Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Could Reunite — Because They Hate Trump More Than Each Other

Crosby Stills Nash and Young
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Musician Graham Nash has been very vocal in the last two years about his anger with bandmate David Crosby over a series of personal clashes, so much so that fans of 1960s supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young had all but given up hope of a reunion. However, Nash now says that an even greater disdain for President Donald Trump and the current administration could change that.

“Here’s how I feel about it: I believe that the issues that are keeping us apart pale in comparison to the good that we can do if we get out there and start talking about what’s happening,” Nash says of a possible CSNY reunion. “So I’d be totally up for it even though I’m not talking to David and neither is Neil. But I think that we’re smart people in the end and I think we realize the good that we can do.”

Indeed, the group known for such politically provocative songs as “Ohio” (a response to the 1970 shootings of students protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State University) and, more recently, “Almost Gone (The Ballad of Bradley Manning)” (addressing U.S. soldier  Chelsea Manning’s trial for espionage in 2013), have long been a powerful voice for change in popular culture.

Nash had previously ruled out any reunion, making his feud with his longtime bandmate very public. In a 2016 interview with Dutch magazine Lust For Life, Nash said Crosby “has been just f—ing awful,” adding, “I’ve been there and saved his f—ing ass for 45 years, and he treated me like shit. … David has ripped the heart out of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.”

But Nash, who released an acclaimed solo album, “This Path Tonight,” last year, will do whatever it takes to fight the Trump administration. And after decades of activism, the 75-year-old offers some tips on how musicians and activists can sustain their strength for the next four years.

“You have to keep up your will to fight,” he says. “You have to research your subject matter so that when people ask you about them you have good answers, true answers, you need to feel something before you create something like a song that could change the world, you have to remain really vigilant and strong. We cannot let this man undermine everything we have fought for over the last 30 years, which is what’s happening by the way. You couldn’t possibly write this script and have it accepted in Hollywood, they would laugh you out of the office. ‘Then this guy becomes president and did what?’ It’s a crazy story.”

The prolific Nash emphasizes that artists should be active politically, no matter the career demands. “I spent the last 14 years making 16 CDs,” he says. “I did my box set of three, I did Crosby’s box set of three, I did Stephen [Stills’] box set of four, the CSNY 1974 stadium tour box set is four discs, and demos with recordings of CSN. I’ve been a very busy boy, you cannot get depressed and you can’t act when you’re depressed. It’s hard to stay positive, but that’s what we must remain, positive and alive.”

He is also uplifted by younger artists like the Lumineers, X Ambassadors, Zedd and more who have held benefits in recent months for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. To Nash, who was a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid, it is essential that the new generation of musicians become activists as well.

“We need the younger generation,” he says. “People like me, Jackson [Browne] and Bonnie [Raitt], we’ve been doing benefits for 40 years and we need the younger generation, particularly people like Lady Gaga, with what’s she got, 80 million people following her on Instagram or Facebook? We need those people that have incredible followings to be able to take a stand and bring information to their followers.”

In addition to being a songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee (with CSN in 1997 and as a member of The Hollies in 2010), the England-born Nash is also a photographer and is currently showcasing his art — of such friends as Joni Mitchell, Stephen Stills and, yes, Crosby — at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) Museum Of Making Music in Carlsbad, Calif.

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    1. HeywoodJablowme says:

      They can call themselves the Geriatric Giggolo’s, on a weekend pass from the old folks home. Nobody cares what they have to say except some old leftover hippies from the 60’s who still refuse to grow up. Crosby’s old liver can play tamborine.

    2. Sir Johnny Buttcracke III Esq. says:

      Those old farts could not stay awake for an entire show. Which is merciful for everyone concerned not the least of which would be fans of good music.

    3. william johnnes says:

      I so agree with Nash. Musicians and other artists who have huge followings have huge influence I feel that there is a revolution coming and you guys can really help to make it happen.

    4. FarePlay says:

      Wooden Ships, the apocalypse.

    5. gary baumann says:

      mam im all for seeing you guys love the songs but above all love the electric sound of legends stills young..garcias gone but these guys legends.still with us..please tour we need to resist trump..and inspire the youth…theres something happening here!!!what it is perfectly clear RESIST!!!

    6. Mick DeLeon says:

      It’s great that Nash is willing to bury the hatchet in someone else’s head (other than Crosby’s), seeing the political powerhouse-potential of a CSN/CSNY reunion. But is he an American citizen? Is Neil Young? It doesn’t matter to fans such as myself, but this is the kind of Administration that’d be happy to crack down on dissenting “outsiders”, even more than Nixon did with John Lennon. He’s in a political climate that still has bedspace at Guantanamo.

