ABC Cancels ‘Time After Time’

Time After Time
Courtesy of ABC

ABC has pulled drama “Time After Time” from its schedule, effectively canceling the freshman drama series.

A time-travel story following fictional versions of H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper, “Time After Time” debuted March 5 to a soft 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic over its two-hour premiere and an average audience of 2.53 million, according to Nielsen data. Over four weeks, it has averaged a 0.5 in the demo and 2.2 million viewers.

“Time After Time” is produced by Outerbanks Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television. Kevin Williamson and Marcos Siega (“Blindspot,” “The Following”) serve as executive producers. Siega directed the pilot, with Williamson writing the teleplay. The show is based on the novel written by Karl Alexander.


Time After Time

TV Ratings: ‘Time After Time,’ ‘Making History’ Debut Soft

The series is being replaced in its Sunday, 9 p.m. time period for the next three weeks by Alec Baldwin-hosted celebrity gameshow “Match Game.” “Time After Time” becomes the second scripted broadcast freshman to be pulled from the air this season. CBS canceled “Doubt” last month after airing only two episodes.

In her review of “Time After Time” for Variety this month, Sonia Saraiya wrote, “The studied shallowness of ‘Time After Time’s’ approach to violence makes for a sickening dynamic that attempts to cheaply humanize a serial killer. And while a shallow look at violence might be all that broadcast television’s standards and practices will allow, it feels both flat and exploitative.”

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  1. Kristin Bellows says:

    8/1/17 Just watched the season 1 episodes all 5 on HULU…Too bad it was cancelled as I really enjoyed the plot and actors…TIME AFTER TIME…

  2. Armand says:

    IM sure ABC does not care about our comments. Cheaper for them to show stupid. Game shows

  3. Gavin says:

    just found this show, and very sad to hear it’s quick demise :( The show had a certain class of villain, played well, and nicely done show. too bad…

  4. Armand says:

    Completely agree

    • Marilynn Wilson says:

      You, ABC, are idiots to cancel “Last Man Standing” as it was ONE of the BEST SHOWS with the best actors on TV!!!! Nothing will ever replace it AND whatever you put in that slot, I WILL NEVER WATCH!!!!!!
      I hope another network will pick it up and you will lose big time!!!!
      Get rid of Lara Spenser on GMA, what another idiot!!!!
      PureGenius was a wonderful medical show, CBS!!! You must look into the medical future, as the show and actors did!!! HUGE LOSS CBS!!!

  5. Jeff Mendenhall says:

    I wish they would bring Time after Time back – my wife and older kids loved this as much as me! It was slow to start but it really hooks you on the story lines, etc.

  6. armand says:

    Time after time could of been a hit. Why run 4 episodes then cancel a show that was obviously well liked.
    I think the networks forget people record shows watch them later watch them online now ABC has nothing but crappy game show after game show

  7. J in ohio says:

    Seems every show I get invested in gets cancelled :(

  8. TellTheTruth says:

    Just finished watching the 5 episodes, so disappointed that this show has been canceled. Here’s the thing about ratings, TV executives only care about viewers 17 – 47, they don’t consider viewers over 47 or 50. Even though people over the age 50 spend more money. This goes back to the 50s advertising models. With people living longer, younger people living home longer this model needs to be updated. I’m sure the true viewership was higher. Most stations do take into consideration later streaming. One of my favorite shows was canceled after one season, it had very good ratings, but in an older ages group. The show was picked up by Netflix and is now in its 6th season. That show is Longmire.

  9. Kristin says:

    I wonder if they have ever stopped to think that their willingness to cancel shows so quickly is what keeps viewers from starting their new series. If we weren’t so worried about having a show we really enjoy being pulled out from under us we may be more willing to begin them. Minimum of one full season should be aired before decisions like this are made.

  10. How very sad! Critics [in every field] believe they are so superior, that their opinions must be correct! Well you’re quite incorrect! This was not an attempt at “humanizing a serial killer”! Much to the contrary, it was a peek into the deep, dark, and, complicated, psyche of such a violent, sick, man! In addition, had the show been given a chance [by ABC], it was building into what could have become a very “Lostesque”, dramatic mystery! When networks cancel shows without so much as an attempt to allow and help it to build a fanbase, they are fools! Why spend so much money to launch a new series, and then cancel it in 4 weeks? It makes no sense! If any of these millennial network executives even know anything about the late 80’s/early 90’s, then I will close with just one last word…Should you not get the meaning….Google it! My Parting comment is; SEINFIELD!

