‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Premiere Recap: ‘Election Night’ Takes on Trump-Era Hysteria

American Horror Story Cult Trailer
Courtesy of FX

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve seen the premiere of “American Horror Story: Cult,” titled “Election Night,” which aired Sept. 5 on FX.

For many, Nov. 8, 2016, was, truly, an American horror story. As former real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump was elected president over the expected winner Hillary Clinton, dozens of media talking heads lost their heads and liberals took to Twitter to express their fear. And, yes, there was hysteria, to say the least… but few were perhaps as emotional as Ally and Kai in Ryan Murphy’s kind-of fictional universe.

Ally and Kai, being, of course, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters’ characters, respectively, on the latest season of “American Horror Story,” titled “Cult,” which debuted Tuesday night. The premiere, written by co-creators Murphy and Brad Falchuk, is over-the-top, in true “AHS” fashion, but grounded in our very real political state, looking at the extreme reactions on both sides to Trump’s election.


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The episode opens with a scene that’s familiar to plenty, to be sure: Ally and her wife, Ivy (Alison Pill), watch in horror with their friends as newscasters announce that Trump has won the 2016 election. Ally wails, “What’s going to happen to Merrick Garland?”; the words “F— you, Nate Silver!” are yelled at some point. Their friend snaps at his wife for “being too busy on Etsy to go vote.” It’s a blame game that just about anyone who’s been on Twitter in the past ten months can recognize.

On the other end of the spectrum, Kai, watching the news alone that same night, is ecstatic. He goes so far to dry-hump the TV screen when Trump appears, and yes, actually covers his face in Cheetos to emulate his orange-hued leader. In that same house, Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd) — who I’ll assume is his sister, given their conversations and shared surname — is devastated. In some of the most in-your-face satire of the episode, Winter, on the phone with her friend, chastises CNN for not issuing a “trigger warning” before announcing the election results.

Kai goes to her room, presumably to gloat, but then something strange happens: they lock pinkies, implying some sort of pact between the two of them. Between this scene and her actions in the rest of the episode, Winter becomes the hardest character to pin down thus far.

Cut to a few weeks later, and Ally is not doing well. She loses it when she finds their son, Oz, reading a Twisty the Clown comic book late at night — and in one of the most blatant “AHS” crossovers we’ve ever seen, John Carroll Lynch returns as the infamous clown in a scene depicting what Oz is reading that was ripped straight out of “Freak Show.” Later, talking with her therapist, Dr. Rudy Vincent (“Hotel” and “Roanoke” alum Cheyenne Jackson), she confesses that her myriad phobias, including a fear of tiny holes, have only gotten worse since the election.

In this scene, it’s evident that Ally has an uncanny ability to make everything, well, about herself. It’s a valid argument that she’s in a private therapy session, and therefore should talk about herself, but when she recalls “what happened to me after 9/11, when I couldn’t leave my apartment,” it seems exaggerated to the point of humor. It doesn’t look to be an accident — at a press screening and Q&A last month, Murphy teased that he would take a “satirical” approach to Ally and Ivy’s white privilege. Regardless, despite Ally’s protests, the doctor prescribes her meds to keep the phobias at bay.


American Horror Story Cult Details

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Meanwhile, Kai has been keeping busy. He attends what seems to be a city council meeting over whether or not to approve overtime pay for extended security at a Jewish community center. Kai, unsurprisingly, is opposed, and launches into a diatribe over using fear to control people (it’s a familiar narrative — earlier, when Winter admitted that she’s “just so scared now,” Kai snapped back, “Everyone is.”) A city council member dismisses him as a basement dweller who feels free to emerge now that Trump is POTUS, and Kai storms out, incensed.

Oh, and later, Kai pees into a condom and chucks it at a group of construction workers while hurling racial slurs at them, because of course he does. The group attacks him, which appears to be according to Kai’s plan; an anonymous bystander records the beatdown on a cell phone nearby.

Before Ally can really get to work on her new mission of self-improvement, she suffers a setback, to say the least, at the grocery store. There, after an awkward encounter with a Trump-supporting cashier, Ally sees figures in clown costumes copulating in the produce aisle, and some even move to attack her. She hurls bottles of rosé at the assailants and runs to her car, where one of the figures waits for her. Panicked, she crashes into a pole.