    7. “The first one was for the art and music
      Second one for the chicks.This ones for the cash” Stephen Stills about 74 reunion tour

    8. Tina says:

      I last saw CSN&Y live at the Atlantic City Racetrack in 1974. Santana opened for them; and the entire concert was magnificent. David Crosby needs to get his shit together so these four geniuses can reunite and “Teach The Children” again: how to “Find the Cost of Freedom”.

    9. beedeebeedee says:

      Quit being big babies about it and find some forgiveness in your hearts and minds.

    10. …being of the same generation I fully wish they/we need to take take positions against that madman

    11. Your HATE for someone, your non acceptance of what millions of Americas voted for can bring you has beens together to try and do what? Raise and waste more money on your propaganda BS! Loved you once upon a time. Your voices on the subject are not all that welcomed. I’m sure your left over lib hippie friends would be very happy to hear this, but its just really sad actually.

    12. Stevie Markovich says:

      love their music but these guys need to understand that President Trump is working to help ALL AMERICANS prosper and be safe. Give him a chance Messrs Crosby Stills Nash and Young!

    13. These men are not seeing clearly. By their own admission hate has moved them and is now moving them. What do they have to say? We’ve hated each other F____you etc. Now we have a common hatred so lets pursue that. That is not a fight for what they feel is right, that is evil. You may dislike something and want to change it but HATRED binds us together. Very Sad.

    14. Stills is in the rides with Kenny Wayne Shepard,Crosby just put out a masterpiece,Nash put out a decent record and Neil is his prolific usual self but to a lot of you they’re washed up.theyve always been
      Far left politically why are you turning up your noses now?

      • A. Ghast says:

        Speaking for myself, as a younger man (and an avid fan of rock and pop of the 60s and 70s) I had no insight into Life and no ability to grasp how detrimental these rancid Commies were to American society, and ultimately to Western Civilization itself. The article references ‘everything we have worked for in the last 30 years’.

        What can they possibly be referring to? The devastation of the nuclear family? The inflation to worthlessness of our fiat currency? The drugs, the crime, the soul crippling deviancy? The never-ending War? The genuinely frightening Police State the erstwhile Free Love ‘n Dope Boomers have begotten?

        This country is falling apart, with cultural rot oozing from every seam. To deny that we are have slidden into free-fall Decline since 1970 is to expose either a childlike ignorance or a complete inability to penetrate as much as 2 microns beneath the utter surface of things. The damage these 4 have done, and the toxic movement that gave them impetus, have brought incalculable harm to the fabric of well-ordered Society and spread lies and misery at a nearly incredible rate.

        I hate them now, as an adult, for the same reason I no longer consider cotton candy and Doctor Pepper the finest breakfast conceivable by the mind of Man.

        I grew up. I became a Man and began to read and think and draw inferences so obvious only a fool or a mental midget cannot see them.

        These 4 performers are still frozen at the age of 21, rooted in a decade that only looms large in their mind because of their foolish delusions of relevance inculcated in a haze of pot smoke and self righteousness 40 plus years ago.

        It’s sad. And we are going to reap the whirlwind idiots like these have sown. They can do whatever they like but I wouldn’t give them a penny to buy a lifeboat on the Titanic.

    15. Kay Lenhart says:

      TAKE. MY. MONEY!!!

    16. David Wolf says:

      Whether or not they ever perform or record again is irrelevant to me. Their music stands tall and will survive the idiocy and incompetency currently taking up space in the White House. And to say that like him or not, Trump hit a “groundswell” is hardly a compliment to the American character.

    17. Joanne Lyon says:

      I love these musicians. They have all added a lot to social commentary over the past 40 years. Something good has been added to the soundtrack of our lives, as well as to the importance of fighting for basic human rights.

    18. So sad and pathetic when adults (let alone people in their 70s!) don’t outgrow the liberalism and pot smoking that made them imbeciles in their teens and twenties.
      My only hope is that Neil Young drives them all to the gig in his Exploding EcoCar.

    19. Jack says:

      Another group uf idots I no longer listen to. Tossing all their music.

    20. Graham, that is swell but where was your sense of urgency when Obama dropped 26K bombs on seven countries in 2016 alone?!!! Or when Hillary turned Libya into a hellhole? Sorry, but as much as I like your work and your personality (loved your memoir!), you sound like a hypocrite now.

    21. Redneck Hippie says:

      Love CSNY music but they should be named “Band of Very Large Egos” They were relevant in the 60s but the times they are a changin! Made a ton of money from a bunch of hippie wannabees and changed nothing. Didn’t hear anything from any of them when Obama was selling us out to the Muslims and diviiding us financially, racially, etc.

    22. Bradley manning is a traitor. I love this band but, my best friends nephew was in his Ranger unit and injured by and IUD looking for him! He deserted and gave out information that got others killed! Our friend will not discuss it because the case is ongoing. They need to stay out of this one even though they will not and are often wrong in assumptions. They are very wealthy so they think they are bullet proof.