  11. Jane says:

    Sonia Saraiya’ review of Time After Time is self serving and has nothing to do with what the public thinks. As cheesy as it was at times, it was kind of refreshing and her statement about idolizing a serial killer is just flat dumb…it seems she lives in Utopia.

  12. sdroar says:

    It was a good show. This is a big mistake.

    • Tel Patch says:

      I enjoyed it, every episode, fancy cancelling it after just 5 episodes, makes you wonder why the numpties ever bothered filming it in the first place, the least they could do is give it another station to air the remaining episodes.

  13. Glen says:

    It’s amazing how “the paid reviewer” get into this deep thought processes and then for some odd reason it can influence a tv programs survival or not surviving.

    The comment
    “In her review of “Time After Time” for Variety this month, Sonia Saraiya wrote, “The studied shallowness of ‘Time After Time’s’ approach to violence makes for a sickening dynamic that attempts to cheaply humanize a serial killer. And while a shallow look at violence might be all that broadcast television’s standards and practices will allow, it feels both flat and exploitative.””

    Really shows the loss of connection with the real people who are the ones that watch television for their entertainment. I guess that’s why ABC has such a hard time producing programs that truly sell to the public. You can not make a educated guess if a program is selling or not with only a sample of 5 shows. You have to be willing to make it and give it time to sell to be able to see if it’s a good marketable product. Something ABC is unwilling to do.

  14. Kathy says:

    I really like Time After Time, waited to binge all episodes to find out the show has been cancelled, very disappointed. ABC stop cancelling shows

  15. Strohmoose says:

    And they replaced it with what? Another terrible game show? UGH!!!!! They also cancelled “Surface” a few years ago with no resolution! These folks must be brain dead or really high on bad dope!

  16. Armand S says:

    Could not have said it better myself time after time was a good program and then they cancel last man standing I am really ticked off at ABC no reason to watch it

  17. DENA says:

    i just found this show last night on the “On Demand” re-run channel through my cable company. I really enjoyed the first episode, which is all I had time to watch. I just Googled it and am finding out it has been cancelled. Of course it has! Anything good gets cancelled and we wind up with only the smut, gore, and vapid stupidity that the networks want us to watch. This is the first comment I have ever left anywhere. Oh, and ABC is canceling Last Man Standing too. Rarely a good sit come comes out and when it does – they cancel it. It’s no wonder the networks and cable TV are just about dinosaurs. Well – just another reason to keep reading books rather than make the silly attempt to find something on the boob tube.

    • Exactly! These {overpaid} network execs. should take into consideration how viewers watch their programs in 2017! Wake up, Mr or Ms. Rich E. Rich! A pilot and 4 episodes, is no way to gauge how well a show would ultimately do in ratings! A rating system dating back to the 1950’s, just doesn’t cut muster in the 21st century! Time to wake up and smell the smartphone, tablet, laptop, vr goggles, smart watch, smart fridge, DVR, DVD/Blu-Ray, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime….Need I really go on? Naturally your most coveted audience of 18-34 were not watching. They no longer watch TV on your schedule! Haven’t you seen those At&T commercials where he watches TV on anything and anywhere he wants [except for the heart monitor screen]?! Listen to Dena, Me, AT&T, and Mark Wahlberg….Times they are a changin’! Okay, that last quote was Bob Dillon! See, he knew times are changing, all the way back in the ’60’s! So, in closing, it’s Dena 1, ABC 0!

  18. Caroline says:

    I’m very upset this was a show different from the others and I really liked it . Maybe you should rethink cancelling

  19. Anita says:

    Figures, I loved this show. Like others have already remarked, I am so tired of freshman shows, good, well-scripted shows, getting axed mid-season for low ratings when the odds where deliberately stacked against them. Poor time slot, low advertising investment, too much A-list, legacy show competition will doom a freshman show no matter how good it is. I have often joked that if I really enjoy a new show one can count on the cancelation in short order. Really a shame.

  20. kate says:

    loved the show… upset that it got canceled….

