21st Century Fox Pulls U.K. Fox News Feed From Sky

Tucker Carlson

Fox News is no longer available in the U.K. now that 21st Century Fox has decided to drop the feed of its U.S. news channel from the Sky satellite platform.

Fox said in a statement the decision was made because the channel has very little viewership and is not a money-maker for Sky. There is no doubt that the decision was influenced by the pending U.K. regulatory review of Fox’s $15 billion takeover of Sky. The Fox News feed was dropped earlier on Tuesday.

“21CF has decided to cease providing a feed of Fox News Channel in the U.K.,” Fox said in a statement. Fox News is focused on the U.S. market and designed for a U.S. audience and, accordingly, it averages only a few thousand viewers across the day in the U.K.  We have concluded that it is not in our commercial interest to continue providing Fox News in the U.K.”


Fox News Leads Cable Coverage of President Trump’s Afghanistan Address

Fox News has been a source of ammunition for critics of Fox’s takeover of Sky, who point to the channel’s strong conservative opinion programming as evidence of bias. Given the low viewership and the fact that Fox News does not tailor the feed for the U.K. market, it was an easy call to yank the feed from Sky.

21st Century Fox at present is awaiting word on the next phase of the merger review. In June, Culture Minister Karen Bradley said she was inclined to refer the matter on for additional study on whether the Murdoch clan would have too much control of the U.K. media landscape. At the same time, Bradley and regulator Ofcom expressly stated that the businesses controlled by the Murdochs had passed the “fit and proper” test .

Fox critics had pointed to the stream of sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits against Fox News-affiliated personalities as evidence that the Murdochs should not be allowed to expand their ownership of Sky beyond the 39% that 21st Century Fox already owns. Bradley and Ofcom’s decision on the “fit and proper” question was a victory for Fox even as the deal review was extended over media concentration concerns.

Sources said Fox’s decision to pull the Fox News feed was an effort to remove any more qualitative discussions about Fox News’ programming in connection with the U.K. review. Because the channel typically had fewer than 2,000 viewers a day, Sky actually incurred some costs in maintaining the 24/7 feed.

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  1. Archie macdonald says:

    Best news reporting ever

  2. Tony Blackshaw says:

    I am in the UK and now miss Fox News. It was a daily reminder of how biased News reporting could be. I found the content so ridiculously biased that it became comic entertainment…I miss the presenters and reporters who mostly fell over each other to rubbish democrats or anyone oopposed to the current US administration. Come back soon!

  3. Veronica Wilde says:

    I am a U K Fox news fan very sorry it has gone I enjoyed it very much I love the American station

  4. john graham says:

    Now that Fox News(a brilliant fair and balanced channel) has gone ,what are we left with. Sadly, left-wing crap.

    • real news says:

      real news getting taken off tv to the appeasement of the liberal media with its fake news,, we need the truth to be spread,, left wing media are no longer reporting the truth,, just like Donald Trump says fake news,,

  5. Timothy Casey says:

    I am based in Ireland, I watch news regularly, I know many who watch fox news in both Ireland and the UK. It is the only news channel in the States and Europe that does not spend the whole time being critical of President Trump, it is more balanced. I don’t believe the reason why it has been dropped ! Please reconsider.

    • angelahivkman@talktalk.net says:

      I’d like to have fox TV backback very annoyed that it has been taken away not enough variety in news, would like all over the world Spanish, Australian etc

  6. Julie Stewart says:

    this is tragic for me! I am so sorry to lose my friend FOX News. I wish that you would think again

  7. scott says:

    this is government censorship

  8. Watch sky most days.And enjoy listening to a non biast view about America. It entertaining. And I believe tells the truth! Please bring it back to UK. I am a great supporter of Trump. Thanks.

  9. Philip Mannis says:

    I loved FOX News they Saïd iT how it was we need that in Northern Irenland as these monkeys that try to run our country need Donald Trump to arrive in Northern Ireland and put these MLAs to work.
    Plus its a Joke we can get Al-Jazeera on Sky but have No Access to FOX NEWS

  10. noclist says:

    No big deal. Trump TV will be replacing Fox News anyway here in the US as they’ve drifted too far to the left for most conservatives.

  11. panskeptic says:

    Fox News Channel has done more to destroy American democracy than any other news outlet. While other news networks attempt to maintain some kind of journalistic standards, Fox religiously pumps out a skewed, irrational stew of fear, paranoia and racism, urinating in the well of public discourse, and omitting the mention of anything that might embarrass the loony right.

    If Fox News Channel can’t maintain sufficient viewership in the U.K. to survive, that’s the magic of market forces at work. We are waiting for Fox’s shrinking American audience to die off or retreat to their Alzheimers wards to make the United States sane and mature once more.

