Al Roker Addresses Tamron Hall’s Departure on ‘Today’ Show (Watch)

The Today Show
Courtesy of NBC

Just a day after NBC announced Tamron Hall would be leaving her post at NBC News and MSNBC, co-host Al Roker took a moment on Thursday’s show to address her departure. The split comes after news broke that Megyn Kelly would be leaving her job at Fox News to join NBC, reportedly to take over the 9 a.m. slot.

“As some of you may have heard by now, our good friend Tamron Hall has decided to leave NBC News,” Roker said, sitting behind the desk alongside weekend co-host and correspondent Sheinelle Jones and actor Dean Cain.

“Personally, Tamron has been not just a co-host here on ‘Today’s Take’ for the past three years but a good friend — and not just to me, to all of us here,” he added. “We want to wish her nothing but the best, much continued success and cannot wait to see what her next chapter is.”

Jones agreed, commenting, “She’s going to rock it, no matter what she does.”

Hall, 46, had been a part of the NBC team since 2007, joining the show as a co-anchor in 2014. She also hosted “MSNBC Live,” an 11 a.m. daily news program.

“The last ten years have been beyond anything I could have imagined, and I’m grateful,” Hall said in a statement provided by NBC News. “I’m also very excited about the next chapter.”

Watch Roker’s tribute below:

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  2. Mayra Rodriguez says:


  3. Terry wilkins says:

    Miss Tamron Hall on today show!

  4. Ok. Tamara. Is. Gone. So. Am. I. #By

  5. Delia/ oscar says:

    Delia/oscar we miss u so much u made the show where are u Texas fans miss u

  6. wbdiva says:

    If there’s anyone smart out there in the news industry (hear me CBS) they will reach out and grab hold of Tamron for whatever she wants! she is the genuine article (hear me Megyn Kelly) as a person AND as a journalist! If you hire her, we will WATCH!

  7. Joy says:

    Glad Tamron is leaving.

  8. Susan Kirth says:

    Miss Tamaron Hall. Someone is messing up the Today Show line ups. Why? For Meagan Kelly? She is not worth any changes. Give her back to Fox! Stop messing with good things.

  9. Donna Taws says:

    I don’t like Meagan kelly,she is a phony.I will watch another news

    • debs says:

      Please bring back Tamron Hall back! She deserves whatever big bucks you are going to pay Meagan Kelly. Kelly doesn’t deserve it. Tamron Hall worked for NBC and MSNBC for 10 years and thats how you pay her back. You squeeze her out! Shame on you NBC/MSNBC.

  10. Richard says:

    NBC, please don’t bring Megan Kelly to The Today Show. It’s not a good move or a good look for the show, in my opinion. Why dilute your integrity by bringing her Fox baggage to your network?

  11. Glenda Taylor says:

    I loved to see tamara, I will not watch a show with Megan Kelly. Channel 17 here I come, I ad watched your show for years

  12. Totally shocked about Tamron Hall, I loved her talent and spirit, she completed the show in many ways.

    And to have her leave for Megan Kelly. I do not like Meghan Kelly, I used to but after the election year no more. I was dedicated to the Today Show for 25+ years. Not anymore, I’ve had enough.

  13. Robbin says:

    I use to LOVE watching The Today Show. I was upset when Ann Curry was given the boot but I kept watching. Not now! NBC you made a BIG mistake pushing Tamron Hall to the curb for Kelly. I am DONE with NBC in the morning. How does it feel being #3?
    Tamron, everything happens for a reason. You are BRILLIANT and a FANTASTIC Reporter. Bigger and Better things are coming your way.

  14. Elaine Rakas says:

    I am very sorry that they let Tamron go. She was such a delight to watch and so caring and very professional who cares about Megyn Kelly she should have stayed at Fox where she was appreciated and respected. They also made a mistake when they let Ann Curry leave. That was when I stopped watching the Today Show.

  15. Geri Besa says:

    I have loved watching Tamron Hall . I loved to she what she was wearing. Such a fashionista. One could tell that she loved her job and she was so good at it. Stupid decision on the part of NBC. Megyn Kelly is SO contraversial. Do not like her at all. Pretty face but not Tamron.

  16. Toni Navarrette says:

    The only reason I watch the today show is because of Tamron Hall goodbye today show .

  17. Wanda Ellis says:

    Tamron I am very sorry you are no longer with the today show. I just find out to day Feb 9th 2017.
    You are very talented and Beautiful lady. The job that is perfect for you will be nuking at your door step. I wish you all the best In your personal and courier. Love

    • Madeleine says:

      Why is Megan Kelly leaving Fox? Will her entire hour be news????
      Tameron will be fine, getting married and having kids are her goals for now….

  18. Stef says:

    Why? Why? Why? I’ve watched the today show for decades. Time after time they keep getting rid of the people who make their program work! The people with good ethics and morals….yet keep snakes in the grass like Matt lauer! I don’t understand how they make these decisions. Tamron hall is better off to join a different network that has their **** together! I think it’s time to find a new morning show to watch.