Later, however, Ivy tells her that the police found no evidence of what she described. With the lack of supernatural elements this season, we can choose to believe one of two options: one, that she’s hallucinating these figures; or two, and maybe the more likely possibility, that they’re actually targeting her.

At the center of all of this, Ivy is understandably a little exasperated. She expresses this to Ally, who, while defensive at first, vows to try and move past her fears, and help out more with the restaurant they own. Afterwards, in probably the best bit of satire in the premiere, Ivy signals that she might still be resentful of Ally for — gasp! — voting for Jill Stein instead of Hillary Clinton. In the only time they collide the entire episode, Kai diverts their attention by spilling coffee all over them in the street, and isn’t very apologetic.

The fact that Ally’s going back to work, and that their housekeeper mysteriously disappeared after the election, means the couple needs a new nanny for Oz. Winter, of all people, is up for the job, after being prepped by Kai. While talking to Kai, she hates children. When she’s interviewing with Ally and Ivy, she loves them. The couple is ultimately sold by Winter’s claim that she paused her higher education to work for Clinton’s campaign, and she’s in.

It’s later made very apparent that they’ve made a mistake. When the two leave for a romantic evening at their restaurant — that’s eventually sullied because Ally starts seeing the clowns again — Winter shows Oz the “dark web,” filled with videos of murders and other grotesque sights. Oz notices a commotion across the street, and Winter takes him outside where, if he’s being truthful, he witnesses the brutal murders of their neighbors by a group of people in (you guessed it) clown masks.

When they return from their date to a crime scene on their street, Ally and Ivy panic. They’re immediately furious at Winter for allowing Oz out, but when he’s out of earshot, she tells them that his over-active imagination, supplemented by the Twisty comic, made up the gruesome killings. The police seem to back that up, curiously telling Ally and Ivy that the deaths are being investigated as a murder-suicide.

One last surprise before the episode ends: Ally later wakes up in the middle of the night to find one of the masked figures in bed with her instead of Ivy. It sets the stage for the rest of the season — it looks like it’s Ally v. her own mind v. whatever this cult is. Trump may as well be the last of her worries.

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  1. I wouldn’t say this is taking on Trump. LOL, If so they messed up big time. This humiliates liberals / democrats. The liberal is pissed off because her school was on lockdown because of 9/11/01.

    It shows they are mentally ill. That they’re crazy, they need to be put in the nut house. We’re seeing the next great wave of American Mental’s.

    If this is taking on Trump per the article, then fake news, fake news this is.

  2. kuhn12 says:

    Stereotypical Hillary supporters. Lesbian and crazy!

  3. jen says:

    Being from Michigan I totally get the clown reference. Last year we had a lot of crazy clown activity all over the state. The first episode was fantastic…looking forward to the rest!

  4. Bill Jackson says:

    Just like your Gen-X/Millennia staff and readers your doom and gloom scenario is depressing and sad. If your readers and the writers of AHS would get their pompous, Lemming-following heads out of each others ass, and UNDERSTAND what’s truly happening then maybe we could have some INFORMED dialogue. STOP FOLLOWING THE HEARD. BE EDUCATED AND INFORMED. I’ll admit your article/title did get me to read it.

    • Not Liberal just not dumb... says:

      Pretty funny you use the words “be educated” right after you misspell “herd”. 😂😂 Come on now…

  5. SniffTheFartBox says:

    It’s dangerous to underestimate an “opponent”…I promise not all Trump supporters are redneck racists, as the media, and those without a brain or common sense, would have you believe.

  6. SniffTheFartBox says:

    The hysteria is on another level. Without the media’s propaganda, the country is the same as it was a year ago. Promise.

  7. David says:

    AHS is always a big disappointment. Its like they have great actors, sets, theme and production but it’s writers suck.Usually have a couple good beginning episodes before the show goes on autopilot, runs out of gas and crashes. The first episode of Cult didn’t even do that. Its basically a recycled Friday The 13th replacing Jason with clowns. With all the whining and disorders the leads have I found myself rooting for the clowns. Unfortunately they were left to live another episode I’ll not be wasting time on. I think the creators were trying to demonize Trump supporters but gave the Hillary supporters so many irritating ticks and stereotypical snowflake traits that the opposite actually happened. You find yourself wishing they were put out of their misery.