    • Other news networks attempt to maintain some kind of journalistic standards……..really, whom might those news networks be, I can’t think of any? The Harvard study showed 90% of the media is liberal, and reports negative against Trump. Is that fit and proper, I don’t think so. If Ofcom thinks that CNN is fit and respectable or MSNBC then this is complete bias. What does Fox ever report that’s wrong, name one thing, CNN reports falsely all the time, they even have to fire journalist because of this. Yet with Fox all someone has to do is cry harassment and you can get fired without any evidence, nothing litigated in court before witnesses just an accuser who gets paid millions if she plays it right.

    • anthony says:

      panskeptic….this is a very poor comment in bad taste, which frankly I would expect from a left wing supporter….no doubt u also support all the riots/protests by the left wing students (?) as well….so sorry for people like you in this world….you don’t make it a better place, only a poorer one.

  12. Kelvin Pell says:

    Strange how socialist / communist / left wing fascist channels are never pulled. CNN and the BBC are still there. Yes…..they say it was Fox’s decision, but given the media antipathy to anything that deviates from the diversity / multicultural / globalist dogma…….does anyone really believe that?

    • anthony says:

      NO….and FOX is still shown in Italy/Spain/South Africa/NZ/Oz so it has NOTHING to do with views figures at all…..just politics and censorship?

      • Maaz Kalim says:

        You leftists/liberals are so impure due to your PC-SJW bias that you can’t ever gauge a conservative’s omniscience power, let alone prescience!*

  13. Carl says:

    Dissapointed fox is gone from uk tv the only news channel I watch so what now CNN hard to believe it short on viewers then advertise you won’t be the funs gone outa the news now news is for the people all over the world not just for the few a hypocritical view of the few shame on you who pulled the plug on all

  14. Maaz Kalim says:

    Oh, ‘dear’ Murdochs… Any of you are contemplating retirement in foreseeable future? 🤔*

  15. anthony says:

    I happen to enjoy watching FOX NEWS in the UK. The fact that it leans to the right doesn’t bother me at all….all the ‘other’ news channels lean to the left….so its a balance.
    the real beef is that I pay SKY a monthly fee for the “FULL” package, and THEY have decided to cut some of it for whatever reason……the is censorship , and they are no better and ANY other country that do this.. CHINA/ Middle Eastern countries censor too……
    SKY/FOX should seriously reconsider this move other wise they will lose viewers in the UK…I for one. There is a choice here, you don’t have to watch SKY channels.

  16. Misty says:

    It is true… Fox News is for dumb as dirt people. The Wall Street journal is the Murdochs contribution to intelligent sane people. They don’t sell drivel, because they know they are not catering to trumps “poorly educated” followers. His words not mine.

    • anthony says:

      misty….I am not sure who is dumber you or WSJ?

      • What a terrible thing to say about half the americans in this country that voted for trump. Those americans you refer to are in Houston today working around the clock to rescue ALL the flood victims. These men come from all over the United States as well as your texan neighbor next door. Have you even turned on your tv or looked on the internet to see these brave men, lifting, carrying, hugging, pulling and sa ving these exhausted, terrified victims of these horrid flood waters. These men are police officers, game wardens, fireman, coast guard, hunters, fishers, neighbors, using what ever they have available to them, flat bottom boats, rafts, jet skiis, trucks,humvees, big wheels, garbage trucks cleaned out, rafts, helicopters, and on and on and on. They work tirelessly and are from texas and all over the country. There are even police officers from new york city. I haven’t seen even one of those 20,000 antifa do gooders volunteering one minute to texas. No one black mask, balloon full of urine, clubs, mace, spit, fire, all is quiet. Where are our saviors, I just hear their silence. No surprise for me. They only have their narrow self interests in mind. I guess they’re waiting for the globalists to pay them $24.00 to demonstrate and wreck. I am so proud to see these brave, generous people to work their habds to the bone with little regard for themselves. Men filled hundreds of big sand bags and moved them to keep the resevoirs from breeching and worked tirelessly through the night in the dark, boast, rafts, helicopters. The world can now see what the real americans look like, coming together as one. This chaos and division i this country is a false narrative perpetuated and paid for by soros, the globalists and the open trade and borders people so they can get richer and spoil the individuals chances of becoming successful. They want to keep people dependent on entitlements to get their vote and they get richer destroying this countries independence. I am so proud of these heroes. Shut your loud, stupid mouths just for one day, wake up and look around you and you will see how you people as a group are irrelevant and not accepted anymore or believed.