    • Madeleine says:

      NBC should take a lesson on how to be fair to it’s employees and not be all for democrats.. I have stopped tuning into NBC when I turn on t.v. I NOW FAVOR Fox… I also have turned off the DVR to record all News shows,starting with the Today Show…..I no longer watch any news shows from NBC.

  19. Lou says:

    This is the only morning show I watch. Love show.
    They all have great chemichestry.
    Now since Megan is join cast I will be turning chanel to other morning show.
    Today show you made a big mistake with her.

  20. Ledora Pate says:

    I love AL Roker and Tamron Hall. I looked at them and sometimes Matt (mainly his specials). I will continue. to look at AL but WILL NOT LOOK AT megan. NBC YOU LOST ME AS A VIEWER and I’m sure MANY OTHERS ! ! ! !

  21. Michele Logan says:

    Bad choice letting Tamama Hall go for go Megan Kelly..I will not be watching any more morning programs on NBC. didn’t like Kelly on Fox.NBC should have left her there.She is not impressive to anyone but herself.

  22. kimberly says:

    I am so tired of the today show doing this!! I’m not watching anymore

  23. Nelda Emmick says:

    Loved Tamron Hall, watching another network now.

  24. Tanya Expose says:

    I will never watch again

  25. Maddie says:

    Good, Tamron Hall deserves better….. the station is democratic….freedom of will is not allowed.
    Also, Kathy Lee should retire and Jenna be a permanent on the 3 rd. hour….she’s young and full
    Of clean cut humor…along with Hoda – so funny!!! Tired of old school, the times have changed,
    Keep the morality, let go of the criticism….

    • Mary says:

      Agree about Tamron. However,I love Kathie Lee and so glad NBC is keeping Kathie Lee and Hoda show. None better. Jenna Bush is a lovely lady and okay for a substitute but a bit blah. Love the energy of Kathie Lee and Hoda. Love how up to date and current their show is. I definitely will not watch Megan Kelly!

  26. I have left NBC to,Hello CBS

  27. Gary C Floding says:

    What a dumb move, Kelly instead of Tamron. Brain dead decision.

  28. Carol Valoris says:

    Tamaron is so talented. Will really miss her. CBS – how about picking her up for the Charlie Rose show three women is better than two and it will round out that table – or put her on with Bill Geist).

  29. Martin Wolfgang says:

    Losing Tamron Hall will be the death of the today show. She was the main reason I and alot of people
    watched at all. YOU LOSE !!!

  30. Carole Grimm says:

    I can’t believe The Today Show. Losing Tamron Hall for Megyn Kelly is one of the biggest mistakes they could make. They can now sit in their offices and watch their ratings hit bottom. Megyn Kelly is one of the most disliked news person. All my friends are angry with your decision. She is a joke to the people that watched NBC, Once she starts at NBC we all change to another news program. Maybe you are a little racist. How long before you figure a way of getting rid of Al?

  31. linda says:

    I am very disappointed in NBC too, she did not choose to leave she was booted off the show for Megyn they did offer her some other job but she declined. They told her right before a show began, very considerate of them. I would have walked off right then. They treat some of their employee terrible and others like kings and queens. I am not going to watch it anymore. I was getting sick of the same popular employees bullshit anyway. I have watched this show every day for a very long time. I always liked Al but he lied on the show so he was the frosting on the cake. GOODBYE

  32. D Chambers says:

    OMG !!! How about Live with Kelly and Tanron!!! She is loyal, kind, and integral Kelly Ripa!! She was winning in the 9am hour. All of her loyal fans would follow. If you are ready to retire soon, she has proven that she can carry a show with her beauty, spontaneity, and she is really a good person, and she already lives in NY.. Think about it ABC,

  33. Dorian Chambers says:

    Thank God she left for greener pastures.Its just so crazy that the Execs at NBC cannot discern the times we are in and to try and push Megyn Kelly on us to replace an intelligent woman who has integrity is like telling us that Trump is a good President. Megyn represents everything we just detest in America today. She rose to fame from this President’s comments which was vile and she does not come off as a racist who came from a racist network. Tamron’s integrity and good character is what we need, She didn’t take the money to be bought off to make this transition smoother. I know they did not offer her 25 million like they did Kelly which will be a collosal disappointment like Billy Bush .I hope other networks see her value like CBS or ABC because she represents diversity, intelligence, and the character we are yearning for as we go through the most hellish time in America. God bless you Tamron!!! She can carry a Nightly News slot as well!!!

  34. Another bad move by NBC/Today Show management. I have STILL not forgiven them for their treatment of Ann Curry. Don’t think we’ve forgotten that one! Without Tamron, the show loses that electric shot in the arm that Tamron brings–intelligence, class, humor and energy. Frankly, the only person left watching for is Dylan Dreyer…and she’s on maternity leave. This leaves me in the clear to check out some other morning television in the meantime. Willie Geist is NO draw…he is the most whitebread of white men. Megyn Kelly doesn’t interest me at all. I believe companies should promote from within, especially when they have strong talent that they are not fully utilizing.