  8. katphoti says:

    Thank you for your recap. That’s all I needed to know that I am now so glad I’m not watching it. This show was my favorite show until this season, and they completely lost a faithful viewer in me. The crossover sounds ridiculous, and the plot…I just don’t need to hear all of that whining and complaining and ridiculous stunts and hatred. There’s enough of it on Facebook. And satire? Really? Sounds like he’s being serious but pretending it’s satire. How ridiculous.

  9. Bolski says:

    It’s actually making fun of both sides, more so on the Hillary side with all those crying, melting snowflakes. I enjoyed it! It even poked fun at Glenn Beck! Where do you think Evan Peter’s character got the idea of mashing his face into crushed Cheetoes? That’s what Glenn Beck, a Never Trumper, did. He actually acted as bad as some of the Hillary supporters, crying, getting upset about Trump winning, etc. I will continue to watch. Great comedy! At least Ivy appears grounded in reality. Oh, and Chaz Bono as a Trump supporter in this show? I bet Cher is melting right now! LOL

  10. Christopher Turner says:

    I’ve been a fan since inception. I couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes of the snowflakes and hysteria of Trump being elected over the lying failed candidate grandma Hillary. I check it out next season but done for this one. Get a grip losers.

  11. David Taylor says:

    Way too early to past judgement but my two cents, jeez, can I have an hour of escapism television that doesn’t make me think about Trump? Like a backed up septic tank- he just seeps everywhere with his troublesome stench.

    • ravenunitas says:

      Your face is much worse than his stench libby. Your not intelligent enough to know a good thing when it’s right in front of your libby face.

  12. Paulette Ungar Etcheberry says:

    I loved it. The portrait of Evan Peters as a psycho red neck, great. Being a liberal, who reads ” Fake news.”it was fantastic to see Paulson’s, reaction to the outcome and winning of the Orange Mad king in chief.
    Hated Roanoke this one, with Billy Lord as baby siter and freaking clowns. .. delicious

  13. Ramona Almanza says:

    Was truly dissatisfied and disappointed.

  14. Gary says:

    Best AHS season premiere EVER! Been watching the show since the beginning. Fantastic every season. But THIS… Hollywood Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display. Thank you.

  15. Miguel says:

    This was the-most SHOCKING thing I have EVER witnessed on TV… or even in the movies.

  16. Miguel says:

    CLOWN TRUMP… I’ve been saying it all-along – since the election & through today & tomorrow (etc.).

  17. Real spoler alert: Ivy is part of the clown cult… just saying.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I loved the extremes of both sides as a jumping off point. I know people that are similar polar opposites. They both seem a bit crazy to me but not quite as over the edge of AHS fiction.

    Questions: Was Winter Talking to Ivy on the phone and Ivy is part of The Cult? Who or what is locked behind the door with rose?

    Some believe you can desensitized people of their fear by making them face that fear. Is Ivy trying to do this to Ally? Ivy gave Oz a twisty horror comic. She had to know 1 it was pretty violent for a kid to read, 2 Ally would eventually see it. Winter is trying to desensitized Oz so violence won’t phase him. Oh is Oz the baby from murder house?

    Looking forward to watching more.

  19. Ash says:

    To be honest trump being elected was the most terrifying horror story for the whole world. To have a racist sexist homophobic mad man with a paper thin ego and the one of a child who wants to nuke the world in Hargrove of a nuclear arsenal is terrifying and I’m not liberal I’m from the uk and a socialist

    • SniffTheFartBox says:

      The generalizations are strong in you. He wants to nuke the world? Wtf lol. Tone the hysteria down a notch, it’s not that bad, I promise.

      • Notcrazyally says:

        Then you’re believing propaganda news. Everything is fine here. We survived a member of the Muslim brotherhood in the Whitehouse. He was actually trying to destroy us and is the reason Hillary lost. Twisty the Clown would have made a better POTUS than Hillary. We are fine, don’t believe the hype.

