ABC Cancels ‘Time After Time’

Time After Time
Courtesy of ABC

ABC has pulled drama “Time After Time” from its schedule, effectively canceling the freshman drama series.

A time-travel story following fictional versions of H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper, “Time After Time” debuted March 5 to a soft 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic over its two-hour premiere and an average audience of 2.53 million, according to Nielsen data. Over four weeks, it has averaged a 0.5 in the demo and 2.2 million viewers.

“Time After Time” is produced by Outerbanks Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television. Kevin Williamson and Marcos Siega (“Blindspot,” “The Following”) serve as executive producers. Siega directed the pilot, with Williamson writing the teleplay. The show is based on the novel written by Karl Alexander.


Time After Time

TV Ratings: ‘Time After Time,’ ‘Making History’ Debut Soft

The series is being replaced in its Sunday, 9 p.m. time period for the next three weeks by Alec Baldwin-hosted celebrity gameshow “Match Game.” “Time After Time” becomes the second scripted broadcast freshman to be pulled from the air this season. CBS canceled “Doubt” last month after airing only two episodes.

In her review of “Time After Time” for Variety this month, Sonia Saraiya wrote, “The studied shallowness of ‘Time After Time’s’ approach to violence makes for a sickening dynamic that attempts to cheaply humanize a serial killer. And while a shallow look at violence might be all that broadcast television’s standards and practices will allow, it feels both flat and exploitative.”

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  1. Teresa Feldman says:

    Please bring back the show, I LOVED it!! Atleast finish out the season so I can buy it later. Pretty please with a cherry on top?!

  2. Stephanie says:

    So sad that the SHOW is cancelled….. Why CANCELLED ??????? it had been release on air numbers of episode, please kindly release the remaining of episode and finish SEASON 1….

    it really don’t understand at all.

  3. I really liked the show, its a shame it was cancelled i mean there are more violent shows out there, how dissapointing!!

  4. Leslie solano says:

    I’m SO disappointed that it was canceled! I really. Liked this show! I only found out it was cancelled when I was trying to look up when episode 6 was going to air

  5. Edwin Bailey says:

    Time after Time series was enjoyable, and I am upset to hear that it was canceled. I see commented in review that it glorified violence, It was a story, yet there are continued shows like Lucifer the Devil and others like Salem. Time After Time was a classic story expanded into a series of a inventor seeking to right a wrong, deceived by a presumed friend, and fell in love with a woman of the future. Sad to see it go because someone stupid opinion of its content.

  6. ccc says:

    this is crap show , I’m glad ABC kill it .

  7. tammy says:

    this was a good show. interesting concept, good characters. it was nice to get lost in a fantasy that took us away from the rest of the reality tv crap that fills the networks

  8. Shawna Clark says:

    Yet another reason why Im rethinking having cable…good shows starting and then getting pulled. Im so sick of good shows being replaced with mindless crap. ABC didn’t even give the show a chance.

  9. Hey when you start an intense show at least after you get people hooked make a good ending for us before you stop the show completely it is horrible to be left hanging

  10. Gloria says:

    ABC sucks. Time after Time was the only new show I loved. I am tired of silly shows. Think you made a mistake

  11. So all I do is watch TV so I would've thought please bring it back that's one of the best shows on ABC says:

    I feel you didn’t give anybody a chance to really get to know the show it was a great show. Out of all the shows during that time travel yours is great. I didn’t even know it was there I just accidentally found it when I was channel surfing that’s the problem you didn’t advertise time after time I don’t think I saw it once and I’m bedridden and I don’t get out of bed 24 hours a day So all I do is watch TV so I would’ve thought please bring it back that’s one of the best shows on ABC

  12. vhorton says:

    For me, I watched the first episode and did not tune back in. The concept is good. I like police dramas, time travel, and British. Since I like sci-fi and fantesy, what the problem was for me was his great-great grand daughter making herself known. There are time travel rules. All it takes is a choice to change the time line and wipe a whole lot of people out of the picture. I think if this had been a mini-series OR some homework done on what makes time traveling shows so popular, it may have been a better hit. Another thought is timing. Maybe if it had aired in the summer while everyone else was on re-run, more folks would have tuned in. “Once Upon A Time” is the only show to break the Sunday curse. Shows that either begin on a Sunday or get moved to a Sunday, end up getting cancelled. Friday is another day of the week that hurts a show.

