Tanya Tucker Releases Tribute Song for Former Partner Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell and Tanya Tucker

Glen Campbell and country singer Tanya Tucker had a torrid romance that began around the time of his 1980 divorce from his third wife, Sarah Barg, and spiraled out two years later in a flurry of substance abuse and tabloid headlines. Less than 48 hours after his death at 81 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Tucker has released a tribute single to him, “Forever Loving You.

A press release accompanying the single reads: “In recent years, groundbreaking country music icon Tanya Tucker has been quietly writing and recording new music while coping with a wave of emotions surrounding Glen Campbell’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease. While their relationship and breakup made headlines years ago, Tucker channeled her heartfelt feelings for Campbell in a new song titled ‘Forever Loving You.’”


Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell: A Pioneer of Country Crossover, a Humanizer of Alzheimer’s Disease

A portion of the proceeds from the song — co-written by Michael Lynn Rogers and Rusty Crowe, a Tennessee state senator — will benefit Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, a non-profit organization which provides programs and services for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers, as well as funds research towards a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Tucker issued a statement on Campbell’s death that reads:  “I’m just devastated. Absolutely devastated. It’s been so hard these past several years knowing what he’s been going through. My heart just breaks. Glen and I shared some incredible, precious memories together for a long time. There were some ups and downs and, of course, all the downs were played out in the press. We both got past all that. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing. It’s why I’m releasing “Forever Loving You” in memory of Glen and for all of those who are losing or have lost someone they love. I’ll forever love you, Glen.”

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    1. Kim Brown says:

      Beautiful tribute Tanya! I remember when you two dated. I always thought you both should have gotten married… It seems obvious that Glen was your great love..

    2. Maureen Killen says:

      No offense, but have some dignity, Tanya. You were obviously a bleep in the radar to Glen Campbell. He was married 3 times before you came along and happily married for 35 years after you briefly dated him. His wife is the widow – not you!

    3. Linda powell says:

      I think Tanya’s song is absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to buy it, Tanya is a beautiful singer! Linda powell

    4. Brenda Rawlins says:

      You all forget that his loving Christian wife stopped the kids from his first marriages from seeing him and the Campbell Falk legislation has to be invoked so they could. It took years and time.

    5. Glen was a happily married man.
      The past is the past.
      Why make it more difficult for his grieving family?
      You can keep it in your heart
      But his wife shouldn’t have to hear you sing a song about you loving her
      husband. Get some class Ms Tucker.

      • Kim Kestler says:

        Brenda Rawlins you are so right, this Christian woman agreed to his final concert knowing he was not up for it, then put him in a nursing home so she could go out and make speeches about the disease and about caring for a person who has it, all while she was making money doing it. Yes, she also kept some of his children from seeing him until they hired a lawyer and fought for their rights. Now they are in a battle over his estate and past money owed to them that they haven’t seen. What a mess, I don’t think she is the saint everyone is making her out to be. I’m sure she was reason why Glen never saw Tanya for all those years, sound like she was a bit insecure in her marriage to me. Then their was the no cell phones or cameras when the children finally could visit, what was that all about? Maybe she wanted to be the only one with pictures or information that the press or whoever might be interested in. Just as Glen’s song I Not Gonna Miss You (about his wife and family) touched my heart, so does this song from Tanya. It’s a heart felt song about her first and possibly only love, and part of the proceeds are going to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. They had a very public relationship and seemed to be toxic to each other at the time, that does not mean they loved each other any less. Just because he was married, doesn’t mean her heart did not bleed for him and what he was going through. She suffered in silence, she had no choice since she was denied visitation. If this song is the closure she needed, then so be it. I have an ex and I would be devastated if something this tragic happened to him and I would want to let him know that I was their if he needed me. Oh, and he is remarried, and she would not have a problem with that!

        • Kim,
          1. Glen has never lived in or been put in a “nursing home”. He lived his final years in one of the best Memory Care Facilities in the world – basically a 5 Star resort for people with Alzheimer’s. Round the clock care from some of the best specialists and doctors in the world – as he, and anyone, deserves.

          2. No children have eve been kept from seeing Glen at any point. Debby visited him regularly, as she has even posted on her own personal and professional Facebook pages. How/why she simultaneously says that she hasn’t been able to see him AND that she she HAS seen him and he’s not being taken care of etc. should raise some red flags. Again, a public statement through the Tennessee legislature clearly states that no child of Glen’s has ever been DENIED visitation rights and/or had the time/frequency of visitation limited at all. Debby is a liar – plain and simple.

          3. Debby WAS banned from bringing in cellphones and cameras by THE STATE, not by Kim. It was a COURT ORDER from the state that she wasn’t allowed to see him without supervision, and was not allowed to bring phones in BECAUSE SHE VIOLATED HIPAA laws when she gave footage of an ailing Glen to Inside Edition! Kim didn’t mandate this, the state did – to protect Glen – get it straight.

          4. Glen very publicly hated Tanya since the day they split and wanted nothing to do with her long before his diagnosis. Again, nothing to do with Kim – that was Glen’s wishes to keep her away from him and his family. He was not shy or quiet about this.

          5. Tanya has not shared what “part” of the proceeds are going to Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, and they have stated publicly that they have no knowledge of or agreement with her on this song. We’ll see if/when she actually donates anything at all.

