Trump Attacks ESPN Over Jemele Hill’s Comments

Donald Trump
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump went after ESPN in an early morning tweet, calling for the network to apologize and claiming that it is “paying a really big price for its politics” and that subscribers are dumping it “in record numbers.”

The source of his ire is one of its anchors, Jemele Hill, who returned to the network’s “SportsCenter” after being censured for calling Trump “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself [with] other white supremacists.” ESPN said that Hill “recognized that her actions were inappropriate,” but White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that she should be fired.

ESPN has seen subscribers loss in the past two years, by 7.4% to fewer than 88 million. Its total viewers fell 19.2% from 2014 to 2016.

The cable network had no immediate comment.

Hill issued a statement on Wednesday that “my comments on Twitter expressed my personal beliefs. My regret is that my comments and the public way I made them painted ESPN in an unfair light. My respect for the company and my colleagues remains unconditional.”

Trump on Thursday continued to point to counter-protesters as also part of the problem when it comes to racial violence, telling reporters that you have “got some very bad people on the other side.” He ignited a storm of controversy in the wake of the Charlottesville violence last month when he equated the white supremacist actions to those of the counter-protesters. Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) met with Trump this week to discuss the response to Charlottesville.

“He was trying to convey that there was an antagonist on the other side,” Scott told reporters after their meeting, according to CNN. “My response was, while that’s true, if you look at it from a sterile perspective, there was an antagonist on the other side. However, the real picture has nothing to do with who is on the other side. It has to do with the affirmation of hate groups who over three centuries of this country have made it their mission to create upheaval for minority communities.”

ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Company. Its CEO, Bob Iger, was a part of a presidential advisory board made up of business executives, but he stepped down in June after Trump announced that the U.S. would pull out of the Paris climate accord. Iger also criticized Trump’s decision last week to end a program that allowed young undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States.

Update: Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that ESPN “has been hypocritical.

“They should hold anchors to a fair and consistent standard.  ESPN suspended a long-time anchor, Linda Cohn, not too long ago for expressing a political viewpoint.  The network’s public editor has said that there is a perception that ESPN has become political and that has harmed the network.  This is clearly a political statement.  They should be consistent in whatever guidelines that they have set themselves in that front.”


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  1. Jemele says:

    Fire jemele.

  2. Jemele says:

    Jemele promoted Hate statements, repeatedly, fire jemele.
    She makes black people look hateful and small minded.

  3. YOU GO GIRL!!! Someone said it out loud on the air (instead of it being, just all of us… on line, in our posts)… everyone already KNOWS THIS, who are we kidding??? Call it like it is, we KNOW what trump is, he has supported white supremacists from the start. He constantly made comments during his campaign regarding his racist views, he has lined his cabinet with white supremacists, white supremacists come out in droves to support him, and lets not forget his latest comments when Nazis marched in our own Country and KILLED a woman… and trump’s statement about it “there are some nice people” in that group… WTF….. listen to what that really means, we as a country actually had NAZIS on US soil KILLING OUR PEOPLE… and our OWN PRESIDENT thinks they are nice people…. yes, HE IS A SUPREMACIST……. so, thank you Jemele Hill for saying it out loud… hugs and much love to you for your bravery <3

  4. Atilla Thehun says:

    Two words for Iger: Ala Carte.

  5. j.k. says:

    Please tell me exactly the reasons you say
    Old Glory is a moron. I’d really like to hear in detail what your counter argument is to each of the commenter’s 9 statements listed above that you label moronic.Thank you.

  6. The WH should concentrate on getting some work done and get their noses out of the entertainment business. And stop being so thin-skinned DT. It’s unattractive and makes you look like a wimp. #sad

    • snd says:

      ESPN should concentrate on sports and not slandering someone with complete unrepentant BS. As far as thin skinned good heavens the last guy in office the big O was the most petty, childish, huge chip on his shoulder and thin skinned person I’ve ever seen in my lifetime

      • Sam says:

        Yah the dirtbag went around apologizing for the US.
        Takes 70 m for a book deal from our dimes of electing the creep and dares to criticize the current pres.
        Also illegally Monitors the trump bldng; supports blm. Only took preapproved questions at press conferences and gave 1/2 hour answers that said and did nothing.
        And on and on.

