Chris Cornell’s Family: Prescription Drugs May Have Influenced Suicide

Chris CornellFort Rock Music Festival, Fort

Chris Cornell’s family has issued a statement questioning the coroner’s report that the singer intentionally took his own life on Thursday.

“Without the results of toxicology tests, we do not know what was going on with Chris—or if any substances contributed to his demise,” the Cornell family said.

The 52 year-old vocalist had a prescription for Ativan, the family shared, and may have taken a higher dosage that impaired his judgement. Attorney Kirk Pasich noted that Ativan can cause paranoid or suicidal thoughts and slurred speech.

Ativan is a tranquilizer and anti-anxiety medication that is sometimes used as a sleeping aid.

Cornell was a recovering addict and had allegedly been sober since 2002. His wife, Vicky, said in an emotional statement, “Chris’s death is a loss that escapes words and has created an emptiness in my heart that will never be filled. As everyone who knew him commented, Chris was a devoted father and husband.”

She said Cornell flew home from Soundgarden’s tour the weekend before to spend time with his wife and children, before returning to the mid-west.

The Seattle rocker was found dead in his hotel bathroom at 12:05 a.m. ET on Thursday. Soundgarden had played a show just hours before at Detroit’s Fox Theater.

His death was ruled a suicide by hanging, the local medical examiner reported Thursday, but Cornell’s family called the suicide declarations “disturbing.”

“When we spoke after the show, I noticed he was slurring his words; he was different,” his wife added. “When he told me he may have taken an extra Ativan or two, I contacted security and asked that they check on him.”

She added: “What happened is inexplicable and I am hopeful that further medical reports will provide additional details. I know that he loved our children and he would not hurt them by intentionally taking his own life. The outpouring of love and support from his fans, friends and family means so much more to us than anyone can know. Thank you for that, and for understanding how difficult this is for us.”

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    1. Selina says:

      I have tried many spell casters without results, and I was about to give up entirely until I read a lot of reviews about Dr Zunga. I must admit that I was very hesitant. However, after casting his spells I noticed results with my fiancé that I didn’t receive from any other practitioner. Customer service was great and most importantly, I saw results.

    2. User says:

      This is terrible. But i can understand his hate of this unjustice and slave world.

    3. peter says:

      how horrible and shocking to the world and the family! This is terrible news!

      Another shocking result and death from medical pills being given to our incredible artists!
      Why do the doctors and psychiatrists keep giving these out to people!!???
      They obviously don’t know how to fix anyone!

    4. MarC Sartoph says:

      I just want to say to Vicky that my heart and my prayers go out to you and your children and your entire family. Your husband’s music had such a profound effect on me and much of the world he was an amazing singer and he touched people with his music. I can’t imagine the anguish you must be going through and I hope this message reaches you and at least enters your heart to know that one other person cares. Other than that I know that there are no words that can take away the tragedy that has devastated your family Godspeed…

    5. Tonya C Ciancanelli says:

      My heart aches for his Family & Friends, this is such a tragic ending. It doesn’t matter how rich and famous you are, fighting depression is sometimes unbearable. It’s hard for his wife to imagine him not wanting to do this her and the kids. I couldn’t imagine, but suffering hurts worse. I believe he did it intentionally, there were signs. When he talked to Vicky the last time he kept saying I’m just tired. He literally meant of fighting this disease. If he would of told her , they might have stopped him. The way he locked the bathroom door too, shows you he didn’t want to be saved. God Rest Your Soul Chris!!! Thank You for your Music…

      • Kali says:

        Sounds like you don’t know what can happen to some people on an extra Ativan … people who don’t want to die (and yes, exhaustion didn’t help). I do know, and have lost people that way. I’ve also lost people who WERE suicidal, and there’s a difference. Those who know Chris know he wouldn’t intentionally leave his family. Dr. Drew knows and thankfully spoke out. Also, some people are not genetically capable of properly metabolizing some drugs … there are other factors to take into consideration. Cornell survived a lifetime of depression without hanging himself. The difference here is one moment where Ativan simply decided for him (though it is on him that he took an “extra or two”). Unfortunately, this happens all the time, and as long as we ignore the pharmaceutical aspect, people will keep dying this way. Absolutely disgusting, avoidable tragedy. Cornell was a magnificent human being. One who made a fatal mistake.