  13. Deb Lynne says:

    Stupid network. Finally a good show. Grrr. Okay so some of it was a little “out there” but we waited with baited breath for each new episode!

  14. Sue says:

    Sign the petition to bring it back. There is also another for netflix to pick it up.

  15. Geo says:

    ABC executives are a bunch of idiots

  16. Skye says:

    So sad to see it go. I loved the story. I think one issue maybe that dish dropped my ABC station, so we can’t get ABC. The only way I get to watch it is because I have Hulu, but others aren’t as lucky. So, that means less dish viewers. I just hope they release the rest of the episodes for streaming.So sick of stations not giving shows a chance and cancelling them after a few episodes. They need to understand with so many viewing options it sometime takes time, word of mouth, and work to get a show off the ground. It’s not like back in the day when you had 3 or 4 channels and only a hand full of shows to watch. Now there’s hundreds of channels, with hundreds of shows, plus streaming (which I know is how I watch most of my shows), so it may take more to get a show going. I know I’ve had to play catch up as I heard about this through word of mouth myself (which geez if you want a show to succeed promote it a little more). Really hoping they release the rest of the episodes.

  17. Tiredofbadtv says:

    Can’t keep track anymore what stations cancel what, nine of them have many shows I like cept I think nbc? Whichever has svu and the Chicago’s, but they’ve all cancelled way too many of the how’s I like in the first season. Cable doesn’t do that often at least but Brad cast constantly. This show was great and 3 out of the 4 18-49 yrold in this house were watching it. Cable channels have far more good shows though and all good shows are on same days and times so we dvr everything, and can’t watch into all in 72hrs or whatever time frame they use to include dvr watching in ratings. We tend to binge watch each show after acquiring 2 or 3 episodes at once so none of our shows get our viewership counted. We record about 90 series a year at least 3/4 are cable channels. Too much bad reality shows stupid game shows and horrible comedies on broadcast. All cheap shallow tv. This show was NOT shallow as the reviewer said, and serial killers ARE still human dear, people have many aspects. So there guy tvhehehinks are boutique quitting, what’s wrong with tvhehehinks having isn’t t are boutique good thing? So he wants tvhehehinks having save his son, isn’t that also good? Nooooo not to this bimbo, it means they’re trying tvhehehinkshatoo get people tvhehehinkshatoo sympathize c with murderers. Whatever.
    Let’s see, list of shows cancelled in 1st season I liked in the last like 4 years….this one, Forever, Second Chance, Constantine, Alcatraz, Do No Harm, Last Resort (complete story at least), Backstrom, Rush Hour, Mondays Mornings (the ONLY non broadcast channel show cancelled like this), The Family, Limitless, Minority Report, american version of Broadchurch, the one that was like the Americans but the one dude didnt know, and many more I can’t even remember the names of now. Highly annoying trend.
    What do I watch? Cable channels, almost everything CW, the Chicagos, Gotham, SVU, Blacklists, Once Upon a Time, Blue Bloods, Blindspot, Sleepy hollow, not much else broadcast. There are no more Bones, House, Hannibal, Grimm now. Others in the house also watch mostly cable channels but they do watch Gray’s, Elementary, and Big Bang, nothing else broadcast outside my list. Cable shows? We watch reality that’s NOT a competition like Alaska, Mountain Men, Live Free or Die (what happened to Mick Dodge?), and a Lotta cable series like Expanse, Colony, Major Crimes, Bates, Outsiders, Preacher, Exorcist, Mr.Robot, AHS, Vikings, Game of Thrones, Shameless, Ray Donovan, Taboo, and many more. And we record and watch a Lotta reruns on cable from old and current cable and broadcast shows like ER, Father Dowling, CSI NY, CSI Miami, Bones, House, Supernatural, Monk, Psych, Burn Notice, White Collar, Covert Affairs, MASH, SVU, Heat of the Night, NYPD Blue, etc.
    This household likes eccentric puzzlers like House, Elementary, Monk, Backstrom etc, we like crime dramas like CSI, NCIS, the Chicagos, the Law and Orders, we like supernatural shows and Sci fi and fantasy like time travel, demons, etc in all these time Shows, Supernatural, Expanse Colony, etc, we like medical dramas, we like dark and creepy like Exorcist, AHS, Hannibal, Taboo and we like DC comics like Constantine, Preacher, iZombie, Gotham, and the whole Arrow verse (not brand loyalty just marvel shows don’t draw us in) we like spies and espionage like Blindspot, Burn Notice, etc and shows that fall in multiple categories like Blacklist, and reality outdoors educational i.e. useful and likeable like Mountain Men and Alaska types.

