Migos Removed From Delta Flight, Manager Claims Racial Profiling

Migos Kicked Off Flight

Rap trio Migos was removed from a Delta flight on Friday, just hours before a concert, and their manager is reportedly accusing the airline of racial profiling.

Migos were on a flight from Atlanta to Des Moines, Iowa, but the plane returned to the gate before it departed to drop off the trio. Their manager told TMZ, which first reported the news, that the three members of the group were in first class, and Takeoff’s bag was on the ground and not in the overhead storage as required.

Delta said in a statement to Variety that the group was removed for a failure to follow crew member instructions and properly stow away their items in the overhead bins. Their manager, however, told TMZ that Takeoff failed to follow instructions and place his bag in the bin because he was asleep.



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“Delta flight 1532 from Atlanta to Des Moines returned to the gate, prior to departure, to deplane several customers seated in the First Class cabin who repeatedly refused to follow crew member instructions to buckle their seatbelts and stow carry-on items in the overhead bins,” Delta said in its statement.

Delta added that Migos was rebooked for an alternate flight to Des Moines, which is scheduled to arrive shortly after 9 p.m.

A video of the incident obtained by TMZ shows a flight attendant and the rappers discussing the situation, with threats of a lawsuit leveled at Delta. Takeoff was reportedly the only one kicked off the flight, but Quavo and Offset, as well as their manager, also left in solidarity.

A rep for Migos confirmed the events of the TMZ report to Variety. The outlet also reports that Migos’ manager is accusing Delta of racial profiling in kicking the group off the plane.

Migos has a show in Des Moines currently scheduled for 10 p.m. Watch a video of the incident below.

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    1. Charles mercuri says:

      Right… BLA BLA BLA to u and your stupid manager you bigot pigs!
      Next time WALK and make sure you WALK ON BY (I’m sure you have no idea what song that refers to…idiots).
      Racial profiling… If they are “at risk” it sounds great to me!!

    2. Timber Juarez says:

      The headline is misleading along with the initial first paragraphs in the article. Only one member of the rap group Migos did not comply and was asked to deplane. Not the whole group, as implied by the headline and further implied in the beginning of the article. And why didn’t the other members of the group help out if “Takeoff” was sleeping? Because this is a publicity stunt that just put Migos on the map…

    3. Mark says:

      Sounds like one of them went ballistic when the flight attendant woke him up to follow safety regs.

      In the video, although you can barely hear what the Delta reps are saying because the, uhm, gentlemen are constantly talking over them (which of course is the whole point of the video — get Delta employees on camera, say a bunch of trash, and don’t let them tell the camera what actually happened), but it sounds like one of them is trying to justify an angry outburst when asked to put his bag in the overhead bin. He claims that somebody tapped him too hard to get him to wake up. He probably felt “disrespected”.

    4. Andy says:

      Most every regulation sound as being racist

    5. Rose McDonald says:

      Why should a bunch of rappers be allowed to ignore safety regulations? Everyone else has to stow their carry ons, if these crybabies don’t like it, they should take a bus.

    6. Gertrude Henderson says:

      Do as other passengers do and follow procedures…if you can’t comply then book a private flight.

      • Charles mercuri says:

        Right arm!
        They have cash, spend that coin on a private jet where they can act like entitled brats all the want.
        Of course they don’t care in the least that they disrupted other passengers lives; not everyone worships at the (stinky) feet of whatever great feat they think they contribute to society, to making lives better for the collective fans that “adore” them.
        It would be very interesting to know what CHARITIES they support; my guess, the charity to making themselves even moe entitled!

      • MiKal says:

        I agree wholeheartedly! They portray the “life” of being rich and wealthy, yet fly commercial like everyone else. If you want to do what you want or have someone handle your bags for you – fly private (their attendants have different rules for taking care of passengers), have your manager do HIS job by taking care of those “inconveniences” such as stowing bags, etc., or hire a personal assistant to help make life easier. It’s about being professional. I’m sure they think everyone knows who they are – NOT. Famous and Celebrity are two different things and can be interpreted differently. However, professional and respectful mean the same no matter WHO you are or where you go. SMH. Everything isn’t about race. Ignorance doesn’t have a skin color or gender.

        • Reponster says:

          Leroy Lincoln, you are unintelligent and have the mentality of a child. That’s putting it mildly.

        • Leroy Lincoln Jr. says:

          All of you sound like a bunch of racist haters..sounds as if there’s so much judgement.. If most people were in these guys’ position, you’d feel the same way.

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