    6. Surfin Muso says:

      300,000+ deaths per year from pharmaceuticals and nothing done about it but to hide this statistic. Fucking drug corps and government profiting from death and misery.

    7. Devillex says:

      Drugs are harsh, and many people suffer with them. Benzo’s especially are harsh and almost like Opiates. You take them, and you get a Dependency to them. Different drugs do different things. But i more so blame Chris’ doctors. They should be prosecuted for prescribing him shit that is addictive. And i bet they no full well he was an addict in the past, and knew he would latch onto them very easily. I also blame his bodyguards for not paying close attention to what he was doing. This death could have been Easily avoided, but wasn’t. At the end of the day, shit happens, but sometimes it happens for no reason at all. Chris’ death wasn’t supposed to happen, and if it was suicide, it wasn’t chris that did it, it was the benzo that made it happen…

    8. Branyers says:

      Lol, you’re all morons. Read the lyrics to Ty Cobb and Pretty Noose to get a clearer picture of just what has been going on in the twisted mind of this magnificent bastard for quite some time.

    9. chelsea29 says:

      Not much compassion on here
      At least wait for the inquest before you therapise

    10. Mat says:

      I’ve sung as let’s rock forever in here or where: take time too, as life the “listen & watch/ and mercies know all songs” but be strong for this;”So believe that when removed everything and more- as the hope that togetherness can change the world for only forever! (Our only tell merciful in today and tomorrow best only …)-trust will tell yesterday and better true story; drugs can be worse that drugs are scary” the*Gone*- I’ve broken teeth waking: and had headaches without end. Better your love? Jesus is The only one who asks about this.

    11. Joe says:

      Let’s blame the benzodiazepines look up brynn Hartman ( truely tragic case) Phil Hartman’s wife they said it was Prozac’s ( supposedly caused suicidal tendencies) took them took court and it got tossed out again truly tragic case ending in suicide and violent tendencies ( murder) but again the medicine didn’t pull the trigger nor did the benzodiazepines make Chris hang himself stop blaming the drugs it is sad situation.

    12. cazzy1967 says:

      Out of ALL the means of suicide, hanging is the least accidental. You know you are jumping, after setting the whole thing up. People who take the meds have to be accountable too. You can’t just say the drs and pharma are the bad guys. The person swallows them, knowningly. Doses, etc…ya, ya, ya, whatever. Other forms of accidental suicide (overdose, drowning, drinking, etc.) can be understood, but hanging or pulling a trigger, you know what you are doing. It takes thinking/consciousnesss to plan those things. It is very sad, no doubt. But you can’t use this as a forum for pharma and dr bashing….

    13. that guy says:

      He told his wife he “may have taken an ativan or 2.”. Why would he feel he needed to take something for anxiety? fact is, don’t blame the ativan, blame the motivating factor that made him want to take ativan to begin with…. He apparently suffered from agoraphobia and depression but he just finished a sold out concert in which he did a good job. Very strange this one…. I think he probably fell off the wagon, went through a weird panic attack of self loathing, took a few ativans, realized that it didn’t work to make him feel better and said… “fuck it”… he door knobbed it.. that’s why they found him on the floor…. ahhhh.. the joys of being a psych nurse… I’m good

    14. 1Ronald says:

      Let’s keep dancing around on this. What caused this to happen is a lack of intervention by meaningful parties that is those closest to Chris as in sometimes called “loved ones.” Where was the wife in this? Come on, Vicky. This is old news. And nothing was ever done to stop it. To help the man when he desperately needed help. From Family.

      I recall when Lawrence Zeiger (Larry King) had his talk show on CNN and had Hustler’s Larry Flynt on as guest and the talk turned to Jerry Falwell’s death. Those of you might recall how Larry and Jerry became great friends after Jerry’s failed First Amendment lawsuit against Larry. Something Larry implied about Jerry and his mother. In Hustler. But, anyway, they later became great friends. I attended a legal symposium at UVA Law School in which both were together on stage. As friends. Well, on Larry King’s show, Larry Flynt stated “They let him go. They just let him die.” Referring to Jerry Falwell’s family who were in a position to intervene and save Falwell from himself. But didn’t. Larry Flynt stated that he (Falwell) smoked too much and ate too much and not once did any family member step in to help. IF you can’t count on those closest to you just WHO can you count on? No one. So let’s stop dancing around on this Vicky. If you didn’t think of yourself as his wife at least you could have thought of the two kids. Who need a daddy. And now he’s gone.