    We, like many postern here do not watch things like the Match game…seriously I though silly game shows ended 30yrs ago, survivor, horrid premise Bachelor (and even worse cable versions like marrying people first meet) and many many more that all run together. Now we do like talent and sporadically watch things like the Voice, so you think you can dance, America’s got talent, but not the cheap shallow ones like American Idol was. Ninja Warrior is fun but we don’t record it or watch often. Too many talentless UNrealistic reality shows around though on all channels…reality TV started with what, The Real World on MTV which was OK but killed the channel for what it should, and now you’ve got such silliness like Bachelor, toddlers and tiaras, and whatever the hell made honey boo boo a household name. American tv has some awesome stuff, but you have to dig through way too much horrific Ness to find it. The shows that proliferate our tvs are an embarrassment to the nation, kinda like the fact they even let Hillary finish the election and the outrageous reactions that have followed.
    GIVE US BACK GOOD TV, or at least make more of it tolerable.

    • Tiredofbadtv says:

      Forgot to mention Cult as cancelled 1st year…but it debuted alongside the following so Kevin bacon made that more successful. We liked both though. So many good stuff that just disappears hard to keep track.

      • Tiredofbadtv says:

        And hopefully Timeless doesn’t get added to the 1 season list as well. Why can’t older viewers, or less shallow and petty tastes have some good tv? So what if ratings weren’t great try another time slot before cancelling stuff, look at what is being dvrd and stop making more mindless garbage. There are 2 main types of viewers: people that want to escape into a good story or another world, and people that want mindless distractions. Don’t assume everyone is of the latter, keep it more balanced. I’m sure bad reality shows don’t cost much compared b to good series as there are no stars just random no talents, but you can’t sell dvds of those shows later. Who has ever bought the Bachelor seasons? No one. More upfront cost for good tv but it’s worth it, it’s a longer term payback so don’t be so quick to cancel. The uproar about Constantine alone should tell you that. That show was worth a mint still surprised CW didn’t pick it up just making horrible 10minute cartoons online.

  18. Rebecca Medina says:

    This is b.s. i fixing love this show

  19. Jennifer mandarino says:

    Too bad show was cancelled!!!!!! Something different and refreshing. Sick of all the mindless reality shows. How much dancing and bachelors or bachelorettes can we watch BORE!!!!!

  20. Alexandra Cartey says:

    So the review says the show had “sickening dynamic that attempts to cheaply humanize a serial killer. And while a shallow look at violence”. But crap like Housewives of every state with “real” women who are flaky, ignorant, shallow, vindictive and have nothing realistic about themselves or their lives… that’s good tv? I’m st ill trying to understand how garbage like Dancing with the Stars, Days of Our Lives, and The Bachlelor stays on TV. Not in support of serial killers but the psychology behind them does make for good drama. Not to mention, HG Wells was an excellent author and to bring some of that to TV in addition with history, even if only based on it but not re-enacted, is worthy of imagination and talent. Here’s to hoping it gets picked up by Hulu or Netflix and goes on.

  21. Lea says:

    I really liked this show. I am not home when it comes on so i always dvr. Do they take that into account for their stupid numbers?