  35. JAMES A says:

    Goodbye and good riddance

    • Robert says:


  36. Joan P says:

    Will not watch Today any more. You*re crazy to allow Tamron to leave, Megan Kelly cannot hold a candle to her. Can*t wait to see where Tamron will shine, I will watch her there.

    • Linda Daley says:

      haven’t watched NBC in years! they are the absolute worst news organization. it started with Columbine and Katie’s so “heartfelt” questions, long after the other networks had left those people to mourn in peace, “how do you feeeel”. and the straw that broke the camel’s back, for me, was when Matt Lauer (second only to trump in arrogance) invited child molester, CONVICTED, Jerry Sandusky, on the Today show, to give him a platform on his conviction.(sorry about the sentence construction.)

  37. Chico Unchained says:

    Tamron Hall was winning in the ratings in her time slot. Why did “The Today Show” do this?

  38. Diane Daggett says:

    Rose Marriott–you said it all! This is the final straw.
    NBC you are sending them all off the show, Willy, Natalie, Tamron. I too am done with you as is several of my friends who feel the same way. You are struggling now to keep things going. And one more thing, I am tired of all your entertaining!!! And I don’t care to see half naked pics of pregnant women over and over and over and over. You display your entertaining news over and over and over. Your all about the ratings and how much entertaining you can do!!
    Good bye.
    Tamron you were one class act and I hope to catch you on another station!!

    Al, you are also a class act. Better watch your back!


  39. Rose Marriott says:

    I’ve watched NBC News forever and seen many host / co host come and go but this is my final straw.The people that make the dicision there I hope they can put their heads on their pillow at night. Unfortunally the world we live in everyone is out for themselves because no one can be secure in there jobs anymore. In my personal opion you let another wonderful, intelligent, sofisticated, funny and entertaining people with so much class and beauty go. Tamron Hall will be greatly missed and I will never watch NBC news starting at 7:00 till 10:00. I wish only the best for her in which I have no doubt she will succeed in what the future holds for her. BEST WISHES TAMRON HALL……Rose M.

  40. I will never watch Fox News, why in the world would I watch Magyn Fox? Who is running NBC that is so dumb as to put someone in like her. You just lost all the Clinton supporters in one hire. She is too much associated with Trump. And I don’t think there are many undereducated white males watching The Today Show!

  41. Jennie Marie Naffie says:

    Shame on NBC. Tamron Hall was professional and excellent. I will no longer watch the Today Show–and have been watching for over 40 years.

  42. Chris says:

    Tamron Hall come over to Fox News I’ll watch you for sure!

  43. Jinxi Richow says:

    So will NBC change their name to “Nothing But Caucasians?”

    NBC can join Fox News, which has been doing business as “The Angry And Pallid News Network” for decades. The resurgence of the Confederacy has begun.

    With President White Nationalist Nazi ensconced in the White House, ‘whitewashing’ has become the latest Republican fad. The rich, old men in our government and on Wall Street are overcome with unbridled glee.

    • me says:

      66.7% of the people in the video above are African American.

      It doesn’t matter how many places you post this, you’re still a racist.

  44. Lorraine Malcho says:

    Big mistake NBC letting Tamron Hall get away! She was golden. Loved her personality and bright attitude daily. I’m afraid Megyn Kelly is trouble, with a dark cloud around her, too bad to take such a chance and loose a spot light like Tamron. Whats going on behind the walls at NBC??? I’m disappointed in your decision.

  45. Summayyah says:


  46. Lewis says:

    Megyn Kelly is good but she doesnt shine like Tamron Hall. Big mistake NBC. Tamron is smart, savvy, insightful and an all around damn good jounalist. And, yes, she’s incredibly gorgeous. She was the only reason I watched any pportion of the Today Show or anything on MSNBC.
    Like I said, Kelly is good but she won’t make me want to tune in.

  47. dji says:

    not much there. an explanation from NBC would be nice. a real one not some sugar oated BS.

    • debs says:

      What is wrong with NBC?? First Today’s Take took Willie Geist and threw him over to the dogs. Scarborogh is obnoxious and loves to hear himself talk and Mika is llike a prudish mother…yuck. I hate that show even if Willie is on it.
      The last straw is taking another talented person like Tameron Hall off of NBC and MSNBC only to hire someone from Fox………gross. We already were saddled with Greta from there and now Kelley..stupid! Tameron has worked very hard with NBC and all their changes for 10 years and this is how they pay her back. Very disloyal to the people who audiences love to watch. CBS looks pretty good now and besides Nora O”Donnell, who onced worked at NBC is now at CBS. Did you throw Nora out too several years back??? Pathetic

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