      • susan ballarini says:

        1Ronald what a ridiculous and insensitive comment you have made. A tragedy has occurred and you talk about some silly symposium you attended?? Depression is NOT always easy to treat. I know from experience. Prozac has caused numerous suicides and even homicides. Other drugs frequently increase depression and the risk of suicide, it says o right on the label. I think you should remove your comment. If you actually knew the family you would not be commenting here.

    15. Robin turchetti says:

      Who will cry for the average human when they die unexpectedly? Why do we idolize ppl that are celebrities? Each &every human is&should be as loved&cherished equally! If we find perfection in those that entertain us then why don’t we find it passionately with those next to us??? LOVE ALL PPL!!! Rest GENTLY CHRIS CORNELL&EVERY ONE THAT LEFT OUR LIVES TO SOON..PEACE /LOVE TO ALL OF YOU..

      • susan ballarini says:

        When you are loved by as many people as Chris Cornell is, maybe then you can comment. Mr. Cornell was not just a “celebrity.” He was an extremely talented and hardworking human that gave limitless joy to the world through his music. Depression is a serious, painful and sometimes fatal malady. Many sufferers are hurt further by pharmaceuticals. Your comment was unnecessary.

    16. BabySteps says:

      Everyone wants to blame the drugs but the truth is… He’s been planning this for a while… he literally had to go out and purchase the band and clamps that he physically had to set up before he decided to do it… he’s been leaving loving and cryptic messages… he changed the last song of the night that refers to death… I’m sure the family doesn’t want to believe it but it’s well documented he suffered depression since childhood… he was ready to go… the little bit of Ativan he took didn’t help him prepare for months for this day… it’s been a looming thought process… anyone who suffers from depression knows exactly what I’m talking about… The family is in denial… understandably … Leave it be… pray for the ones left behind but he’s a peace now…

      • I have to agree with BabySteps here.

        People are so quick to blame the drugs or the doctors. Do you ever stop to think that they may have been some of the reason he was still alive? Yes there are doctors who give out too much medication, hell that could possibly even be said of mine, but I honestly believe that the majority of them are doing this with the best intentions and it is far from criminal.

        I dont really know the full details surrounding the whole Michael Jackson’s Doctor thing, but kinda seems where this whole thing started.. but I’ll tell you one thing, if anyone should’ve gone to jail it was Michael Jackson’s father, if it weren’t for him yeah, maybe he wouldn’t have been famous, but perhaps he could’ve liked himself a little– and obviously his childhood had something to do with his sexual deviance, which I am sure weighed heavily on his own soul.

        See the thing is, if this blame continues unchecked, pretty soon medication wont get to the people who really need it.

        As BSteps pointed out, the last song they played that night was a song about death.. perhaps Led Zeppelin’s greatest song “In my Time of Dying” — hell you can even hear someone yell out “that’s gonna be the one” at the end of it.. There is no better Swan Song.

        I am not sure his family is in denial, they may be.. but look at it this way.. and I hope this doesn’t seem to antithetical to everything I’ve written so far, but .. It doesn’t really serve his family well, especially his children to think that he would do this in a sober mind state, perhaps his wife said what she did hoping to absolve the family of some pain. As a person who struggles with depression like.. always… these are things you think about even pre plan..

        ” Nothing seems to kill me… no matter how hard I try ”

        It’s weird to think that there were times where his songs may have been the sole bit of inspiration to keep on going.. not that they are particularly uplifting in nature- but they were something beautiful I could relate to, and remember even just for a moment that there is still reason to be alive, afterall we have all of the rest of eternity to be dead.

        • Good Luck says:

          To all of us who have experienced benzodiazepines this is definitely to blame. Benzodiazepines are hell on earth!!!! Let that be your warning. There’s no way back once you board the bus, it’s a one way ticket!!!!

