All the Records Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Has Broken So Far

Taylor Swift is now one of the industry’s top record-breakers, racking up the most views for a pair of videos for “Look What You Made Me Do,” the first single from her new album “Reputation.”

Released Aug. 25, Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” single was accompanied by an animated lyric video that became the most-watched lyric video in its first day of release, notching 19 million views within 24 hours, easily zooming past the Chainsmokers-Coldplay collaboration “Something Like This,” which had 9 million day one views earlier this year. Swift’s lyric clip – an homage to the vintage title sequence style made famous by graphic artist Saul Bass – has now logged more than 50 million views.

The next day, Spotify announced that Swift had broken the record for first day streaming, with nearly 8 million plays in its first 24 hours, breaking her buddy Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” first-day record of 7 million streams.

The song’s official video, directed by longtime collaborator Joseph Kahn, also broke records when it premiered two days later as part of the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, commanding 43.2 million views within 24 hours of release, which toppled British chanteuse Adele’s “Hello” (27.7 million day one views in October 2015). Kahn’s elaborately choreographed exploration of Swift’s multi-faceted personalities had garnered nearly 80 million views.

The live-action “Look What You Made Me Do” clip also scored a personal best for Swift, giving the 27-year-old her biggest YouTube debut (an honor previously held by 2014’s “Bad Blood” video, also directed by Kahn).

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  1. Not suitable for young viewers of look what you made me do video clip.
    Need restrictions over viewers desecration

  2. Looks used to get you the spotlight while talent was the only thing that kept you there. Not anymore, sadly. This song breaking all kinds of records reveals the decline in our culture. If I had a bank account as fat as Taylor Swift’s, I wouldn’t be caught dead making the crappy, vapid, solipsistic, bad sounding “music” she makes. She’ll be 28 this December, but appears to still be caught in a state of arrested development, writing stuff that has the depth of someone half her age.

    • Lizette says:

      Don’t you mean if you had a fraction Taylor’s talent? Shes making bank because of her talent, her lyrics, above all her hard work. If you want to criticize and claim what you would do “if” then get in her profession and do as you say!!! Now if this isn’t your cup of tea, then move on!!! It’s simple to do! Really!! Just try it!!! 💁🏻

      • Britney Witick says:

        Says an old person, with a bias view of what good music is. Art is art it’s an expression of emotion! Just because her music might not move you to tears or make you feel something doesn’t mean it’s not doing that for someone else! So stfu! Btw if you don’t know what ghat means “Shut The Fuck Up”

  3. Jami Kuhn says:

    LOVE IT!!!

    • MARIE says:

      I’m 67 and love it! I listen to it every morning to get my energy up. Keep on telling them Taylor, you got the floor and the mic.

  4. Lizette says:

    I for one LOVE TS, always have! I have always admired the way she carries herself and sent a positive message to the youth. In regards to her recent voice, great for her!! In life we need to stand up for ourselves, ESPECIALLY WHEN BEING BULLIED, which is what happened to her in front of the camera multiple times by the same people!!! How people still defend Kim & Kanye is beyond me. But let me tell you something my kids are better people because they grew up listening to “mean” and all the great music of Taylor. I have purchased tickets to her shows and will continue to do so, because I support great artist such as her.✌🏼

  5. Alicia says:

    She sure has and she cheated the whole way like she always does.When taylor scams her own fans into watching her videos multiple times, preordering her album, and buying her merchandise, to get a chance at decent concert ticket without guaranteeing them anything but the fact that they will make taylor break records and put more money into taylors bank account its disgusitng. But taylor knows most of her fans are naive kids who dont understand anything..anyone who pokes fun at someone in a misic video who was robbed at gun point has no Morales at all and mabne it’s time we start looking at the radio companies and media that continue to promote this person who teaches our kids that being a self serving petty person who lies cheats and treats others like garbage for money is ok..because it isnt.

    • Cinni says:

      What does it mean to have “no Morales?” Is that like a day without Mexicans? (I’m only here to entertain myself.) 😂🤣😂😂

    • Caralyn says:

      Her fans will watch her videos multiple times ANYWAY because they are her fans. They don’t have to pay extra money to boost their chances for tickets. They can do it without buying merch and without paying thousands of dollars to scalpers. You are so misinformed–it’s kind of like you WANT to believe the worst of her. But of course that couldn’t be true, could it?

    • Thu Vo says:

      Kim, could you please be a bit less bitter about someone’s success?

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