ABC, NBC, CBS News to Carry James Comey Senate Testimony Live

James Comey

UPDATED June 6, 7 a.m. PT: NBC News has confirmed they will carry the Comey hearing live, with NBC News chief legal correspondent Savannah Guthrie anchoring from Washington, D.C. and Matt Lauer anchoring from New York. Lester Holt, Guthrie and Chuck Todd will co-anchor NBC News’ coverage from Washington, D.C.


ABC and CBS will break into their daytime programming on Thursday to cover James Comey’s appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos will anchor the network’s coverage, while “CBS This Morning” co-hosts Norah O’Donnell, Gayle King and Charlie Rose will anchor coverage for that network. Rose, King and O’Donnell will be joined in New York by “Face the Nation” anchor and chief Washington correspondent John Dickerson and chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford. The former FBI Director’s testimony is set to begin at 10 a.m. ET.

The decision to break into regularly scheduled programming for a Congressional hearing is unusual for broadcasters, indicating the incredibly high level of public interest in what Comey may or may not say regarding his interactions with President Donald Trump. Comey is expected to address whether Trump tried to influence the FBI’s investigation of Russian influence into the 2016 election, including a probe of Michael Flynn, who resigned as Trump’s national security adviser in February. According to the New York Times, Comey kept detailed memos of their meetings, including one from a day after Flynn’s departure in which Trump was quoted as saying, “I hope you can let this go,” about the Flynn investigation. Comey was subsequently fired by Trump in May.

There had been speculation that Trump would use his executive privilege to block Comey’s testimony, but the White House issued a statement on Monday saying this would not be the case.

“The President’s power to assert executive privilege is well-established. However, in order to facilitate a swift and thorough examination of the facts sought by the Senate Intelligence Committee, President Trump will not assert executive privilege regarding James Comey’s scheduled testimony,” the White House said in a statement.

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  1. Joan Marie says:

    Morning network news shows on 6/13 should be ashamed for having Gingrich on to support Trump just to promote his book coming out today.,

  2. typegiwoqac says:

    Eventually folks, we’re going to find out how many criminal acts it will take to impeach, charge, try and convict a President of the United States.

    Trump supporters think he will build a wall, kick a bunch of brown people out, and most importantly, Make America “Great” Again. They hope he will get rid of Obamacare, which ironically, will hurt them the most. Under Obamacare, my pre-existing condition is insured. Before it, I struggled to make payments. Under the exchange, I pay just $200/month for health insurance. Also – My car insurance is down to $25/month (from Insurance Panda). My renters insurance is just $10/month. Under Trump, America will become too unaffordable to live in.

    Trump is either a buffoon — not good — or in service of the Russians — same. His advisors and Congress need to stop enabling and apologizing for Trump’s treasonous behavior. Congress needs to commence impeachment proceedings.

  3. Will there be bread with the circus?

  4. Ja Koe says:

    Thank you CBS, NBC, ABC (and Variety)! Was just searching how I could watch live w/o cable TV.

  5. George Aldridge says:

    They can make a daily soap opera out of it but democrats hold fewer elected offices than at any time since 1922. The chances of them bullying the Republicans into saving their failed party and at the same time committing political suicide by helping them get rid of Trump are zero.

    • Serge says:

      Not necessarily, republicans hate Trump as much as democrats, with the exception of a dim witted few. If Trump demonstrates a clear path of obstruction, and even more damning testimony and evidence comes out about his connections with the Russians, impeachment could serve Republicans well. They could finally be rid of Trump and for reasons that nobody could dispute or claim to be political, they would still control the house and the senate and they would have President Pence- someone who would restore respectability and credibility to the White House and actually be somebody who would make sane and rational decisions. Republicans have nothing to lose.

      • Avalanche says:

        that’s simply not true. he’s got over an 80% approval rating among Republicans.

  6. MH Thomas says:

    The MSM is so-o-o-o excited… thinking Comey is going to spill the beans on the President and they’ll finally have that smoking gun they’ve spent 3 years looking for. Setting themselves up for disappointment methinks.