    23. CL says:

      I have loved this band for all of my life, have seen them so many times in so many variations. If it is “Hatred” of something that would bring them together then that is nothing that I would want to see. They have always been political and especially making us aware of environmental issues. Nothing wrong with that, but what is described in this article is nothing that I would want to pay to see, I have the CD’s and my memories, sounds like it would be best leaving it at that.

      If Ted Nugent opened for them, I would definitely re-consider going.

    24. David S. says:

      I don’t get it. And I’ll start with Trump. I felt that he’d never run because of the past dirt. And then he did. But I knew he would never win the nomination and, again, he did it. I have to say I was shocked, and as much as I disliked the Clinton politics, I knew she would crush him. But she didn’t. And as much as I disliked Trump, I had to wonder and re-think it all. I still dislike him,he’s a fool, or so he appears to be. But he struck a chord, and that is what we need to focus on. You can deservedly bash him all you want. I’m not a supporter. But there is a groundswell that you can’t avoid.

      I worshiped CSN/CSNY, even though they fight like grade school kids. But I am now of the opinion that Graham Nash is a phony. I’ve seen interviews where he spewed about David Crosby and he vowed that CSN would never reunite because he had no desire to do so. But now he feels that with Trump as a common enemy, he can put aside his differences to fight a common foe. Oh, bullshit. Please, and I mean “Please”. just admit that you miss the lime light that you cannot get on your own.

      Such Bullshit. Face facts. The ’60’s required change. But now we are facing a different battle. As a culture I believe we coexist, and we seem to appreciate one another. So now it doesn’t seem to be an ethnic difference. It seems to be more of an educational difference. I love that I can speak with everyone and despite our cultural differences, we can appreciate one another. And race doesn’t matter. If you find it differently then I think you may be a bit more racist than most would find comfortable. But, and I feel guilty saying this, it seems that there are those who do not appreciate the value of education and the sense of self worth that comes with it, Unfortunately I had a brother who took the bad route. He felt deserving and took the easy way. He learned a hard lesson, bless his soul.

      .So, sorry for dragging it out, the point here is that; Trump is a fool but he did hit the soul of America; CSN/CSNY made their fortune on the disadvantaged (and God bless them for doing so), but, Graham found that he could no longer associate with David Crosby. And although that’s his right, he’s willing to sell out in the name of Trump.

    25. Jack Lavelle says:

      Is this jerk even a citizen? I remember really liking their initial record, and after that, well… Rich hippies complaining that The Donald is only in it for the money when they’re charging more than $100 a ticket for their ‘concerts’ is really funny. I don’t think they even hear themselves and how silly they sound. Jerks.

      • Jeffree says:

        The orange one hit on the soul of America thats for sure. A country founded on the wholesale slaughter of indigenous peoples, willing to bomb the shit out of any other country it doesn’t agree with and to take their resources to sustain a culture that is destroying the planet. O aren’t we so proud.

    26. Every cloud has a silver lining.

    27. Natalie says:

      What’s wrong with David he might have a devil’s heart planted into him, The Bible says, to guard yer heart for the issues of life flow out of it –>

    28. Chansonette Connolly says:

      Right on you guys! You have stood with many of us in the past and have done a LOT of good. We need you now more than ever to make sure all the good and heroic efforts to save the planet and do good things is not completely unwound by Trump and his band of crazies. This is a time to COME TOGETHER.

    29. If you saw the last 3 tours then you saw Stephen and Neil stand toe to toe trading heavy guitar riffs
      Every bit as good as ever and worth the money.Until you’ve witnessed it and heard it don’t bitch.

    30. Ellen says:

      I used to love them. Now I hate them equally. Lost a fan.

    31. Mr. Bad Example says:

      This may be the only goo thing to come from this mistake of a president…

    32. Doug says:

      CSNY will NEVER get together again. President come and go, some every four years. But, their hatred toward each other has lasted for decades.

    33. S.D. Wilson says:

      turning into butterflies above our nation, REALLY

    34. DanielT says:

      All four of these men have live lives filled with more depraved acts than Donald Trump could ever dream of. And they’re going to lecture us?

    35. Ga Radar Ace says:

      Your stupid leftist political rants are alienating the sane half of your audience. I would never pay to see you live. Why pay to listen to you showing your hatred and ignorance of the heartfelt feelings of the middle class? You made some great music in your day. That’s all you’re good for. Shut up and play.
      p.s. Trump is exactly what this country needed.

    36. OscarO says:

      Please. Just stay gone you washed-up, burned-out, deluded hippy f***s.

    37. Frank Stronghorse says:

      You people really need to spend less time in front of your computer.

    38. Tim Long says:

      Boy, the wingnut trolls are out in force even here. Let’s get with CSNY and expose this Russian takeover of our government by racist bigots that, as Graham Nash says, “We cannot let this man undermine everything we have fought for over the last 30 years, which is what’s happening by the way.”