    • tstano77blog says:

      We adore and love the POTUS!! God Bless Donald J Trump, and all the citizens in the best country in the world! The United States breeds a proud people who are hard working, and God fearing. Don’t let CNN or MSNBC fool you with FAKE news! The majority of citizens here would give the coat off their back to help their fellow countryman. No matter their race, color, or creed. The division you see is political, being fuelled by evil men who care only about $. Be concerned with your own country that’s been invaded and conquered. #MAGA

      • Hewie says:

        You need to to travel more if you think the United States is the best country in the world. Talk about closeted!

      • Christopher Turner says:

        Can’t talk sense to these losers. No point. We won. They lost. They are still wetting their diapers.

      • Stacy says:

        Tstano thinks all news is fake news except for fox. What a joke! Do you even hear what you are saying?

    • Ellen says:

      Exactly, Thank you. To me THAT part was the real horror too. With murdering clowns you know what to expect. But this presidency is actually sinister because it cloaks the horrors it is about to unleash in euphemisms.

  20. Stacy says:

    I knew this would piss off the trumpsters, lol. In saying that, I do wish that Ryan Murphy would listen to his viewing audience and go back to murder house. He is really messing up and not because of the political satire (I myself think trump is satin, maybe he should have thought about that angle. There are alot of 666 surrounding him and he has a cultish following.), That being said we just want entertainment and have been begging for a murder house return. Maybe he will get this years manson cult thing out of his system and next year get back to the beginning. But isnt that why we stick around? We always say maybe next season will be better.

    • Bolski says:

      Didn’t piss me off the least. I loved it. Well, Even’s part is the extreme right which I don’t agree with, but overall, it’s poking fun at both extremes (the extreme left and the extreme right). Both sides need to get a grip on some reality. Overall, that was the funniest episode I ever saw (and yes, I know it’s fiction and wouldn’t wish that on anyone), but it was great escapism.

  21. Melissa Pedicini says:

    shut it off after 5 minutes. so sick and tired of pissing and moaning over Trump winning. The crazy white guy cheers on Trump while the “respectable” middle class cry over Hillary loosing. No AHS for me anymore. Last year sucked anyway.

  22. It will be interesting to see where it goes. I think the election was more or less just a launching point for the season but will not be a central focus. Looks like the focus is more about phobias and internal fear exploited by those with bad intentions.
    There is definitely fun being poked at both political extremes. I was a bit surprised that the restaurant Ally and Ivy run appeared to be a steak house and wasn’t something more stereotypically liberal like a vegan cafe. I guess that would have been over the top.

  23. Alan Maurer says:

    They will see their biggest downfall was to bring the election into a horror show. Especially this past election. And my 18 yr old grandson & his friends were always big AHS fans but not this time around as they were so turned off by this election crap in their favorite show of all! We agree they should have just stuck with being scary & left the politics to the real politicians. We will not be watching again.

  24. Carol Mackey-Dunn says:

    Plus you can tell they didn’t really watch the show, because it’s not like it’s some 50 minute Trump bashing. In fact, anyone who has just about had it with extreme liberals or extreme conservatives can find something in this season to laugh at. I had to pause cause I was laughing so hard when Paulson is freaking out and she says something like “I won’t believe it till I hear it from Rachel Maddow!” C’mon that’s comedy gold

    • Bolski says:

      Completely agree. I couldn’t stop laughing through the entire episode. The Chaz Bono wearing a MAGA hat, Evan Peters in his Glenn Beck’s knock on Trump with his Cheeto-face was hilarious, and loved the Twisty throwback! They really screwed that character up in Freak Show. He could have been so much more menacing that he would have given Pennywise the Clown a run for his money (I still say Twisty would kick Penny’s butt but that’s another conversation!). I was hesitant at first to watch it just because it was political (I watch shows to get away from political crap on both sides), but it was very enjoyable. I’ll have to watch it again. And, remember people, it’s JUST fiction.

  25. Carol Mackey-Dunn says:

    along time AHS fan, and think this was a great first episodes. SPOILERS! The babysitter storyline was especially unsettling to me. I feel the fear and dread when that poor kid is involved. Also, anyone else thinking that Kai and Winter got patient case files from the Dr and that Ivy is in on it?

