Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll at Kellyanne Conway Goes Viral

Anderson Cooper Kellyanne Conway
Twitter screenshot/Courtesy of CNN

During Tuesday night’s coverage of FBI Director James Comey’s firing on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Anderson Cooper let slip an exasperated eye roll after guest Kellyanne Conway brought up seemingly irrelevant facts when pressed for reasons for Comey’s axing.

The moment, captured in a GIF, went viral on Twitter, with many stressing how much they related to his sentiments.

Conway, who served as Trump’s campaign adviser and now bears the title of “counselor to the president,” insisted that the only reason for Comey’s dismissal was his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails last year. Cooper wasn’t buying it, and continued to ask her to reconcile Trump’s praise of Comey on the campaign trail with the FBI director’s firing.

“So that person doesn’t exist anymore? Candidate Trump was a fictional character that we are no longer allowed to refer to?” he asked.

Conway prefaced her response by saying she’d “ignore how unkind that was” — which prompted further looks of confusion from Cooper — and then evaded the question by stating that Trump didn’t have confidence in Comey’s abilities. Conway went on to repeat the points in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s letter, arguing that Comey’s termination was due to the lack of public trust in the agency.

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  1. Nathan Redshield says:

    Another reason to not watch TV…

  2. Bob Lavoie says:

    Talk about eye rolls
    Van Jones White Lash is King
    He bounces in his seat shakes his head and eye rolls constantly

  3. Gibberish, gibberish, gibberish…. eye roll. I think he showed great restraint with only one eye roll. And to all the Con comments listed here: I have heard of sore winners before but never sore losers…. you won, get over it and stop your whinny.

  4. Obama says:

    Anderson is a prick: Only Dems can make up Bull.

  5. JOHN PINTER says:

    Just a small dispute between a couple of gals…..

  6. Honest John says:

    Regardless of this personal interchange between two “celebrity commentators”, ONLY a fool / progressive cannot see how the MSM has launched a serious, vicious “hate / fake / spin” campaign against Trump – the CLEAR CHOICE of people that COVER THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE USA!

    Hillary won ONLY the in very few hot beds of illegals and whackos who want to steal the liberties and wealth of the people who DID make this country great – WITHOUT GOVT HANDOUTS – the vehicle the Democrats use to use OTHER PEOPLE”S MONEY / WEALTH / LIBERTY to BUY VOTES – legal and otherwise.

  7. no1 says:

    Anderson cooper is a ridiculous idiot anyway, who cares about his delusions?

  8. z. alexi says:

    Anderson usu wears a stiff face listening to GOP lies for 1/2+ of his show & we’re panting for some guffaws. When Conway, Huckabee or Spicey lies, yelp! We wanna know if either prez candidate is under FBI’s microscope…both Clinton Fnd & Trump’s bulls}{it steaks & “university” were run by slippery fingers to mostly benefit its principals [+ Chelsea & Ivanka].  I voted for neither liar/crook. Another Hillbillary licker~~Dpty AG Rod Rosenstein~~in his 5/9/17 ltr to Trump: “I can’t defend Comey’s handling of the conclusion of Secy Clinton’s email investigation. I don’t understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that he was mistaken.” ‘Universal’? Bernie lovers, NeverHillaryites, women [DJT won women vote], educated people didn’t vote for HC ‘cuz she’s a liar & untrustworthy. Ck the polls, delusional Rod. Guffaws, Anderson…if not, eyerolls will hafta do.

  9. Gary says:

    Anderson is usually pretty fair considering he is on a biased network. It you want a good laugh, watch Don Lemon; he is dumber than a bag of hammers.

  10. Charlene says:

    That’s so professional of you. Disrespect for people with differing politics. You should be fired. You are nothing but a politcal pundit with no respect for the current administration or it’s spokespersons. And as a woman, I think you are a joke on issues that matter to American women. How dare you disrespect Kelly or anyone else. You are a disgrace. If you have any grace, you will apologize publically to her. If not, I will wait for your judgement by our Lord.
    Get some religion.

  11. John says:

    Real professional, Anderson! No wonder CNN’s ratings are down in the dumper!

