BBC Names Jodie Whittaker the Next ‘Doctor Who’ Lead, the First Woman in the Role

Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker will be the 13th Doctor in “Doctor Who” and the first woman in the role after the BBC named her Sunday as the new time lord, one of the world’s most iconic sci-fi characters on television.

“Attack the Block” and “Broadchurch” star Whittaker will be seen on BBC One in the U.K. and on BBC America in the U.S., as well as globally, with the long-running sci-fi series still one of BBC Worldwide’s biggest-selling shows internationally.

“I’m beyond excited to begin this epic journey, with Chris and with every Whovian on this planet,” Whittaker said. “It’s more than an honor to play the Doctor. It means remembering everyone I used to be, while stepping forward to embrace everything the Doctor stands for: hope. I can’t wait.”


Doctor Who

It’s About Time: Joy as ‘Doctor Who’ Casts a Woman as Lead (Column)

The new Doctor was revealed in an interstitial after the climax of the Wimbledon men’s tennis finals on BBC One and on the official “Doctor Who” Twitter feed. The Doctor has taken female form before, but Whittaker’s Doctor will be the first to be played by a woman for a whole series.

She replaces Peter Capaldi (“In the Loop”) who became the 12th doctor in 2013 and who told BBC radio in January that it was “time to move on.” Capaldi replaced Matt Smith, who went on to star in “The Crown.”

Capaldi paid tribute to Whittaker. “Anyone who has seen Jodie Whittaker’s work will know that she is a wonderful actress of great individuality and charm,” he said. “She has above all the huge heart to play this most special part. She’s going to be a fantastic Doctor.”

“Doctor Who” was first made in 1963, but its current incarnation dates back to a 2005, when Christopher Eccleston took the title role. He was succeeded by David Tennant.

Writers and showrunners at the helm since the 2005 refresh have included Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat, who teamed with another “Doctor Who” writer, Mark Gatiss, on another fan favorite, “Sherlock.” Moffat is leaving the show with Capaldi and has a new project and a “Dracula” series in the making with Gatiss.

The final episode of the Moffat and Capaldi era is a special scheduled for Christmas Day. Chris Chibnall of “Broadchurch” has already been named the new “Doctor Who” showrunner. His first season next year will be the 11th of the new generation of the show.

Chibnall said: “I always knew I wanted the 13th Doctor to be a woman, and we’re thrilled to have secured our No. 1 choice. Her audition for the Doctor simply blew us all away. Jodie is an in-demand, funny, inspiring, super-smart force of nature and will bring loads of wit, strength and warmth to the role.”

The producers had teased fans on Friday with a video on YouTube, which featured 10 Downing Street and the Statue of Liberty, before revealing a message: “Meet the 13th Doctor after the Wimbledon Men’s Final.”

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  1. Sebastien says:

    what the XXXX is wrong with BBC… worst move ever for the show… lets hope she regenerates after one episode… otherwise we will be stuck with her for 4 years.. 2 seasons.. and short seasons… they will lose half their sales… bankrupt the show.

    what a shame , women arent suddendly gonna become fans of science fiction shows and buy your blue rays… and , you will also lose all the fangirls ,those fangirls are buying everything. the person making that decision should be fired for making the worst move in a business , lose 2/3 of your base clientelle , without gaining anything , and at the cost of money…

    doctor who can never be… A girly show ,

  2. 14thDoctorWhoFan says:

