Troy Gentry of Country Duo Montgomery Gentry Dies in Helicopter Crash

Troy Gentry dead helicopter crash
Larry Marano/REX/Shutterstock

Troy Gentry, half of the popular country duo Montgomery Gentry, died in a helicopter crash on Friday in New Jersey, his label confirmed. He was 50.

According to a statement issued by Average Joes Entertainment, the crash took place at approximately 1 p.m. in Medford, N.J. Additional details of the crash are currently unknown.

Gentry was set to perform, along with his Montgomery Gentry partner Eddie Montgomery, Friday night at the Flying W Airport & Resort in Medford. The concert had been canceled even before Gentry was revealed to have been a victim in the accident.

According to, one other individual, reportedly the pilot of the craft, was also killed in the crash. Montgomery was reportedly not on the helicopter.

The Federal Aviation Administration told that a Schweizer 269 helicopter crashed into a wooded area off the Runway 1 at the airport. Medford Township Police Chief Richard Meder said authorities got a call of a “distressed” helicopter around 1 p.m.

The Kentucky-based duo formed in the late ’90s, and is perhaps best known for their hit “My Town,” along with other singles like “Hillbilly Shoes” and “Headlights.” They were named duo of the year by both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association in 2000, and were inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2009.

The band tweeted just hours before the crash, writing, “Heading to Medford, New Jersey to play tomorrow! Ya looking forward to the show? WE ARE!”

The two longtime collaborators always wanted to make it clear that Montgomery Gentry was not a duo that was put together by the industry, a la the popular perception of Brooks & Dunn. “After artists come to Nashville, then (the labels) put duos together,” said Montgomery. “See, we were friends before we were ever a duo — and so that’s different, I reckon — lifetime friends, man, hanging out together.”

“What Eddie and I have always done, or tried to do, going into the studio, is find those great American songs that everyday people out there can identify with,” Gentry said in a 2011 interview. The themes of pride in the country lifestyle, small towns, and the military were recurring themes in the duo’s music.

“I think it’s just where we come from, and our parents were very proud and raised us to be that way,” he said. “Of course when you’re coming up through the honky tonks and VFW clubs and stuff like that, you see a lot of our American heroes, and you see the working class people coming in, and even the boys and girls going to school coming in and hanging out. I reckon we’re kind of their voice. They want us to know and want us to sing about it. They’ll tell us a story and say, ‘Hey, man, can you write a song about it?’ or ‘This is what happened to me,’ and we’ll find those kinds of songs.”

Gentry is survived by his two daughters, Kaylee and Taylor, and his wife, Angie McClure, who he married in 1999.

Chris Williman contributed to this report.

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    1. troygentry stinks says:

      Troy Gentry was a terrible “musician,” and an even worse actor.
      In the video he made in which he “hunted” and killed a tame black bear using a bow and arrow, he pretended to actually be stalking the bear, who was simply wondering who was going to feed him that day.
      RIP Cubby!
      Rot in hell, Gentry!

    2. Connie Tarmon says:

      You are loved by me Connie Tarmon and will truly be missed always and forever!!!!!!! prayers go out to the family. I am so very sorry for his wife and children.

    3. Margaret T Wilson says:

      Karma is a b****. I’ll bet that bear he murdered in cold blood Loved life as well

    4. Tena Burton says:

      Troy Gentry you will be sadly missed gone way too soon such a great talented musician.My condolences to his wife and two children & family Eddie Montgomerary & family & to all of his dedicated fans I pray that God would wrap his loving arms around them and comfort them at this time may God bless you all

    5. Suzanne says:

      Rest in peace Gentry and may God be with your wife Angie and two girls prayers are coming your way Angie.. I’ve been there my spouse died on my birthday its so hard God bless you all

    6. In related news, the new MG album “My Neck of the Woods” is re-named “The Wood’s in My Neck”.

    7. Jeff says:

      Sad Story. He sounds like he was a decent human being and an upstanding American. My condolences to his family and friends.

      • He certainly didn’t deserve to die, but he wasn’t exactly a great guy.
        He killed a tame bear used in commercials. The bear was in a small fenced area. He made a video pretending he was actually hunting.
        The hunt was illegal to boot.