  17. Rosemary says:

    As an American living in Ireland, I like watching Fox News as it keeps me updated with news from home and it’s the only news channel I would watch. I can’t stand the liberal news CNN who blows every story out of proportion. You can’t depend on CNN to tell you the truth.

    I am very disappointed with Sky for doing this and it’s totally unfair that they never even gave us a heads up that this was gonna happen.

    I don’t believe that it had anything to do with the declining number of viewers. That is a load of crap. I also disagree with one of the comments made, that Fox News is for dumb people. That comment was so uncalled for.


    • blod says:


    • This may be hard for you to grasp, but there is no “news” in Fox News. It is an “entertainment” channel that uses news as a prop. Mercifully, you appear to be a member of the minority insufficient number of idjits in the UK to cobble together a Fox audience.

      • Bob Jones says:

        *not fighting the stereotype that fox new viewers are dumb

      • Bob Jones says:

        You realize that you’re not really fighting the stereotype that Fox news viewers aren’t dumb.

        Literally the first sentence: “… that 21st Century Fox has decided to drop the feed of its U.S. news channel from the Sky satellite platform.”

        Sky had nothing to do with the decision to discontinue the channel (it still made Sky money for doing almost nothing, even if it wasn’t a lot of money). This was a business decision made by Fox themselves.

  18. Dorian says:

    Good!! Can you do this for America kike u did for the UK.. MAGA!!! by no Fox News

  19. paully says:

    So funny .. Fox news is for dumb people only.. Get rid of it everywhere..

  20. Bill says:

    Fox is important to see. The US has the most impact on world events. The US has a Republican President, Senate and House, and Fox is the media arm of the Republican Party. It shows us what they are thinking. When we see CNN criticize Trump it means nothing. When we see Charles Krauthammer do it we know he is in trouble. Their claim to have only 2,000 UK daily viewers is false. Stats show Fox News has an average daily 60,000 UK viewers. Get it back on Sky now!

    • Timothy Casey says:

      I completely agree the panel on the Brett Baier show, are excellent. They provided a great anlysis of current US politics. As a Brit I really enjoy the show

    • Maaz Kalim says:

      Cite the statistics.

      • Bill says:

        Sorry, should have added, those are UK viewing figures. Barb is a UK organisation.

      • Bill says:

        Hi, you can see weekly viewing figures on the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board website. For the most recent three weeks available viewing figures for Fox News were:
        31 July – 6 Aug – Daily Reach 48k, Weekly Reach 181k
        7 – 13 Aug – Daily Reach 54k, Weekly Reach 196k
        14 – 20 Aug – Daily Reach 70k, Weekly Reach 244k

  21. SIR EATON HOGG says:

    I too love Fox News. It is wonderful to hear a point of view that so clearly ignores the facts and uses ex-beauty queens to perpetuate right wing propaganda.

  22. LOL says:

    The Brits are too obsessed with America anyway. This is a good move.

  23. Michael Dudley Dobinson says:

    What a let down, I’m a Californian living in Ireland and enjoyed Fox News on a daily basis to stay up with happenings back in the states and world. While Fox news was indeed conservative, it was a fair news network that reported news without a bitter and spiteful spin you get on CNN MSNBC and BBC which is simple too negative to watch. As a staunch Independent I like news not narrative. This is indeed politically motivated given Liberal media is literally 90% of all western media and Conservative about 7%. Given the left’s huge attacks on Free Speech lately this removal of a opposing voice makes perfect and deceitful sense.

    • VinUK says:

      You analysis of why its stopped airing is spot on. The mass censorship taking place is sickening. Anything slightly off center to the right is shutdown instantly by the seemingly communist left. The other “news” channels are just hard left propaganda machines pushing a narrative. RT remains on air for now. You can’t even male comments on MSN new stories anymore, they’ve removed that ability as the right was dominating and growing. Removing Fox News won’t stop the truth or reality.

  24. B. Trigkilidas says:

    Fox News is the reason we have sky in our home, so refreshing to hear honest news with no socialist agenda. Will now have to stop sky subscription

    • Bob Jones says:

      Holy crap, you guys are seriously not fighting the stereotype that fox news viewers are dumb.


      There is precisely ZERO CENSORSHIP / conspiracy going on. This is a 21st Century corporate decision to pull the channel from the UK Lineup.

      If your decision to subscribe to Sky was based on this one channel, then by all means stop. That’s actually the smartest thing to do.

    • Paul Tann says:

      I am gutted that this channel has been pulled for what I agree are political reasons! This channel offered a balanced view and I enjoyed watching a fairer reporting of Trumps presidency rather than the scornful coverage on CNN etc. Disgusted that this channel has been pulled in the UK.