  7. Sam says:

    There is no ‘high level of interest from the public’. The show only interest in this is from the media/democrats. Which is the same entity.

  8. Rudy rude says:

    Liars touting lying fake. News. All the way stupid. Is as stupid. Does

  9. robert gold says:

    You can watch the entire hearing on C-SPAN without having to listen to the fake news propaganda idiots.

  10. Stupid commies says:

    Liberal cluster f***

    • Matt says:

      If caring about treason is a cluster f*** then I guess that’s what it is. I didn’t realize that the treason is a left wing issue, whatever happened to Republican patriots?

  11. lb4t says:

    Why all the hubbub? Comey’s already proven himself a liar. Why would I listen to anything he has to say?

    • Jeanette Christenson says:

      Wow republicans couldn’t say enough good things about him 6 months ago. Funny how fast they change their tune when he refused to put the Republican party above the USA. I guess he’s not a good American for investigating Russia trying to swing a presidential election. I forgot that putting your party affiliation above the countries well being is a traitorous act.

  12. Vox Veritas says:

    “ABC’s George Stephanopoulos will anchor the network’s coverage”…and immediately thereafter he will commiserate with the Clintons.

    Film at eleven…

  13. Kim says:

    Like Jeraldo Rivera and his “Scar Face Al Capone’s vault” and Rachel Madow’s “Trump’s Tax Returns”. Wait for it. POP, nothing inside.

    I will be working on my house and tending the garden. Better than accomplishing nothing more than helping the media with its ratings.

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      1 year of taxes from liar Trump and 1 billion dollars in losses for the bankruptcy king.

      Al Capone’s vault? Did you hit your head or something? Maybe go see a doctor, your comparisons are broken.

  14. MacHome says:

    certainly there is more to do this day than watch this …its like Disney on steroids a big soap opera..spare us he is not worth seeing..just give us a summary. We look nuts with no respect for our President or the Staff at Whitehouse…what a waste of taxpayer money. Get it over with..Meanwhile we have crisis situation to deal with….

  15. Brock Martin says:

    If you’re completely innocent of any wrong doing, why not comply with all requests and put all of this to rest? Why plead the fifth and why not release requested documents. Trump’s administration does not act like they have nothing to hide.

  16. JDP…THE MSM only want gotcha tidbits on Trump so the can be quick to push impeach drama.

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      Trump creates almost all the drama himself. He doesn’t need the help of the media. Today’s tweets are a perfect example.

  17. rick says:

    These nets will go back to regular programming when Comey says there was nothing wrong about anything with Trump.

  18. Ex-Director Comey a non-biased honest witness? I don’t think so.

  19. Mike Herman says:

    “Comey will be the smoking gun. No, wait, it’s Kushner. No, it’s actually Petraus. On second thought, it really is Comey. Wait, it’s Bannon. Are you sure? I thought it was Flynn. No, I’m sure CNN said last night… never mind. A new anonymous source has just called the WashPo hotline. Stand by the for next person of interest.”

  20. ONTIME says:

    Comey is speshul we can see him worm and squirm as he parses words to save his hide and offers another compounded testimony that is not reliable……We now know, who and what he is about and how he got thru the ranks……

  21. Mike Herman says:

    Isn’t testimony about what somebody else said considered “hearsay evidence” and disallowed in a real courtroom?

    • Terry Brady says:

      It’s disallowed in a criminal case, but not in testimony to Congress.

    • Not if you heard them say it. You can testify that you witnessed a robbery and that you heard him say, “Give me all your money.” But you can’t testify that someone else saw the crime and told you that the robber said, “Give me all your money,” because you didn’t hear the perp say it; THAT is “hearsay evidence.”

      • Randy Hitt says:

        But Comey already testified under oath that Trump did not try to influence him. How can he now change his sworn testimony without perjuring himself? And how can the senate even accept his changed testimony without immediately arresting him for lying under oath?