  12. Richard says:

    Joanne,,,, Open your eyes.. he is the modern day Walter Cronkite.. he has a right to eyeroll at assinine statements
    like any other american

  13. R.L. says:

    i’m not a big fan of CNN or Anderson Cooper. I can see why he rolled his eyes at her comments even though it lacked professionalism. The woman is clearly not well or healthy looking. Her face is emaciated and resembles pictures from “faces of meth”. No doubt she needs to take something as i am sure Trump runs his staff ragged. This pathetic crooked administration will, and is, making it’s own bed, and well, we all know it is just a matter of time before it becomes it’s own demise.

  14. Richard says:

    Is she not the same irreverant woman flopping on OUR treasured White house furniturE with her shoes on.. Eye rolling should have been going on with her months before the election…….

  15. Joanne D Pugliese says:

    I cannot look at him again and think he is a serious journalist. He acted like a spoiled child.

    • CAK says:

      agree Joanne. He is so arrogant and condescending. I am sick of other women participating in or excusing misogynist behavior.

  16. Phill says:

    So, somehow Conway still works for Trump even though she has heavily violated the ethics clause of her job (both pushing the product of an administration member and still running her polling business while being part of Trump’s cabinet). But because the Trump administration controls all ethics, she keeps her job. Comey, however, manages to not find anything past Benghazi in Clinton’s emails but has serious evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 election and is fired by the President who may have been part of the whole Russia thing. Seems completely legit. With how much of a joke this administration is, I’m surprised he only rolled his eyes.

  17. heyitsron says:

    There was a different man on the campaign trail than there is now. As if they were two different people. Not just one contradiction but seemingly on every issue in every direction. We the people have been snookered. The only payoff has been to religious extremists. And Defense Contractors. Big Time.

  18. Laura says:

    I quit watching CNN a long time ago. They are venomous toxic angry people that lie. I tired of their unfair bias during the elections and lack of journalism during the Obama years. Frankly I can’t stand them. Occasionally I tune in to see what they’re saying but can’t stand them more than three minutes ( this used to be MSNBC). I NEVER go there anymore

    • Orwell says:

      CNN? You think you’re describing CNN when you say “venomous toxic angry people that lie.” That’s CNN for you? Not this administration? Trump is… what? Fine?

  19. Ann Oyed says:

    Time for someone to be FIRED. (i.e. Not the female lady).

  20. Dave Rave says:

    If a male reporter eye rolled HIllary, all the liberals would be screaming “sexism”

    • Bob says:

      If Hillary was a dithering idiot maybe you’d be right.

      • CAK says:

        Agree with others who call you out Bob. Like with a cloth? Emails were about Yoga (lol right) and the wedding. Her dodging bullet on the runway (when it was a child giving her flowers. Vast right wing conspiracy. Gag. When is Hilliary NOT a dithering idiot?

      • Deplorable person says:

        She is a dithering idiot. “What like with a cloth”?

  21. These comments are really sad. You came to criticize his eye roll? Really?! Yeah, never mind the person spouting nonsense he was talking to, making it almost impossible not to roll your eyes. Shocking that people are still standing behind this administration. I guess the health care changes/war will have to hit you personally somehow before you wake up. Sad.

    • Dave Rave says:

      Most liberals spout nonsense and hypersensitivity to non-issues; but when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s no biggie. The health care has hit people hard when people who work for a living could no longer afford it…only liberal welfare parasites benefited from Obama care

      • Anne says:

        I say thank God for this administration. The Democrats made up this whole Russia thing and stupid people fall for it. Donald Trump is protecting our country, honoring the military, stopping illegal aliens from coming to our country. They use up all of our Social Security money and welfare. They take Jobs from Americans. Thank god someone has the guts to stop all this madness. Kelly Ann is an intelligent well spoken women who doesn’t deserve eye rolling from an arrogant man.

