Justin Bieber Cancels Remaining ‘Purpose’ Tour Dates

Justin Bieber Cancels Tour
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After 154 shows, Justin Bieber is bowing out of the remaining dates of his “Purpose” world tour, Variety has confirmed. According to a source, the pop star made the call on his own after much consideration. “It wasn’t a decision made overnight,” says an insider. “He’s had some time off and was able to consider his commitments.” To cancel the remainder of the tour, which was headed to Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore) in addition to more U.S. dates (including an Aug. 5 performance at the Rose Bowl), was doable seeing as some tickets went on sale as recently as one week ago, so refunds will be available quickly.


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Bieber’s 14 called off dates follow a similar move by Adele, who canceled the last two shows of her world tour scheduled for London’s Wembley Stadium, where 100,000 fans were expected nightly. “On medical advice I simply am unable to perform over the weekend,” she wrote in a post on Facebook. “To say I’m heart broken would be a complete understatement.”

Bieber has not yet commented on social media and reps for the singer were also unavailable for comment.

Through the first half of 2017, Bieber’s tour grossed $93.2 million with average per date ticket sales of 38,297, according to concert industry trade Pollstar. Bieber will likely face penalties for the U.S. dates, which are typically not insured against cancellation without a medical reason or a “Force Majeure,” which is defined as an unforeseeable circumstance that prevents someone from fulfilling a contract — like a war or political instability that could put an artist in danger.

A source confirms TMZ’s earlier story that Bieber was “just over it.” A reporter for the site caught up with Bieber on the beach in Santa Monica, California Monday afternoon. Bieber responded to questions by saying “Everything’s fine … I’ve been on tour for two years, [I’m going to spend time] resting, relaxation gonna ride some bikes.” Asked whether he had a message for his fans, he said “I love you guys, you’re awesome, I’m sorry for anyone who feels disappointed or betrayed.”

Update: A statement announcing the cancellation read:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber will cancel the remainder of the Purpose World Tour concerts. Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them. He thanks his fans for the incredible experience of the Purpose World Tour over last 18 months. He is grateful and honored to have shared that experience with his cast and crew for over 150 successful shows across six continents during this run. However, after careful consideration, he has decided he will not be performing any further dates. Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.”

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    1. Michelle says:

      I have very mixed feelings about this. Some days I find myself getting super upset and angry about it, but mostly I’m just sad. IDK. Everyone has their opinion of it, but truly the only person who knows the real reason why he did it – is him.

      • Myra (Artist. Author. Lover) says:

        True who knows but I have been in a position where I felt I just couldn’t do it but I didn’t want to let people down.

    2. Leif Lunburg says:

      He knows himself better than anyone else and he has his reasons. Its not easy to make such a powerful decision, facing penalties, haters, the hunting press and disappointed fans… Chappeau, J.B., you have our full respect!

    3. Andrew says:

      I was gonna do the aug 29 concert but I forgive the Biebes

    4. Rebe says:

      I am not a fan of his, but I think these singers and musicians are totally exploited by the people managing them. True, The Rolling Stones tour like, well rockstars, but there is also a big difference between them and this kid. First, it’s just him. Second, I’m sure the Stones had and have way more control over their own careers than people like JB. There has got to be a point of exhaustion for these individual pop stars where they just can’t maintain it. Additionally, the Stones were adults when they started touring. JB was a kid. It’s got to take its toll. Nonstop fan harassment. Nonstop paparazzi harassment. Sure, he gets to a ton of money but what’s the trade off? In the end, the kid is human and if he doesn’t want to perform, then he doesn’t have to. If he has a contract to perform and breaks it, well then he pays the financial penalty. But for f-sake, it’s a concert.

      • Myra (Artist. Author. Lover) says:

        I know they kept adding shows and I wondered how he kept going and so when he cancelled I understood.

