‘American Horror Story’: Ryan Murphy Reveals Season 7 Will Tackle 2016 Presidential Election

And the theme of “American Horror Story” Season 7 is… politics?

The show’s producer, Ryan Murphy, revealed on Wednesday night that the next installment of FX’s horror anthology will zero in on the 2016 presidential election. During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Murphy said that he’s pulling inspiration from the Nov. 8 election that saw now-President Donald Trump pull off a surprise victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Well, I don’t have a title, but the season we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election that we just went through,” Murphy said. “So I think that will be interesting for a lot of people.”


American Horror Story Season 7

Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters to Return for ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7

Will there be a character based on Trump? When asked the question by Cohen, Murphy played it coy, telling him, “maybe.”

It’s already been confirmed that “AHS” veterans Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will be returning for the next season, which, as Murphy revealed, will begin shooting in June. FX renewed “AHS” through Season 9 in January.

It’s almost surprising, given last season’s secrecy, that Murphy would make the reveal of the theme so early. For Season 6, “Roanoke,” FX whet fans’ appetites with a series of mysterious teasers, and didn’t make public the theme of that installment until its season premiere.

Murphy has kept busy at FX, with three anthology series in the works at the 21st Century Fox-owned network. Along with “AHS,” Murphy has “Feud,” starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, bowing next month, and a second season of “American Crime Story,” focusing on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, debuting sometime in 2018.

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  1. Karen Christine Sweatman says:

    Season 2 was the best. Season 3 and 4 were enjoyable. Hotel was on shaky ground, but entertaining. Roanoke was the worst. Good material, but pieced together like mixed up mania. I have to say, if Season 7 is as bad as it sounds, I’m calling it quits for AHS.

  2. Niklas Theedler says:

    The show seemed to have maxed out with S4. One was good. Two was ok. Three was kinda bland. In season five they stooped to trendy pop-stars for a ratings grab… I really hope this new theme is a mislead…
    Featuring the 2016 election is like using 9/11 for material… Give us at least 10 years to dull the pain.

  3. nick says:

    Let’s save time.

    Opens with a trump-esque person winning election. Turns out he’s the devil (or some evil devil representative or whatever). The end.

    • Karen Christine Sweatman says:

      I’m with you. We don’t need it. Trump is president, the bashing is 24/7 and has gotten unbearable to hear. I certainly don’t want to watch a movie casting him as the antichrist. Wrong on all levels, not going there.

  4. Kevin Davis says:

    American horror story is completely off the tracks. The last two seasons have sucked. And it sounds like it’s not going to get any better. What a shame this was one of the best shows on tv. Now there going to jump on the Hollywood bandwagon. What a shame.

  5. Marshall Janson says:

    I don’t know. I’m really hoping that this doesn’t turn out tremendously stupid. I agree, Roanoke was hard to watch. Asylum, Freak Show, even Hotel are hard to follow. Politics? Ohhh nooo….

  6. jade says:

    this is bullshit, the start of the season will be based on the elections, not the entire season, thx for frightening everyone :)

  7. Mandy says:

    I’m done with this show. I didn’t finish season 6 because it was awful. This show hasome run out of ideas, so they’re going to ruin it with political garbage. You lost probably most, if not all, original fans for sure. I’ll give his other shows a try, but won’t be watching ahs any further.

  8. St says:

    Damn dude, I’m going to have to not watch this season, bummer they ruined it with political crap. Stupid stupid Ryan Cohen…. Bummed you’re so dumb.

  9. Christgau says:

    Oh no please dont put polics into AHS :-o I mean why ??? There are so many other greats thng to do why do somethign stupid like that…

  10. Meh, I’ve watched every season up til now, last season I couldn’t get in to but had high hopes for this season. That just went down the drain. I watch TV to escape reality so this really doesn’t appeal to me. I think I’ll sit this one out

  11. 60 Years of Lies says:

    If they are smart, it will be based on the concept that all of the worst implications of the Wikileaks are true. From US funding ISIS via Saudi Arabia and Qatar for MIC profit to human trafficking, pizzagate and spirit cooking/elite occult activity. We all know both sides of the aisle are involved in heinous activity to an extent, some individuals more than others, so it shouldn’t even need to implicate the left or the right. But if it embraces those concepts in an intelligent and dark manner, it will be a hit. If it plays to the superficial narrative that even the MSM pushes these days, a la most of the comments here, it will be a bust and they’ll lose more viewers.

  12. Waqqas says:

    Is this a joke???

  13. Sandy Ing says:

    No Horror Story could be anywhere NEAR as frightening as the real thing. It would be refreshing to watch something besides politics. That show is one of the few escapes I have.

  14. Jim says:

    You earn your keep like a circus animal. Perform for goodies and treats, end the show, get tended to in preparation for the next show. Rewind and play. Go political and I will not watch. P.S. last season was as stupid as they come.

  15. Mary N says:

    If this is true, this will be the first season I won’t be watching!

  16. Kate says:

    If this is true I’m gonna cry. Why are you tainting my favorite show with that traumatic monstrosity of a historical event?

  17. Carolyn Draper says:

    Time to stop watching AHS. Who the heck wants to live through a repeat of the election??? Please tell me this is a hoax!