    Anyone who complains about this season being political can be dismissed. Those aren’t people who were even fans in the first place. Those are just the Variety trolls who come here to lib and celeb bash. Ryan Murphy, quelle shocker, is one of their favorite targets. They also prob use terms like “Hollyweird.”

    • Jennifer says:

      I don’t think we got the name of who Winter was talking to on the phone. Could it have been Ivy?

      Some people believe you need to desensitize people against their fears by forcing them to face them. Winter is working on desensitizing Oz against violence. Ivy gave their son a clown horror comic knowing eventually Ally would be faced with it. The clowns are not all in All’s mind.

  26. kandy58 says:

    OMG! Did they really go there with this great show & ruin it with this stupid election stuff? I mean good grief get over it why don’t they! Am so tired of hearing about this its not even funny. Who has this type of phobias over just an election? I mean if it had of been the other way around & Hilary had of won & Trump supporters were complaining of these phobias they would be ridiculed to no end! They just ruined a perfectly great show with this crap! Do we not have to hear this enough in the real world everyday than to hear it on here? I mean we should be able to escape reality every now & then & curl up & watch our shows without having this mess smeared all over the tv screen again! I agree they just had to beat the new “It” movie just 2 days before its release. Sorry but I don’t buy into the AHS this season. All I have to do is turn on the news or the TV everyday & see the same thing!

    • Ellen says:

      I agree, I found the election stuff inappropriate but mostly because i just dont wanna be reminded of Fuehrer Trump and see his face any more than I have to already. That said, I pity people like you who know nothing and understand nothing and seriously dont seem to grasp what is at stake here. People who keep gaslighting us (much the same way Ally is being gaslighted) that nothing bad is gonna happen with a racist despot and a criminal administration in charge of our country. Everyday this fascist demagogue is in charge, we are reminded that we lost more than just an election – we are losing America. And if none of the things that have happened so far convince you of that, or scare you, boy, are you in for a rude awakening when Trump is done with you and yours. And he WILL come after you. Be very scared.

      • Bolski says:

        Wow. You just illustrated what the show was pointing out. Triggered, snowflake, etc. It’s poking fun at both sides at the extreme far left and extreme far right.

      • Hewie says:

        And you’ll keep on hearing and seeing it until that sorry SOB is impeached.

    • Pam says:

      Not so! I WAS a fan. I am done now. Did not watch and deleted it for recording! Who do these dipshits think they are? This Trump crucifixion just goes too far! I am a Democrat that has turned Republican!

  27. Rebecca says:

    Based on the first episode I declared that, yet again, this season of AHS is going to suck. Murphy has lost his touch for writing original horror storylines, instead opting for F bombs, unnecessary graffic sex, and premises which steal from upcoming movies. Hotel capitalized on the tired, well-worn vampire craze, Roanoake rode the coat-tails of The Blair Witch Project (while the film’s sequel was currently in theaters), and now we see killer clowns 2 days before the blockbuster release of Stephen King’s IT hits the big screen, featuring a killer clown!
    King’s film was in production long before AHS Cult, so Murphy knew he was copying the scary clown premise, and premiering his show on the same week of the film release. That’s pathetic Ryan!
    Aren’t we already inundated with a real-life political hell storm enough? Do we really need it to spill over into entertainment? I am sick to death of politics and 24/7 news coverage of this administration’s ineptitude. Now I see Trump’s ugly mug on, what used to be, my favorite show. I’m done!

  28. JLuvsAMHS says:

    I liked everything about this season opener, from the reactions of Trump’s victory (on both sides) to Evan Peters’ blue hair, and smushed cheetos face, to Sara Paulsen’s whacked out hallucinations (or are they?) to all the killer clowns. great stuff…

  29. Steve Omlid says:

    Well, I kind of loved that. And not even so much for the political stuff, although that was generally fun. (And, as Murphy said was it would be, pretty evenhanded.) No, I enjoyed it mainly for the opportunity for Paulson (God, she’s wonderful.) and Peters to fly off the edge of shrieking wacko. Because my very favorite thing about AHS is how batsh-t crazy it is. While I do want strong plotting and characters, I always root for things to get crazier. Indeed, it was quite fitting that a commercial for the upcoming film mother! was prominently featured during that episode. I was very happy to see the reviews of that today, which confirmed my suspicion that it’s completely out of its mind.