    Good example of how it goes wrong changing an character that once was male to female example can be ghostbusters 2016 everyone hated that remake movie with all woman instead of the classic cast style formatting or just look at how fantastic four movie went down also an bad choice a lot of people didn’t like that, from my understanding most people think of doctor who as an male role, not an female role, makes me wonder if they should instead of changing doctor who into an woman should of done an spinoff called nurse who, so having an time lord turn into an time lady , so for doctor who to be called time lord it must be an men instead of women since if you look at Wikipedia information, clearly you can’t cast an woman as an time lord since the term refers to men only, some fans will be ok with it , but turning doctor who into an woman a lot of the fans will either not like it, or they going to kill of the doctor who series by pulling this move on their part, after all if no one buys their doctor who blu rays their going to lose a lot of money too, but that’s not the point really for the fans it has to do more with the business side of doctor who is an scifi series, not an history channel special if you get my point here, it hurt ghostbusters to have all women cast why do they think its going to be any different with doctor who, the fans just are not ready for such an movie, its like if they made superman into superwoman in some freak criminate by Lex Luther , do they think the fans of superman would want him turn into an woman for future dc projects or the same could be said for batman gets hit by alien beans that change him into an bat-women, fans would not like this either since your then changing the main character too much to still be the same characters, its also like in the flash became an woman or hulk got body switched with she hulk would that work for an show too I am not too sure about that , another example changing star treks Spock into an woman or the Muppets Kermit, what if Disney changed Kermit the fog into an woman frog instead of his male frog role, and miss piggy into Mr. Piggy the Muppet do you think kids or the Muppet fans would like them gender changes characters either, for fantastic four it was changing the normal fire white male into an black male role that didn’t go over well in the movie, since the character was never that in the comics, for example fans didn’t like that either. or wolverine being coming an woman in comics or movies, do you think fans would respond ok to that either. or Sherlock holmes what if in future movies Sherlock is turned into an woman character too, do you think rewriting Sherlock holmes as an female character would go over ok with fans of Sherlock holmes or merlin into woman too another good example of how it may not work, but I really didn’t like that all woman ghosterbusters, they really did an bad job or it was not as good as the 2 first ghost buster movies with the male characters too much was changed character wise , and the cartoon series was also better than the 3rd movie, I understand the first 3 actors could not play in it anymore for example one of the actors being dead, but an reboot with new actors playing the original character would be been better than what that director did, it was not funny in a lot of the movie , the jokes the 4 women used was really bad compared to the first 2 movies, half way thought the movie it lost its story line, stuff like that. they ruin ghostbusters by changing them to all women and killed the ghostbusters for fans, do they really think doctor who is still going to have fans after this, the ghostbusters 2016 had a lot of money put into it too, that it still failed as an movie, no where was it as good as classic ghostbusters, or marvel changing thor into an woman that never worked either for example or what they did to the new fantastic four that movie also failed changing the human torch actors main character race was an problem for it for fans ,plus their few other problems with that movie. below is define lord or time lord, since if its an woman then it must be called time lady not time lord their an reason doctor who was called an time lord. its in his character clause for example I guess.

  3. Ex-fan says:

    Well like the US National Football League, not something that is going to be on my channel line up any more anyway. The writers started playing politics with Trump comments and now they are playing sex change operators. No problem for me, simple solution would be in the old Dr’s motto “run, run as fast as you can” from this Political Correctness ideology and the new writers of what once was a great show.

  4. Kev says:

    Damn. I was really hoping for Helena Bonham Carter.

  5. Dave Bradshaw says:

    The 2005 series WAS NOT A REBOOT! For heaven’s sake, a reboot is when you recast already established characters and ignore any previous continuity, effectively going back to the beginning and wiping the slate clean. A do-over. This was not the case here. Sloppy journalism.

  6. Lauren says:

    Jesus Christ! It’s science fiction! To all of you insane sexists: GET OVER IT!

    • welldarn says:

      Thinking a male character should remain male is not in anyway sexist. Thinking that the Doctor is a male character does not mean I think women are lesser to men, which is what sexism is. Also, you seem to imply that, since it’s just a scifi show, people shouldn’t care so much. If that’s the case, why are you here? And why was there so much outcry that the Doctor wasn’t female?

  7. Maharg says:

    I can see it now, the new doctor gets pregnant and regenerates as a pregnant male.

  8. Debra says:

    So who’s going to play River? John Travolta?

  9. Jared B. says:

    Whoever wrote this article hasn’t seen much (or any) Doctor Who. Missy wasn’t the Doctor but the female version of his nemesis, the Master. And Joanna Lumley only played the Doctor in a satirical sketch for Red Nose day.

  10. paully says:

    Patsy was the Doctor?? So my suggestion for Jennifer Saunders as The Doctor was not too far out.. Ha ha..

  11. Alissa says:

    Again, I bring up Joanna Lumley because Jodie Whittacker will NOT be the first female to play The Doctor. Even some spurious “fact checking” via Wikipedia would tell you that. Though Lumley’s performance was brief, it was memorable and non-canon, the way any foray into a gender bending Doctor should be. It was a joke then and hopefully this announcement is playing on that and is a joke or one off to mess with the fans. A character as iconic as The Doctor you shouldn’t play loose with.

    It does make sense why they effectively ‘killed’ off Bill (one of the best companions we’ve had in a long while) now though.

  12. Scott says:

    So many bitter people here.

