ABC Says Politics Played No Role in ‘Last Man Standing’ Cancellation

Last Man Standing
Courtesy of ABC

The ABC comedy “Last Man Standing” was canceled due to ABC’s decision to move away from comedy on Friday and not because of lead actor Tim Allen’s political leanings, ABC’s entertainment chief said after unveiling the Walt Disney network’s new programming schedule on Tuesday.

“‘Last Man Standing’ was a challenging one for me, because it was a steady performer,” said Channing Dungey, ABC Entertainment President. “Once we made the decision not to continue with comedy on Friday, it was just kind of that’s where we landed.” She made her remarks on a conference call with reporters.  ABC’s Friday lineup will be stacked with two one-hour super-hero dramas, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “The Inhumans,” along with the news program “20/20.”

Dungey said she used the same criteria in considering the future of “Last Man Standing” as she did in examining what to do with other canceled series, like “The Catch,” “The Real O’Neals,” and “American Crime.” She also said studio ownership, future creative direction, ratings and viewer engagement were factors she considered in making her decision.

Conservatives have expressed disappointment in the show’s demise. Allen, who is Republican, has been a supporter of President Donald Trump and made jokes in talk-show appearances about the challenges of being a Republican in Hollywood. “Last Man Standing” was on the air for six seasons.

Also on Tuesday, days after the cancellation, Allen broke his silence on the news. “Stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last six years,” he wrote.

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  1. Colossus says:

    “Politics played no role…”

  2. Trish says:

    If ABC actually cared about their viewers they would listen and stay out of politics. It is SO obvious that politics is the reason for the cancellation of this fun, funny, irreverent, family show. Bring it back!!!!!

  3. Ed says:

    If you don’t think this political then you are an idiot. ABC execs just don’t like other viewpoints. Typical liberal hypocritical actions

  4. Kathy says:

    By ABC…..gone are the days when smart people set schedules. Going by the way of trash now. Time to unplug

  5. D. lowe says:

    ABC’s decision is ludicrous! In a time in which we desperately need laughter, they choose to replace comedy with crime….which we see hourly on most channels & anytime on the news! This was a political decision in my opinion & no one had guts to admit it. Great show, Tim Allen!

  6. Kate says:

    BULLSHIT this is not about politics. totally agree with Michelle Somers, presented both views, and they loved each other anyway. This is the message that should be aired. Not the racist, sexual deviant crap that is otherwise on!

  7. Michelle Somers says:

    I have always identified as more liberal. So sad that a program with two very different political views within the same family; while still living with and loving each other is being cancelled. Move it to another night/time if that is truly the reason. Shame on them

  8. Hart says:

    Last man Standing is the. Best family sitcom left. Please do not take it off the air. After all the stupid tv shows that are on the air this one makes good points in everyday life and the place where children still talk to parents. And parents still get to teach without the government taking away their power. Come on what is your people’s!?

  9. Diane Schultz says:

    I think that ABC has showed it true colors and how it feels about it audience. An overwhelming amount of viewers have stated that “Last Man Standing” is a show that we do not want to see taken off the air. However ABC has decided that viewers opinions do not matter. I say lets show ABC however we feel by eliminating all ABC shows from our daily viewing schedule until they take our views seriously. Hopefully another network will step up and pick up the series. We NEED OUR “LAST MAN STANDING” If Friday night is not good I am sure if it is moved to another night fans will follow. WAKE UP ABC Before its to late DO NOT TAKE OUR “LAST MAN STANDING”

  10. K Newberry says:

    ABC is a disappointment, again. Canceling a show, “Last Man Standing”, that is well loved. I am having trouble believing your reasons, it seems the only shows you support…express only your liberal minded themes. Your network news is biased and just awful, but at least I liked “Last Man Standing”, now that is gone, and so is this viewer. ☹️

  11. Robert Warden says:

    This is one of the best shows on TV I can’t believe that they are cancelling this show. There are some shows that are worse that should be cancelled I think they should save the show

  12. Joyce Rowell says:

    I don’t believe Last man standing was canceled because of ratings, it was for sure political, and a stupid move, it’s a great show. I am NO fan of Abc any longer

  13. Debi says:

    Abc lies. Of course the show was cancelled over politics. If you don’t fall in line with the liberals and their beliefs they have no room for your or your views. It’s sickening. I for one won’t ever tune in to abc. They only had 3 shows worth watching and now that they cancelled one of them, their 2 highest rated comedy and 3rd highest rated show over all I can’t be bothered with them. Liberal are the biggest bullies I’ve ever seen.

