Steve Bannon on ‘60 Minutes’: Mainstream Media Trying to ‘Destroy’ Donald Trump

Steve Bannon 60 Minutes
Courtesy of CBS

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Steve Bannon, in his first major interview since stepping down as Donald Trump’s chief strategist, lashed out at the mainstream media, saying it’s trying to destroy Trump, and defended the president’s use of Twitter as a necessary way of going over their heads.

Bannon, in an interview with Charlie Rose for “60 Minutes,” also railed against entrenched interests in Washington, and said the “original sin” of the Trump administration was embracing the establishment. Republican congressional leadership put their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare atop their agenda, but found that their own caucus was bitterly divided on how to do so.

His criticisms of the media — which he labeled the “pearl clutching mainstream media” — are hardly surprising, given that he referred to the D.C. press corps as the “opposition party” shortly after Trump took office.


Steve Bannon 60 Minutes

Steve Bannon on ’60 Minutes’: Catholic Bishops ‘Need Illegal Aliens to Fill the Churches’

“I don’t think [Trump] needs the Washington Post, and the New York Times, and CBS News,” Bannon told Rose on Sunday night. “And I don’t believe that he thinks they’re looking out [for] what’s in his best interest, okay? He’s not going to believe that. I don’t believe that. And you don’t believe that, okay? This is just another standard in judgment that you rain upon him in the effort to destroy Donald Trump.”

Rose had questioned Trump’s use of Twitter.

But Bannon said Trump “knows he’s speaking directly to the people who put him in office when he uses Twitter. And it is sometimes not in the custom and tradition of what the opposition party deems is appropriate. You’re absolutely correct, it’s not. And he’s not going to stop.”

He also said Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, also is “not going to be able to control it, either, because it’s Donald Trump. It’s Donald Trump talking directly to the American people. And to say something else, you’re going to get some good there. And every now and again you’re going to get some less good, okay? But you’re just going to have to live with it.”

Bannon was steadfastly loyal to Trump, and said that he would continue to defend the president from the outside. After his resignation from the White House, Bannon returned to Breitbart News, the media company he led before Trump tapped him as campaign CEO in August, 2016.

Bannon noted that during his tenure with Trump, he was referred to as the “grim reaper” on “Saturday Night Live.” He said that the characterizations don’t bother him.

“I don’t need the affirmation of the mainstream media. I don’t care what they say,” he said. “They can call me an anti-Semite. They can call me racist. They call me nativist. You can call me anything you want. Okay? As long as we’re driving this agenda for the working men and women of this country, I’m happy.”


Bannon said in the 48 hours after Trump won, a “fundamental decision” was made that “you might call it the original sin of the administration” — to embrace the establishment GOP as a way to staff up the government.

“Our whole campaign was a little bit the island of misfit toys,” Bannon said. “So [Trump] looks around and I’m wearin’ my combat jacket, I haven’t shaved, I got — you know, my hair’s down to here, and he says — he’s — he’s thinkin’. ‘Hey, I’ve gotta put together a government. I’ve gotta really staff up somethin’. I need to embrace the establishment.'”

In excerpts of the interview released last week, Bannon said the GOP establishment was trying to “nullify” the 2016 election, and named Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan as figures who “do not want Donald Trump’s populist, economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. It’s very obvious.”

Bannon suggested that the inability to repeal and replace Obamacare was due in part to GOP leaders who didn’t realize the “wide discrepancy” in the Republican party. Instead, he expressed doubts that Congress would be able to totally repeal it.

In the interview, Bannon was every bit the defiant persona he was in the few times he gave a brief interview or appeared at the CPAC conference. He sparred at points with Rose. In one instance, when they were talking about immigration, and as Bannon tried to say that America “was built on her citizens,” Rose interjected, “Except the native Americans.”

“This is the thing of the leftists,” Bannon said. “Charlie, that’s beneath you.”

Still, Bannon warned that there could be further disunity over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, in which young undocumented immigrants who came to the United States before they were 16 can be eligible for work permits to avoid deportation.

Trump last week announced that he planned to end the program, but that it would be wound down over a period of six months so Congress could come up with a legislative fix.