      • Bob says:

        Oh dave you’re such a card. I can’t wait for the next election so you red hat bedecked slime balls will crawl under the same oxicotin rock Rush did

  22. Is anyone surprised that Cooper is just another talking head carrying water for CNN? If he was a journalist of high ethics, he would not publicly spout his personal opinions on a national broadcast, whether it’s verbal or by physical gesturing. His job is to obtain information by asking questions, even pressing hard if necessary. Doing the eye roll behind those Buddy Holly glasses because he doesn’t like the answer?…only served to lessen his credibility by dismissing the value of the person being interviewed. Anderson Cooper does not exist to represent the country’s views and certainly doesn’t speak for me. When you attempt to shut down your subject with idiotic gestures, you better make sure you don’t need to interview them again! Try doing the eye roll to Vladimir Putin! Ms. Conway has taken a lot of heat from those whose only agenda is to shut down President Trump! She will never resort to cheap shots and is seldom, if ever at a loss for words. That comes from being well informed and well prepared. Whether or not you agree with everything Conway says, she has class and is doing the job she was appointed to do, to voice the policies on behalf of her “boss” and our NEW president of the United States! Lose the horned rims, Anderson. You’re not as hot as you think you are!

    • Bob says:

      Protip nobody believes keLIE ann conlie except people like you who say drumpf has policies and try so desperately to preteND he’s doing the people work while he appoint Goldman sacks executives to rob our coffers. But you sure do look nice in a red ballcap

      • You have a serious problem with spelling and grammar! You’re either illiterate or your keyboard doesn’t like what you’re typing. If you want others to take you seriously, try proof reading your comments before hitting “Send!”

    • Perry Barr says:

      Conway has been an idiot since the beginning of Trump’s run for office. It doesn’t take much to see how out of place on the big stage she is and shouldn’t be considered a factual person at all. She sticks her foot in her mouth every time she opens it. What an embarrassment!!!

      • What ticks me off about critics like yourself is that you resort to name calling instead of challenging Conway’s veracity with your own fact finding! I would respect that, as it promotes an intelligent debate that deals with substantive issues. But no, instead, you went down the same road as Anderson Cooper by calling Conway an idiot who is out of place on the big stage. An IDIOT? An EMBARRASSMENT? Based on what? And what does that mean exactly – “out of place on the big stage?” You are hitting below the belt to cast doubts on a person who has done nothing wrong. What rubs you the wrong way about Ms. Conway is that she doesn’t buckle under the pressure of agenda driven pundits and stays on message. She’s doing her job well, and she does it without losing composure, talking over people or name calling. In other words, a sophisticated professional with the confidence to hold their own in a debate. Publicly demonizing someone through ridicule and name calling is a typical Alinsky tactic – anything to raise (unfounded) suspicion about someone’s character and integrity to sway public opinion. The end justifies the means, right? My guess is that Conway is not the real thorn in your side. Check your calendar…the election is over!

  23. Gobnàit says:

    If Cooper can’t control emotions and maintain a professional composure, he’s in the wrong line of work.

    • Denise says:

      She stays on message….Alternative message! When do we admit the Flip Flop has Flip Flopped? We have a Buffoon in the Whitehouse and alternative Idiot backing him up!

  24. Steven Green says:

    Duck, Donald, Duck!!!

  25. Sam says:

    She probably threatened comey that’s why he’s been acting unusual since he came out in public last summer about her email fraud he knew people would cover it up unless he said something in public directly just to verify to the world he had the info and not keep it in a back room and then oopsi like hrc 50 previous inflictions where evidence was destroyed ohhh. And Loretta lynch would have helped her cover it up.
    Good now we all know and the newbie will indict hrc. Hahahaha. Why is the same car following me around all day.

  26. Sandy says:

    Omg I got fired once for eyerolling a boss, they must have had hidden cameras, anyway they were idiots, the only time i ever eyerolled or got fired
    (the boss told a lie about me in a report. I had more experience than any of them and they were all afraid I’d be supervisor haha I just never went back)

  27. Zizi Milan says:

    The true side of liberals is on display. An eye roll– really? That is what little kids do! And what is it with Schumer and the other liberals who wanted Comey gone. What hypocrites–they are going to spin everything against Trump, even when he does something they requested!!!!

  28. Reader says:

    Mr. Cooper, your restraint was admirable. Most sane people would probably end up pulling their own HAIR out if they had to interview this mechanical Tracy Flick android.

  29. Anthony Stump says:

    Come should be happy he was fired now until waiting for the June 30 – July 2 1934 replay by Trump. Look it up.

  30. Alex says:

    Most press Copper has gotten in years, he made it making an ass out of himself.

  31. Smith Cassidy says:

    Well said, comrade. All news but Fox entertainment is fake, and everybody other than Lord Trump lies. Even the extremely unintelligent know this. Good on you.

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