  14. Kenny M Lord says:

    I for one am tired of liberal policies dictating what I watch. I have banned ABC in my house. I hope others use their only way to let the lefty loons know how we feel as well.

  15. Tom cash says:

    This is an unacceptable attempt to censor ideas and continue to brainwash. The people better wake up. A black women made the decision. Wonder who she voted for? The excuses are so absurd. Please, we’re not as stupid as you hope we are.

  16. Jason says:

    Following in Hillary’s footsteps. Lying to try to save their own skin. However, those faithful viewers of Last Man Standing don’t buy it. A good conservative show on TV canceled, that’s not a coincidence that’s them pushing their own agenda and making sure people with opposing views are silenced. Its a shame that it makes them look bad and that they will lose many viewers.

  17. Derek schmidt says:

    I am very disappointed with this decision I have seen every episode more than o e and they never get old and always looked forward to seeing the new episode and now just disappointment that’s just too bad

  18. Yvon says:

    B S… I’m done with ABC….

  19. Jame Watson says:

    Not canceling because of liberal politics.GIVE ME A BREAK! It is other example of LIBERAL NETWORKS trying punish their conservative viewers. BYE BYE ABC!

  20. Joanne Rusaw says:

    the TV show is my favorite Last Man Standing and everybody wants to cancel if they need to put it back on and put new ones on there in season 1 2 & 3 all that is not

  21. Aimee says:

    I am done with the hypocrisy of the the non tolerant, anti-christian, demoralizing freak show on the left. ABC will not me missed on my house.

  22. Gayle says:

    Cancelling Last Man Standing is a big mistake for ABC. The logic they gave was a huge lie, it was purely political and the Liberals at ABC know it. When a person like Colbert gets a pass at what he said on his show is digusting, he needs to be cancelled among others!

    • Hal says:

      Christianity is part of the problem, along with the other beliefs in fairy tales like Muslims and in magical books like “the bible” and “the koran”. Makes more sense to believe in the easter bunny.

      • Ben Vad says:

        Notice how Hal only mentions Christianity and the Arab cult and neglects his own Jewish faith?

  23. Sue says:

    So why not move it to another night. Done with ABC they keep The View and cancel Last Man Standing? Insane

  24. ABC sucks says:

    Last man standing was about the only good show left on tv, now it’s cancelled. I’m not into politics but highly enjoyed the show polical remarks or jabs. It was about the only program that makes me laugh after a stressful week at work. ABC line up now…. SUPERHERO yuck!! I am NOT interested in superheroes or another crime show.

  25. Heidi says:

    I love this show. These guys are morons. It is totally because he is not a liberal. He is dead on. Hollywood is like Nazi Germany. Whatever happened to freedom of Speech? ABC is not what I will be watching.

  26. Bob says:

    Disney is the parent company of ABC. And Disney has their hand so deep in Donald Trumps pocket. ABC IS THE ONLY Network that Trumps will sit down face to face with. I’m sure that Trump had the AX in hand.

  27. sue conner says:

    tim allen is halarious and his show is one of the best there are plenty of shows on that i dont agee with certain life styles but i change the channel its not hard you dont like it dont watch it why do a few people control what the rest of us get to do

  28. Dawn says:

    Liberal Hitlerism ABC at its best…As with Hitler..liberals send a message do as I say and watch. No free speech or shows here.. Only what we allow.

  29. Harmony says:

    I am surprised that it lasted this long. It was not funny at all and the writhing was even worse. It felt like an old 90s sitcom. Maybe that’s the people who watched it as well.

  30. Duane says:

    Just what we need another super hero show. Last man standing is one of the few shows on tv that is worth the time. Well we bid a grateful goodbye the Tim and all the cast that made it a GREAT show to wait for each week. Duane

  31. Beth CP says:

    ” “Last Man Standing” was a challenging one for me……..”. LOL! You keep telling yourself that Ms. Dungy.

  32. Mike Frego says:

    I wondered how long the corrupt media would allow free speech from Tim Allen. He is the only person that I was willing to put up with the commercials to watch. Now there is no one allowed to speak up for normal values in this country. I refuse to watch the news bash President Trump and I’m sure i not alone. This is a outrage, when the sponsors realize that people are not watching the big three and pull out their money, maybe we can get him back?

  33. american says:


  34. Linda McGuinness says:

    Bull crap Miss Dungy. What a loser ABC has become. You cancelled the other shows because they were lousy. Last Man Standing was a quality show with a brilliant cast. Let’s hope another network is smart enough to pick this one up.