Bannon supports ending the program, but warns that the delay could prove to further divide Republicans. He said his fear “is that with this six months down range, if we have another huge — if this goes all the way down to its logical conclusion, in February and March it will be a civil war inside the Republican party that will be every bit as vitriolic as 2013. And to me, doing that in the springboard of primary season for 2018 is extremely unwise.”

He said he thinks the program should be ended, and that “as the work permits run out they self deport” and that “there’s no path to citizenship, no path to a green card and — no amnesty. Amnesty is non-negotiable.”

“America is built on our citizens,” Bannon said. “Look at the 19th century. What built America’s called the American system, from Hamilton to Polk to Henry Clay to Lincoln to the Roosevelts. A system of protection of our manufacturing, financial system that lends to manufacturers, okay, and the control of our borders.”

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  1. bobbywiseman says:

    …Rose to Bannon: “…with the exception to the Native American” — Bannon to Rose: America is built on our citizens” — The Asian’s were prohibited by the late 17 century, the Negro race prohibited through the late 15 century added the 1861 war & till now. The Negro grass roots began through the middle 18 century stated with constructor of the White House, as slaves. They were not an American, or built around their citizenship. And as for Native Americans, in 1492 the day after the 13th, the original dreamers were the Europeans had sights for the New World. The final struggle was how to kill the ‘Aztec Empire’ of South America, and then the Northern Native American’s to trade of their land or “We’ll kill all of you”! (President Obama & the First Lady spent a day with Native Americans on June 13/14 2014 in North Dakota. For he actions, on June 24/25 South Dakota’s legislative body vote 191 to 176 to impeach # 44. Bannon says, “America is built on our citizens” …

  2. Key words to remember from this guy are “You couldn’t be more dead wrong. America was built on her citizens.” Remember African Americans were not “citizens” until the 14th amendment, 1868. Draw your own conclusions.

  3. Lowell Landowski says:

    Steve says the obvious. Where have you been?

  4. Rachel says:

    Fox News started in 1996. The 90’s are now seen as the apex of America. A time of great prosperity, relative peace, and Republicans and Democrats could at least talk to each other and not resort to partisanship. The ultra far-right conservative media has destroyed America since then. We were doing pretty f–king good before then and they had to go and ruin it by making the country go to an us vs them mentality. We were progressing and they couldn’t bear to see it. They want us to continue staring at the fire show dancing on the wall and not let us out of the cave. We’re done with it. You can have your last blitz like Hitler did, have your last grasp for power, but it’s over, it’s done. We are moving on and up. You were stupid enough to vote in Trump and now we are focusing our energy on this horrible human being, educating ourselves on the political system, getting Obama and Bernie proteges into election races, showing people they can live better lives if we just put people like Trump in their place. No more dictators, no more oligarchs, no more billionaire CEOs, no more Nazis, no more bull. But before the dawn there is darkness and we just have to get through it.

  5. Poor reporting from Ted Johnson. Why is he quoting the interview subject and leaving in the word “okay” verbatim? Any journalist worth his salt knows those are throwaway phrases you’re supposed to edit OUT of verbal quotes! Same as “you know” or “um” or “uhhhh” etc. This is like high-school journalism 101 dude. I feel sorry for Variety Magazine if @tedstew is the best they can do for such an important article.

    • Ross Vachon says:

      We were progressing, really? Prosperity for all, huh? Bill Clinton turned his Administration over to Robert Rubin and all the boys on Wall Street. Your one big happy Fantasyland clearly didn’t include working people who were being shafted every five minutes by a new trade agreement, NAFTA, GATT etc. The sociopathic greed of Wall Street took over and factories got shipped overseas and the whole culture became only about the money. Obama continued this Class Genocide with his cozying up to.Lawrence Summers and Goldman Sachs. Trump was a Reaction to that betrayal that misery index. Bannon is a prophet of the far right. He is ruthless, cynical, and ingenious and I’ll bet his formula of Economic Nationalism is very popular right now with the 78 percent of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. The left only talks about transgender bathrooms and tearing down Confederate Monuments. If Trump sticks to Bannon’s beliefs he’ll win a landslide reelection.