    17. Jeremy Smith says:

      All these psychotropic drugs in the pharmaceutical market today CAN cause overwhelming suicidal thoughts and tendencies. These side effects are multiplied if overdosed. I had this experienced very strongly on Wellbutrin (an anti – depressant) and stopped talking it immediately. I went back to Zoloft which I had stopped taking before because of gastrointestinal side effects, which suddenly seemed like a minor nuisance compared to my experience with Wellbutrin. I was one of Soundgarden’s biggest fans and had just seen them in Tuscaloosa and Chris was chipper, signing things fans would hand him on stage and cracking jokes about smelling weed. I knew he was happy now with a family who I know he loved and he had close friends and all the support anyone could ask for. To do this now, after coming so far from real difficult things he had dealt with was baffling and made no sense. What this article suggests is the only thing that does. I’m truly sad 😔

    18. lazynigsgetfreeshit says:

      That’s bullshit and she is trying to pull off her in cover-up. Sorry folks but Ativan is a fast acting anti-anxiety medication. Your body becomes used to a dosage very fast so you have to keep increasing to to get the same effect. It’s not the tyoe of drug that would affect you in that way. That’s bullshit. Its a benzo but is different than the others. It’s more along the lines of Valium. He would of had to have taken quite a bit to do what she claims. I smell a cover-up which isn’t unusual because all entertainers who die in this fashion eventually cover it up. Can’t blame them.

    19. urbangirl says:

      Family is in denial. I feel for them. It is WELL known that often people who have contemplated suicide do not confide in their family or friends because they don’t want anyone to intervene. They also are known to become elated and often in VERY happy moods or seem “normal” prior. Research it, the literature is there. This is VERY common among suicide statistics. People who lose friends and family to suicide often say, they showed no signs of depression, or they had just spoken of future events. I have had several friends choose to end their lives and in EVERY case people were shocked. Saying that they loved their family and would never choose to leave them, what they forget is that depression is sneaky and is an illness and they are NOT in their right minds. They are making rational decisions. Could Ativan had played a part, sure did, he knew it would take the “edge” off and therefore help him end his life. Its sad, suicide leaves a huge wave of sorrow.

    20. Delilah says:

      Ativan causes more anxiety than the original anxiety you took it for. .5 mg. is a dose that can do lots of damage. Not only that, you can become dependent very easily. It can rob you of your creativity, thinking ability, make you numb to experiences in life, cause 4 times the anxiety that you had before. It’s a terrible drug. I was on it, and I can tell you that for some people it’s not only hard to get off of, it has such bad withdrawals that many people have to go back on.

      Doctors are SO IGNORANT about the facts. They prescribe these pills with no explanation about its dangers. If you’re on them and want to get off, nine times out of 10 they’ll give you fast tapering instructions or tell you to just stop taking it. WRONG. Some people get off easily the first time. But some people are stuck for years with symptoms and go to the doctor repeatedly, searching for answers and given other pills.

      I’ll say this: Benzos are the bad guy who never gets caught.

      I’m really sad to read this about Chris. He was a very special person. My condolences to the family.

      • jimjax4 says:

        You are right but Doctors are not ignorant, they are a part of the pharmacy/insurance company machine. In the olden days they gave counseling and after care for depression. That is too expensive for insurance companies great need for profits. Handing out meds costs nothing and makes drug companies billions and saves insurance companies billions. They are tied at the hip. Thousands of people die from presription drugs.

        THE CDC CONFIRMS 250,000 INFANTS are on emotional meds. Try to find a wealthy person or celeb that isn’t on meds. Therapy used to be cool; now meds are. its really sick. Go back to counseling and aftercare and not medicating people to not deal with reality. People are crying out for help but meds are NOT the answer to most of these cases.

    21. Rafael Abadia says:

      I cant believe the arguing,insults etc in many of these comments.Benzos,no benzos,side effects,paranoia all doesnt matter.This isnt a forum or debate.We have just lost such a wonderful,kind,caring and talented man.My deepest condolences to his wife,children,family,friends and fans.Rather than people showing this disrespectful attitude please watch him and his daughter Toni doing a duet on Youtube and show some compassion.Its so terribly sad for everyone but most and hardest for his young children.May you R.I.P. Chris.You are indelible.

    22. Laque says:

      While everyone is arguing back and forth about medications and what he was on, what it may or may not have done to his mental state, I’m just saddened at his loss. He had one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Favorite songs were Loud Love, Full On Kevin’s Mom, and Say Hello to Heaven. Chris, you were beautiful, in body and spirit and you will be missed!

    23. Matt says:

      Condolences: and all the.. with all the ghosts. Family is a lasting stare the leads surprises into any new day!