    5. Brenda Lumpp says:

      I guess you could argue for political unrest in California. It is the state with the do and say exactly what we want or will will run you out of town mentality

    6. Jones says:

      I get it… y’all are mad you won’t get to see (or being your kids to see) one of your favorite musical acts. It sucks. Especially when you’ve been planning to attend for a year or so or if the tickets were a gift that made someone really happy…

      But you guys gotta pump the breaks before you start the hate train. You have no idea what the reason is and trusting an unnamed source from a TMZ article is asinine.

      I wouldn’t normally jump in to defend a musician who cancels on his fans when the shows have been scheduled for so long, but, I happened to meet Justin last night (Sunday the 23rd) and played hockey with him and found that hes5 actually not a douche.

      He was incredibly respectful and actually rather quiet, his mom was in town watching him play, and he was a seemingly good dude. All I’m saying is that there might actually be something going on behind the scenes that made this happen. Time will tell.

      • Myra (Artist. Author. Lover) says:

        yes I have never met me but he seems like the kind of sensitive soul that some people will rip to shreds.

    7. Ali weber says:

      He’s Made His MILLIONS $$$$$$$
      He Has NO USE For His FANS

    8. MC says:

      Good for you! I was excited to see you, but you need to take care of you. Scooter has run you ragged and you’ve toured for close to 2 years without friends and family breaks. Take care of YOU so we can enjoy you for many more years. Dump Scooter the moment you can. Ariana Grande did for a reason!! Greedy bastard.

    9. S says:

      He’s non stop. That boy deserve to use HIS time as he sees fit tho, buying a ticket does not mean you own him. People change plans all the time. Relax, the world will keep spinning…

    10. shininginsprit24 says:

      With someone like Adele when she cancels 2 shows, she’s a mother, and while the money is good, she’s probably not worried about it. Celebrities get injured, and get sick, and usually cancel in one continent, or a certain area. But, the fact Justin is canceling at ALL of these places show how he must not really care. And with those 7-11 pics on Instagram…wow…

      • Myra (Artist. Author. Lover) says:

        I understand but these shows were added at the last minute and it takes allot to admit that you can’t. People push themselves all the time past their breaking points.

    11. malcolmtucker1 says:

      Someone must have updated his Wikipedia article, because I refuse to believe he’s only 23 years old. He’s going to have a tough time once he rolls around to 25.

    12. Tony says:

      Nobody cares! Just go away.

    13. Linda says:

      Burn out. Don’t take on what you can’t handle.
      Worth millions so now work on becoming a man

    14. Vicky says:

      Not sure why anyone would want to see him in the first place. Hisroblem is that he has to much money and real could care less about his fans. There is only one person he cares about and it is himself.

    15. cowgirldiva says:

      Don’t you just hate it when they FIND their special purpose and then LOSE it…!! I hate when that happens….!!

    16. Was A-Fan says:

      Cancelling 5 days before the concern is bull! I don’t care if he has been touring since 12, he should not have committed. He’s a punk and cost me a shit load of money.

      • Vikki Jones says:

        I’m sure my 17 year old who has been crying her heart out is comforted by the thought that he’s been touring since he was 12….. the 93 million he has already grossed should help with his r&r…… awesome that her first thought was ” omg! I hope he’s ok” followed closely by” imaginr all the little kids that had were looking forward to going. If I’m crying I can’t imagine how they feel” thanks Justin….. enjoy your rest

        • Lord justice says:

          To vic jones -Gee what’s wrong the society crying for someone else who don’t give a sh*t.

        • Lisa says:

          Crying her heart out? Doesn’t she have university to prepare for? A career? A life? Geez, either spend more time with her or get her into the therapy. Something is terribly wrong.

    17. No longer a belieber says:

      Hasn’t Bieber heard, “The show must go on?” He needs to finish these shows or he’ll become a falling star.

    18. Breanna says:

      Justin is allowed to have a break. He’s been signing since he was 12 years old non stop. Your not famous, so you wouldn’t understand the strain it puts on you. Leave Justin alone support him or leave. Concerts get canceled I understand you’ve been waiting years or even months to get them because you couldn’t afford them, but that’s not Justin’s fault. Justin take all the time you need, I know you’ll do great things and make it up. 💕❤️

    19. Sara says:

      I think he’s ridiculous. If he could not handle the business, then he should not of got in to it. He don’t even want to be bothered by his fans. He won’t talk or take pictures. That’s drawing a line and going over it. If it wasn’t for us he wouldn’t be where he is. He needs to think of that.