  6. Muslims are desperate trying to destroy Trump. They manipulate the Media to say what they say. Those devious manipulators need to be cast out…

    • Mark McKennon says:

      All you clowns should finally make up your f’ing minds! Please! Someone identify this particular species of troll!
      Is it the jihadist terrorists Muslims or the liberal fake news media Jews in your conspiracy theories that are trying to destroy Trump? I can probably assure you that Der Trumper’s worst enemy is himself. He is president by a fluke of a perfect storm and no overarching campaign or policy brilliance, and one of his advantages is morons like you who buy the Muslim Jew Liberal LGBTQ Black Lives Acorn They Want to Take Our Guns bovine excrement.

    • Rerbert says:

      I’m a white athiest. I wish I had more power so I could destroy Trump. He needs to be destroyed.

  7. Does this man have a college education? Has he ever read anything about free market economics?
    I see no evidence of either occurrence.
    Further, the man has the pallor of a hard-core alcoholic. Alcohol is a toxin that will permanently degrade cognitive ability if used in excess.

    • On further contemplation, if Bannon is an alcoholic, it is a medical condition for which he should not be judged. One can only hope he acknowledges his problem, works his steps, and gets himself healthy.
      I would be anything that, after a year or two of sobriety, his cognitive capacities will rebound. His extreme and addle-minded opinions will moderate.

  8. Layne says:

    Awwww…poor wittle twump. The media is picking on him. It has nothing to do with trump being the worst president in American history. As for Bannon, can someone please give that man a shower, preferably with Lysol? Pfewww!

  9. Julie says:

    He failed as a screenwriter and Hollywood player so now he hates liberals.

    • Dan says:

      Omg there are
      HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of failed screenwriters and Hollywood players.
      Nobody cares.

      • Julie says:

        Agreed. But there is certain kind of person, who, when he fails in Los Angeles, blames it on liberals and CA. I have met people like this. Listen to that Kid Rock song Tennessee Mountain Top. It reflects that kind of thinking.

        If Bannon had made it as screenwriter he would be the biggest liberal on earth.

  10. Eaglefeather says:

    I like what bannon had to say about daca and about the bad leadership within the GOP party.Steve was right- on.rose is just another right wing liberal fanatical Washington establishment democrat idiot.

  11. FTS says:

    This degenerate helped put Trump in office……but he was too obvious a nazi, so he was put outside the center to work the media.

    Americans will pay the price for these maggots.

  12. Steve Barr says:

    Steve is a failed wannabe screenwriter with delusions of grandeur and he’s also like his hero Trump a bloated punk .

  13. PiikaniSON says:

    Oki Napi….

    (my opinion)

    Hope on this beautiful cool summer evening that this email finds you in good health.

    I sitting and in a way looking forward to this interview on 60 Minutes. Here is a bit of what is said……

    STEVE BANNON: You couldn’t be more dead wrong. America was built on her citizens.

    CHARLIE ROSE: We’re all immigrants.

    STEVE BANNON: America was built on her–

    CHARLIE ROSE: Except the Native Americans–

    STEVE BANNON: –don’t– don’t g– don’t– don’t–
    (your smarter than that – cut from the transcript)

    CHARLIE ROSE: –who were here.

    Mr. Bannon refused to speak of the Native Americans. Was it because all America knows? or That people in power or, were in power, are still hiding from the guilt of their forefathers? or It is an issue that Mr. Bannon refuses to look at because he is like so many people on Turtle Island who believes that this land is theirs.

    Mr. Banon, goes on to say “Economic nationalism is what this country was built on.” Holy maybe that is the answer he refuses to accept the truth that America is not that great and will never accept the past.

    Also, if Mr. Rose was as smart as Mr. Bannon says, he should have pushed him on it to either expose his Nationalist view or his own version of the past.

    LoveUmucH :)

    • Julie says:

      He seems to forget that we had hundreds of years of slave labor which made America rich.

      And he claims that his vision of America includes all citizens regardless of race, gender, etc. but that inclusiveness sure didn’t apply to Judge Curiel, a native of Indiana, whom Trump denigrated for his Mexican heritage.

      I don’t believe a word Bannon says.

      • willow says:

        And still do have slave labor. America is a nation of indentured servants. What do you call minimum wage that even a 40 hour workweek isn’t enough for an individual to afford the basic necessities of life like food, shelter, transportation and health and dental care. Not to mention save for retirement, support a family or send a kid to college.