    24. Ike Solomon says:

      My heart goes out to Chris’s wife and children. My ex wife hung herself with my children in the house. She survived and then left me and my children. Losing a parent and a husband to a tragic end like this must be the most painful thing ever! I wish I could give them all a hug!

    25. M. Shapiro says:

      It’s true that streaming has hurt musicians. But you’ve picked a bad example with Levon Helm’s situation. That falls squarely with Levon himself. Levon was no new-comer, trying to break into the music business after the good times have all gone. He had a decades-long career with a successful band. Like the rest of us with family responsibilities, it was up to him to save money during the good times so it would be there during the bad. And how about buying a little life insurance, like the rest of us did?

    26. Tao says:

      The Dangers of Benzodiazapines part 1 and 2 on YouTube. Ativan is a Benzodiazapine.
      Big Pharma/FDA et al, all deny their poisons are killing people.

    27. Lukas says:

      Ativan will not make an individual paranoid. It’s used to treat anxiety, insomnia and paranoia. If you take more than prescribed the last thing you will feel is paranoid. I’m guessing Chris was on this medication for awhile. If that’s the case than he would of had a tolerance and been okay (assuming he didn’t have a heart condition) with taking a significantly higher number than most people probably could. I’m guessing his speech wasnt just because of the Ativan, but Ativan mixed with something else and severe depression (he did kill himself).

      • sench9us says:

        Lukas , you remind me of this saying ‘there’s none so blind as them that won’t see’. IF you even took the effort to watch this video you would know these drugs ARE dangerous, and YET this insane culture will wage a war on natural growing plants and fungi such as cannabis and magic mushrooms which they claim have ‘no medical value’ when LOADS of evidence, anecdotal, and scientific very much reveals they do heal. FAR more than toxic drugs like this which are downers just to suppress symptoms and get people addicted
        I will give you the benefit of the doubt. maybe your not aware of this, but then I thus encourage you to look into it, and realize that this way is not the ONLY way, but the way that is presented as the only way by this self-serving culture.

      • AaronE says:

        Do some research. Higher doses can cause adverse side effects including anxiety and suicidal ideation /attempt.

      • Tao says:

        Readers- DO THE RESEARCH.

        • Lukas says:

          Good lord. I literally said nothing that was a lie. Calm down.

        • Lukas says:

          I’m literally not advocating for benzodiazepines at all. But to say they are trash is ignorant. Unless you can figure out a better way to stop someone from having a severe life threatening seizure, than valium will be the best med to use. If given for only a week benzodiazepines are even okay for the treatment of anxiety or insomnia. If you guys did your research you would reacts to your brain in an almost identical way as alcohol ( it responds to your GABA a receptors)

        • Lukas says:

          It shouldn’t be used In elderly patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s or in individuals with certain brain damage or concussions. I haven’t witnessed any person I’ve given or seen administered a benzodiazepine become paranoid. Benzodiazepines are one the best way to calm down an individual even if they are paranoid. I agree that It is not supposed to be used long term.

        • Tao says:

          Just do the research & stop Lying to protect your demons. Do you have “training & degrees in medicine?” If yes, SHAME on your head.

          A Good Doctor left a reply:
          od says:
          May 19, 2017 at 6:26 am
          I’m a doctor and a Soundgarden and Chris Cornell fan. I am truly saddened by Chris’ death. I just want you to know that I am extremely careful with prescribing this class of medications as a young physician, aware of its short term drawbacks and long term effects. I treat addicts and get into a lot of challenging situations when some ask or even please for Xanax, Ativan, etc. Thank you for bringing up this important topic and I’ll check out the YT video. I hope to be part of a changing demographic of physicians that don’t needlessly prescribe benzos. I will wait patiently to see what the autopsy uncovers. RIP Chris.

          Silence, Lukas.

        • Eric Shupack says:

          And you know this because you have done case studies and know what the pharmaceutical companies are ignoring? Sorry but these medications are dangerous and greed and the need for pharmaceutical companies to make more and more money by creating medicines that do more harm than good is evil, and in some form murderous.

        • Lukas says:

          You have your training or degress in medicine from where exactly?

        • J says:

          Ok I’m starting to get really upset with the ppl on here who are arguing that this medication is safe!!! My god plz educate yourself before u post that crap. Just look at the literal millions of ppl posting their stories on you tube of how they r so desperate to get better after this class of medication has wreaked havoc on their lives. This drug kills ppl…straight up!!! Watch The Dangers of Benzodiazapines part 1 and 2 on youtube…and the new documentary called As Perscribed that will be out in the coming months. This is serious and it is an epidemic far exceeding that of opiates!!