  21. Kelly Linn says:

    I was really upset when I saw that Time After Time had been canceled!! It is a great show and really quite different! I am hoping that someone will see all of these complaints and bring it back! My husband doesn’t like many shows, other than car shows, and we both really enjoyed it!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!! 😱😢😭

  22. Laurie Halper says:

    Don’t cancel Time After Time! It’s so much better than Timeless!!!!!! Please tell me who I can plead and beg not to get rid of!! It’s something different and needs to be saved!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  23. Andy Oconnor says:

    ABC has no right to cancel shows that quickly!

  24. Jorge Luis Ortiz says:

    I don’t understand why each time ABC finally puts on air a great series as Time after Time they cancel it without leaving it to develop properly. Time After Time was great acted, well written, well directed, well ambiented abd well edited. It’s a shame…

  25. nikaseyes says:

    This is why I hate to start watching new shows. They always get pulled as soon as I’m addicted! Everyone needs to write Netflix and ask them to pick it up. Thanks to Netflix there might be a chance!

  26. Julie says:

    Kind of a bummer. I really liked it! I wish it had stayed more closely with the movie, but still it had me hooked! 😟

  27. Armand S says:

    Script writers did a good job but abc would rather show low iq shows like match game

  28. Meaty says:

    When it’s blatantly clear that Hollywood scriptwriters have clearly run out of material and now persist with churning out shoddy remakes of classic movies (Psycho – Bates Motel, Lethal Weapon, Frequency, Training Day and now Time after Time) why aren’t these shows better advertised so that the viewing public are aware of their existence before pulling the plug? Far too many great shows are being axed by money grabbing channels that cram the shows with advertisements that nobody gives a crap about. TNT are continually axing their shows that get regular viewers who consistently watch week in week out to replace with mind numbing ass cheese reality shows only for those that were watching to tune out. Now ABC are jumping on that band waggon and ditching shows that have barely gotten a look in. It’s not like ABC need the cash it’s part of a multi billion dollar corporation that practically grows money.

  29. Armand S says:

    Hope ABC is reading these. 178 comments. That is a lot for a show that they say had bad ratings

  30. Taylor says:

    Are you kidding me this is such a great show and I rarely get into them. There are still so many un answered questions that need to be answered. What is that symbol, do they ever catch Jack, what is the purpose of those experiments? Could you at least finish the season so that there is closure for this series or must the fans just somehow piece it all together. I really hate it when good shows get cancelled for dumb ass shows like Match Game. This was so unique and there are so many other shows just like Match Game that people could watch. This is why I hate ABC because they actually manage to put out a good show and immediately take it off the air. So much disappointment and fulfillment. Please bring it back to at least answer all the questions and to give it one full season.

  31. This is such a disappointment i really was starting to get into this show and i think it is in fact far better than time after time, ABC you disappoint me! =(

  32. This was actually preety decent show and by the second episode we started seing interesting plot developing. Why are good shows now days not given a chance? They could have at least finished a season on good terms if they wanted to cancel it, not leave it hanging

  33. Kelly Bauman says:

    I stream all of my TV and didn’t know this show was out there until it was already cancelled. I watch all 5 episodes back to back, well 4 then I fell asleep and promptly watched the 5th the next day. I had already read of the cancellation but once I started watching I was hooked. My understanding this was on Sunday night. Such a hard night for a debut show. All the money invested in the start up of these shows and they pull them before even attempting a new time slot or day. So many of my favorites canceled after one season due to ratings. Well sure put a brand new show up against a show like Scandel and what do you expect. I’m a huge tv buff and watch a wide range of shows and never understood this mentality. I’ve received​ the Neilson ratings offer a couple times in my life but have never committed. With that being said I don’t know anyone else who has. It’s kind of like the political polls. Who’s taking these polls and how do they speak for me? Or even the majority. And then there us that stream everything. How is that tracked. Sure I’d love to watch all my favorites within 24 hours but I’m a mom and I work. Life is not that easy. I’d like to know how many 18 to 30 year olds have signed up to be a Neilson contributer? When I was 18 sitting at home watching TV was the last thing I would be doing! Now let’s talk about the insinuation that the show was too violent?!! WHAT???? Are you kidding me? What show isn’t violent? Can we say The Following. That was a great show which was also screwed by programming. Having to wait a full year for a new season,no wonder it lost traction.But in the beginning a wildly popular show with a serial killer. How bout Aquarius? Bates Motel? Shoot my soaps have had serial killers that have been loved. Soaps are great at making bad people good and then bad again. What’s wrong with showing a bad guy struggling with his goodness. This reviewer is obviously off her rocker or she doesn’t get out much! I don’t think I have ever experienced a show dropping off before the season was actually completed. Bad form ABC! This was a great action drama history sci-fi buff. My only critique is that the characters were rushed and the audience didn’t have time to believe the relationships bc they developed too quickly but even still I was on the edge of my seat jumping and yelling at the TV many times. Very engaging TV. I hope you give the fans what they are asking and​ finish the season. The episodes are already created. It’s a slap in the face to the actors, directors, writers, and most importantly the fans! Put the rest on Friday night where TV goes to die. Or Saturday night where there are basically no options. Just put them on!!!!