  18. Cheryl Martinez says:

    Isn’t living through this American horror story enough?

  19. McSachs says:

    Another throw away! I had a hard time with Roanoke. I keep with it because I’ve been a fan. Seriously I don’t need to be preached to by AHS….ratings will drop. The horror of AHS committing suicide!

  20. Pilar Posada says:

    American Horror Story Season 7 has already started.
    First episode was on 11/9/2016. If you have seen the other seasons, we are not going to have a very good end.

    We are in The Hunted House, that also serves as an Asylum for the main character, 45 who is been manipulated by a Coven of Freaks with the main character, 45 owning Hotels and who wants to take America back to the reckonings of Roanoke….

    Today the main character, 45 became the center of the story once again. I don’t need to tell you what happen, we were all witnesses. Let’s hope this season does not end on a bloody bath of nuclear proportions because of 45 unstable mind! Stay tune!

    • Ronnie Cunns says:

      I agree with what you said and, here they are:

      The 2017 American reichstag:
      From left to (alt)right~
      josef goeggels
      eva braun in the rear
      hermann goering
      heinrich himmler
      albert speer
      martin bormann

  21. Kathy Holbrook says:

    Sounds like another boring season same as “Roanoke”….of course Freak Show and Hotel set the bar extremely high so Season 6 was bound to be a let-down….doubt I will watch Season 7…

  22. You will loose half of your audience. We don’t want politics. Won’t watch!

  23. Justin says:

    WTF Murphy! Wrong timing, get ready for your worst ratings EVER! We’ve been glued to this topic and now Wall Street Apprentice @ the White House for over a year. This topic will NOT bring any entertainment value for many years. Definitely missed the mark on this one.

  24. Quaker says:

    Is this a joke? Sounds utterly inane.

  25. Susan Brown says:

    Get over it. I’m not watching! Really politics??

  26. Kyle McClain says:

    So unbelievably stupid. People watching TV, sports, and movies to escape from reality for awhile not to continue dwelling in this misery. I’ve watched all 6 seasons and if this is true I’m done with the show and won’t watch it. I don’t care which side politically it leans towards. I have no interest whatsoever in watching any shows about politics. I’m drowned in that mess enough in real life.

  27. Fred Garvin says:

    The butthurt is strong with these trump supporters. Don’t worry folks, yall are just ASSUMING Ryan Murphy’s a lib. Maybe the show will be “fair and balanced.”

    HAHAHA just trolling ya– screw you ignorant trumpies. Create your own tv show and quit whining. And enjoy what’s left of your four years.

    • McSachs says:

      It’s got nothing with being a Trump supporter. I didn’t vote for him. It about a good plot and story line. AHS, has never been about current affairs. But being picked up for more seasons than expected, they’ve run out of good ideas!

    • Lucifer says:

      The thing I always found funny was how the left loves Murphy’s shows despite him portraying every black woman as a Foxy Brown type, every Latina woman as a hot tamale, every other woman as a neurotic, sex-crazy, nutjob, and for him viciously killing gay men off like crazy.

  28. Deplorable in Florida says:

    Unbelievable. After not missing one episode since the beginning, now we are going to be subjected to another Hollywood hack using his entertainment venue to spew hatred. If this is true, see ya. I predict your ratings will tank.

  29. AHSSucks says:

    I’ve hung on season after season. If this is true I’m not giving it the time of day.

  30. Julia Hamilton says:

    If this is what he does, I’m no longer going to be watching. Season 6 will be my last. I’m tired of this political b.s., and this election. I do not want it polluting my horror.

  31. Nancy Baker says:

    Maybe they will be innovative and make the Hillary character the evil side instead of being predictable and creating an evil Trump-like villain.

    • My thoughts exactly!!! It will hard to deal with anyway, but if it turns out to be some Liberal crap, there’s no way I could watch it, and if I can’t watch American Horror Story, that will be Terrible!j

  32. katherine tenerowicz says:

    It could not be any scarier then the American Horror Story we are living with now.

  33. Tender Puppy! says:

    Poor Sarah Paulson is gonna be stuck playing the Hillary Clinton (or similar likeness thereof) character.

  34. Jenn Ryan says:

    Worst idea ever…WHY must we relive this?

  35. Calmer says:

    The show sucks anyway due to awful writing. Now this ridiculous topic: The 2016 election? Pure BS.

  36. Tony D'Alessandro says:

    Cheap attempt at a ratings boost after SNL’s rating boost. Ryan Murphy, you’ve officially made my “hack” list.

  37. Rick R. says:

    Holloywood: please… please…. please stop being such sore losers. This is getting beyond ridiculous. Bill Clinton explained the outcome many years ago: It’s the economy, stupid. Obama said all the jobs were gone and not coming back. Trump is proving Obama wrong many times over.

  38. This last season was the last for me too. Finished with this show. Just atrocious storytelling.

  39. Ronnie Cunns says:

    What street corner on the “hooker stroll” are you working and how much does the dude wearing the RED CAP allow you and others in his stable to keep?

    Did he traffic you when you were 12 or 13Y/O?

  40. Ronnie Cunns says:

    What street corner on the “hooker stroll” are you working and how much does the dude wearing the RED CAP allow you and others in his stable to keep?

    Did he traffic you when you were 12 or 13Y/O?

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