  7. Sheila says:

    “Trump Attacks ESPN Over Jemele Hill’s Comments” ….. This is how media bias works: instead of Variety calling out Jemele Hill’s hateful, bigoted, and racist remarks (which have gotten other, whiter people fired in the past for saying something similar), they instead aim for our President who rightly defended himself from her unfounded attacks and slander. She should be fired, pronto.

  8. Old Glory says:

    Ok, fellow citizens, let’s briefly review:

    1. In 2016, from campaign Day Zero, Biff Dumpsterfire blatantly lied about immigration rates for Mexican immigrants and violent crime rates (claiming they were both rising when they were both long falling).
    2. In 2017, Biff Dumpsterfire hired multiple white supremacists as his closest advisers – Miller, Gorka, and etc.
    3. In 2016, Biff Dumpsterfire said American federal judge Gonzalo Curiel was unfit to judge because of his Mexican heritage.
    4. In 2017, Biff Dumpsterfire pardoned a blatantly racist AZ sheriff who’d been convicted of numerous egregious, humiliating criminal violations of Mexican immigrants’ and Latino Americans’ civil and human rights.
    5. Biff Dumpsterfire pushed the abjectly racist horse shit birther conspiracy theory about PRESIDENT Obama for YEARS without ever once apologizing. And when he finally admitted he knew the truth in 2016, he instead blamed Hillary.
    6. In 2017, Biff Dumpsterfire hired an unapologetic white supremacist as Chief Strategist to the President of the United States.
    7. In 2017, Biff Dumpsterfire appointed a racist as Attorney General of the United States.
    8. Even going back to the 1970s, his company was twice sued for refusing to rent to blacks.
    9. In 2017, Biff Dumpsterfire commissioned a bogus, blatantly racist group to figure out new and creative ways to disenfranchise blacks and other minorities.

    So, are you still confused? Pop quiz: Exactly who should be apologizing here?

  9. Sean says:

    Hill just wrote what the rest of America was too afraid to say. I see nothing wrong with it. If the president can say anything he wants and not worry about it, than others have the right too. Also, it is funny that the president has a problem when he is singled out. Funny how that works. Karma.

  10. The world has finally awoken from its slumber…leftists are the most boring people alive. Nobody wants you crybaby brats around anymore. It’s unattractive.

  11. JD says:

    Nice headline. Fake news at its best. The president was slandered by this fool.
    So tired of these whiny liberals getting press

  12. Mark McKennon says:

    Making comments about hitler and white supremacists with no proof.

    Gee, we must have been hallucinating when the TV clearly depicted marchers proclaiming and frothing their support for Trump while bearing Nazi and Dixie and various white aryan flags that certainly resembled SS lightning bolt insignia. And marching at night with torches like all the obedient untermenschen extras through Munich in Triumph of the Will.
    Are you stating that the flags + the words aren”t part of the same equation, that they don’t have any relation to one another? And that, when the president had the wide-open opportunity to unambiguously denounce them, and said all too little, that we are not construe that as form of complicity by association?

    If you are saying that, you should stop saying that, because that comes off like stupider from Jupiter.

  13. Cecil B da Mill says:

    As well Trump should have. Enough, this ESPN so-called professional should be taken to the woodshed and not in a nice way.America’s has crossed enough lines of ugliness and this must stop. I might be the only one,, but my experience tells me the first person to yell racist is the racist… need look no further than Al no-so-Sharpton

  14. Mark McKennon says:

    Trump attacks a media outlet for UNTRUTH! Bwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhharrrghhhhggghhh! They’re dumping ESPN [erhhh, DJT] in “record numbers!”
    This, with absolutely no hint of irony or self-awareness from our Mr. Birth Certificate We’ll be Tired of Winning bleeding out her whatever 30,000 emails 400 pound fat man hacker on his couch could have been Russia I don’t know Lock Her Up Pussy Grabber in Chief: if he wants to rectify, cleanse and silence all prevaricating and disingenuous media, he might well start by pouring bleach down his own throat.

  15. pickles says:

    Why didn’t the writer write the truth? ESPN Hill attacks President Trump. It’s true.

