Blake Lively Tells Off Reporter for Asking About Fashion at Variety’s Power of Women Event

Blake LivelyVariety's Power of Women NY

Blake Lively has fired back at a reporter on the red carpet for Variety‘s New York Power of Women Luncheon on Friday, after she was asked about fashion.

The actress, who was chosen as an honoree for the luncheon for her fierce advocacy against child pornography, slammed the reporter for asking was she thought was an impertinent question during the event.


Blake Lively Power of Women NY 2017

Blake Lively Wages War on Child Pornography

“Are we really doing this? Would you ask a man that?,” Lively told the reporter according to USA Today’s Maeve McDermott, who posted a video to Twitter from the red carpet. “… become more aware, and that we change, and that we build a women up. So, you can ask me another question,” Blake said in a short video clip from the event.

Lively is one of several women who were recognized at Friday’s event. Other honorees included Jessica Chastain, Audra McDonald, Gayle King, Chelsea Clinton and Shari Redstone.

“There’s a lot that’s worrying me [about the current administration] as a woman and a mother,” Lively told Variety at the event. “I feel like there’s an awakening that’s happened … We can’t just retweet things. We have to do something about it.”

See Lively react to the reporter’s question here:

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  1. Sarah Ahern you not only look gorgeous , You write Fabulous Content as well
    i must follow you on twitter and fb .
    Keep it up variety and sarah :)

  2. Jose says:

    Would you ask a man that? Nope, he’d be doing something…he would not wait around for a LUNCHEON celebrating his gender. Most of those ‘women’ live and die by their image and fashion. Grow up, live by the sword…well you know the rest. Hypocrites.

  3. lakawak says:

    Would they ask a man that? Maybe..if that man has SEVERAL endorsement deals IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY! IF that many made FAR more money endorsing fashion products that he did actually ACTING…then yes, they would probably ask a man that.

    If I was any of the companies that pays her millions to endorse their fashion products, I would drop her right away. She is saying you can’t be a powerful woman if you are into fashion.

  4. Allyoop says:

    What a lame thing for her to say to a reporter. Get over yourself.

  5. Ronnie says:

    She was being honored at the event about her work on a very serious subject, so why should she not dress nicely for it? They never ask men about their suits except at big award shows. If you are to be taken seriously as a woman, are you supposed to come only in a trash bag? The double standards for women at any public events are terrible. She had every right to only want to discuss the subject of the event and not about how she dressed for it. Those covering these events should at least try to act like they have some journalistic skills.

  6. Sextant E. says:

    All actors are hypocrites… They are preachy about peace and love but do nothing to stop promoting violence in their films, which is where most people get the ideas for mass shootings, especially school kids…

    • lakawak says:

      She makes MILLIONS endorsing the fashion industry! If a man whored himself out to any company that throw money at him to talk fashion, then yes..he would get asked too. Are you suggesting that women can’t be serious and powerful as into fashion? So everyone has to conform to YOUR definition of feminism.

      • According to reports, she earned $60k per episode of ‘Gossip Girl”. She was in 121 episodes for her first run. This comes out to roughly $7.2 million, which is far higher BY ITSELF, than her $4 million endorsement deal with Gucci.
        This of course, neglects to factor in her earnings for, among other things, the SECOND run of Gossip Girl ($1.4 million), her earnings for her role in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, earnings from the movie “The Shallows”, her earnings for her role in “Green Lantern”, and earnings for her role in “Savages”. I didn’t even list them all. I didn’t say they were good movies or shows, I haven’t seen most of them. But you didn’t say anything about that, you just mentioned how much she earned in fashion vs as an actress. It really looks like you were a bit off on that.

        Men who own, or have owned their own fashion lines: Bono, P Diddy, Pharrell,, Matthew McConaughey, Lamar Odom, Justin Timberlake, Liam Gallagher, Jay-Z

        Say what you want to about the quality of the work done by the men above, I challenge you to find a single example of one of them being asked about fashion when another topic is being discussed. One video. I’ll even take a print interview (no promotional pieces for the fashion lines in question). GO

    • Marie says:

      MOVIES AREN’T REAL. If your child can’t differentiate between reality and fiction then you as a parent are doing something wrong.

      • lakawak says:

        Movies, aren’t real. All her ENDORSEMENT DEALS are real. She is taking MILLIONS of dollars (far more than she earns ACTING) to lend her REAL life to the fashion industry. Again…she makes more money endorsing fashion. Therefore, it is MORE accurate to consider her IN the fashion industry than an actress.

  7. Ardy says:

    What’s it mean? We never got to hear the original questioner, just Lively reacting. BTW, I’m with the ones who thought it was right to ask about her clothes.

  8. ugh says:

    This borderline B movie actress should be happy someone’s asking her a question about anything.

  9. David says:

    You guys all sound like ignorant idiots.

    • Series1 says:

      Do you think calling others “ignorant idiots” is somehow going to make them change their point of view?

      ‘Gee, that guy called me an ignorant idiot. I’m going to suddenly change my views and agree with him because he is so smart for calling me an ignorant idiot…’

      You have a lot to learn about human nature.

  10. sandra says:

    then why not wear jeans and a t shirt

  11. dk says:

    cue the idiotic comments blasting her by the same ppl who put a reality show “magnate” in the white house.

  12. Brenda says:

    She asked for the question by wearing a dress designed to get attention.

  13. Frank says:

    What a beautiful moron.

  14. Jane says:

    Blake is a huge hypocrite considering most of her fame comes from the fact that she is something of a fashion plate and is constantly flaunting her style on social media? Now she gets mad and wants to be taken seriously? Ha. Has she see THE SHALLOWS?

  15. truth is stranger than fiction says:

    ‘Popping off’? Really? You just made her point again.

    • Maria says:

      When Ms. Lively wanted to push her failed “connections” website, she had no trouble appearing on the cover of Vogue.

      To TISTF and BL: if you don’t want to be asked about fashion, don’t show up dressed to the nines and walk a red carpet, and yes, I would ask a fashionably dressed man about his clothes. If a woman or a man wants to make a statement about something other than clothes, then choose the proper venue.

      And. . .

      how easy for her and how demeaning toward the reporter for a woman known mainly for fashion and a superficial TV show to “pop off” (which isn’t a term used specifically in regard to women) to a reporter. I truly doubt that anyone in that reporter’s audience gives a flip about what worries BL as a woman and a mother, particularly not when watching her on a red carpet.

      When will these folks realize they have their platforms not because they are incredibly smart but because people watch them on TV and want to know about things like their clothes? BL should thank her lucky stars that being on a TV show gave her the ability to advocate for her causes. Instead, she rails against the very things that put her in the position to be an advocate.

  16. John says:

    Good for her. It’s tiring all the fashion questions. Time for society to stop being so materialistic and narcissistic. Now, hopefully she will be in a good move someday.

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