    28. Tao says:

      Now the question is: Will the Big Pharmaceutical Company for ATIVAN Be Held Responsible for Their Legal Poison??? If he overdosed on a natural herb, FDA would have the Feds go to the manufacturer with machine guns. WHY DID HIS DR. PRESCRIBE ATIVAN TO A FORMER DRUG ADDICT?
      Side effects of Ativa:
      thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself;
      unusual changes in mood or behavior;
      confusion, aggression, hallucinations;

      “People with a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse or personality disorders are at a greater risk for developing an Ativan addiction.” –

      Let’s watch the commoners deny the drug killed him. Big Pharm Demons.

    29. Charlie says:

      Ive never been so emotional over a celebity before. I woke up and saw the news. I went to tell my spouse what i had learned and i choked up and tears started to flow. It hit me that the voice that i had listened to my whole adult hood was silenced. It was the only voice that yould hear on all my playlists and had just shared the day before a new soundgarden video that i was so excited for. A huge part of who i am as a person died that night aswell. I feel for his family and all his fans im sure hurt as much as i do.

      • Lukas says:

        Ativan can be extremely addictive and is one of the worst kinds of medication to get of. When you are an addict it can be anxiety inducing to go back to what you used to do. I’m guessing that’s why it was prescribed. I do know that overdosing on Ativan or other benzodiazepines is almost impossible with the amount they give you. If taken by it’s self, you would have to take way more than the 30, 60, or 120 pills to actually overdose. They made benzodiazepines to be a safer alternative than barbiturates. Those who do die from overdose more than likely had alcohol or opiates in them.

    30. missyrocks5 says:

      This is so sad. I also couldn’t reconcile the loving tweets he sent out as a guy who would cruelly take himself from his family. But there were two journalists who went to that Detroit show that said something was off. Maybe he took Ativan before the show since they said he seemed staggering a little some times. And absolutely drinking plus Ativan will make you mush. I’ve never heard of it causing suicide. Maybe he flew out Mother’s Day and that day because he knew. And with a history of use, he may not have been honest with his wife about what he took or whatever. He had to have sounded really off for her to ask them to go check on him. He may have taken a bunch of ativan for the purpose to do what he planned. What a loss to music. Eddie, please stay in a vault somewhere to stay safe for say the next 30 or so years. Awful. RIP. And we have seen many Iike this, depression plus here I agree, exhaustion likely as well. Early 50s is no spring chicken to keep up that pace. And yes, big pharma has created its share of tragedies.

    31. Ronald T Hartley says:

      Chris was a brilliant musician and my heart breaks that he is no longer here. Alot of his music really spoke to me. Inparticular Seasons and Sunshower. Those two pieces of pure art literally saved my soul. He was a pioneer in rock music and the loss of him is a total tragedy. My heart breaks for his family during this sad time. He will live on in their hearts and in the hearts of his millions of fans. ” When your all in pain and you feel the rain come down. Its all right. When you find your way then you see it disappear its all right. Tho your gardens grey I know all your praises someday will flower on in a sweet sunshower.”

    32. Christina Thomas says:

      My heart is Breaking for Chris’s Family and Friends! What a Great Loss! Such a Beautiful Voice! RIP!

    33. dituraye says:

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      • Laque says:

        Really??? This is for fans of Chris Cornell that are mourning his loss and you’re on here trying to promote your business. NOT the place for this crap!!!!

    34. Steve tajnai says:

      So sorry to hear. I am upset about not going to see Soungarden when they were last here in Milwaukee. I had other commitments that I could not get out of. Will say some prayers for him and his family.

    35. barbara says:

      Not trying to be funny or disrespectful here but two extra Ativans killed this guy who was doing drugs AND booze all his life? Yeah OK I saw a flying pig outside my window just now.

      • Tao says:

        Typo: Ativan not Ativa.

      • Tao says:

        Hey Barb:

        Side effects of Ativa:
        thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself;
        unusual changes in mood or behavior;
        confusion, aggression, hallucinations;

        “People with a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse or personality disorders are at a greater risk for developing an Ativan addiction.” –

        Anything else to say, Stupid Cow?! You’re an addict too right? Loser.