  30. J.D. says:

    This comments section illustrates just how perfect and necessary this satire is, given that it has both liberal snowflakes insisting that Trump’s election really is the end of the world as well as hypersensitive Trumpettes angrily denouncing the show’s supposedly liberal agenda. How can both groups be so blind? The show is rightfully mocking each of you.

    • Ellen says:

      No, it is not the end of the world, but the beginning of the end for America (and pulling out of the Paris climate accords actually does affect the WORLD’s climate). People who are concerned about militarization of police, a racist president who refuses to condemn fascists and white supremacists cause he is one of them, someone who is corrupt, instigates violence and breeds hatred and discord among americans, a sexual predator, someone who has no regard for the rule of law or the democratic process and who is scapegoating minorities and the most vulnerable in our society while using his position as the POTUS to enrich himself and his family and cronies at the expense of the American people, are not being oversensitive and snowflakes. These are all legitimate worries and you gotta be an utter fool to think nothing bad is gonna happen. Just like the people on the show woh keep assuring Ally that it’s all good. Everyday this fascist demagogue is in charge, we are reminded that we lost more than just an election – we are losing America.

      Ally is being gaslighted about what is happening to this country (and her) the same way people like you gaslight the rest of us who express serious concern . If you think a Trump presidency is no big deal and will not have serious consequences for the very fabric of our society and democracy and freedoms, boy, are you in for a rude awakening.

      • Miguel says:

        You (Ellen) expressed it… perfectly. Clown Trump is not ONLY a danger to AMERICA, but to the REST of the WORLD, as well. We should ‘spay and neuter’ ALL of the dumb-shiiit people who voted for Clown Trump – because, like the movie “Idiocracy” – those phuuuckers are BREEDING! God Save America… PLEASE! btw: I am an Atheist – so, the “God-thing” is only a metaphor to me.

    • Amber Russell says:

      Yes! This right here!

  31. Ellen says:

    There is a heavy dose of satire involved here but I have to admit, I had pretty much the exact reactions of dread and sheer panic when the election results came in as Sarah Paulson;s character. It was surreal. I remember texting with friends, sobbing and just being right out terrified. I dont know anyone who wasnt. I saw grown men cry. On the Trump side, I head people scream out of windows applauding the win with fervor. So that part was definitely not Murphy just presenting the extreme cases or reactions. At least I hope HE doesnt it was.

    Those above mentioned reactions were common, not ouliers. For a lot of people it truly was terrifying and with every pen stroke by our fascist in chief – where he harms one group, vilifies another and takes away a bit of America every day – it becomes abundantly clear why that is the case.

    To me the theme of gaslighting is very apparent. Ally is constantly gas lighted by those around her, be it her therapist or even partner who keep insisting that the outcome of that momentus election is no big deal and surely nothing bad will happen (uh-huh, famous last words) to no one believing Ally that she did see those clowns, There is a parallel there.

    After the election a lot of people have expressed concerns about the future of democracy and this country, only to be dismissed by Trump supporters but also liberals as paranoid and snowflakes. But are we? Cause everyday that passes this country is moving close to despotism and fascism. I guess it remains to be seen where the show takes this notion.

  32. Stubby X says:

    Wow, this is funny. The show was basically making fun of liberals–the article even points out that Ryan Murphy SAID that’s what he was doing–and the Trumpers don’t get it. HaHaHaHaHa. If there were any need of further evidence that supporters of Trump lack any ability for intelligent rational thought, I think this ices it. I’ve never been a fan of AHS. I generally try to watch the first episode every year and they lose me by the half-hour. I enjoyed this one. It captured me. And not because of the political stuff (hey, I got that they were making fun of me…but I’m not so full of myself that I can’t take it). No, it captured me for the same reason the early episodes (before parents freaked out and turned it PG) of the Nightmare on Elm Street SERIES (people forget it was a TV series) captured me. Because there is nothing scarier (for character or viewer) than not knowing for sure what is real and what is not. The dark humor didn’t hurt it any, either.