  14. Richard Stearns says:

    I love it. There’s a man on the downward slope of notoriety. He doesn’t even realize that 45 has actually thrown him out on his ass because he’s been the problem all along. By 2020 nobody will even remember this alt-right racist.

  15. Eaglefeather says:

    I think Steve cannon should b president,not trump.

  16. PD says:

    Why the f*ck does the media give this alcoholic bigot any screen time at all?

  17. Mark McKennon says:

    I think the play’s title was, A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ But a Sandwich.

    In Bannon’s case, it’s salmonella on wry.

  18. Barbara Papa says:

    God bless Steve Bannon, an American hero!

  19. Mark McKennon says:

    Say what?
    Bannons says “lashed out at the mainstream media, saying it’s trying to destroy Trump,”

    I’m cheering that they succeed. The majority of us don’t want Trump’s agenda. You see that operative word there, Bannon? ma-jor-i-ty. Can you spell that? If you don’t believe in the MAJORITY, and feel that the tiny minority of elites you are shilling for — like Mr. Mercer — are the only ones deserving or qualified to make governmental or policy decisions, please leave the country at once. Join other blowhards like Rush Limbaugh, who once proclaimed he’d move to Costa Rica if Obama got re-elected. Please, go already, leave us the f___ alone. You’re all a creeping cancer on the soul of the nation.

    As for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan as figures who “do not want Donald Trump’s populist, economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. It’s very obvious” Hip hooray! For once, and only once, Ryan, McConnell and I have an issue in common, even if it’s for entirely different reasons! Either way, we feel that Mr. T will ruin the country. As opposed to you, Bannon, who seem to be certain he will save it. Ha! And I have some dirt cheap Malibu beachfront to sell you, dude!

    This is a set up for the disbelief Bannon is trying to sow that Mr. Trump’s ultimate potential thwarting for campaign malfeasance and perhaps much worse will of course be only due to the devious collusion of that liberal Jew mainstream media, rather than what may prove to be Trump & Co’s own colossally arrogant, amoral or even absurdly illegal behavior. Which, of course, can also be read as: he’ll be hoisted by his own petard. Or: turnabout is fair play. Or: what goes around comes around. Or: payback is a mother______. Or: our karma ran over your dogma.

    Bannon complains that Trump is being given unfair treatment by the press. Bwwwaaaaaahhhhh! Anyone seen that dude Trump proclaimed he had hired to dig up Obama’s bogus birth certificate? Still waiting for that photo of all the Muslims in Jersey City celebrating 9/11. How many more Trumper assertions were reported as fact! Wasn’t this and/or a lot of other noxious ignorance published in Breitbart? Hilarious comments that reveal Bannon’s testicles. Anytime he wants to kiss my ass as I laugh like a hyena at his self-serving bullshit, I will be glad to give him a location for a meet up.

    • Kaboom! says:

      So much hate, you should seek some medical professional help to assist you, especially before Trump is re-elected in 2020. Bwwwaaaaaahhhhh!

      • Blair says:

        Kaboom!, Trump will likely be in prison by 2020. He has been an absolute failure as president and Mark McKennon is right.

  20. Janis Orrico says:

    I agree with Steve Bannon Charlie Rose was acting like an a-hole. What was he so ticked off about? He shouldn’t be allowed on to give interviews. TERRIBLE JOURNALIST. Get rid of him. Sounded like the usual anti President Trump fake news to me!

    • How do you define “fake news”? As far as I can tell, Trump supporters define fake news as anything that is fact or science-based.
      Trump’s appeal is dependent on ignorance. Very few of his representations align with academic theory or data. This is particularly true of his stances on economics and immigration.

    • IKilledJennySchecter says:

      I can’t understand Charlie Rose but I’m sure I don’t agree with him. He didn’t bow down to the infallible dictator Trump. Also, I’m a total lemming who will only leave the comfort of my safe spaces (ie Brietbart or Fox News) to troll all the liberals who really upset me simply for existing. I’m basically the Gladys Kravitz of the USA, nosing around in other people’s business so that in hopes of spying something that’ll offended me and justify all those fears I have of everyone who isn’t like me and my ilk

  21. Jacen says:

    No, Bannon, Dolt 45 is destroying himself with his incompetence and teenaged mind. He needs no help from the media. All they do is relay his blundering idiocy.