    My 9 year old son’s reaction on learning who the new doctor would be: “so cool!”

    Glad he represents the future and the complaining misanthropes in this comment section are on their way to join the dodo.

    • Cuckmaster69 says:

      Thats so awesome, hopefully your son can be the first gay Dr. Who.

      • Ex-fan says:

        That will be the way the writers play it for the future Dr. Who. Or since “IT” comes from another place maybe Scotts son can be the 1st Dr. Who that gets a sex change in the series. This series is going to die.

  13. Lunky says:

    The feminization of Dr. Who into Dr. What is just a desperate attempt to increase ratings. Who’s ratings have been slipping over the last year and a half. Look it up! It’s all over now anyway That shark swimming in the water now filling the Tardis has just been jumped.  Dr. What will be on the program, instead of the late Who, doing whatever, until the program crashes into ratings hell anyway only faster now.          
                                                                                                                       THIS JUST IN:
    RIP: DR. WHO
    British sci-fi hero and TimeLord  Dr. Who passed away
    today.  He was done in by bad writing and program mismanagement.  
    Dr. What will be on the program, instead of the late Who, doing whatever until the program crashes into ratings hell anyway but faster now.

    • jeffshana says:

      Is saying “Doctor What” instead of “Doctor Who” your way of dehumanizing a female?

      The Doctor’s character is not defined by his/her gender. It’s defined by courage, wit, resourcefulness, compassion, and sacrifice. Why does it bother you so much to see these attributes portrayed by a female?

    • JLLClaire says:

      No legitimate fan would ever call The Doctor “Doctor Who” as if that were the character’s name.

  14. C says:

    So disappointed. I won’t be watching Dr Who again. Sometimes we shouldn’t just because we could. Really, really disappointed. I’m not even going to give it a chance and I’ve watched for years and years.

  15. Paul R says:

    I am done watching. Re runs galore in my future.

  16. Ragnar Johansen says:

    This just in…to keep the SJW’s happy, the next James Bond 007 will be played by Emma Watson.

  17. Chris Luna says:

    Well I guess I’m done watching Doctor Who. Such a shame to ruin a great show that I’ve watched since the revival of it years ago with Christopher eccleston. I sincerely hope enough people stop watching the show so BBC can realize the screwed the pooch on this decision and fix it before it’s too late.

  18. Alissa says:

    No. I thought that Russell T Davies would nail the coffin shut on DW for me but I survived that AND got David T. But this too much. At this point it feels like, “let’s see how much we can mess with Doctor Who before it breaks, let’s do this (cast a woman as the Dr.) because then we are topical, because we can. No. It’s not that a woman can’t play the part of The Doctor, case in point, Joanna Lumley was wonderful. It’s a matter of, some things you just don’t mess with. Companions and villains aka “Missy”, okay, play with that. But an iconic role like The Doctor, no, you don’t mess with that, especially not ‘just because you can.’ A one off, okay but not as THE new Doctor for the foreseeable future. Chris Chibnall can bite me. Let’s watch the ratings drop. I’m done.

  19. Mr Jay says:

    when the numbers drop and the show is about to tank a 14th Dr will appear.

  20. Bryan says:

    I have mixed feelings. I’m not against seeing what a woman can do in the part, but, the character has always been male. “ONE episode SUGGESTS timelord sex shifting was a normal part of life” but, for 60 some years, this ‘normal’ part of life hasn’t happened?

    It can work, there’s no question about that, but it IS going to change the show. It’s going to stop people from watching (as you can see from the comments) but it will also bring new fans in.

    I haven’t followed the show since this last Doctor changed to sonic sunglasses and started playing the guitar, you don’t change the sonic screw driver! how did making them sonic sunglasses ‘modernize’ them? (I think that’s what he said? I donno, I didn’t like him.) I don’t know how the show’s ratings have been lately….

    I will start watching again to check out how the new doctor does, again, it’s definitely going to change change the show, majorly. Good, bad, or just different, only time will tell. I *DO* side on it being a bad idea, kinda of like changing batman into a woman, or James Bond. I think the ratings will drop, and they’ll start putting her in tighter more revealing outfits (totally not against that, btw).

    Again though, just an opinion as a fan who’s watched religiously from since some point in Jon Pertwee’s run (used to watch them on PBS when they’d play a full ‘series’ each weekend, from 30 minutes to 6 hours or whatever…) up to Peter Capaldi (again, stopped watching cause he didn’t interest me).. heck, I even watched Christopher Eccleston! I’ll give her a chance, I’m not HOPING for it to fail, nor suggesting it will,I just think it’s going to be a MAJOR change, that’s going to have MAJOR effects.