  22. Jack Still says:

    I hope they do broadcast it live so when Mr. Comey is asked if He keeps notes of all his government related conversations, He will have to say yes, (He already has said he does, so if he says no he’s got a lot of explaining to do, like , why did You come up with this one memo the week after You were fired?) , He will then be asked about his conversations with Loretta Lynch about the Clintons, Hillary Clinton about her e-mails, Huma Abedin about the Clintons, Anthony Weiner about Huma Abedin keeping Clinton e-mails on their computer, and be asked to produce them all, (if they were not already confiscated by the Justice Department when he was fired while out of town, and if they were confiscated by the Justice Department and he has to explain what’s in them ,Well, it will be a VERY interesting testimony), and finally if he says President Trump tried to Obstruct Justice , He will be asked why he didn’t report it , Which itself would be Obstruction of Justice on Comey’s part and then why did he testify under oath the week before, no one had tried to obstruct? One way or the other He perjured himself , He is so screwed!

    • AJ says:


    • nostical says:

      You are right. Comey, by testifying he never felt pressured, will now have to admit that he was not concerned about Trumps comments, merely intrigued. If he was troubled it required him to report to the DOJustice as to his fears. Coming off his weird treatment of Hillary he may emerge from the hearing as an odd duck of a man in a job he couldn’t master.

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      Keep dreaming, comrade. Putin loves you and Trump!

  23. Sharon Munger says:

    I’ll watch on FOX. I can’t stand Clinton lover George.

    • Matt says:

      Need your safe space, snowflake? Go back to your state-run propaganda if a little truth and opposing view scares you.

  24. Ashley West says:

    Comey should be in jail himself for letting Clinton off.

    • Matt says:

      Who goes in jail for letting the shitgibbon off for treason?

    • Ginger says:

      Clinton committed no crimes and was not convicted of any crimes. Investigation after investigation by Congress. You’re only wishing. On the other hand, Trump is a proven liar and exaggerator.

      • Smith Cassidy says:

        Kim, the Clintons avoiding prison for things that would have the average person behind bars is nothing new. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld would all be in jail if it weren’t. Also, Hillary keeping a private email server is not unique. What else has she done that warrants jail? Has it been proven she leaked classified information? What about Trump, should he be in jail for leaking to Russia?

      • Kim says:

        You gotta be kidding. Comey admitted that she had done all sorts of things that would have you and me in prison. They wouldn’t have said anything about not being able to find any indications of intent for anyone else.

  25. Humberto Hernandez says:

    Suppose President Trump did not fire Mr. Comey. Would He kept his mouse shot. Was he violate the law, for not coming thru? Anyway for me He is an opportunistic. He prefer the keep his job, than to exposed Mr. President. In my ball game that’s worst.

  26. LouCsplainin says:

    Step right up and get your NOTHING BURGER. Poor Libs will be taunted again and served up a big fat plate of disappointment and frustration

  27. yes that’s exactly why Comey went infront of the world 2 days before the election and dig a hole for Hillary and she lost the election because of him. Yes, what you say makes a lot of sense in light of the real facts

  28. Ryan Patton says:

    Who cares what Comey says… New FBI director will be pursuing charges against Hillary as what should have happened.

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      If Hillary goes to jail for email, what does Donny get for treason?

      • Smith Cassidy says:

        If he or people within his campaign/administration colluded with a foreign power to thwart our Democracy, that’s treason. Adhering to their enemies.

      • Kim says:

        And what treason is that? Do you know the constitutional definition and requirements for convictions?
        Check it. No case.

  29. I’m guessing Comey will show up for work this week because he was unsure of Trump’s “intent” to fire him….

  30. Did Comey commit perjury on May 3, 2017 when he said under oath to a Senate commitee, “…But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal. It’s not happened in my experience.”
    It’s either perjury or he is LYING to HIMSELF in his own memo….!!

  31. James Horan says:

    James Rodham Comey

  32. kenneth henson says:

    He may not deserve an ‘F’ for his performance, but maybe a ‘D.’ It should go between the ‘E’ and the ‘Y’ in his name.