      • ADM says:

        …not trying to be an asshole to ya barrrrrb….but you are grossly misinformed piece of shit for ‘needing’ to make that comment.

      • ellifeld says:

        First off the article says he was clean for a number of years. Second and more importantly is the thinking of yours, which is a problem that everyone has when it comes to medications. Essentially they think prescriptions are safe because a doctor prescribed it. In this case this particular drug has a known side effect of causing suicidal thoughts. Apparently that’s not enough to convince you. Why, I have no idea.

        • Margie Sims says:

          Also it depends on your sensitivity to medications too, I once took one tablet for anxiety and i wanted to jump over a bridge. They are very scary. When you are clean for years you can’t go back to the doses you took years ago or that would be disastrous. Also it says they can’t know more without seeing the toxicology report first cos there could have been other drugs involved. So don’t jump to conclusions and read the article properly!

    36. Pigford says:

      For whatever reasons*

    37. Pigford says:

      Most musicians in heavier bands for whatever turn into a sad joke when they get old & still try to “rock out” with the exception of a few (Lemmy,Ozzy at times & Wino)….rock is after all a young mans game but Chris Cornell managed to pull it off ,he seemed to me like he was gonna be Generation X’s Neil Young & now we’ll never know…I hope you found peace,you will be missed more than you can imagine

    38. Pigford says:

      Out of the top 4 big bands to come out of Seattle in the early 90’s Eddie Vedder is the only singer still alive & he’s only in his early 50’s…Layne & Kurt were not a surprise at all (at least to me) & although Cornell sang about dark subjects he didn’t come across as being suicidal but you never know…I’m thankful he left us with not 1,not 2 but 3 albums that are masterpieces:Badmotorfinger,Superunknown & Temple of the Dog….I can only think of a small handful of musicians who you can say that about….he had a very big impact on my life when I was in my 20’s in the 90’s & I hope he found peace

    39. I’ve been and still a working musician of over 40 years in RnR. My 2 favorite vocalist are Glenn Hugh’s and Chris Cornell. I rarely listen to music for pleasure but when I do it’s Cornell these past few years. I’m a huge fan.
      Very very sad to loose him. He still had a lot of room to grow into a huge RnR Icon.
      My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

    40. Deb Rust says:

      I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Chris Cornell. I was a huge fan. I loved his amazing voice and he was such a talented song writer and performer. his incredible music will live on for the world to enjoy forever! Drugs have taken more away so many amazing people from us. Addiction is such a horrible thing. My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this very difficult time. May it bring them some comfort to know he is now with God and they will be with him again some day.

    41. chris says:

      i honestly hope that it is the fault of an accidental medication overdose, i just can’t come to grips with the determination of suicide. it’s got to be hell for the family and my heart goes out to them especially Chris’s children. my favourite band from the Seattle scene, and arguably the best singer of his era. Chris’s music got me through some hard times in life. Loud Love was in heavy rotation while serving in the middle east with the Marines. Bad Motorfinger blew my mind at how incredible it was. Such a blow to lose an artist like this, the rest of the band must be reeling with grief. My heart goes out to Ben, Matt, Kim, and the whole Soundgarden crew.

    42. Jacqueline Davidson says:

      Another hero has passed away. I’m sorry for this worlds loss. Chris your being is sadly missed.

    43. J says:

      Being a child of the 90s I was completely devastated to hear this news. RIP Chris. May his family find Peace at this difficult time.

    44. Robert Colgero says:

      Terrible loss for all rock n rollers. Loved his music. So diverse. Saw him acoustically as with SG many times.
      Will miss him.
      Prayers for his family!!

    45. Donna Loggia says:

      Depression is a terrible disease. My condolences to his family and friends. The pain is excruciating and many will do anything to make it stop. RIP, Chris.