  22. Steve Bannon, Zuckerberg and Soros are for Muslims and Kim Jong Un thus are for ISIS when they are against Trump. Steve Bannon, Zuckerberg and Soros need to be deported with the people they support striping them of their wealth. All three are supporting Muslims.;

    • Jacen says:

      That’s funny. ISIS promotes a narrow and psychotic view of Islam to the exclusion of all faiths; people like you and Dolt 45 promote a narrow and psychotic view of Christianity to the exclusion of all faiths (and in contradiction of the First Amendment). ISIS is really good at tearing down what others have done long before them, but are terrible at creating a government and society; Rotten Trumpkin is really good at tearing things down (specifically Obama stuff) but is terrible at putting together any coherent governance and keeps ill company. So who’s like ISIS? Little Donnie and people like you.

  23. Steve Bannon, Zuckerberg and Soros are for Muslims and Kim Jong Un thus are for ISIS when they are against Trump. Steve Bannon, Zuckerberg and Soros need to be deported with the people they support striping them of their wealth.

  24. DKjr says:

    Steve Gannon was very nasty to Link and Zelda.

  25. M. Twardowsky says:

    I agree with Steve Bannon on all subjects, especially on the Catholic church. I am a practicing Catholic & devout.

  26. Sharlene Larance says:

    Why in the the world are you giving Steve Bannon ANY time? He has absolutely no position of importance!!!!

  27. Charlie Rose was definitely hostile. Steve Bannon came across as logical. He was great. Well done Steve.

    • Logical if you are ignorant of economic theory and U.S. history I suppose. Lincoln, for instance, was hostile to the Know-Nothing political party which was the voice of anti-immigration of its time (which in the 19th Century included, inter alia, Irish Catholics. “I am not a Know-Nothing,” Lincoln wrote. “That is certain. How can any one who abhors the oppression of negroes, be in favor of degrading classes of white people? Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid.”
      Hamilton, of course, was not a native-born citizen but an immigrant from the West Indies.

    • Response says:

      Utter nonsense. Mr. Rose is a fine journalist/interviewer (watch his show on PBS) and a consummate pro.

  28. Lawrence Grundy says:

    Steve Bannon proves that he is garbage over and over again whenever he opens his mouth. His idea of making American great again would be to convert to isolationism under the guise of nationalism. This would cede influence away from the US, to China and Germany. The US would eventually lose it’s standing as the only global superpower. It’s political sway has already taken a severe beating as Trump has taken no interest in international politics and how the US faces the world. His key departments are woefully understaffed.

    Steve Bannon is trying to live out one of his many failed screenplays in real life. He wants to destroy what Washington stands for and replace it with …..what? He’s never actually said. He’s quite intent on destroying things he doesn’t like, not so much good for anything else. This Trump administration has been an embarrassment to the world. Bannon is just another fat, angry, white guy who thinks America is owed something by the world.

    I like how he ignores the foundations that slavery built before he starts with ‘American is built on our citizens’. Really Steve? Did you forget about the Chinese that built the railroads and Black slaves that worked farms that helped generate the massive wealth that gave America it’s boost?

    America hasn’t seen this type of chaos since 9/11.

  29. Ky says:

    Basically Bannon stating Trump id only talking to the neo nazi evanglist brainwashed Christians, which indeed he has and is… and We the People NO LONGER MATTER, as he and masters of treachery… in USA and Dictator Putins inderground war is winning… with buddy Trump. Otherwise we’d e living in USA with great new jobs for millions and like 1/4 our current energy costs and cleaner, safer, and more sensible perspectives for our childrens futures…

  30. J Allen says:

    The popular vote is not for Donald. The DACA if you have a heart would remain. I know that people want to think they own America but the world is here for us all to share. If we did not we would be in big danger. And what would poor leaders do. They would agree to keep sending out disrespectful tweets. As an American I do not need to be humiliated by the Pres. daily. And of coarse no one in the gop or media is gonna support the Pres as the Pres does not respect anyone else.