  33. TaDAAAA says:

    I guess these networks haven’t lost enough revenue lately….. ;-)

  34. Rosemary Zucconi says:

    Comey can’t seem to stay off TV. He just loves the limelight. He picked the wrong profession, it should have been the stage!!

  35. Johnny Pastranna says:

    So Jimmy ‘the weasel’ Comey will be the cock holster for MSM???

  36. Brian Harrrison says:

    This is going to be very interesting. The Dems, foolishly, have invited a corrupt person to testify who undoubtly knows of stuff mostly on them. What, the Republicans and Don do not see the opportunity to stuff it right back down the Dems throats? Comey is going to get blindsided multiple times by The Bully of the Bayou.

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      You’re right, Bob Levine, I underestimated Republican gullibility in electing Trump. What I don’t underestimate is the depths of Trump’s corruption, ignorance and arrogance.

      A worse president you could not find. Think about all the failures and scandals that have occurred – along with zero accomplishments – inside the first 5 months of his presidency.

      The public isn’t interested in Russia messing with our election? Are you kidding? The public isn’t interested in the FBI director that was investigating the Russian influence in our election being fired by Trump for said investigation? Time to put down the meth pipe if you think that’s true.

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      Keep telling yourself that, comrade.

      Trump is done.

      • Brock Martin says:

        Everyone is rooting for their team. Accusations against the other team are “true” and accusations against their own are “false”… or “fake news”. Trump could be caught red-handed giving Putin a sponge bath and Republicans would scream “fake news” and blame the Dems. Hillary could get caught emailing love letters to Kim Jung Un and Dems would… well, they would abandon her. I guess their is a difference… but this country is a divided mess.

      • Bob Levine says:

        Keep telling yourself that. Really. How many times over the past two years have you told yourself Trump is done only to find you lied to yourself again.

      • Bob Levine says:

        The public doesn’t have much interest in Comey.
        Ah, but the media does. It’s all about the media until they hold an election. The media is running after and against the election, and, by the way, the voters.
        Trump will win again in ’20 because the networks have a death wish. They picked the wrong horse and they’re getting paid to hurt Trump but he’s keeping his word despite the pressure. Trump will not crack!!

      • TaDAAAA says:

        LOL! Trump hasn’t even gotten started yet! Putz!

  37. Leonard Van Wingerden says:

    We are about to see to what length stupidity can be stretched.

  38. Even though you listen to every word, they still think they have to tell you their version of what was said and what wasn’t said.

  39. Joel Gannotti says:

    A man who said Hillary Clinton is guilty but we won’t prosecute. I know it all but can’t tell you so you can inform the public! He is tall both in stature and tails but very short in veracity and credibility.

    It has been said “He who sows the wind”, in this case hot air, “shall reap the whirlwind.”
    scorched reputation with all those but the sycophants and cronies of the left.

  40. Paul Chrastina says:

    Why are Anchors and Correspondents necessary to explain Comey’s testimony ?
    Do they have greater ability to decipher what he’ll be saying or will they, like everyone watching, offer nothing more than their opinion ?
    Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos will find someway to discredit Trump if Comey doesn’t deliver damning indictments.

  41. They should ask him about both Clinton’s and was he ordered to let them off the hook?

  42. Rick says:

    Constructed by the MSM and DNC to take the light off the content of the DNC leaks, Seth Rich, PedoGate, 0bama and many in his administration breaking national security laws with unlawful surveillance, the Clinton Foundation money laundering scheme, Crooked hillarys illegal server, Anthony Weiners own pedo mess, the 650k emails on Huma and Anthonys laptop… etc., etc.

    I am glad you gave that special prosecutor so much lead-way dems because it is going to come back to bite you. He can investigate anything :)

    • Orwell says:

      But you guys on the Right are so deluded that even if Meuller came right out and said that even a low level staffer, let alone Trump himself was unabigously​ guilty of high crimes including treason, you wouldn’t believe it. Trump isn’t smart, but he sure did know his base. He really COULD shoot someone in the middle of 5th avenue and you sycophants would still support him. Nixon resigned for less than what Trump himself has already admitted.

