the reason the show was cancelled. I would be surprised if any tapes are made available and would only expect this to occur during discovery and we’re not there yet. And, of course, to hear Walter’s take on it Corinne emerges as the villain. Three others after his client’s 5pm tryst or at least involvement? Somehow I don’t see Mosley’s “Christmas” emerging from a free flow of alcohol determining “camera remorse” which ended costing producers a lot of money. And that bit about his client having Corinne’s
    “best interests” and his client’s “great deal of respect” for Corinne, stay tuned. Now, we’re getting closer when he says ““They were as friendly as (castmates, no, drunks) could be.” We don’t need to be reminded that libations are at the root of the problem, among other things. And to hear or read Mosley, his client is the next (or only) “clean Gene” to emerge from the set. But Mosley’s client has taught us one thing. Even if you’re (now) out of work and the cash pipe has stopped the money flow, you DO need legal counsel in this situation–real bad. It’s going to be like a shootout at the OK corral with production money now down the drain and a lot of it at that. All this along with a girl from a prominent and well heeled NJ and south Florida family who once imagined her own reality show emerging from her notoriety on the Bachelor and who some would now cast as an active participant along with a very willing Mosley client. And we get it that the only reason 5pm is not considered “night” is from an attempt to implicate others as the day moved on. It’s enough to make the most well seasoned courtroom veteran yell “Yo!” at what most likely appears some serious litigation on the horizon. You don’t say “they” were “friends” while at the same instance calling Mosley’s “partner,” willing or unwilling, a “Ho.” By the time this is over there won’t be any “friends” emerging from active participation on set and on camera. Nor should there be. This is not the takeaway anyone wants to see, especially with the media attention it has garnered.

    • Frances Webber says:

      I have no idea what you are trying to say. As a lawyer myself, the time does matter. Out of the four men she hooked up with that night, why Demario? One of the men stated she was super aggressive, very coherent-as much as you can be drinking-and was aware. Timing matters. Another person who was there-said she even said hello while she walked past. They all say that after the hookup, she then drank even more heavily, made out with guys before she got too drunk. That’s why it’s important. One beer at 4, 2 beers at 5-you’re ok and prob can remember, then 2 shots at 6, 7,8.. you get it.

      I don’t care where this girl is from and just because you have a lot of money, it doesn’t dehumanize you above all else. From what I’ve read and the clips I’ve seen this “woman” whom has a nanny, is a self promclaimed sex goddess who can get any man with her platinum pus-.
      ABC is so adamant that they have footage of Corrine and Demario the following day not only talking about the hookup-you know, the hookup she can’t remember-but they asked if it was consensual to which they both agreed.
      It was only until the 3rd day when her producer bff “Shelby Adams,” came and talked to her about the hookup. After learning from her-not the tapes, not being a witness-did she inform her that her behavior was extreme and the “spinoff” they had in talks may not fare well by her behaviors and that she took it too far- did she suddenly forget.
      This producer then filed a claim. In any company-true or untrue-a claim such as this HAS to be filed and investigated. How do I know? I own my own firm and my 3rd year in law school, at my internship, I caught my boss taking pics of me while bending over to only say,”oh, I use peoples pics with their numbers in my phone. BULL. He was fired after an embarrassing investigation even where they questioned me whether we had exchange pics. (I’m ranting bc Corrine has utterly made me ill to my stomach-will explain the dire consequences shortly)
      Shelby then told another producer BFF who again is friends with Corrine and was to work on the spinoff-and she filed another claim even though both were not present nor had seen the tapes.
      Now, both women, all friends have unfollowed her on social media, her high PR team has fired her and no one wants anything to do with her.

