Van Jones Calls Out Hollywood, Reality TV for Trump’s Rise, Says ‘SNL’ Should Air 24/7


Thursday morning, the Montage in Beverly Hills became the stomping grounds for EMA as it kicked off its inaugural two-day Impact Summit.

Along with the most environmentally conscious suited professionals, the event drew Malin Akerman, Lance Bass, and Van Jones who delivered a keynote, “Where We Went Wrong and How We Can Change the Future.”

Before addressing the crowd, “The Messy Truth” host spoke with Variety to weigh in on the media’s impact on politics.  

“I’m hoping that we’ll be able to find better ways to listen to each other,” he said. “People are now almost completely isolated from each other from a media point of view. The media is no longer just what happens on television. Algorithms that Twitter and Instagram and [others] use that suggest you follow this person and this person are killing us. They only suggest you follow people that are just like you. The algorithms never say maybe because you’ve followed a hundred liberals maybe you want to consider following one conservative. Nope. You follow one hundred liberals, they’ll let you follow a thousand, ten thousand, and a million liberals. You’ll never hear from somebody else.”

Regarding the impact of commentary from late-night television and President Donald Trump’s administration, the former Obama administration advisor was all for the satirical jab saying, “I think ‘SNL’ should be a 24-hour, seven-day a week station.”


Jaden Smith Ariel Winter

Celebrities Prove You’re Never Too Young to Give Back

He also mused on how film and television run adjacent with the vote. “Look, Hollywood created ‘The West Wing.’ That opened the door for a President Obama to be taken seriously as a cerebral, high-integrity candidate. Hollywood also produced reality television, which lowered the bar for any kind of rational discussion or role models and that gave you Donald Trump. I think this town needs to take a lot more seriously the stories it’s telling. The same Hollywood liberals that cash all these checks from reality TV when they look in their bank account are now sad from looking at their TV every night.”

Inside, Jones took a personal approach. With his notebook facedown on the podium, he looked to the crowd saying, “We can’t recover from two things and the world can’t recover from two things. One is nuclear war and the other is runaway catastrophic climate change. Those two threats are now more present than they’ve ever been in the history of this country because of the president.”

Jones’ speech continued his remarks, which earned him a standing ovation and praise from Bass, who told the audience with a smile,  “It feels like I just left church.”

The event also featured “The Future Innovator of the Year Challenge,” which was hosted by Jaden Smith who noted his involvement with eco-friendly water bottle company Just Water.

“Innovation is really what we need more of in this world,” Smith said. “If we can look around in our daily life and you can see an issue in a world and you can become a solution to that issue in a sustainable way … that’s something that’s extremely powerful.”

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  1. Bill B. says:

    I like this guy. An honest voice of reason.

  2. Cheese Cake says:

    Don’t allow Americans to think for themselves. Leftists must dictate what you should believe and think. That is unAmerican. Conclusion: Leftists are unAmerucan.

  3. re user says:

    IMO Van jones and Rachel Maddow are poster child liberal fake news fools .

    The morally bankrupt greedy coastal elites and climate fraud globalists driving , liberal PC gestapo propaganda media ,academia & news and and greedy networks , content and service providers and thier political corruption will be thier own undoing ,they couldn’t get Clinton elected and they did not see Trump ,middle America or BREXIT coming .

    The web has democratized content and is democratizing news if you don’t get it at Facebook or the usual corrupt liberal news suspects .

  4. JohnB says:

    Please Calexit soon. I’m avoiding your TV shows, and movies the more in your face political you become. I’m so tired of hearing about climate change, what can be done about it without hurting a lot of people that aren’t rolling in it like Hollywood celebs. How about fund actual research that can suck the CO2 out of the atmosphere instead of just saying dramatically cutback on everything.

  5. re user says:

    Right me too, I don’t watch liberal PC gestapo rubbish and propaganda like CNN or MSNBC and linear broadcast alphabet networks and affiliates beyond 3-4 scripted shows per week and some sports and ,never news there .

    Hollywood and these network outlets are nothing but mindless rubbish scripted and reality programming , liberal selective coverage and fake news and PC Gestapo propaganda for the Globalist and coastal elites.

    I get TV and movies without Fake and ommitted news ,Hollywood elite and globalist climate fraud agendas ,PC & liberal gestapo narratives , the vulgar mindless Hollywood celebrities as do aon from some Cable channels ,Netflix ,Amazon ,Vudu ,Youtube ,the Web ,Smart TV Android platform Channels and my media drives .

    The politically corrupt liberal news and media are in a precipitous decline like the newspapers have been ,they brought it on by being out of touch arrogant liberal PC gestapo coastal and globalist elites .

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