U2 Blast Donald Trump During Fiery Appearance on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

The Edge, Adam Clayton and Bono

U2 talked about many things in their appearance Thursday on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”: Their forthcoming album “Songs of Experience” and the inspiration behind it; the new single from that album “You’re the Best Thing About Me” (which they also performed) and why it’s okay to issue a love song when the world is on fire; and not least their Music Rising foundation, established in 2005 to raise money to buy new instruments from musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina and revived for Houston residents in the wake of Hurricane Harvey last week (which is open for donations right here).

But, most strikingly, they discussed President Trump’s controversial decision to “wind down” DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which protects approximately 800,000 “dreamers” — people who were brought into the country illegally as children.

“Every night [on the group’s ongoing 30th anniversary ‘Joshua Tree’ tour], we’re reminded why we fell in love with this country,” Bono said. “And it’s not just a country; it’s an idea. It’s a great idea, one of the best ideas ever. But you can feel in recent times that idea get a bit twisted. And then you have the ‘dreamers.’ I mean, we’re Irish! We’re the ‘dreamers.’ This country was built for and by ‘dreamers.’ … If there’s no room for ‘dreamers,’ where are we in America? It’s the American dream!”

The group then delivered a fiery version of the “Joshua Tree” show-stopper “Bullet the Blue Sky,” a song about America, with Bono altering the lyrics to address Trump and the present day. (He also wove in references to both Edwin Starr’s 1970 anti-war anthem “War” and “America,” the immigrant anthem from Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim’s “West Side Story.”)

“Suit and tie comes up to me, face orange as the rose on a thorn bush/ Skin as thin as an Orange Crush/ He’s peeling off those dollar bills …

“Ground shakes, but the children can’t weep/ Vaporized in a single tweet/ The emperor rises from his golden throne/ Never knowing, never being known/ The lights are on the president’s home/ Oh my god, I’ve never felt so alone/ Outside it’s America, outside it’s America.”

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    1. Matt G says:

      so sorry Bono. Go preach ur sh&t in Ireland. You act like the USA is what’s wrong with this picture. Sorry that you don’t agree with the results of our democratic process. Can you even vote in our country? GFY. You don’t like us then go live somewhere else. Have Syria or No Korean, or Russians buy your music. You’re an asshole.

    2. Love when people who arent from the country insert their nose in its politics.

    3. Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

      Racist ignorant anti-illegal law and order dolts. Country founded after the genicide of the people that lived here prior, half built by slaves, and you hateful ignoramuses demand law and order from brown outsiders now? Laughable.

      And ask yourself if you would be so rabidly anti-illegal if most illegals were gorgeous Swedish people. If the answer to that question is no then stop sucking as a person and STFU.

    4. zanzibar27gtsferTom Ess says:

      Screw U2. Some of their own Irish people migrated here LEGALLY back in the day just like the Italians, Poles, Germans, Brits, etc. That’s the way it’s done. I love these guys but stick to music and STF up regarding illegal aliens. Yes, that includes DACA which is a temp pass for illegal aliens and no one else as it is defined in Obama’s illegal EO.

      • Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

        The North American continent was stolen from the people that were here originally. You’re a moron and I hope your daughter breeds with a Guatemalan.

      • Spud says:

        What back in the day are you talking about in regards to legal or illegal immigration? Back in the day Europeans came to the US. Got off the boat and went, took some land from natives and killed them if they didn’t like their land being taken. You think there was immigration forms back then for “legal” immigration? If you’re going to make a point about legal or illegal immigration at least don’t do it with retarded nonsense.

      • ROGER HESKETH JR says:

        A clever way to sell more CD’s to the people who know nothing about law and order
        and the Constitution. No one is for stopping immigration, just illegal immigration.

    5. Quentin Weber says:

      We are a rule of law country. Why do you pay a parking ticket, yet support illegally entering American? You do music right? Put all your money where your mouth is or zip it. U appear to be of multi character. No integrity. Will end my time and interest in you and Fallon.

      • Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

        Oh STFU. This country was stolen from indigenous people, most of whom were murdered while doing so, and half built with Africans against their will. You law and order types are nothing but hateful ignorant racist pinheads. Just STFU.

      • Steve says:

        In this country, you’re not required to put up all of your money to speak out.

      • Cee says:

        I’m sure they will not miss u..p.s. The dreamers were brought by parents and did not sneak in because they planned it…

        I’m sure u know that but narrow mindset filters facts out…they are complying with law now

    6. Arlene Deans says:

      U2 = politically correct and boring with comments on Donald Trump. Sigh. No “cutting edge” experience. Too bad.

    7. cowgirldiva says:

      Okay, don’t get me wrong…I love U2, but they need to understand that President Trump is getting IMMIGRATION LAW back on track by letting Congress make the decision to overturn Obama’s illegal executive order regarding the Dreamers..!!

      I am for the Dreamers, but I am also for LAW and ORDER..!! Go to ANY country on Planet Earth and see if you can, in fact, STAY there without following their immigration laws..!! The answer is you CANNOT stay because it’s illegal..!!! You must immigrate not invade..!! Follow the LAWS…!! GET LEGAL OR GET OUT..!!!

      • Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

        It was an executive order because the filthy Republicans treated Obama as if he were a ni**er, and refused to work with him on anything. What part of that don’t you understand? But you’re not very bright, hence you’re a “conservative”.

    8. NaNoNaO says:

      I don’t give a flying flip about the DACA kids. Their parents sneaked into this country illegally with their kids, which is very dangerous. If they want to immigrate, do it the right way (legally) and get in line. If you are caught in Mexico illegally, you will be thrown in jail and then deported back to America. But apparently Mexico does not want America to do the same with their illegal people. Mexico is no friend of the USA.

    9. Eleanor Rigsby says:

      bla bla truc

    10. Emily Wilkins says:


    11. Emily Wilkins says:

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    12. Theresa Powers says:

      U2…….liberal trash.

    13. PaulaLa says:

      Thank you, Jem Aswad, for this insightful report (w/o which I would have missed the nods to Sondheim and Bernstein). The depth and breadth of your musical knowledge continues to amaze! And of course I am always impressed by U2. Their musical abilities are matched only by their artful turn of phrase.

    14. Kristi Ryan says:

      Oh.. how edgy… the left being unhinged lunatics. If there is anything Americans love its foreign celebrities on our shore trashing our President. Of course the left is too unhinged to see this stupidity hurts them. Republicans will have a super majority in 18. Maybe that will finally be the clue that the left needs to get a grip.

      • Timothy Dannenhoffer says:

        Hey pinhead, anything the Republicans would do with a supermajority would be overturned in a big and fast way after a majority of people revolted. Something you need to remember: Republicans didn’t WIN anything. Democrats, insisting on behaving like Republicans have LOST. If and when they get their act together and start working on behalf of the American people again the Republicans will go the way of the dinosaur.

      • Cee says:

        Speak for urself…karma may suck for u at some point as it will for trumpee

    15. Jamesben says:

      Seriously U2, F OFF. Just eff off and go home.

      We elected Trump to do EXACTLY what he’s doing, including dealing with ILLEGAL ALIENS walking our streets.

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