Hillary Clinton: Facebook Has ‘A Long Way to Go’ in Disclosing Extent of Russian Election Interference

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Hillary Clinton says Facebook has “a long way to go” when it comes to disclosing the extent to which Russians used the platform to interfere with the 2016 election.

Appearing Thursday on “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Clinton said Facebook has “just begun to own up. They have a long way to go before they get where they need to be.” She also suggested that other tech companies had a duty to disclose whether their platforms were used for Russian interests.

Facebook acknowledged earlier this month that Russian-linked firms purchased ads during the 2016 campaign on certain divisive issues, although they have not found that spots were purchased to advocate for or against a specific candidate.

That has put a new level of scrutiny on Facebook, and whether it was used by Russian interests to sow discord in 2016 by spreading fake news stories and establishing fake accounts. Clinton cited those examples as ways that the regime of Vladimir Putin attempted to interfere with the electoral process.

Clinton said “transparency” was the best counter to Putin.

Asked about Clinton’s comments, a Facebook spokesman said, “We continue to investigate and will continue to work with the relevant investigative authorities.”

Earlier this week, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he would like representatives from Facebook and Twitter to testify before the committee as it investigates Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign and whether any associations of Donald Trump coordinated or colluded with Putin agents.

In her interview, one of many she has given on the tour for her new book, “What Happened,” Clinton said Putin’s efforts to interfere with the election was “personal,” given the past criticisms she had made about his regime while she was Secretary of State.

“He saw me as someone who would stand up to him,” she said, adding that she thinks Putin has a broader goal of trying to “destabilize democracy” among western nations.

Clinton chided Trump’s administration for launching an investigation into voter fraud — which she called “voter suppression” — rather than of Russian interference in the 2016 campaign. “That is not happening,” she said.

Clinton said if she were elected, she would have established an independent commission with subpoena power and said, “We’re going to get to the bottom of this so it never happens again.”

She said the administration needed “to say, ‘We’re going to get to the bottom of this,’ and ‘We may have our disagreements among Americans. We are not going to let the Russians come in and divide us. We’re going to make Facebook own up to everything.'”

She added, “We have every right to have a vigorous debate in America, but we don’t want it to be interfered with and suborned by Putin and his allies.”

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  1. Imran Awantra says:

    Oohh yeah it was all those Russians. Not Seth Rich, Aaron Rich, or my Imran Awan & Awan brothers.

  2. Nathan says:

    This is getting more surreal every day…

    “Facebook acknowledged earlier this month that Russian-linked firms purchased ads during the 2016 campaign on certain divisive issues, although they have not found that spots were purchased to advocate for or against a specific candidate.”

    So, what’s illegal about that ?
    How do you want to proof, that this had an effect on voters ?
    How do you want to proof, that it influenced voters to act in a pro-Trump way ?
    That’s impossible, I’m afraid…

    Hillary Clinton: “We’re going to make Facebook own up to everything.”

    Ms. Clinton, do you REALLY think, that Facebook has the power to brainwash Americans with a few
    ads and ‘fake articles’ into acting like Russian puppets ?
    Like in that Charles Bronson movie, where the Soviets just needed to phone their ‘sleepers’
    to turn them into terrorists ? (“Telefon” by Don Siegel from 1977)
    It’s an insult to all the American voters.

    “Clinton said “transparency” was the best counter to Putin.”

    That’s why she rather deletes all her Emails from her private server, than to hand them to the law ?
    That’s why Julain Assange & WikiLeaks are her enemies?
    Because she loves transparency so much?

    This old woman should leave politics for good and get some treatment.

  3. Steve says:

    Name one fact of Russian interference ??? All accusations and no concrete facts. Not one fact. No names, no electronic fingerprint , is it that hard to fathom that none outside of Washington likes her.

  4. HRC’s point here is certainly valid – that an investigation into illegal activity should be performed, and all data relevant to the investigation should be provided to the investigating body.

    The problem is that the same perfectly valid point should have applied to the 30,000 emails she deleted from her illegal private server prior to turning her hard drive over to investigators for examination.

    No matter how powerful or accurate the message – that message is completely voided when delivered by a messenger who is famous for not being able to grasp the message…

    It would be wonderful if someone close to HRC could rationally explain this truth to her on a personal level.

    She does more harm than good by continuing to speak on these issues. There are 326 million plus American citizens in this country. Surely we can find one who can speak for the people without compromising the message during delivery…

  5. Kaboom! says:

    Hillary the Hypocrite has a long way to go before she can use the word “transparency.” Let’s start by her revealing her medical issues, her stroke, and why she collapsed and was thrown into her limo during the campaign. Magically that isn’t discussed in “What Happened?” the book originally titled “Rewriting History.”

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