  16. Tell It says:

    tRump is the biggest liar and slanderer in our political history. For this low-life to criticize someone else is a JOKE. By the way, the entity being hurt by its politics is the GOP, for selling its soul to the orange-colored clown.

  17. Michael Barthel says:

    Sports does not exist in a vacuum. It’s a sad day when a sports announcer has to apologize for stating the truth. It’s an even sadder day when people aren’t shocked when the president, who is defined by his lies, has the audacity to complain about someone who tells the truth. God save America!

  18. Bill B. says:

    What amazing (though not really anymore from him) comments from a man who called Obama a racist and tried for years to convince the public that he wasn’t even eligible to be out President. What a fool and a child this horrendous liar is.

  19. Steve Barr says:

    I thought all you Trump snowflakes deplored political correctness but now you all get your panties in a bunch when some woman says something you disagree with . What’s the matter babies can’t handle the truth .

  20. Cass says:

    More vitriol against Jemele than white kkk’s. That is amazing. History is going to look back at this era and say, wtf happened.

  21. See Me - Feel Me says:

    She’s right, he is a white supremacist, she’s just stating a fact. He should be fired not her. A man baby with a phone and a Twitter account. Dangerous believe me.

  22. Sam says:

    The iger comment above about stepping down….
    He held a huge fund raiser for the dnc hrc.
    The person that destroyed gov documents and iPhones. For 30 yrs destroying documents, antagonizing abused women that her husband attacked assaulted and harassed.
    The hrc with the famous line what difference does it make.
    And he allows his employee to remain employed after a racist remark about the president.
    Pathetic and disgusting weasels.
    Crawling back in their holes to hide.
    The blm is a fraud and racist.

    • Gary says:

      I am as white as they get in the USA, Irish/Italian mix from way back when. But, I am sure ESPN has done profiling for response and viewership and that is why they chose this outcome. However, I wish they would have defended her. Personally, Trump is a bigot. There is no defense, I could post many comments over the last few years, including flip flops, racial slurs (Don Cheadle) , homophobic comments, etc. that he cannot defend. He attempts to be heavy-handed to get people to stop, but this game is WAY above his head. Unfortunately, not only do we know it, but the rest of the world as well.

  23. HAHA babies! White nationalism IS rising because this country was founded upon it. Read the Constitution. It was made by and for WHITE MEN. Says it right there TWICE. It even says who is less than human. There is no reinterpretation of that. The Founding Fathers, who were the original Alt-Right, even extrapolated on their ideas in their private writings and the Federalist Papers.

    Trust me. Believe me. White people despise diversity. The only ones who say they love diversity, hate it more than everybody combined because they WANT something from you nonwhites, whereas most whites just want nothing to do with you, which you can’t even handle.

    Everywhere we run to you people chase us down. ‘Go back to Europe’….Oh wait, you followed us there too. It’s called white genocide and you can’t even admit it. You even threaten to rape our daughters openly….’your grandchildren will be black.’

    We are fighting back and we finally have a President that agrees instead of some mulatto or cuck.

    Just because you are a Third World illegal alien peasant, it does not make you equivalent to a European colonist who actually roughed it.

  24. Thad Wallace says:

    Out of all the quality sports reporters that ESPN has fired over the last
    year, they allow this jackA$$ to keep her job.
    Obviously they are just being politically correct and are afraid of
    firing a black woman.
    I will not see a disney movie again until Hill is fired.
    Its obvious that Hill is a black woman who is also a racist.
    Making comments about hitler and white supremicists with no proof.
    Its called using as filter you stupid moron!

    • Mark McKennon says:

      Making comments about hitler and white supremacists with no proof.

      Gee, we must have been hallucinating when the TV clearly depicted marchers proclaiming and frothing their support for Trump while bearing Nazi and Dixie and various white aryan flags that certainly resembled SS lightning bolt insignia. And marching at night with torches like all the obedient untermenschen extras through Munich in Triumph of the Will.
      Are you stating that the flags + the words aren”t part of the same equation, that they don’t have any relation to one another? And that, when the president had the wide-open opportunity to unambiguously denounce them, and said all too little, that we are not construe that as form of complicity by association?

      If you are saying that, you should stop saying that, because that comes off like stupider from Jupiter.