  22. Kelly says:

    My girls and I would watch Once Upon A Time and then when Time After Time started we fell in love with that one too. Such great TV shows. Not much on TV worth watching anymore and to find 2 awesome series on the same night. My girls were very disappointed when the Match Game came on a couple of weeks ago and now we turn off the TV cause there is nothing on to watch. ABC sucks! Also Nielson ratings, we have done 2 this year and it was before Time After Time even started. What was the rating based off of? How can you get those low numbers when I have talked to a number of people and they too were disappointed. Bring it back and give it a chance. Typical of ABC to cut a series off the air for stupid reasons.

  23. Regina Wright says:

    I am very disappointed that Time After Time has been cancelled. It was a great series and I think it wasn’t given much of a chance to thrive. Very disappointed in the cancellation. Please consider bringing it back.

  24. Erica P. says:

    Such a good show. They should of at least finished out the season instead of canceling. Not worth watch Match Game rather find something else to watch Time after Time at least had a great story line I got into into which made for good TV and not reality crap…

  25. Lyn Herron says:

    I would love to see this picked up by a less regulated medium. It was a well done series and I hate to see it go.

  26. Ange says:

    ABC just lost me as a viewer completely. I actually liked this show! ABC sucks.

  27. Kathleen says:

    Time after Time, Doubt, Harry’s Law, Smash, Forever……. Why do they always pull the good shows ? before they even get started? before the show can complete the story? Why don’t they believe in the shows they produce? Listen to those that are watching? We need to tell these networks what we want to watch NOT what they want us to watch. Let’s find a way together to get our voices heard….Thank you

  28. Stephanie Hamilton says:

    Ever single time I get into a show they go and cancel it.
    Kind of pointless making shows then pulling them from the schedule!
    Typical network move, no respect for the viewers!

  29. Ashley says:

    That was a aswome show I don’t understand why they need it to cancel it I was hooked on that show

  30. keren says:

    such a shame, i don’t understand why there was low rating, i think it was a great show
    and i will miss it

  31. Sherri Hamilton says:

    I thought this show was great! If anything should be pulled it should be Once Upon a Time. The show seems to be pulling from threads and running out of ideas. At least Time After Time had a storyline, action, excitement, thrilling, etc. At least they could have let the first season finish! It’s not fair to the viewers that were watching waiting to see what was going to happen next.

  32. Yvonne M McIntosh says:

    Hope everyone is signing the petition..”.might help. And now they’re saying The Catch will be cancelled too. As I’ve already said…ABC sucks.

  33. Christine says:

    That’s a real shame. I liked the show and was looking forward to the next episode. I’m 55 and watch most of my t.v. online. Does Nielsen take that into consideration?

  34. So sad. Once again ABC doesn’t give a decent show even a chance to pick up a following. I had stopped watching ABC totally because of this issue until this show. Now it’s time to dump them again.

  35. Cheri says:

    I liked it. I think the time slot was bad.

  36. Armand S says:

    Googled the reviewer as well. She should stick with kid shows. This was a show I was looking forward to on Sunday. Match game is not worth wasting an hour on

  37. Mike Meyers says:

    I have to agree with so many here that it is stupid to cancel a show after only four or five episodes just as the story itself is being developed. And to not air the episodes that are already done Is just rude and annoying on behalf of the network. These days you can’t say what a viewing audience actually is because far too many people are recording things to watch later or streaming them at their own convenience. The Network’s need to stop having a knee-jerk reaction cancelling shows that just start to build a following. I hope that this finds a home somewhere else for the people who truly do appreciate the show. And perhaps it can garner reviews from other critics who don’t go into the review with such a negative attitude towards the genre. It does not glorify a homicidal killer it merely laid groundwork for what is a historical basis for the character of Jack the Ripper. I just think the critic was narrow-minded in her review.

    • Richard James says:

      I Agree Sonia Saraiya is the worst reviewer i’ve ever come across googled her reviews and she is not into a good popcorn movie ..she is a Disney addict she should stick to the Disney channels

  38. Armand S says:

    Bring it back , Natch game isn’ttveveb funny. One crude joke after another. No brains for sure to be on that show. Abc was not on at my house last nite

  39. Sharon says:

    Very sad and short sighted thinking to not let it finish the season. To put Alex B on in a game show??? Whos brilliance was that?
    Bring it back.