        • Margaret T Wilson says:

          What decent human being kills a caged bear in cold blood and then poses for a picture with it. A senseless killing. That’s Who Troy Gentry was

    8. williemoreno66 says:

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    9. Ranee Nelson says:

      Love this guys. Great songs. Troy Gentry was like my favorite if the two. He reminded me so much of a cousin if mine. My cousin’s father played lead guitar for George Jones from Vidor, Texas back before he made it big. Love ya man and sorry for your loss to his family, friends, country music, and all the fans. RIP TROY GENTRY FLY HIGH SWEET ANGEL.

    10. Tara says:

      Who cares. Animal abusers deserve the worst death. Good riddance. One less idiot on the planet.

      • Human=Animal says:

        Do you eat meat, Tara? How about a tube steak?

        • Terri says:

          Dear god, no one deserves to die espacially the way he did ,he had a wife and kids ,r u kidding me? And this is why,ladies and gentlemen, the United States of America is going to hell, with comments like this from people with so much hate in their hearts!

    11. Box Cutter says:

      This is a Sad day for Lexington, Kentucky and Country Music. From the Grapevine Stage to the World Stage. Troy will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Family. His Close friends are devastated. A Double Blow to a Hard working Family.

    12. cowgirldiva says:

      This is REAL SAD..!! Prayers and Love go out to Troy Gentry’s family and friends…God Bless Them..! RIP, Troy….!! We have lost another uplifting songbird…!!

    13. Mona Gonzalez says:

      My Condolences go out to the FAMILY and Friends. The country music industry lost another great singer. Rest In Peace…

    14. debbie baxley says:

      so very sorry to lose this man…i loved their music…prayers to montgomery and their families <3

    15. Erika says:

      I agree with homeboy this guy was an arrogant douche. It’s worth a Google. He knowingly stocked and killed an innocent animal for fun. No more fun for you!!!! I bet if he stalked hunted and killed your innocent dog or cat and then held it up like a trophy like he was really something you’d be singing a different tune

    16. Tracy Johnson says:

      So very sad. Our prayers are with the family, friends and other music artists. May be R.I.P.

    17. Lex Luthar says:

      Never heard of him/them. No big loss.

      • Susan Ross says:

        And you know that karma will bite you. Lex and Erika for saying bad things about a person.

      • Susan Ross says:

        Lex, you are a ignorant person. Before you speak, find out what you are talking about. You and Erika should get together and get help.Cause you both need it big time.

      • Jason Strickland says:

        Yeah, karma does sometimes take a while. But eventually it gets around…even to idiots like you.

      • Bear Grylls says:

        I don’t agree with the bear killing, but your insinuation that any animal’s death is worse than one human being is revolting. Just sayin’.

    18. Jackie says:

      Thoughts and prayers to all family n friends from Russell Springs, Kentucky. 💓

    19. Bethelyn morris says:

      Danm we lost one he’ll of a performer

    20. Jim Wallace says:

      my heart stopped when I found out… I had learned a lot about him and Montgomery when I developed a love fir their music and the way they sang it… =( *heartbroken*
      thanks you two -for the songs!… =)

    21. Mary Beaver says:

      My condolences goes out to his family. My heart goes out to his two daughters and his wife.

    22. Briana says:

      This is so sad. May our great creator lead him to the paradise gates and watch over his family through these hard times. Rest in paradise Gentry

    23. Alice says:

      My thoughts and prayers to ALL, such a great guy, duo with Montgomery.. great music again lost another.. all our love and respect

    24. I’m so sorry for your loss, very sad for country music. My condolences.

    25. Sherry St. Mary says:

      OMG I am so sorry. He was a super singer and performer and will be missed by all. Way too young to leave this world. RIP Troy, God bless his family. Prayers being sent.

    26. Sherry St. Mary says:

      OMG I am so sorry. He was a super singer and performer and will be missed by all. Way too young to leave this world. RIP Troy, God bless to his family.ill jars with mixture, leaving 1 -inch head space. I packed the jars with the apples and then divided sauce among the jars. Prayers being sent.

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