    20. Lilly says:

      Does this include the stadium tour????

      • Lisa Shetler says:

        Lilly if you mean the north american tour I am pretty sure, yes. I am so disappointed! The rose bowl is in the cancellation plan.

    21. Lisa Shetler says:

      I am so sad and crushed that Justin has cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing him in Pasadena Calif. USA at the Rose Bowl! I do not understand what has caused this, and I do wish he would offer an explanation for fans who planned diligently to be there for his shows. I am sure his reason must be
      very valid, and after so many shows on this tour, maybe he just needs a rest. But I would like to know.

    22. The man says:

      Just garbage

    23. Mike says:


    24. Bill Jefferson says:

      Alternate Headline: “Culture suddenly, if slightly, improves”

      • ster says:

        What is sad is that you weren’t over him before. No talent punk. And you WANTED to pay him. Dude… you are a dude (a guy), right? And not a 12 year-old girl? Are you sure?

    25. Mr Happy Man says:

      We have seen, time and again, what happens when musicians cancel shows, when the real reason for doing so is simply because they feel like it (despite what they say to the contrary). This is basically the beginning of the end of their days as superstars.

    26. Retrometa says:

      Can you believe this punk, who can barely hold a tune, wear droooy drawers and looks ridiculous in the process generated almost $100 mil during his current world tour?

      Who pays to see this fool?

    27. Jo mama says:

      Who cares, Good Riddance

      • Lisa Shetler says:

        Lionel, although you are correct that civilization is going through alot of massive change right now,
        Biebers cancellation is more likely due to overwork and fatigue.

    28. dickhertz says:

      Cersei called and wants her haircut back. shame shame shame.

    29. deborah says:


      • Lisa says:

        What in the world? Why not teach your daughter to think about university and her own life instead of being heart broken over a guy who takes the money and runs? You’re setting her up for more of the same. Instead, buy her a ticket to a tour of Harvard.

      • Lita Palomino says:

        Ugh! I hate that he is disappointing SO many kids, especially my little granddaughter! She was SO excited when she got these tickets, she could hardly contain herself! She is so disappointed. Yes, you ungrateful jerk, finish what you started! I hope you loose A LOT of fans because of this!!

        • Lisa Shetler says:

          Hey there Lita and Deborah who posted above. I hear you and I too am so very disappointed!
          But before we call him to judgement we need to find out the reason why he cancelled. Maybe
          he needs a rest or break. He has done over one hundred concerts so far and perhaps he
          was pushed to his physical limit and beyond his point of tolerance. Like you I planned this with
          much anticipation, in this case taking my friend for her birthday. Yes it is awful when out of the blue
          he cancels, but we do not have all of the answers yet. I hope in near future he can reschedule.

        • Mr Happy Man says:

          And this is why musicians who pull this stunt see their audiences slowly disappear. In 10 years he’ll be performing for half-filled seats at your yearly summer fair and your friendly neighborhood casino.

    30. flaguy9540 says:

      Justin, you don’t owe anybody anything except a refund. Better to take care of yourself than run yourself into the ground from exhaustion. Thank you for honoring your need for much needed rest.

    31. Ken S says:

      Sad that people pay good money for this stuff.

      • JubiBieBie says:

        You actually believe this guy had no time or opportunity to “rest?” He squandered EVERYTHING that has been handed to him.

    32. P says:

      Bieber should go somewhere and sing the Beach Boys song, “Little Douche Coup” because it applies to him.

    33. Purplerooster says:

      Well good, I hope all his fans are JUST OVER IT as well. What a jerk!

    34. GozieBoy says:

      Even Bieber is very sick of Bieber. That’s ok, Justin baby, we well understand your nausea.

    35. Lord Jello says:

      I think he canceled it on “purpose”! Get it? “Purpose”? Cuz the name of the show was “Purpose”? That Justin does have some good songs, tho, once they post-process them in the studio, since he can’t really sing.

