Aisha Tyler to Exit ‘The Talk’ After Current Season

Aisha Tyler

The Talk” co-host Aisha Tyler announced on-air Thursday that she would leave the CBS daytime show after the current season.

Tyler, who has been with the show since 2011, joining in Season 2, said that she had become too busy with her many other projects to continue co-hosting the daily show. “I just realized I had to let something go,” she said through tears.

In addition to co-hosting “The Talk,” Tyler also provides a voice on the hit FXX series “Archer,” has a series regular role on CBS’ “Criminal Minds,” and hosts “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” on the CW.

She has also begun directing. She launched a Kickstarter campaign last year to fund her feature directorial debut, “Axis,” about an Irish actor, taking place on the morning he is set to star in a career-changing blockbuster film. She previously directed multiple short films and two episodes of the TV series “Hipsterverse.” In her goodbye, she cited the recent successes of other female directors, including Ava DuVernay and “Wonder Woman’s” Patty Jenkins.

Her fellow co-hosts wished her well, with Sheryl Underwood getting up and walking around the table to give Tyler a hug. Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne both held Tyler’s hands through the announcement. Tyler said she would return to the show as a guest host as well as to discuss her future projects.

The show’s Twitter account shared the following message: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Lots of happy tears as we wish @aishatyler the best possible future!”

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  1. S lapak says:

    One comedian using the “N” word does not excuse Aiesa from saying “white boy” on her show double standard wrong

  2. Tammy youngs says:

    Wow wanda Nance it’s a talk show and Sharon is a good person , leah was trouble

  3. Wanda Nance says:

    Can Sharon please be next – no matter what is brought up she always has to have the first and most say about it – the Sharon Osborne Show! Bring back Leah.

  4. Marylee Jenko says:

    On today’s show talking about Justin Beebers leaving his tour for awhile, you proved the dumbing down of America! Zvezda’s brindle is so beautiful!!! Rich colors!!! You used the word, “Stank”, to describe how the workers must feel. Please the word is stunk! Look up Merrium Webster what Syank means. Even though it has been added to the esteemed dictionary as a word meaning , Pond or pool! Or another was stink up the joint. The African American dictionary describes it as slang for a whorish behavior! Shame on you onbothcounts!

  5. Betty Jones says:

    Will be glad to see her go I can’t stand her she askes like she knows it all sorry just feel what I feel

  6. deriqueg says:

    I wish her nothing but success, which she already has plenty. Love everything she does; although, on the July 17th show – I agreed with everything she said… and then, she told the lady, “You have a Black heart.” And, I thought, ‘I caught myself substituting the word for Bad many times also.’ We do it unconsciously, but subconsciously we teach this to others. Black = Bad is what many people are taught without giving it any thought (subliminal programming).

  7. Paulette Maes says:

    I think she should stay on the talk and exit criminal minds she doesn’t seem to fit in there for some reason but I wish her the best

  8. Maxwell says:

    Smart move, only thing ‘The Talk’ can do is damage her career with jabbering about political nonsense, she’s got plenty of other work were she can still appeal to every one of her fans ..without offending any.

    • Brian says:

      The Talk ladies don’t talk politics. You are thinking of The View. Obviously not a fan but only a typical hater.

  9. Mona19595 says:

    In case you didn’t read the article Aisha is an extremely busy actress as a Criminal Minds regular, voice overs and now directing. I don’t think she is hurting for money at all. She is a very intelligent woman and it shows with all she is doing. I wish her well!

  10. Apres says:

    Money? What kind of money did she lose? How much?
    Her film was shown at several film festivals and it won several awards. She was not let go. She wants to direct. I knew about her divorce but did she have to pay him alimony???

    • Ahsoka says:

      She has to pay her ex husband spousal support of $2 million.

      • smusherface says:

        Not sure why he got $2 million, plus half the sale of their $2 million home, when he’s worth $5 million himself and she’s worth $8 million, meaning he’s getting 1/4 of her net worth. It’s not like her net worth is substantially larger, or he gave up his career as a prominent and successful attorney to support her career, or raise their kids, because they don’t have any. And I’d say the same thing if it was a man ordered to pay a woman that much if she was worth a comparable amount and had a successful and thriving career, and hadn’t given it up to support his career – in case anyone wants say there’s a double standard.

      • Apres says:

        OMG! I had no idea it was that much!!! YIKES!!!

        Sorry for the all caps! ust notice it was stuck! UGH!

  11. T0rchwood says:

    Now can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have more than 8 episodes per season of Archer?

  12. Ahsoka says:

    I wonder if she was let go. She has been having a very tough time, losing her husband, money and now this show.

    • Misty says:

      I was wondering too. According to the Globe all the other “ladies ” dislike her and she was supposedly let go. In the article their comments were nasty. I love Aisha. She is so awesome.

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