  40. Jan Jones says:

    Sonia what gives you the right to have an excellent show such as Time after Time a bad review? My husband and I really started getting into it. It was a great show for watching on a Sunday evening.
    Match Game with Alec Baldwin? What a joke there is enough of these junk game shows on t.v..
    It is very sad to think you t.v. stations just get people into a new series and then just when it really starts to get good you take it off the air!!! How rude!!!
    Here’s a thought….why don’t you take off the view with all of those half wit, so called biased woman that only bitch about people they don’t like. There is probably a good chance 99.9 that there whole audience are all democrats.
    Well guess what I have some friends like me that won’t be watching your programs any more.
    Besides having biased shows you have fake news too! Shame on all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. Amanda Aguirre says:

    This sucks! I loved this show! I thought it was great and exciting, I would be watching it right now and not somebody dumb show. Bring it back!!!!

  42. Ethel teleposky says:

    I am not in the 18-49 age group. I’m a senior that loved this show. I loved that it took a part of history and changed it up. Isnt that very much like NBC’s show Timeless but that wasnt pulled. tTime After Time was just getting into the characters. Not everyone viewing is in the demographic age group. Why are we catering to just that group. Maybe the show should go on a cable network; it probably would be a hit. It’s not fair that people start watching shows and someone who”thinks” they know what people want takes it off the air. Not watching what you substitued in its place.

  43. Shari Prince says:

    Very disappointed that ABC Cancelled Time After Time. I had to record it because it was up against CBS’s Madame Secretary at 8pm cdt. Yes I’m 64 and not in your stupid 18-49 demographics but Time After Time would have a good rating if you would put it up against stupid shows on another night like Reality TV crap or the 7pm cdt slot on Wed up against cbs survivor, fox’s Shots fired, nbc law&order svu. Cuz personally the goldbergs/Speechless slot on ABC sucks. I don’t start watching ABC on Wed til the 9pm cdt stupidly for Designated Survivor series. ABC, think about people that actually like to use their brain when watching a show to know history and Mystery. Match game, will not get watched unless Madame Secretary is delayed on CBS due to a baseball game like tonight, then it’s back to cbs when Madame Secretary comes on. Then Elementary after that. So America Crime won’t get watched either.

  44. Armand S says:

    Who cares what Sonia thinks. Many of us really liked the show. Match game give me a break. Nothing but idiots . Move Time to Saturday but don’t cancel it

  45. Ralph Currie says:

    Thought this was a great series. ABC should have tried a different time period rather than cancel it after only 5 episodes. I’m certain that by replacing this series with a trash game show will NOT increase your viewership as a network. Huge mistake !!

  46. Carolyn Fabian says:

    Really liked this show and was surprised it was cancelled. History ,sci-fi and drama all rolled into one. They replace it is a no brain show like Match Game?

  47. Robin Deo says:

    So incredibly disappointed this shoe was cancelled, ifound it intelligent and imaginative. Please, please bring it back!!!

  48. Lili Mtz says:

    That is Such a shame that once again ABC cancels a great show! Yet keeps putting reality-TV which I don’t bother to watch. Why can’t they put their Big-Boy/Girl-Pants on and stick it through?! They shouldn’t base it on silly little ratings that don’t even amount into a hill of beans! We are not little zombie-drones following the masses, We are Individuals that come from different walks of life that enjoy Good Shows like “Time after Time” instead of Reality TV. Smh!

  49. Susan says:

    I would like to say “B. S.” to Sonya Saraiya. The show was different from any show we now have on. SO many So many Dancing with the Stars, and Survivor Type shows are wearing old. We mostly watch CBS. Finally ABC comes up with an original and it’s cancelled. How can ABC know what we are watching in our home? We are not connected to any sort of cable or paid service, as many of our friends. I say BOO to those idiots who don’t know a good show when they see one. Back to watching all CBS, and retro.

  50. Amy Glanton says:

    This show was so great. I really hate how producers or whoever created the show and put it on just take it off because not enough views. I see if they get no views then take it off. But 2.2 million views. Hell that is good and should have been good enough to keep it on. Now I have nothing to watch after Once Upon A Time. I hate this so much. Please bring the show back. You now have 111 comments of people wanting the show back. By consumer demand we demand you bring back the show.

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