  21. DanDanDanDAn says:

    You guys poo pooing this as not making any sense are insane. The whole concept of regeneration is nonsensical to begin with and Dr. Who episodes in the past have set the stage for this possibility. I haven’t watched since Tennant and Smith but I will definitely watch again now.

    Seriously. It’s cool, and the Wonder Woman analogy is Bullsh*t. That’d be Wonder Man, just like there is Bat Girl. And you know what… if they made a Wonder Man, I;d give it a chance!

    • welldarn says:

      The analogy you just used is nonsense. Changing the character of Wonder Woman into a man is not the same as having a male bat-themed hero AND a female bat-themed hero at the same time.
      Also, before the Moffat era, while it may not have been out-right stated it was implied that Time Lords did not become Time Ladies.

      • welldarn says:

        I can’t reply to billzilla directly, so I’ll do it here.
        Fair enough. I’m not the one who made the analogy, I simply defended it. Perhaps saying they could make Mystique choose the form of Adam Driver as her default instead of Jennifer Lawrence in the next X-Men would be better. Also, Wonder Woman’s story relies on the existence of Greek gods who, in some instances, did change people’s sex, so it’s not as different as it could be.
        As to not picking and choosing canon, then Hartnell wasn’t the first (Brain of Morbius) and the Doctor is half human (1996 TV movie). And canon’s not really what matters here anyway (though it’s also established that the Doctor doesn’t want to be a woman -End of Time- and he can choose his face -The Girl Who Died), what matters is that many people think a gender change would change his personality too much (see Missy being a completely different character from previous Masters.)

      • billzilla says:

        While we’re on the subject of ‘not the same’, Wonder Woman isn’t an alien Time Lord, a species clearly established to be capable of gender change during regeneration. It doesn’t matter when they established that. They have. Years ago. You can’t accept just the bits you want and then say the others aren’t real because they didn’t make it clear in November of 1963.

  22. Ascroft says:

    Let’s make the next Wonder Woman a man. That’s PC.

  23. Michael says:

    Tom Baker’s joke finally caught up with him. This all started when he announced that he wasn’t going to continue as the Doctor, and he decided to play a joke saying at 1981 press conference that “As far as the new Doctor goes, we haven’t decided who he or she will be.” So this was followed by stories in the papers “The new Who might be a woman!”, when of course they had no intention of doing that.

    Personally I don’t like the idea. Logically it doesn’t make any sense – thirteen regenerations with a 50:50 chance, and only now a sex change, and why would a species do this (Jurassic Park doesn’t apply)? The choice has already alienated some viewers, so will new ones that are attracted to the idea make up the difference? I also didn’t like them doing it with the Master. I thought Simm’s portrayal was brilliant, but Missy didn’t do anything for me. So aside from just trying to be different, what is the purpose or value of doing this? I mean if they wanted to do a spinoff with a female Time Lord, they had lots of other options (eg. Doctor’s Daughter episode).

    • gallifrey127 says:

      The foreshadowing done in earlier episodes suggest that it’s nothing like 50:50.

      In “The Doctor’s Wife” the Corsair was referred to as male, while saying that there was ONCE female incarnation. There was an episode where a male Galifrean was forced to regenerate – afterwards HER comments made it sound like most of her existence has been female. Finally, there is The Master/Missy, which is also the only gender switch that character has experienced (though how The Master can still regenerate after he ran out of regenerations during the original series has never been addressed)..

      So it happens, and is considered normal among Time Lords, but it is not a frequent occurrence (something that may change depending on the ratings over the next few years).

      Since it was clear that the series has been laying the groundwork for a female or non-caucasian Doctor, it was obvious that this was coming at some point. I just think it’s bizarre that the Doctor undergoes a gender switch immediately after The Master has just done the same. Are we supposed to think that their regeneration cycles are synchronised?

      I thought one or two regenerations later would’ve made more sense – and was hoping for Tilda Swinton – she can definitely handle the quirkiness and menace that the character has required.

  24. says:

    This is rubbish, the DOCTOR is a man ….THE BBC is so out of touch, pandering to political correctness gone mad,DR WHO is a fictional sci fi show that lives on our TV screens and should not be used to to pander to every whim of political correctness that is really out of control in todays world and in my opinion it is this pandering that is causing many of the social problems facing Britain and Europe today….as everyone is so fearful of offending someone else by saying NO.This is a disgrace.

