Jerry Bruckheimer Would Board Sixth ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ With Johnny Depp, Disney

Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean
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Disney kicked off the summer movie season on Thursday night with the premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the fifth installment in the venerable franchise. Hundreds of fans dressed up in pirates outfits for the occasion, straining for a glimpse of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom as they walked the carpet.

“I love the whole franchise,” said Linda Flores, a fan who had already seen the new film twice and was eager for a third viewing. “I like to see Johnny Depp — he signed my hat.”

Joachim Rønning, one of the film’s two directors, said he studied the first installment and sought to work in the tradition of adventure movies he loved as a kid.


Johnny Depp Surprises Guests Aboard Disneyland’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Ride

“I think it was important for us to try to analyze why we love it so much,” Rønning said. “Of course it has the adventure, the spectacle, and comedy. It scares you. I think first of all, it has heart. And that was very important for us, going into the fifth installment, to really create a strong emotional core for the audience to be able to identify with this, because it is a lot going on — that’s what I’m hoping that we have achieved.”

The film takes advantage of advances in VFX technology to depict a young Jack Sparrow.

“That was something we pitched very early on, creating some sort of an origin story for him,” Rønning said. “We shot it with Johnny, actually, and then they spent a year in the computer making him ‘21 Jump Street’ Johnny.”

Kevin McNally, the actor who plays Gibbs in the films, said the six-year gap between the previous film, “On Stranger Tides,” and “Dead Men Tell No Tales” was largely due to scheduling conflicts.

“Obviously it’s really hard getting all the talent in one place. It’s like herding cats,” he said. “It’s the longest gap we’ve had. I think when you get to a fifth movie, you want to get people hungry again. It’s good we left it this long.”

As to whether there will be a sixth “Pirates” movie, producer Jerry Bruckheimer said it’s up to the fans.

“If they show up for this one and Johnny wants to do another one and Disney wants to write a check, we’ll be there,” Bruckheimer said.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” bows on May 26.

Watch an interview with co-director Espen Sandberg below.

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  1. isuru says:

    when will be release pirtes of carebian 6

  2. Jean says:

    Everyone makes mistakes hope johnny deep makes more pirate movies. We are all human

  3. Rad says:

    Wont pirates of the caribbean 6

  4. Dennis Hilliard says:

    The Pirates of the Caribbeans 6 should be controversial and with a new twist. Jack should meet of with the Black Pirate of the Caribbeans.
    He straighten Jack out and prepares him to take on his greatest enemy. Since this is a new plot. You need me to play that Black Pirate.

  5. Billy Foxworth says:

    If that be another movie I be willing to answer the call me hardee Arrrrrrrr

    Captain Black Rose Bill
    Billy Foxworth

  6. The Shadow says:

    Johnny Depp has already signed POTC 6 movie without seeing a script.

    • The Shadow says:

      And they better not mess around with Jack Sparrow all the time as long as he lives they better learn how to focus on him whether they like it or not so get used to it and don’t f**k with him again.

  7. suuunly says:

    This article was very frustrating. The title was very obvious, but the amount of nonsense in the article itself only to get to a single tiny quote about PotC 6. Please write appropriate titles, or show what actually appropriate first

  8. George Boat says:

    A POC 6 is a good idea if it does not include Johnny Depp. Please, no more over-done and tiresome Jack Sparrow. Thanks.

  9. mahyar says:

    Pirates of the Caribbean 6 ever happens if it does what s exact date

  10. Night Dark says:

    I heard Michelle Keegan is gonna be in Pirates 6 she might play Hanna Teach the Daughter of Edward the Blackbeard and a sister of Angelica. And who will play Poseidon in Pirates 6?

  11. Evelyn Fletcher says:

    We loved it. It’s fast paced, tells a good story and it’s hysterical. Bring on POC 6!

  12. Gayle Johnson says:

    Movie critics be damned! Every time they give a movie a raspberry or rotten tomato review, I LOVE the movie they are giving thumbs down. I would LOVE to see a POC 6 and/or 7. I like the idea another poster has where they go back in time or maybe go forward in time to the 21st century and see how Capt’n Jack reacts to modern technology! That would be hilarious to see!