  31. Jamie Bickling says:

    60 minutes and CBS are the ones trying to destroy Donald Trump. The problem, he is matter-of-fact and the public is not used to that, they like politicians to lie to them like the New York Times. Steve bannon is on point if you give him a chance to talk you may learn something

    • Why, pray tell, would CBS, a for-profit company, engage in a endeavor to destroy the president. How does this conspiracy work? It is the CEO of CBS that is directing this endeavor? Were there secret meetings with 60 Minutes staff outlining their global political agenda? Is the Illuminati running this media conspiracy?
      Explain to us, Jaime, the mechanics of the nefarious plot.

    • Mark McKennon says:

      Bannon has had his chance to talk. He has already had much more of a platform than his toxic ideas deserve. The main takeaway to learn from his bilge is what this nation should NOT be.

      In all Bannon’s utter brilliance, all his corrupted and self-important i.q., Trump is the victim, the misunderstood, the do-gooder trapped by an evil system. D’oh. I also believe that pigs will soon offer equations that explain the time-space continuum.

      Trump is his own worst enemy. And while his rising legal swamp will not be helpful for the nation, in the long run draining it will be healthful, like purging impacted bowels or a stomach full of rotten food.

      One of the most genuine traits of Trump is now disingenuous he is. The Art of the Steal. AMF.

    • Blair says:

      Trump is a liar

  32. Rossana Gonzalez says:

    Wow never seen anything like this. Bannon does not just support Trump, he literally WORSIPS him!

  33. John says:

    Again 60 minutes dragging up old news all negative. Trying their best to destroy Donald Trump. WHy not some fresh new nrws. It Dorset suit their leftist agenda.

  34. bvilleyellowdog says:

    And the Russian trolls have been alerted!

  35. Adrien says:

    It sounded like a hostile interview. I was under the impression that professional journalists should remain more neutral. I dont underdtand how 60 Minutes approved of this.

    • Maybe you should actually watch the interview before you impugn the integrity of the journalist.

    • nutjob2 says:

      Why shouldn’t it be hostile? Why are Trumpkins always complaining that their idiot heros are getting asked tough questions in a tough manner when all politicians get the same treatment? Because they’re all a bunch of snowflakes, perhaps.

    • Connie Hajovsky says:

      I also thought it was a hostile interview. Very disappointed in Charlie Rose. I am Catholic, Steve said he respected Cardinal Dolan and the bishops on doctrine. This is not doctrine. Why do some reporters turn your words around, It is so sad that some of our news shows are so one sided or rather you can tell by their actions and words they seem to be.

    • Sharon says:

      Totally agree — 60 Minutes does everything they can to discredit our President. Remember the Catholic Church is paid millions of $$ to resettle refugees — they’re in it for the money just like most of the Washington elite!!

  36. Allen Mayo says:

    You proved to me you don’t like Trump. You my not Trump but you respect the President. You don’t.

  37. Connie Kelly says:

    Worst interview by a supposed journalist. Charlie Rose if you interview someone and ask a question at least let them answer . Why are journalist so hell bent on promoting themselves over the standards of journalism

  38. EM says:

    I a man just about as independent non-political of a person as you can find – why does the media not understand that ordinary Americans are sick and tired of this biased bullshit reporting? Normally have a lot respect for Charlie Rose – used to think he was a member of old school neutral reporters school – really disappointed with his interview of Bannon – wasn’t sure what I thought about Bannon before the interview – now I like Bannon a lot ! I am a fan! Thanks Charlie!

  39. Linda says:

    Steve Bannon is outstanding a man of his word. Biased 60 minutes will never let anyone say anything good about our President!! The interview was intended to show how bad the system is now and I think he was ignorant to facts based on answers he gave to Steve Bannon. I pray Steve Bannon keeps his knowledge and support for our President

    • Jamie Bickling says:

      60 minutes and CBS are the ones trying to destroy Donald Trump. The problem, he is matter-of-fact and the public is not used to that, they like politicians to lie to them like the New York Times. Steve bannon is on point if you give him a chance to talk you may learn something

      • Bannon is another fat, old white guy out of touch. says:

        that’s exactly what Hitler’s fans said in 1933. They said the press was the enemy, along with the jews.

  40. Actually, what is “idiotic” is to be an uninformed racist who attempts to lump broad swaths of humanity into stereotypical and unsupported broad categories.

    The first Native Americans migrated to the New World more than 20,000 years ago. How long, pray tell, does a social or racial group have to occupy and area before they are not considered immigrants?

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