    • Dave Bradshaw says:

      It was explained. The Time Lords (or should that be Time People now?) resurrected the Master to fight in the Time Was and presumably gave him a whole new regeneration cycle, of which he has used up at least 2.

    • bilzilla says:

      How do you know it was always a 50/50 chance? Maybe it has to do with an overall lifecycle shift. The weather. Galactic alignments and stuff. In truth, we both know it’s because the idea of a female lead anything has only just recently become a mainstream idea — and even then, it’s a minority. But questioning the logic of a Time Lord’s biological functions? There’s a reason we don’t know these things and there’s no definitive Guide to Everything for the show. It’s to give writers a little leeway.

      As for Political Correctness – you’re going to sit there in 2017 and say having a woman in an historically male role is ‘politically correct’ as in not okay silly liberal hogwash? Calling it a DISGRACE..? Really? Aren’t you proving the urgent need for women to be given these roles by just saying that?

    • cleanman1 says:

      In the Episode “The Doctor’s Wife” it was established that Time Lords can, and do, change between Male and Female. It’s not odd in their world; why are you wetting your pants about it?

  25. I thought the doctor only gets 12 lives before permanent death?

  26. paully says:

    Congratulations.. As a long time American fan the “Man in the Tardis” was becoming rote and a little boring recently.. This will shake up the series once again, fantastic..

  27. happydaily says:

    Dreadful choice! Olivia Colman would have been the ideal choice.

    • bilzilla says:

      Ohhellno. I could not stand Colman in Peep Show. She might be good in Broadchurch but she’s lacking that semi-comedic enigmatic flair you need in order to be The Doctor.

  28. Richard L Thomas says:

    Dr Who should NOT be a woman. That is just wrong. Sorry, I know Jodie is excited, but as someone who has watched Dr Who for years, this is a move in the wrong direction. Very sad.

  29. Renee Maravi says:

    Oh God…No, no, no. As a woman I need to say-No. Women do not need to take over every role previously held by a man! What is next-perhaps Santa Clause should become a woman…or Sherlock Holmes. I for one will be exiting as a faithful fan. So sad
    we are losing Pete Capaldi-he was magnificent!!!

    • JLLClaire says:

      You do know that there are eleven other actors who have played the Doctor before, it’s tradition for the role to change hands every few years, and that’s actually a big part of the story, right? Fans have been sad to see every Doctor go, but we’ve also grown to love each new personality. Furthermore, a female Doctor was first mentioned as a possibility all the way back in 80s, before the classic show went off air and loooong before the reboot started up with Chris Eccleston and hooked a whole new generation.

      I don’t see how any real fan could possibly be bothered by this.

  30. EK says:

    Memo to Stewart Clarke (and VARIETY editors): Please check your facts, chronologies, definitions and all else before publishing. A significant story bungled by “the bible).

  31. Matt says:

    Not a bad choice but tbh I think Mary Beard would’ve been the ideal pick from among actress candidates.

    This is a big gamble the BBC is taking. The appeal of DW is very much based on the character being both male and not romantically or sexually involved w/ anyone. A char. w/ time-defying appeal must transcend pop cultural and societal norms and instead appeal to the basics of the human psyche. Most of DW’s fans are teens and ppl in their early 20s. To men and boys, DW represents a life free of constraints imposed by work-life drudgery or expectations/obligations around women and children. He is also the embodiment of heroic behavior, solving problems through reason and out-thinking opponents and using violence only as a last resort. He embodies self-discipline, avoiding the temptations that intimate company with attractive young women provide while at the same time playing the beloved hero to them. To women and girls, he is the safe and protective father/husband who wants nothing for them but their happiness while protecting them from harm, always rescuing them from their own bad choices, freeing them from taking responsibility for their own actions. He acts as mentor, father, boyfriend, and lover, w/out demanding or even seeking sexual gratification from them.

    His appeal to both sexes in essence requires he be male. So making him female, if it is to work, must somehow appeal to the core demographic in an equally powerful and abiding way. That is a very tall order bc at the moment, DW is a real winning formula. Chucking it is a big gamble indeed. Good luck to them.

    And if it flops, they can always kill off the female char. and regenerate a man again. But they would surely pay for it if it flops in audience share and spinoff merchandise sales.