    • Gayle Johnson says:

      I forgot to mention I’ve seen this movie twice, LOVED it both times and I THOUGHT it was better than ALL of them so far, and I have all POC movies on DVD !

  13. Wonderman says:

    I found the the other word for Pirates 6 says Treasure of The Lost Abyss with the new characters maybe like Princess Juliana (Kristen Stewart), Samuel Beckett (Chris Hemsworth) Brother of Culter Beckett, Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Billy Bones (Ray Winestone), The Jolly Roger (Ron Pearlman), Dead Eye John (Idris Elba), with the return of Phillip Swift and Jack Sparrow II (Johnny Christopher Depp III).

  14. Question mark man says:

    What will Pirates 6 gonna be about? Beyond the Seas world or Wraith of the Seas with the 2 new characters Poseiden and Hanna Teach the daughter of Edward the Blackbeard & the sister of Angelica and with the return Tia Dalma,Bootstrap Bill,Pintel,Ragetti,& Cotten with his parrot. And maybe Barbossa might return to pirates 6 who is zombified by Angelica along with Armando Salazar.

  15. Dave says:

    It might come out either 2019 or 2020 with the return of Davy Jones and probably the Blackbeard and his daughter Angelica Teach.

  16. Shawn Sexton says:

    I would love to see a sixth part of Pirates of the Caribbean because I don’t believe it’s finished I believe that if there was one more part that you would do that it will be the last one maybe but I would like to see another one I would like to see you go on with Captain Barbossa being reunited with his daughter and see where Jack Sparrow’s heading to and where he’s following the stars that I don’t know but I would love to see it and I love to see where it goes and what takes place with it.

  17. Krishna says:

    Please this is my humble request i want him in all the pirate of caribbean parts captain barbossa please 😟

  18. sam says:

    Sir, I must say that we want Johnny to be immortal. He is the best captain under whom, I have had the honor to live.Please keep singing the sparrow song.
    Heave ho, Thieves and beggars, Ne’er shall we die!

  19. Chad Damron says:

    I think that they should keep making them with the same cast. Please keep them going

  20. Chad Damron says:

    I think that they should keep making them with the same cast. Please keep them going

  21. Paula Bartlett says:

    I would be ready to watch another sequel. Keep it running while you can. Maybe follow Will and Elizabeth, flashbacks to early Jack and why not groom our 2 newestate stars to continue. Just a suggestion.

  22. Kyle (POTC Fan) says:

    I hope that not only will there be a 6th, but that Disney will hand them a blank check and let them make the greatest grand finale for this series. Have the entire original cast, and Scrum, return and actually have Orlando Bloom(Will), Keira Knightly(Elizabeth), Geoffrey Rush(Barbosa), Johnny Depp(Sparrow), and Kevin McNally(Master Gibbs) in the spotlight together. Somehow bring Norrington and Mr. Swann back from the dead would be cool. Mackenzi Crook & Lee Arenburg should come back for the finale…. the two were hilarious in the first 3 and are sorely missed in the last 2.

    There is a way!
    There’s a charmed timepiece in the book called Dance Of The Hours that Jack and his first mate accidentally discover its power to travel through time…. it can take them on one last adventure back in time. Who knows? Red Beard or other notorious Pirates might cross paths with Jack & company. Just an idea.

  23. Anika says:

    I think Disney should do the 6th movie of Pirates Caribbean.. Time to show the next journey of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.. Including Barbossa daughter.. Will&Elizabeth sons.. Dont forget.. Gibbs and Monkey,

    • Wiktoria says:

      They will make 6th movie, if you watch “Dead Men Tell No Tales”/”Salazar’s Revenge” until the subtites end there is an extra scene and our old friends shows up there <3 I waited for this movie since 2015 and today i finally watched it! Now, i will wait for 6th part of PoC <3

  24. Coleman says:

    Literally horrible films…I don’t understand how anyone can watch this crap.

    • Boycie20 says:

      theyre just alot of fun. Yes some of the acting isn’t great and its a cheesy, but thats the point. Its family friendly entertainment.

    • NeoTaoistTechnoPagan says:

      “How dare anyone enjoy something I don’t enjoy!”

      Coleman, have you ever thought of being like the lantern of your namesake and just be put out? I’ll bet you can suck the happiness out of a room when you enter.

  25. Celestine Crews says:

    Go Johnny!

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