    • Rose says:

      I don’t want political humor…I want to be SCARED !
      Remember the black suited ghost in the haunted house climbing the walls…I locked the door, and shut the windows !!
      Might watch another one…but don’t have much faith….

      • “I don’t want political humor…I want to be SCARED !”
        Did you watch the whole episode? There was maybe about 7 minutes of characters freaking out about or exuberant for the election and 53 minutes of creepy clowns, sinister sitters and a double homicide.

      • kandy58 says:

        I’m with you Rose. I don’t think this one has me on board like the rest. They will see their biggest downfall was to bring the election into a horror show. Especially this past election. And my 18 yr old grandson & his friends were always big AHS fans but not this time around as they were so turned off by this election crap in their favorite show of all! We agree they should have just stuck with being scary & left the politics to the real politicians. We will not be watching again.

      • Rebecca says:

        I’m with you Rose. Ryan Murphy has lost his ability to tell scary stories. For the past few seasons he is far more interested in making pop culture and social commentary.

  33. Joy Gill says:

    It was “meh” for me. I miss the supernatural vibe of each season. Oh well, I’m not married to this but it is “AHS” and I have watched it every season, good bad or indifferent.

  34. Char says:

    I loved this episode…So far so good! I love the “CLICHE'” of it all! The middle finger to, well, basically everything going on right now! Politics, civil unrest, and yes, even the remake of a classic clown movie! I laughed, I cheered, and I can’t wait till next week!…REMEMBER FOLKS, it’s just a tv show! Purely entertainment! Now relax and enjoy the show!

  35. Ugggg way to ruin one of my favorie shows….no thank you I will not be watching…. just watching the video trailer” Election” was a complete turn off…..I gaurantee viewership will be poor… asked my son if he was watching he said No! And he loves AHS….. just more liberal political agenda/ insults thrown at viewers who are tired of watching movies and TV shows with liberal ideology thrown all through it…. do you not realize that half your audience are Trump supporters? Hopefully you will come back to your senses after making your liberal audience happy…. although after this I may never return again.

    • Trumplethinskin says:

      Actually Hillary got more than half the votes. On top of that a significant portion of trumps own voters only voted for him because they thought Hillary was worse, not because they supported him. Many of them are truly horrified at trump. So… maybe a fair bit less than half the shows audience are actually trump supporters if your referring to Americans as a whole. Not sure if there’s any indication people who watch AHS were significantly more likely to vote for trump.

  36. GoodAmerican says:

    So far, it describes the exact opposite of the reality of both sides…except for the snowflakes…lol, they’re still cununting just like that! Lol!

  37. Susan Williams says:

    Oh, and to the haters posting comments……IT’S ENTERTAINMENT, PEOPLE! If you want actual political commentary, go watch CNN, or the myriad of other channels. This is fun, not serious. Please, how boring are you people?

  38. Susan Williams says:

    OMG, when you said “Oh, and later, Kai pees into a condom and chucks it at a group of construction workers while hurling racial slurs at them, because of course he does.”, I literally could not stop laughing! Great, great recap, keep it up!

  39. Oh,God, this season sounds worse than the last. (I know,I know, it sounds impossible)Murderous clowns on the rampage!!!Oh.no!!How trite,how cliche,how boring!!Doesn’t Murphy know Stevie King’s clown crap “It” is coming out soon?Must we have two of these calamaties being released to blight our fall.Aren’t we depressed enough without having this derivative garbage shoveled at us?The orange ass is such a horror and threat to our civilization that a feeble story like this can not begin to capture the dread that a majority of the nation feels.

  40. Richard Johnson says:

    Absolutely ridiculous that you bring political shit on the show, especially mentioning that douche bag Rachael Maddow. I’ll never watch your show again

    • Steve Omlid says:

      That was obviously meant as a joke making fun of liberals.

      • Dr. Bob Stsephens says:

        All this humor is terrific. I love it – both sides are nuts! HEY guys, this is TV not real life…get a grip and join the real world…in another four years you can and will choose another clown….what’s the difference? Get real folks and GROW UP…turn off the tube, turn off the device, get out of the house and relax…take a deep breath…GET TO WORK!!

      • Amber Russell says:

        Just like Kai humping the TV, smearing cheeto dust on his face..

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