DMX Arrested for Withholding $1.7 Million From IRS, Faces 40 Years in Jail

DMX tax fraud

Rapper DMX, also known as Earl Simmons, has been charged and arrested for “engaging in a multi-year scheme to conceal millions of dollars of income from the IRS,” noted the Department of Justice in a statement on Thursday. In the last seven years, he has avoided paying $1.7 million worth of tax liabilities, according to the DoJ.

Attorney Joon H. Kim used Simmons’ own lyrics against him, adding, “while raking in millions from his songs, including his 2003 hit ‘X Gon’ Give It to Ya,’ DMX didn’t give any of it to the IRS.”

Kim also claimed that Simmons intentionally refrained from taxes by “avoiding personal bank accounts, setting up accounts in other’s names, and paying personal expenses largely in cash.” Simmons, in further efforts to evade taxes, even allegedly held up a “Celebrity Couples Therapy” taping “until a properly issued check he was issued was reissued without withholding any taxes.”


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IRS Special Agent James D. Robnett noted that “Mr. Simmons alleges various tax crimes, including that he failed to file personal tax returns for several years and did not pay his fair share of taxes.”

The DoJ also revealed that between 2010-15, Simmons failed to report $2.3 million in earnings from his famous songs, concerts, and television appearances for personal income tax return, instead living a “cash lifestyle.”

Simmons cooperated with the police as they took him into custody and was immediately scheduled for Manhattan federal court before Judge Andrew J. Peck. He is looking at over a dozen counts, including corruptly endeavoring to obstruct and impede the due administration of the IRS, one count of evasion of payment of income taxes, six counts of evasion of assessment of income tax liability, and six counts of failure to file a U.S. individual income tax return. If convicted on all 14 offenses, DMX could face up to 40 years in jail.

“Celebrity rapper or not, all Americans must pay their taxes, and together with our partners at the IRS, we will pursue those who deliberately and criminally evade this basic obligation of citizenship,” said Kim.

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    1. Miss T says:

      DMX has had a hard road he’s been traveling. He has 15 children from various baby mamas. He is lucky his drug addiction hasn’t killed him. I pray while incarcerated he can get real and honest.

    2. Roberto says:

      DMX is a real American hero, and so is anyone else who has the courage to withhold their money from the crooked government that gives billions to terrorist countries like England, China and Israel! We give loads of money to the Bank of England, since we are still paying for their half of the Revolutionary War (look it up), and they send most of that to the Vatican, then we completely bankroll Palestinian “Jew-ish Zionist” (the people who happily murdered Jesus Christ and cursed their own future generations)”. We are giving China financial steroids so they can have a well funded army to use against us in return for making crap for us to go shopping for, and to top it all off, we pay some secretive private bank (The Federal Reserve) interest and principle on the very money we supposedly make our own self. The Constitution declares that all taxation should be fair. Nothing about our current form of taxation is fair. If Trump didn’t pay tax (he has payed plenty over other years) it’s because he did it lawfully. If I make a right turn on a red light, that is usually legal, but it’s still illegal to run a red light. You have to be a little bit mature to get it. Trump want’s to give Israel MORE money and gifts on behalf of the government, than anyone EVER has! And he wants to do it in the name of Christian America, while the Jewish people continue to play the USA vs. Mohammedans card, white peoples vs. all non-whites, Coke vs. Pepsi (now with human fetus for flavor), etc. Plus we spend more on military defense than the rest of the world cobined (or close to it). When we put our tax dollars back into the communities and each dollar can be accounted for, and everyone is taxed at the same rate regardless of how much they make.. I will happily say “pay your taxes” – until (then).., like Haile Selassie said “..everywhere is WAR!”

    3. Weary says:

      Throw the US Tax Code book at him.

    4. scooter says:


    5. Jackie says:

      It’s OK that Donald Trump can continuously get away with not paying taxes by whatever tricks he uses and not only is he not serving any jail time he is the PRESIDENT…..but DMX might get 40 years for hiding/tricking the IRS……..WHITE PRIVILEGED AT ITS BEST!

      • Weary says:


      • Morgan Farantino264 says:

        I’m sicilian,italian and i would have to agree wit ya Jackie! I personally feel as my brothers are saying a fraud REAL fraud like Donald Jr., who clearly should’ve been arrested right away when it was learned this week what he did, and yet is not arrested(not yet)nor charged as others,JARED KUSHNER too.” But in an any event, i pray JAY-Z who already given him 1 million dollars toward a real rehab thing(google it) and i heard JAY-Z people had actually verify it is a true accurate story, i pray he help him again IF EX is not able 2 pay it all back. Wesley (blk) and Lauryn(blk) other blk artist got only a couple yrs or less,but i do not even think that was right. I hope he can work out a deal where he has ZERO prison time IF it is all paid back to be home with his new baby at mid 40s now. and his family.He sure could still make a hit album all this time,and sell million or more,but he hasn’t. I wish him well.I really do.

    6. DigiDezman says:

      I’m impressed that DMX made enough money to owe $1.7 million in taxes. Good for him. Hopefully he has enough left to bail out of jail.

    7. Scott says:

      So you’re not American if you don’t pay your taxes, but the President of the United States hasn’t paid in years? Why don’t you arrest the real crooks, fucking idiots.

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