California’s Attorney General to Sue Trump Administration Over DACA

Xavier Becerra

WASHINGTON — California Attorney General Xavier Becerra will announce a lawsuit against the Trump administration over its order to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which gives young undocumented immigrants a chance to work and study in the United States and avoid deportation.

Becerra is expected to announce the lawsuit on Monday morning at a press conference in Sacramento with DACA recipients, also known as “Dreamers.”

California has the largest number of those in the DACA program — more than 200,000, or more than a quarter of all of those in the United States.


University of California Sues Trump Administration Over Decision to End DACA

The day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the end of the DACA program, 15 state attorneys general and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the action. Late last week, the University of California also sued to retain the program. UC President Janet Napolitano was secretary of homeland security when the program was put in place in 2012 following President Barack Obama’s executive order.

President Donald Trump has tried to assure DACA participants that they have “nothing to worry about,” and cited the six months he has given Congress to come up with a legislative solution.

In July, Becerra was among the attorneys general who wrote to Trump, urging him to retain the DACA program. “For many, the United States is the only country they have ever know,” he wrote.

Update: The complaint was filed by Becerra and the attorneys general for Minnesota, Maryland and Maine.

The lawsuit claims that DACA recipients due process rights are in danger of being violated, as they provided the federal government with their personal information on the promise that it would not be used to deport them. The lawsuit also contends that the Trump administration violated the Administrative Procedure Act by not putting up for public comment their plans to end DACA.

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  1. Becerra has a deeper motivation and more sinister reason for suing the Constitutionally correct Whitehouse; he seeks to obfuscate his involvement with Pakistani spies.

  2. Glenda Saenz says:

    you politicians up there in Sacramento, are NOT speaking for the people of California!! There are PLENTY of conservatives, independents, AND democrats, that are SO TIRED of all your bull, and are 100% behind Trump!! watch out in 2018!! sounds like it’s time to “drain the Sacramento swamp” also!! my vote will be for WHOEVER is going to listen to the CITIZENS of this state, not the freeloaders! Whatever happened to ‘taking it to the people for a vote’? My opinion is, the majority of you are afraid YOUR agenda won’t pass if it is taken to the people, especially if you required ID’s to vote!! Time to take care of the people of this state that BELONG here!!

  3. Steve T Hyman says:

    I hate it when the media says”California” is going to sue who ever or “California ” is for whatever, I am a Californian and I was never asked for my input! I want to see the truth such as Attorney General Bercerra is suing the Trump administration over the DACA program, California is a place to live not a person who speaks.

  4. Spot says:

    Another waste of taxpayer money for non-American citizens.

    • Bah, humbug says:

      It’s shorthand for “the Attorney General of California, acting for the state of California”. It’s a lot less work (and less to read) to just say California. It’s also accurate, since the state of California is a legal entity..

    • Bah, humbug says:

      These would be the same non-American citizens who paid the tax, right?

  5. sharon says:

    He talk about these children, they are adults now, and if they have to go back they can adjust, many people do, and it not like they have all here family over here. What going to happen in a couple more years when automation and robots take over these jobs, generational american will be out of work, more on the government.High crime. countries civilizations have rules and laws, and to the pope, the universe also have rules and laws, they are looking past rules and laws

  6. Kaboom! says:

    The courts already said DACA was unconstitutional. This attorney general is doing what democrats do best, wasting taxpayer dollars.

  7. Dan says:

    Another demented senile gov official from ca.
    These people , garcetti, brown, are so ignorant that they do not realize if they do not follow the laws they were hired to protect,
    they become PERSONALLY liable and can be under complaint from class action by all ca legal citizens.
    They protect
    illegals, meanwhile ignore citizens …….
    The 7 MILES of encampments along the Santa Ana river walkway;
    the billion dollar cost of river walkways
    There is no official in ca. willing to control these corrupt officials.
    How about a federal official taking control.

    • Dan says:

      Omg …..
      Becerra, garcetti and brown.
      Never had a real job.
      Lawyers. The easy way out of real work. what do they even know about running a business (state) NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Just like our former pres.!!!
      ( lawyer teacher) !!!!!!!!!
      That’s why this country is a sinking ship of fools, and fools running this state. !!!!!!!!

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