    • bilzilla says:

      I agree the demographic appeal could take a hit – but arguably the ‘teen heartthrob’ contingent already got depleted significantly by the selection of considerably more mature Peter Capaldi following Eccleston, Tennant and Smith.

      I don’t see this as contrived, but it is risky. That said, as another pointed out, they can always ‘tart her up a bit’ because let’s face it, Whittaker has the looks. They might also try to reverse companion roles and have a good looking male of some form. Not that it’s the same formula, of course.

      I’m not agreeing that he has to be male to appeal to both sexes but time will tell (ha) how exactly it affects ratings.

      Though…Doctor Who hasn’t always been about the most sellable combo. The sex appeal didn’t really happen before except maybe with Davison, then with the reboot. Nowadays we have The Master and his own future female self talking about erections. *shrug* It’s 2017. Anything could happen. 2018 has a lady Doctor. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Nancy says:

      Excellent explanation! This new Doctor feels completely forced and contrived.

      • Kira says:

        This is the most ridiculous analysis I have ever read about the appeal of Dr. Who. The notion that this character’s essence must be male rests on purely reductivist ideas of what men and women can do and embodies everything sexism holds to be true in its enforcement of gender roles. All of the characteristics used to describe the Doctor can apply to women.

  32. QW says:

    Complete fail.

  33. Tracie Minor says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait to see how she does!

  34. mike says:

    wont be watching this show anymore……

    • Enoch5939 says:

      why is that … because she is a woman? pretty stupid reason to stop watching … I mean it’s okay to change the doctor every few years, but it absolutely can’t be a woman?

      • JHN says:

        I don’t think you can blame anyone for not watching the show since they’ve changed one of the fundamental characteristic of DW. You grow up watching a show that featured only males as the lead and all the sudden that gender changes.

        To me its as if all the sudden Superman turns into a woman or Wonder Woman is turned into a man. At that point you’ve basically changed the show, its no longer Doctor who, Superman, or Wonder Woman. its quite a shame BBC is doing something like due to trying to a get a rating boost and not create an original content with a female lead. In the process, they’ve likely alienate about half the fanbase.

  35. Melzy says:

    I can’t believe women exist!??? Oh my God women, who give life to literally every human being on the planet, thereby literally controlling all of humanity…… are capable of being Doctor Whooooo??? OH my GOOOOD MY BUM HURTS! How can it be that you don’t need a penis to fill a role??????? Why can’t we have penis-less men to prove this instead of yucky woman person??????? Ewwwww!!

    • stevefromminecraft says:

      Yeah you’re really showing all those non-sexist people who have no issue with women but think of the Doctor as a male character how much more mature you are.

  36. Just The Doctor says:

    The character is The Doctor, not Doctor Who. Doctor Who is the TV series’ title. This is the 13th Doctor, not the 13th Doctor Who. I’d think a site like Variety could get that right. It’s like saying the actor playuig the captain on Star Trek Discovery will be playing the seventh Star Trek.

    • Dr. says:

      The Doctor was credited as “Doctor Who” (or “Dr. Who”) from the first episode up until the end of the 1980 season. Tom Baker and those before were all credited as “Doctor Who,” and Peter Davison was credited the same for his first appearance, the final episode of Logopolis.

    • Paddy Who says:

      Technically she’s the 14th Doctor. Why does everyone, including the BBC, forget the War Doctor?

      • bilzilla says:

        I’m not a fan of the sloppy plot device there, but technically Hurt’s Doctor was not ‘The Doctor’ (or so the explanation went during that story arc) and was omitted from memory and from the ranks of the others because he was violent.

  37. Jade says:

    Can everyone just wait a bit before they start complaining? I’m not the most thrilled either, but it was bound to happen eventually, so please, for the sake of this show, and its fanbase, be patient, and keep it together. I think none of us want this show to crash and burn, no matter who’s the Doctor.