    • TTB says:

      I guess you won’t be watching Disney for the rest of your life, Klanswoman.

  25. JimG says:

    The reason ESPN is losing subscribers is because of cable cutters and how much easier it is to get sports info and updates on your phone. It has nothing to do with politics although I’m sure Disney wishes it didn’t come with the ABC package at least in the last couple of years.

    • Kaboom! says:

      Sorry but the cable cutter scenario is false. Actual cable cutters are finding they save little or no money to get the equivalent service they had with cable. But the scenario that people are turning off their TVs (for any reason) is the issue. An example is the NFL which readily admits viewership is decreasing. That isn’t due to cable cutters.

  26. Jillianne says:

    Jemele hill has a previous violation of her contract………
    During the 2008 NBA Playoffs, Hill was suspended from her post after referencing Adolf Hitler in an article about the then-NBA champion Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons. In an editorial describing why she could not support the Celtics, Hill wrote: “Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim. It’s like hoping Gorbachevwould get to the blinking red button before Reagan. Deserving or not, I still hate the Celtics.” The comments generated a negative response and

    • Jillian says:

      That makes her an ugly fat racist with bad hair. She called someone hitler!!!!!!!
      So if he’s a white supremacist
      That makes her a jungle bunny ape face.
      Whhhhaaaaaa. !!!!!!
      Another kaepernick.
      Neither will get another job.

      • Sam says:

        The white guy is fired for saying seigheil.
        The tennis white guy is fired for saying guerilla.
        And in this black person case, all of her black coworkers refused to go to work if she was fired or suspended for making another racist remark.
        Maybe they should all be fired and cancel the show. Breach of contract.

  27. scottloveserica says:

    ESPN is not going anywhere – thankfully, eventually, Trump is.

    • Allan Falk says:

      they are, they will be gone ! like the rest of the left wing media

    • LOL is that what ‘the polls’ told you? newsflash dickhead….they are losing BILLIONS per year. Today, thousands of people will cancel their cable subscriptions.. That means each one of those people pay 7 dollars PER MONTH. That adds up, does it not? This isn’t some municipal .5 cent tax on license plate renewals to fund a new sidewalks. This is 7 DOLLARS PER MONTH PER SUBSCRIBER. I don’t think you pseudo-intelectuals understand the revolution occurring right in front of you. Athletes aren’t even going to be millionaires in the next two decades BECAUSE of the death of subscription tv. Trump isn’t going anywhere. Get used to it. He won fair and square and he will win again.

  28. Tom Caruso says:

    WOW…The Trumpanistas are out in force today supporting their wannabe autocrat like good little racist/fascist trolls! If you enable the behavior of an unhinged snake oil salesman, you are just as complicit in the outcome of his actions! Anyone who thinks that Herr Donald is interested in helping anyone but himself and his bank account is delusional!!

  29. Haha jock snifffers, the gravy train is coming to an end in real time. You favorite African avatar is not going to be subsidized by absurd carrier subscriptions anymore.Some illiterate thug should not be making millions of dollars to play a child’s game. I love watching the ratings collapse of all these pointless leagues even more than when I was actually a fan/athlete following these worthless sports. Technological obsolescence and mass public disinterest is going to hit the ‘sports world’ harder and faster than any other industry. Nobody buys records or CDs anymore and nobody singer sells out stadiums anymore. Just as it should be. These losers should not be the ombudsmen of any city, state or country. Their unearned political influence will be gone within the decade, just as it should be. Thank God most of all for the end of Hollywood royalty. Nobody buys movies anymore either. Pretty soon people will stop attending them too. Didn’t think this would last forever did you?

    • Dunstan says:

      You have zero statistics to back up your inane and mostly inaccurate claims. Singers don’t sell out stadiums anymore? You might want to check actual concert attendance among the major acts. As for ESPN, I applaud Ms. Hill for speaking out publicly via Twitter; if Donald Drumpf can criticize people there, so can she.

      And since 88 million still watch ESPN (and no, I’m not one of them), that’s 20 million more than voted for Agolf Drumpf.