          6. She didn’t even WRITE the song, the SENATOR WHO PASSED THE CAMPBELL/FALK bill did… doesn’t that raise some eyebrows? Also … look up the Campbell Falk bill. You can’t. Why? Because it DOESN’T EXIST. There is NO Campbell/Falk bill/act/law/etc. in the state of Tennessee or elsewhere. That was a “short title” that was amended to an existing bill while legislature was on a break. When they came back, the name was removed IMMEDIATELY by the state, as it was never supposed to be there at all. Senator Crowe tried very hard to get that name on the bill in exchange for Tanya to sing his song… but they ultimately failed. And now this “new” single (written 4 years ago by Crowe) is the payback for the favor.

          And you’re eating it up.


    6. Nancy Dalton says:

      Some people are so taken with themselves that they have a difficult time believing someone they loved could ever find true love and lasting happiness with anyone else. Glen was happy for many years with a loving Christian wife and family. It is so selfish for a previous ex girlfriend to make this about herself during this wonderful family’s time of total grief. I find it very unflattering and tacky for someone in the public eye to use this opportunity to bring the spotlight to themselves. I am disappointed in Tanya.

    7. Dena says:

      I can’t imagine losing the love of my life after being by his side for 32 years through thick and thin, going through this horrific experience with this unrelenting disease, grieving over his loss, only to be slapped in the face by a former lover. How disrespectful and selfish of Miss “has-been” Tanya. Just go away!

    8. Lori says:

      That is a very beautiful tribute song Tanya Tucker wrote for Glen Campbell. Love is a powerful thing and my heart goes out to her. However,. I also found it to be a little disrespectful to Glen’s current wife and kids. The past is the past, Tanya Tucker is entitled to her feelings but to record them with no regard for his wife and kids was wrong.

      • Tanya didn’t write this song. Read the facts – it was written by TN Senator Rusty Crowe. Tanya merely ‘sang’ this version. The song is 4 years old.

      • Joann says:

        Lori, I thought the same thing. I love the song, but, something in it needed to be said about moving on to another love that would last. It’s a bit too sefish.

    9. Laura Dale says:

      Ms. Tanya Tucker that was beautiful and I could tell from the Heart. I know you two loved each other. I loved watching you two sing with each other; it was like no one else was there but the both of you. I am sorry you are hurting today and I am so very sorry you was never able to tell him your sorry and that you still loved him even after all these years. It might have been a good thing a few years back for both of you to see each other again. It would have been nice for him to have that so that he could say sorry for his part as well. God Bless you Ms. Tucker

    10. christie massey says:

      What a beautiful& heartfelt tribute!! Thanks Tanya

    11. vikki collison says:

      Sorry, but I think this is in very poor taste. If she feels this way, then that is fine–but she should keep it to herself. This is extremely disrespectful towards Glen’s wife and children. To me, it looks like Tanya is an opportunist who is trying to put herself in the forefront, as in “poor Tanya”. To release this song just two days after his death is unbelievable! She had her chance many years ago.

    12. Trisha Whitney says:

      What a beautiful way to remember the love that she has carried for all these years. I’d rather hear this than someone ripping someone after they are gone. Even though it didn’t work for them at the time, doesn’t mean that love dies. RIP, Glen Campbell. Condolences to all who are left behind to grieve your passing. Beautiful song, Tanya. I’m sure he appreciates your sentiments.

    13. Tanya…

      I have been a huge fan of your music and sing most of it myself, but this song is a bit disrespectful to Glen Campbell’s wife of 35 years and their children. Saying if you could turn back time you would have married him (let him take your hand), is not respecting his family that came after you. Truly loving him would be to not seek to come before his wife and family. You had a year with him. She had three-and-half decades with him. You chose to not marry. And I do not believe you’d change a thing. I think you are jealous of his wife and that you want her to know and everyone to know that he would have married you, hence never have married her, had you let him take your hand. –Not cool, Tanya!


    14. Wow, a beautiful song. Thanks Tanya

    15. Karen Jane says:

      btw she didn’t even write the song ya’ll are complimenting her on…it plainly says co-written by Michael Lynn Rogers and Rusty Crowe,

    16. Karen Jane says:

      Is the world crazy? He was married for 32 years to someone else & Tanya should sit down, shut up and respect that. And why is anyone telling her sorry for HER loss? She hasn’t seen Glenn in years. If he wanted to be with her, he would have.

      • Brenda Rawlins says:

        Read properly. It says co written BY TUCKER AND THE OTHERS. and he ditched HER. Fault.on both sides. Love him to bits. Rest in peace and May he sing with the angels.

    17. Beautiful Song Sounds like it comes from the Heart Very good job Tanya Sorry for your Loss.Vanessa Carlson

    18. eddie willers says:

      Good for her.

    19. Walter Egersheim says:

      Great song Tanya best tribute song I’ve ever heard ❤️

    20. Shirley Sanders says:

      She always does a song up good!! great tribute Tonya!!

    21. Jodi King says:

      Wow! What a beautiful song and tribute to him.

    22. Vickie Sparrow says:

      Awesome Song ,Great Tribune!

    23. Kathy Yates says:

      Great song. Written with emotion and her heart.

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