      • Morey Ladini says:

        “Timmy, Luv yah! Keep up the good work! ”
        – Yours Truly, Sen Joe McCarthy!

      • A. Ghast says:

        “Let’s get with CSNY and expose this Russian takeover of our government by racist bigots…”

        LOL At least the phony Hippie Messiahs get paid for their geriatric pomposity and baseless accusations; as far as one can tell Tim does it for free on the Internet.

    39. bunch of egomaniac prima donnas

    40. gxzech says:

      Hatred brings people together. The far left understands this and that is why it is so successful in uniting people by demonizing Trump. “Love” does not “trump hate”

    41. Stephen Heller says:

      These guys should shut up and sing. Bunch of self centered old hippies that never grew up. Too dumb to know how pathetic they really are.

      • Smith Cassidy says:

        Sounds a lot like Trump. Maybe he could tour with them, he certainly won’t be missed in the White House.

    42. Anyone else tired of these over paid over aged rock music stars\actors giving advise to people who are lucky if they can live week to week?? Maybe the Bush’s and Clinton’s actions worked for you but it doesn’t work for the majority of us.

    43. Oh but I bet you loved 4 way street and deja vu didn’t you?

    44. Berzrkr50 says:

      *Yawn* BFD, Grampa 1,2,3, and 4 are gonna roll into the stadium in their Rascals… Whoopie.

    45. oreo51358 says:

      Smart people? Really? If you hate Trump so much go back to the UK. Has-beens playing oldies are dime a dozen and we can always listen to the music we want to hear rather than more of your tired protest crap. Stop the BS, at your age you can’t afford to piss anybody off.

    46. Mathew Burkholder says:

      Far out, man!! I loved that “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy” tune! And you say these righteous cats are getting’ back together to groove? Solid!! Can’t wait to be lectured to by a gang of hypocritical fossils preaching half baked Communist claptrap from their million dollar crash pads! Right on, right on!! I heard these sages have written new songs about failed marriages, liver transplants and the joys of hypocrisy bathed in patchouli!! Why can’t the selfish sh**ts known as the Boomers just croak already? I know many Gen X’ rs waiting to urinate on their graves. Oh yeah, CSN&Y……you’re legends in your pot-addled minds, I bet you bore the nursing staff in the Old People’ s Home silly with your never ending tales of selfishness and virtue signaling. Now sing Freebird!

    47. Ruthie Rader says:

      I never thought that I would see so many bitter sell-outs in one place in Variety. But here you are. Well, I’m not buying it. Nope. The majority of the comments here read like they were posted by people who are not only sell-outs but bought out by Trump, himself. At 61, I like and totally accept the idea of a CSN&Y reunion…especially if they bring their disdain for Trump to the stage. Go for it! Go right ahead and I know that everywhere they go people will go and listen. If John Lennon was alive today, I know that he would be happy to participate right along with them. This idea isn’t just about making music, it’s about taking a stand. Bill O’Reilly has finally been kicked to the curb. Let’s hit the lights for CSN&Y!

      • What she said!
        Hey… Even musicians vote, have opinions & a right to be outraged. If their platform can be utilized to both entertain & bring attention to the masses, for the greater good, who in their right mind would be against that? Nihilists maybe… Just like what sabotaged this Nations’ whitehouse. Trump SOLD US OUT! Once a con, always a con.

        On the other hand, if there’s some rich people, high profile rich people, willing to stand arm & arm with & for those less fortunate & barely being acknowledged by an administration of draconian mindset… we should all welcome them.

        IMHO: CSNY may be living very separate lives these days but they don’t ‘hate’ one another. Some Trump voters are too embarrassed to admit they put hope in his gewgaw. At least the very few that I’ve met are honest with themselves & not living in lala land. Most didn’t know his background beyond the ‘brand’ and thus were easily duped into buying his ‘I, alone, will fix everything that is wrong in this nation and I alone will tell you what it is that’s making your life so terrible’ mantra. (Which frankly is pure fear tactics & scapegoating & downright lies).

        *Of the ENTIRE nation, Trump voters consist of less than 24% of the population. The majority are standing up for the well being OF ALL PERSONS, whether that is acknowledged or not.

        *CSNY will never go out of style. As a guitarist, I have mucho respect for the universal language of music, the arts & all those that promote it.

    48. Jonny says:

      To anyone under the age of 65, a CSNY reunion would seem as exciting as a Lawrence Welk Tribute Band.

    49. Crosby just put out a Masterpiece called “lighthouse” and the others know it.
      They’re coming to him now.go to you tube and search for the song “the clearing”.

    50. oneeggcream says:

      C.S.N.&Y. are the voices of peace. I can’t think of something cooler than their voices to speak for the masses.

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