  43. Jim M. Ryles says:

    So let us see if he admits to having memos of all his conversations…Did he turn these memos over to the government when he left? Did he copy anyone at the time of the memo to memorialize it? If he was pressured by Trump, why didn’t he run to the Justice Department? After the FBI’s admitted year and a half investigation while he was the big cheese was he in charge of it through-out and what was his conclusion after that time as to the Trump people trying through the Russians to throw the election. If he knew the Trump people were being helpful to the Russians to throw the election why didn’t he intervene??? Was the Clinton campaign talking to the Russians….just so many questions!

  44. junglecogs says:

    Funny I think, that accomplished lawyers Alan Dershowitz (D) and John Bolton (R) agree that even if the Leftists’ (my term) accusations are true, there are no crimes and no impeachable offenses.

  45. Jacob Young says:

    Oh the lame stream media sees this as the summer of 1973 – the televised Watergate hearings they all read about in journalism school. They can’t wait to make their own version of history. Unfortunately for them they will be very, very disappointed when nothing comes of the media inspired witch hunt. There is no there there.

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      More than enough, comrade. That’s why Comey was fired in the first place. You sound nearly as afraid as Trump, with good cause. Thursday will be awesome for real Americans, bad for Russian lovers.

      • TaDAAAA says:

        Oh, brother, you really are a dimbulb aren’t you? Comey was fired because he was a poor administrator and a LIAR!

  46. Alpha_Pepe says:

    If Comey is consistent and corroborates what he said in testimony barely a month ago that “he has seen no evidence of a Trump/Russian collusion” and that “he had NOT been asked to stop or suppress any FBI investigation because that would be a **BIG DEAL**…..” then I suspect Clinton-pressitute, George Stephanopoulos will quickly dismiss that and continue on with the false “muh-Russia” narrative.

    The media in this nation is so unbelievable corrupt. They have never been as exposed as they are right now. Thank you President Trump. Yesterday CNN was just caught STAGING a news set where they choreographed a fake Muslim sympathy scene in England and then went live and acted as though it was a spontaneous event. That is unbelievable. FAKE NEWS. ABC, NBC, CNN, WAPO, NYTIMES are FAKE NEWS.

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      If all news is fake, how do you know what is true outside of firtshand experience? Fox News is by the far the worst of the mainstream media. That’s a fact. Breitbart isn’t news, neither is Rush, Jones or Beck. So where do you get your information?

      If lies offend you, Trump must disgust you. He is the root, the greatest source of fake news.

    • Kevin s Club says:

      Good God you libs have become unhinged. Laughing AT you.

      • Smith Cassidy says:

        If the right wasn’t so simple, ignorant and gullible, your laughter might offend. Instead, you’re more like a 3rd grader going na na na na. Of course, that 3rd grade mentality is also why you voted for Trump.


  47. Dee Merk says:

    This whole charade is to divert attention from the DNC caught with their pants and panties down by Assange…Always has been, Always will be. This is totally orchestrated by Obomber and Thunderthighs.

    • Paul Chrastina says:

      Thanks for the “Thunderthighs” ! LOL.
      Never heard it before, but I’ll never forget it .

    • Alan Stone says:

      I got news for ya CNN has been staging fakes news events a long long time all the way back to the first Gulf war……check it on you tube tons of proven examples.

  48. Joe says:

    There is a difference between asking someone if he could stop his fake investigation, partisan witch hunt and pressuring him to stop and obstructing justice. The fake news media will try to make it seem like one ostruction because this is a coup.

  49. SirTennyson says:

    Grandstanding Central… Everybody gets to be on camera while The Goofball Drama-Queen gets to tell them a bedtime story… Nothing will come of this… Nothing ever does… People who should already be in jail won’t be touched… It’s disgusting… Sorry, I’ll pass because I have to go to work so the government can confiscate my money to pay for this crap.

  50. elephant4life says: lists those hearings as closed. How – and why – would any media outlet be permitted to broadcast to the public?

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