      These two producers have now regretted filing and each person that was there standard. By Demario and ABC.
      1. Her actions have now tarnished his name even though the police has not charged him (speaks volumes) bc if you read false rape claims the people who were accused will tell you that no one trusts them and jobs only see that. There will always be a question of whether you did.
      2. Now they walk on eggshells, afraid any slight thing will warrant another claim and having a previous one will now be used against them. (Juries can’t unsee or unhear)
      3. She now has made it more difficult for rape victims to be believable. My sister was raped in her room by a roommates friend. She went to bed drunk but had a 2 hour convo before that she can recite-proving he wasn’t drunk as he claims. He told her they’d come home hours prior bc it was boring. She woke up in the night with him having sex to scream and have my brother beat him. The police did not charge him and humiliated her.
      4. If there were no cameras, then what would have happened?
      5. These crimes cannot be an excuse for embarrassment or regret.
      Here’s some questions for thought. Why did she wait three days after? Why did she go own a show where the primary base is to meet someone and get engaged when she has a boyfriend? Why, after hearing from other cast mates the following two days, did she not say it bothered her? How can two drunk people gaged whether the other is too drunk? Why hasn’t she stated anything about hooking up with 3 other people AFTER bc these were all feel up makeouts? If it’s not racial -and I mean this as she is embarrassed that she’s Jewish and made soft Porn with a black man? If history shows that she consistently got drunk and has been very sexual, as stated by a witness, how can you possibly tell she’s any different? She claims physical damage. What physical damage has occurred? If she sat up in the pool and threw her legs around him and told him to eat it, how was that not consent? If she is proven wrong, then should every person and abc sue her for money lost?
      This woman is a fraud to me and blames everyone for her behavior instead of thinking, ” I should respect myself, stop drinking and embarrassing my family.” If this is untrue and they all go after her, she will no longer be the wholesome rich girl from NJ. Trust me I live in Hoboken NJ, where the motto is, “Hoboken, where these rich hos get broken”

      • 1Ronald says:

        You say you’re a lawyer and yet have no idea of what you call “trying to say.” No surprises here. There are many lawyers who got the degree to be a member of “the club” without any substantive ability to perform as a winner in the courtroom. Or even in their office as one this past week reminded me. When she called the house she was incoherent, repeated herself, and didn’t seem to have a good grip on what she was trying to say but did communicate when her phone call was taken in its totality. The filming and production was a huge mistake and now we wait for the payback. Reducing this to race does not save the issue and once all is said and done the race baiters will be standing on the sidelines wondering what happened and how it happened. Olympios is greek. Now they’re saying some Jewishness is mixed in. Doesn’t matter. Most likely it’s who’s the greater opportunist and who took advantage of a bad, really bad situation and probably through adjudication we’ll find that out. Olympios got in over her head, no one there to protect her, and these productions owe a higher standard of protection and care to any and all contestants (no, they’re not celebrities) and any failure to do so including getting caught up in their own prurient interests will create losses that could otherwise have been avoided.

  9. Castro says:

    Protected from what? Initiating sex with men. WOW! Never heard anything more ridiculous. America is just taking all responsibility from women, and the result is whores like this one. Too drunk to consent is the most ridiculous, asinine, outlandish thing I’ve ever heard. It’s been proven over and over again that being drunk is not an excuse for your actions… unless you’re a white woman of course. Just disgraceful

  10. Allison says:

    Pretty sure Ronald1 is Corinne’s dad. All of the evidence so far seems to indicate that Corinne is falsely accusing DeMario of sexually assaulting her. If she thought this would be a good way to protect her reputation, get attention, or collect a payout, it backfired on her. I hope she’s prepared for serious legal consequences if (or when) the investigation is concluded, because so far, the evidence that she’s lying is pretty damning.

  11. 1Ronald says:

    Ann Banks, you can’t even use proper grammar. It is not “she done it.” Go back to school or get a job at McDonalds. You loser. Trailer Park trash. Time for another smoke and some cheap wine.

  12. 1Ronald says:

    Ann Banks, Stop bombing these sites with your lies of how “blue collar Kelly” is still loser and always will be.

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