  34. Denise Clyde says:

    For the folks that thought this show was too violent; do you listen to any news? Seriously, it was about 2 real people….one of them a serial killer…if that offends you maybe you should WATCH SOMETHING ELSE! So we have finally arrived at this tipping point…great TV is taken away by the snowflake police. Very sad indeed.

  35. Denise Clyde says:

    Another good show taken off the air…who are the dead heads making these decisions? Everyone I know thought this was an excellent show! Really disappointed that you think Match Game is worthy.

  36. Candi says:

    With all the garbage on television, I’m so disappointed that they didn’t even give this show a chance! I really liked it

  37. Sean says:

    This was a great show! I’m so disappointed in ABC! Seriously ABC, re-evaluate the crappy line up you already have and take something else off the air if you need to cut something. This show was creative, added a bit of history and was really entertaining. It’s no wonder people are tuning into cable or Netflix.

  38. Kennedy says:

    I loved this show, match game is absolute drivel, this series was educational, thought provoking, and emotionally well developed, the premise was exciting and groundbreaking. I hope ABC knows that they lost what had the potential to be one of the most popular series to strike television.

  39. Delores Smith says:

    Mannnn wtf? I loved that show

  40. ACTZ says:

    ABC sucks Time After Time was smart funny and way better than all other programming. Why let let us who pay for t.v. watch something thought provoking just keep playing stupid droll crap with no substan

  41. Jill says:

    Boo! My husband and I liked this show. Disappointed with what ABC replaced it with. It was a fun drama that wasn’t about hospitals or police. It was finally something different!

  42. Teresa Feldman says:

    Please bring back the show, I LOVED it!! Atleast finish out the season so I can buy it later. Pretty please with a cherry on top?!

  43. Stephanie says:

    So sad that the SHOW is cancelled….. Why CANCELLED ??????? it had been release on air numbers of episode, please kindly release the remaining of episode and finish SEASON 1….

    it really don’t understand at all.

  44. I really liked the show, its a shame it was cancelled i mean there are more violent shows out there, how dissapointing!!

  45. Leslie solano says:

    I’m SO disappointed that it was canceled! I really. Liked this show! I only found out it was cancelled when I was trying to look up when episode 6 was going to air

    • Taylor says:

      That is exactly how I found out. I really wish they would just continue it for at least the rest of the season.

  46. Edwin Bailey says:

    Time after Time series was enjoyable, and I am upset to hear that it was canceled. I see commented in review that it glorified violence, It was a story, yet there are continued shows like Lucifer the Devil and others like Salem. Time After Time was a classic story expanded into a series of a inventor seeking to right a wrong, deceived by a presumed friend, and fell in love with a woman of the future. Sad to see it go because someone stupid opinion of its content.

  47. ccc says:

    this is crap show , I’m glad ABC kill it .

  48. tammy says:

    this was a good show. interesting concept, good characters. it was nice to get lost in a fantasy that took us away from the rest of the reality tv crap that fills the networks

  49. Shawna Clark says:

    Yet another reason why Im rethinking having cable…good shows starting and then getting pulled. Im so sick of good shows being replaced with mindless crap. ABC didn’t even give the show a chance.

  50. Hey when you start an intense show at least after you get people hooked make a good ending for us before you stop the show completely it is horrible to be left hanging

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