  35. Bye bye ABC. Not surprised the show was cancelled by a liberal ABC President. Lol here are her own words:
    “ABC’s slate of dramas — glitzy shows such as Designated Survivor, How to Get Away with Murder and Notorious — may not mirror real-life America sufficiently, according to one top network exec, who said the shock election of Donald Trump had caused the network to reconsider its output. Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment, said that the rise of Trump and his white blue-collar support had forced execs at the network to question whether its programming was too focused on the upper echelons of U.S. society. Despite the critical analysis, Dungey did point to ABC’s comedy line-up as offering a better “balance” between those on different sides of the economic spectrum.” LOL

  36. My whole family is disgusted with ABC. We love ,Last Man Standing and their ratings were great. It is all about politics and we all know it. You keep a trash show on like, The View, and cancelled a funny good show because Tim make jokes and reference to his political views??? Why?? ABC is getting to be a network of Loose Liberals more concerned about their own agenda than pleasing the TV audience !!! It was an ignorant decision and I hope you have the intelligence to reschedule this show and stop making the television industry a big political mess with a very one sided opinion .. It is very unprofessional !!!

  37. Heidi Davies says:

    ABC I am very disappointed on your decision to cancel this show. It was one of our families favorite show. Just because someone expresses their opinion in the country we live let me its called free speak. Your excuse is not about ratings on the how you really think we believe it’s over something more then that. this is just insane that u would do this. TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! i WILL NOT BE WATCHING ABC. I hope u decide to bring it back. UNTIL THEN GOODBYE ABC.

  38. Glen McDade says:

    ABC you make me SICK. Last Man Standing is the only sitcom I take time to watch and you liberals have to get your way or else. You have a great show with good morals and family values and you cancel it to run some kind of trash.

  39. Debbee says:

    ABC …Why would you cancel one of the best shows!!!! There is like nothing on Abc to watch any more so I quess abc is off my watch list!!!!

  40. James says:

    Way to go ABC. Do you have any idea what your viewers like or does it really matter to you. Last Man standing brought me to your network every week. Now while the ratings are still high it gets cancelled. If I made those kind of decisions in business my customers would get frustrated lose confidence, leave and I would be out of business. So goodbye ABC. I’m frustrated and I have no confidence in you.

  41. Gee, all the right wingers are in pain over this. Why not soothe your hurt with some Dork Dynasty Reruns or The Duggar Family Perverts.

  42. kylelyles says:

    I trust this statement as much as I trust the Hildebeest’s statements about her illegal private email server.

    Remember that ABC/Disney fire Americans and replace them with H1B Visa holding Indians.

  43. Bill says:

    I will no longer watch ABC. And I had planed to visit Disney World this summer but will do all the other things while in FLA. ABC is going under just like the rest of the far left . Glad to see them go.

  44. Sandra Matthews says:

    If they are doing 2 hour long dramas (I see failure) what happens to Shark Tank? It’s hard to find good comedies on TV and this was one of the good ones. Sorry to see it go

  45. Peter says:

    “canceled due to ABC’s decision to move away from comedy”

    Did they also cancel Modern Family, which is supposed to be a comedy? scheduling is an excuse

  46. Susan says:

    Canceling LMS defies conventional economic sense as it was a ratings winner for the network. Moving away from comedy seems to be in character for an organization who continues to perform poorly (ESPN). It makes my decision so much easier to “cut the cord” as decisions such as these only hasten the demise of this credible medium.

  47. Dave says:

    The canceling “Last Man Standing” was not too popular in our house. Everyone enjoyed “Last Man Standing”. Given the many options on TV now I will definitely steer away from ABC when I can

  48. Kathy Blue says:

    Stupid Move ABC..If you want to cancel a Friday night show..CANCEL the Toy show that you put in its place. That’s a AWFUL show. Thank Ellen DeGeneres again for her new show First Dates.

  49. Cynthia Hern says:

    It’s time for all of us to boycott ABC these liberals are insulting to a great funny show. WE need to stand together and put a hurt on ABC that’s not the only program I watch on ABC I can find other shows to watch If we acted together we can hurt these big know it alls. Lets show them we have a say to hurt them.

  50. Janet Wallace says:

    Sounds like a lot of hot air ABC. You may lose ratings over this one. You don’t cancel a popular show and a great show at that “because you don’t want to leave it on Friday nights” – what a load of crap. Your loss and hopefully some other outlet will pick this show up because it really is a funny great show.

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