  38. Yeahright Noway says:

    This sjw value signaling bs ruins everything. Why take established properties and ruin them in this way? Can’t you contrive a new show with new characters and insert whatever gender or ethnicity in them you want? Why ruin existing series or franchises with this namby pamby pc social engineering? Female Starbuck, black Johnny Storm, gay Green Lantern, gay Sulu, female Dr. Who…why? If there’s really a sustainable market for gay and female characters why not contrive completely new movies and shows to feature them? This just means Dr. Who is over for me. And if for me, then many others. Who wants to watch women do anything unless their boobs are always about to fall out? At least gay men can be funny. Women don’t even have that. Buh-bye Dr. Who. This is exactly why I cut the cable and just torrent the few things still worth watching. Every movie and show must have a contrived ethnic and gender balance. Every actor looks like a catalogue model. Gag a maggot. What happened to real looking people? Or characters who act like actual people? A 5’2″ woman cannot physically dispatch a 6’4″ man, especially after he’s already punched her in the face. Groups of friends aren’t careful to include 1 of every ethnicity and gender identity. So stupid. How can people watch this crap? Let’s reboot the Sopranos but Tony will be a gay black man. Yeah right. Or we’ll redo Breaking Bad. Walter can be a Chinese woman in San Francisco. No respect for the audience.

    • bilzilla says:

      If when you use the invective ‘SJW’ you mean people who care about stuff like equality and defending people against bullies, sexists, jerks and other hatemongers, you must be trying to make their point for them. Well done! The Doctor himself couldn’t have done better with the reverse psychology.

      “If there’s really a sustainable market for gay and female characters why not contrive completely new movies and shows to feature them?” – They have. It’s called movies and shows that happen to have gay and female characters. This would include Doctor Who since the beginning (women) and several years now (gays). That ‘sustainable market’ is just referred to as ‘people who watch shows’ because the rest of the world isn’t as bigoted as you are.

      “A 5’2″ woman cannot physically dispatch a 6’4″ man.” Yes, she can. Not everything is purely a matter of sheer physical size or strength. And since when was Doctor Who ever about how well The Doctor could do in a fist fight? But then, your mindset is clearly oriented toward violence and women purely as decoration.

      “Every movie and show must have a contrived ethnic and gender balance.” Because the world has an ethnic and gender balance. If you want to make a show about an island with only white men, then there’d only be white men. If you make a show about the whole world or a diverse universe with aliens, you’re going to have to show non-whites and non-males (and non-binary gender).

      Just… Nevermind. You’re going to crawl further under your blanket in the basement with your withdrawal from media and the world because of scary women and gays, so that’s probably for the best that we let you continue.

    • cleanman1 says:

      Guess you missed the part where the idea of Time Lords switching between male and female is normal. Check the episode “The Doctor’s Wife” from 2011.

      • Dave Bradshaw says:

        Why does every so-called ‘fan’ bring up that episode? And very smugly too. If you’ll take notice, in the previous 48 years of Doctor Who’s existence prior to that it was never even hinted at and Gallifrey had Time Lords and Time Ladies. The Doctor in his 10th incarnation said he had been a father once and he was once called ‘grandfather’ way back at the start by Susan, if Time Lords could change gender then why the need for gender specific terms like that? They’d simply say parent and grandparent. It would have been so much simpler if they had said that Time Lord gender changes only came about as a result of the Time War, then no-one could be complaining. Anyway, Matt Smith’s Doctor also said that he could regenerate 57 times, and we know that was a fib, if we hadn’t seen a Time Lord actually regenerate into a woman in Hell Bent then you could still have said later on that he told that to Amy as a joke.

    • UNDEADLY says:

      so dont watch. nobody here cares if you stop watching. you aren’t a fan of the show, you’re just a bigot and racist in the end aren’t you. oh and all of you using Dr. Who should be shot. it’s Doctor Who. DOCTOR WHO. get it right. geezus

    • cadavra says:

      Don’t you mean “No respect for whiny white males who hate seeing people who don’t look like them unless they’re servants or whores?”

    • windsor says:

      Amen. Amen. Yeahright Noway said it well.

      How completely insulting and arrogant to hijack a beloved character like the Doctor to promote the politically correct LIE that Gender is Fluid.

      If you want to write a Trans series, go forth and good luck to you.

      But infecting Dr Who with this utter nonsense is infuriating.

      May the BBC and the advertisers feel our wrath.

    • Matt Smith says:

      Ummm I don’t thing anyone said $hit about GAY characters, and WTF is your issue I believe the character of Matt Lucas in Dr Who?? F$ck you have issues dude! Matt Lucas IS AWESOME!! So what if the next Dr. Who is gay??? Female I get, who wants that, but GAY??? WTF cares?

  39. Andrea says:

    The show is called “Doctor Who”. The character is called “The Doctor”. It’s not that hard to find out. Variety, you’re supposed to be the premier Film and TV industry news publication. How could you get something so simple so wrong?