    36. Sean Sanders says:

      Why is the little girl so angry? She looks distraught.

    37. Just play the Kanye “I’m a wackadoo suffering a breakdown” card, and not only will there be no penalties, hell you’ll get paid for NOT “working”

    38. Christine says:

      To cancel by saying you’re over it is irresponsible and just plain rude. I wouldn’t go to his concerts.

      • The Truth says:

        There’s no solid evidence that Bieber actually said he was “just over it.” An unnamed source confirming a TMZ story hardly meets any journalistic standard. But after 154 dates all over the world, anyone could burn out. Better to cancel a few shows, disappoint a few fans, incur the financial penalties, and preserve whatever sanity you have left.

    39. SirDiesAlot says:

      Well, if you have no ‘Purpose’, you have nothing…

    40. Steve Kasian says:

      Well, it doesn’t matter – I still LOVE Justin Bieber!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!! I WANT TO HAVE BABIES WITH YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    41. Rebecca #reallypissedoff says:

      This sucks so bad I mean don’t get me wrong I understand people go thur shit but damn people I have jobs like ne i work for the stadium in arlington tx that he was suppose to be at and now im not working and thats money that is taken away from my kids and my bills and another people have already paid damn good money to see him and what now that money taken from something else they could of spent it on I just never will understand these artist now days

      • nearboston says:

        My GOD …You have kids???

        We definitely have to institute some kind of testing before people are allowed to breed.

      • Steve Kasian says:

        Get a grip, Rebecca… Justin Bieber’s cancelled show isn’t going to put the arena out of business. That’s why they built the place: “Build it, and they will come!” They will continue to come, and you’ll continue to work there and pay your bills. It will just be without our sweet Justino baby. Oh well. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!

        • James Morgan says:

          Obviously, she is paid per event. If there is no event this weekend, she is not paid. She needs the money more than Justin needs your love.

    42. Duggie says:

      Wow! Just like EVERYONE ELSE is sick of Justin Bieber!

    43. First Last says:

      Well…there goes another night’s sleep. WHO CARES???? I can proudly say I’ve never heard one single song by this little dweeb.

    44. Renee' says:

      There is a bit of a difference between Adele canceling two concerts and Justin calling it with fifteen left. I’m not a fan but my daughter is and she worked all last year to earn enough money to buy herself and a friend tickets. Perhaps not how I would spend my money but she’s was 15 and I am proud of her and her determination. Right now I have a pretty heart broken teenager but can’t say I didn’t warn her and there isn’t much to be done.

      • Steve Kasian says:

        Come ON, Renee… The tickets JUST went on sale, and only for certain limited dates! It’s not like everyone has been planning on going to the show for weeks and months. The tour was announced, SOME tix went on sale for like a week, then the tour was cancelled. Sh!t happens. Welcome to showbiz.

        • Jennifer Nemec says:

          I bought my tix for my daughter back in November for the August concert in NJ-she has been planning and counting the days for months

        • Mike says:

          Wrong, I bought tickets back in December for the Denver show. It was my Christmas present to my Daughter and her and her friend have been planning all summer.

    45. Weary says:

      Hopefully has the same fate as Hi-Fye Flintstone.

    46. Karmen says:

      Too bad and disappointing this August 5th concert is my daughters birthday gift which she has been waiting for and was so excited about it. She is so upset.

      • nearboston says:

        Just tell her that you read that girls o e year older than she is thin Beeber is for little kids. She’ll get over it real quick.

      • Steve Kasian says:

        Use this as a lesson for her not to be so dependent upon other people; People disappoint – Tell her to get used to it, as that’s what she has to look forward to in life, every day, day in and day out: People disappointing her. Then she’ll be prepared for the real world.

    47. Cheryl Walker says:

      That’s Justin.

      My grand daughter is now crying herself sick. Jessica is a real fan, and now your tearing her heart out. I have being teaching her about keeping commitments. Is this the way to teach a young girl about life? but this is a horrible way for her to learn.

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