    We love fox news coverage and found that they did a really wonderful job covering the Terrorist attacks in UK. We are really angry with sky. This is political and it effects the viewers that fox had in the UK. There were many interesting topics covered on there. We enjoyed the music, medical information and current affairs. We are gutted. Other News outlets are inferior to fox for many reasons.

    • Bob Jones says:

      Again, with the other people here… How is this a political reason?

      The statement from FOX specifically stated low viewership was the reason they decided to discontinue the channel.

      So why are you angry with Sky? Shouldn’t you be angry at 21CF?

      Considering their propensity for more controversial and “not caring” attitudes, they would have simply stated the real reason should low viewership not be the reason…

      • Maaz Kalim says:

        But – but… The report clearly claims that 21CF® is doing so as to avoid any “uncalled-for” trouble in adopting their child “real-“Sky® from shared parentage to single parentage, you know. It’s like punishing your existing kid to make environment ideal for new kid into the family since asking the former to “behave” won’t work.

        See, the [self-professed] “conservatives” are always cold-hard-on-facts right at the end!*

    • Caroline Ross says:

      Me too. I watched it daily. You can stream it at least….

      • Maaz Kalim says:

        Okay, yo all “conservatives” are so disturbed by the annouced-death of Fox News® that some of you are even willing to stream it for hours (someone else is paying for internet?).

        So guess I have a solution by which you won’t totally hurt their revenues:
        Find a VPN service which has servers in I-N-D-I-A… (yeah, that’s not a typo! I know plentiful of you might’ve felt perturbed by reading those letters but never mind. What to do, anyways?)
        Download an app named ‘Hotstar’* from either of the Android® or iOS™ app storefronts you use (VPN not required [to download] unless you’re actually in US) or visit hotstar{dot}com if you’re on PC (nope, I’m not being “politically-correct,” I’m saying the ACTUAL PC!).
        “Follow the instructions”

        But despite of your viewpoints expressed in the manner on ‘pop-Interweb,’ my ❤️ still “bleeds” for you (probably as a fellow HS.S). But due to very same concern, to avoid most of you “legitimate-taxpayers” from burning almost half of your pockets, let me enlighten y’all with the fact that you need a blazingly-fast internet since VPN sucks (read wastes) a h––l lot of bandwidth! Above all, if any of you enjoy watching TVCs due to the beauty of Fox News®, I’m sorry to inform you that the feed is deferred in the manner that it avoids nothing but commercials! That’s not to say, there won’t be breaks, of course!

        *Owned by the same supreme-parent as mighty Fox News® and would-be Sky®’s, yes 21CF®! It offers “ABSOLUTELY-FREE” live streaming of Fox® Business Channel and behold… Sky® News! as well. And to “add insult to the injury” (read my last-ditch effort to put brakes on this self-destructive solution), the catchup/recorded clips/videos for landmark events are only from Sky® News “for some reason,” regardless of whether the event is American or British. Quite strange, eh? Given India itself has a hardcore-“nationalist” RW government. But that shouldn’t affect Star® India regardless… (never mind!)

        P.S. Originally posted this 40+ hours ago, but seems leftist/liberal Variety®’s “fake-news” of monitoring each and every comment stipulated at the top of every [comment] forum does apply at least to those with hyperlink[s]. The thing is like plenty other “leftist/liberal” portals, they actually get stuck in the “queued for moderation” hellhole till eternity. But if the question of Variety® actually moderating (read censoring) comments arises i.e. it’s not [that much of] a fake-news after all, then why “on Earth” would they censure my “anti-conservative garbage” [in entirety] by withholding it from publishing (I swear to Almighty that I haven’t modified anything except ‘.’ sign, adding a square-bracketed phrase in ’round-bracketed’ VPN phrase alongwith this prose and moving the last ‘*’ sign)? Only 2 explanations: Either Variety® is not “leftist/liberal” at all (in moderation at least) since they don’t care even if people keep personally-attacking each other, hurling abuses, issuing [indirect] [death] threats and maybe, maybe even to the extent of peddling [explicit] terror-propaganda (Yo ‘Patriot Act’?) which equals to — moderation here is totally a FAKE-NEWS; Or after receiving “immense rational criticism,” leftist/liberal Variety® has caved-in and doing “a bit” of a farce to do the “PC” dance.*

      • Theo Bear says:

        Elaine, there are various live streams of Fox News on the internet, the best of them in HD on youtube. I’m now stuck with CNN on $ky, a channel so left wing it makes the BBC look like Breitbart.

      • Elaine cox says:

        How do I steam it cause I love fox news

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