    • Dr. says:

      “Doctor Who” and “Dr. Who” was the title used in the end credits from the beginning of the series up to the end of the Fourth Doctor.

  40. El Bearsidente says:

    Given how bad the writing has become, who cares? It’s a train wreck, and has been since 12th’s first season.

    • ED says:

      But the writing has been bad because Steven Moffat was doing the writing. He’s leaving and Chibnall is taking over, and if you’ve ever seen some of his work, you’ll know that he’s an infinitely better writer than Moffat.

      • askcandyce says:

        I prefer Moffat. But doesn’t matter. Not watching Doctor Who with a woman Dr.

      • welldarn says:

        Yeah. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is infinitely better than anything Moffat’s done. The likes of Blink, Listen, The Doctor Falls etc. don’t compare.

    • Matt says:

      Alas since Matt Smith… smh…

  41. Daniel says:

    More PC BS from the BBC! Yay!

  42. Shandi Renee says:

    BBC Just threw 60 years old f history down the drain. I’m all for the feminist movement, but this isn’t the same at all. The doctor has regenerated into a male for the last 60 years, why change it now? I’ll be watching with an open mind, but I’ll never understand their reasoning for this. Makes a die-hard fan like my father and myself devistated in the show.

    • Good God, man... says:

      Slavery has existed for thousands of years. Why change it now? I’ll never understand why we should throw history down the toilet and let all people be free!

      Times change. Women can be heroes. Get over it.

      • welldarn says:

        No one is saying women can’t be heroes. Stop trying to convince people that’s what this argument is over. It’s over whether the Doctor specifically is a male hero. Many, including myself, believe he is.

  43. Will Martin says:

    David Tennant succeeded Christopher Eccleston after only one season in 2005. He was replaced by Matt Smith in 2010, not, as this reads, “[Christopher Eccleston] was succeeded by David Tennant in 2010.”

  44. Blort says:

    What a Minerva

  45. I still think, at least for a couple of episodes, that Craig Ferguson should be Dr. Who or at least a villain on the show.It would bring in so many of his American fans to the show.

  46. Blarghity says:

    Well, the Master has been the Mistress for the last three years and nobody has been having fits about that. BBC looked at the data, finally realized gender was no longer the issue it was half a century ago, and have finally changed the Doctor accordingly. Let us just hope they don’t end up snarkily insulting the character as “Nurse.” Personally, I’m not bothered by this casting choice at all. But I would like to see the return of Jenny and the inevitable misadventures from that. You remember her right? From the episode entitled ‘Doctor’s Daughter’.

  47. Nicole says:

    Really had hoped for Natalie Dormer. Good luck to Jodie Whittaker!

  48. Me says:

    I had a feeling that they were going to do this, but just did not think they would actually risk defiling 60+ years of Dr Who history and tradition. Remember seeing a comic relief where Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor turned into a woman, but that was meant to be an absurdity. Certainly not what the creator of Dr Who had in mind. Kind of wish they would create a successful show with a female lead from the start, instead of giving all the classics sex changes. That would be equality. As for this show, not interested in it anymore. It has succumb to political expression over artistic expression, and as a non political person that is not for me.

    • jeffshana says:

      In what way is the show “defiled”? Do you think political expression is new to Doctor Who? I would argue it has always been there from the beginning of the classic show. Why would you think political expression would be absent from artistic expression? What “defiles” a show is poor production (see most of 1980s Doctor Who) not casting a female in the part of a character that is an alien and not gender specific. If you think a part should be given to an actor just because they are male without regard to who would be best in the part, then that sounds like you support a kind of affirmative action for casting roles.

      • welldarn says:

        Except he wasn’t non-gender specific until the last few years. So that’s where the irritation comes from.

    • dmlbooks says:

      Really? A “non political person”? Stating that casting a woman as The Doctor risks defiling 60+ (sic) years of Dr Who history and tradition isn’t a political statement? Why not join the 21st century, don’t you?

    • thomas hall says:

      I could not have said that better, although I think it is not quite 60+ years yet. “Dr Who” now stands for a science-fi movie with time and space travel and monster races. Wait, is that not racist? Maybe the monsters should be Trump supporters, lol.

  49. Joe says:

    Very disappointed, have been watching since its inception, will give it a chance but there are some things you just don’t change and not because of mysoginistic thinking…Santa Claus,

  50. Marcus says:

    Why is this not filed under Jodie Whittaker, too? also pretty sure Eccleston was on for 1 year

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