      • You blacks are so stupid it’s amazing. There aren’t ’88 million’ watching anything, stupid. That’s called subscriptions, and they are actually 86 million. ESPN cannot even get half a million to watch their lousy programming, and that’s with default settings in hotel/hospital/airport lobbies, restaurants and fitness centers. My god are you stupid. Just remember you would be living in a mud hut without us.

  30. kennyplan says:

    I support Jemele . Tump is a racist and a sociopath and contributes nothing to the fabric of America. The sooner he’s gone, the better. He stole the election.

    • Anon says:

      I agree. Though to be fair, he had a lot of help stealing the election. It was the perfect storm, unfortunately; or recipe for disaster, if you’d prefer.

  31. Seriously, the culture in this country has to change. If you follow sports and you’re over 18, something is wrong with you. Sorry. There is something deranged about grown men wearing matching uniforms of their favorite black bucks, drunkenly yelling at tv screens in public and then getting into brawls with fellow armchair voyeurs. This is beyond childish. It’s VOYEURISM and CUCKOLDRY. Get a life, people. Find a REAL hobby instead of these pointless distractions basking in reflected glory of thugs who despise you and your race and would violently assault you in private. A group of these thugs do not represent you or your city. Get a freaking life. Sickening.

  32. Thank God for this President. Say it with me…PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!! Still music to my ears. I love how much it makes you jackals suffer. Grow up, babies. He is saying what most people want to say, but can’t without having their livelihoods ruined.

  33. Mike S. says:

    ESPN is a SPORTS NETWORK…You would NEVER know it by some of the ALLOWED Political persuasions being ENABLED by yet ANOTHER FAKE NEWS NETWORK!!!
    Walt Disney is rolling over in his Frozen Perpetualness merely by the FACT that His name is even associated with an ENQUIRER-esque Programming Network!!!…Shameful

    • Laurel Lane says:

      Agree. A sports program should stick to sports; an entertainment program should stick to entertaining, award shows should say thank you and accept their award. I’m sick of the over-saturation of politics into everything these days. If I want politics, I’ll watch political shows.

  34. Jesse Banks says:

    The liberals have so much hate, that they will willingly lose millions and millions of dollars for their investors because they just HAVE to have the hate, hypocrisy, Antifa violence and Nazism (banning conservatives and pro-lifers from working). They live for hate. That’s why I voted for Trump and will again, as a black man and FORMER democrat.

  35. jillian says:

    Why do liberal racists always get a pass? It’s the pro homosexual culture of Disney displaying all of its ugliness. Call Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson stat!

  36. Ted Faraone says:

    This frittata illustrates the Trumpistas’ need to demonize someone at all times. No one would ever have bothered to read Jemel Hill’s Twitter feed had not the Trumpistas called attention to it. Clearly the Trump PR strategy is to seek out negative press if that is the price of creating imaginary enemies.

    • jillian says:

      Ted Flatulence: the liberal swamp has been in a full court press to delegitimize President Trump and the entire election from day one. Trump has been in the public light for 30 years and wasn’t called a racist until running against…wait for it…Democrats. riots. violence and severed heads in the nam of humor? Don’t think so comrade.

      • Anon says:

        Jillian…you do realize the majority of the Republican party fought not to have him represent them, right? It wasn’t until he won that they decided to show full support, because they finally had majority control. Democrats and Republicans were against Trump because he’s inexperienced, inarticulate, and only represents himself.

      • Chris says:

        Right like the lynchings of obama when he was president I’m sure it hates those as much as the beheaded trump ? Or wait no you didn’t cuz you voted trump and are at least a little racist.

      • Chris says:

        No since day one he has been delegitimization his presidency. The news is just reporting it.

  37. Ted Faraone says:

    I think it is Edward R. Murrow who said (paraphrase), Some stories don’t have another side.

    • pat rahn says:

      My sports fanatic husband will NEVER watch ESPN again after the HILL idiotic comment that ESPN allowed with no consequences. Don”t you get it ESPN???????? People are sick and tired of trashing those who you don’t agree with. Free speech is not part of ESPN

      • Sean says:

        That is a joke! I’ll watch her show because she spoke up for what she believed in. Good for her! Everyone has their point of view and should be allowed to express it. Just because she expressed it and is in the public eye I see the problem here. She was telling the truth of what many people were thinking in America.

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