    46. Karl says:

      “I contacted security and asked that they check on him.” Did they not check on him when she asked? Something is missing from this story, If he was found early the next morning they may have ignored her request. I just don’t see him ending his life this way from just a couple extra pills, Its such a shame and a sad loss, I’m hoping that toxicology tests will provide more closing for his family, He will be greatly missed! RIP Chris

      • Amy says:

        His wife got off the phone with Chris around 11:35pm and he was found dead around midnight – not the next morning. So, yes, the wife prob felt concerned soonish after the phone call and it was enough time for his death. Heartbroken still. This one has really affected me…

    47. J says:

      Benzodiazapines, ( Ativan, Xanax,Klonopin,Valium) and others are deadly in so many ways. Ppl become extremely suicidal after long term use, even after just a few months, or if they are taking wrong dose. Your body very quickly goes into tolerance withdrawl and it is unbearable. Dr’s don’t talk about it so patients do not know what is happening to them. Suicide is extremely common. That being said, many ppl trying to come off this drug have such extreme anxiety and insomnia, including debilitating panic attacks that have resulted in suicide. Sadly I have seen it happen to 4 ppl trying to come off of this medication. If anyone is interested on more detailed information about how dangerous this class of medication is, check out The Dangers of Benzodiazapines part 1 and 2 on you tube. A documentary made in 1986 outlines the real seriousness of these meds. Yet they are still being handed out like candy in the US, 30 + years later. Patients can also have seizures and die when trying to come off of this class of drug, making it far more dangerous than opiods!!!! Yet no one is taking about the benzo epidemic!!!

      • Vinod says:

        I’m a doctor and a Soundgarden and Chris Cornell fan. I am truly saddened by Chris’ death. I just want you to know that I am extremely careful with prescribing this class of medications as a young physician, aware of its short term drawbacks and long term effects. I treat addicts and get into a lot of challenging situations when some ask or even please for Xanax, Ativan, etc. Thank you for bringing up this important topic and I’ll check out the YT video. I hope to be part of a changing demographic of physicians that don’t needlessly prescribe benzos. I will wait patiently to see what the autopsy uncovers. RIP Chris.

      • Zack K says:

        J, you are so right! I have severe depression & when I would take a benzo for panic, it would make me feel more nervous & depressed.. Docs aren’t studying what these things do to our brain long term. They seem like a quick fix, but the payback after a while is mysterious & scary. Cornell was too special to go out like this. Doesn’t make sense…

        • J says:

          Thank you so much, and check out ” As Perscribed” coming soon to a theater near u…by Holly Hardman. We desperately need more Dr.s like you sir!!

    48. Marisa says:

      So sad this morning. Almost speechless. I’m hearing “Like a Stone” playing over and over in my mind. My condolences to his family and friends. The world has lost another gentle soul with great talent.

      • J says:

        Yes Zack it is so sad. Dr’s. Told me u can take this for the rest of your life. Lol..funny thing is it was the fight of my life to not only get off it, but get through benzo withdrawl syndrome. For which by the way, I’m still not 100 % May 17th was my 3 year mark past the jump and still have some CNS stuff, brain zaps and sleep problems. Tingling, and even the heat and stressful situations can cause problems. Good news is I am so much better, probably at 90% percent…but shit, who wants to lose 3 years of your life healing. Or lose your life in Chris ‘s case b/c he probably had no effin idea what was happening to him. The medical community also doesn’t help anyone come off this medication b/c they don’t think ppl need to or they think u can just ween yourself in 2 weeks, which is a joke. There is a documentary coming out this year, called “As Perscribed” by Holly Hardman hopefully it may shed some much needed light on the subject. My best to you Zack

      • Matt says:

        What? That is not true first of all. I’ve taking Valium for nerves for years with no issues. But I don’t abuse them. Sure if you run out you’re in big trouble. Benzos are the one thing that can kill you form withdrawal along with alcohol. And the withdrawal is terrible. If you’re overdoing it, or run out I agree. But taking the right dosage doesn’t throw you into tolerance withdrawals from getting used to it. If anything they were the easiest to cut back a little on. Pain pills are another thing. Again with abuse they’re terrible. Terrible all around honestly because they’re so hard not to abuse.

        • Kim says:

          Matt, try coming off of that Valium that you’ve taken “as prescribed for years”. You are the perfect candidate for benzo withdrawal syndrome…

      • Matt says:

        What? That is not true first of all. I’ve taking Valium for nerves for years with no issues. But I don’t abuse them. Sure if you run out you’re in big trouble. Benzos are the one thing that can kill you form withdrawal along with alcohol. And the withdrawal is terrible. If you’re overdoing it, or run out I agree. But taking the right dosage doesn’t throw you into tolerance withdrawals from getting used to it. If anything they were the easiest to cut back a little on. Pain pills are another thing. Again with abuse they’re terrible. Terrible all around honestly because they’re so hard not to abuse.

    49. Kyle Petty Son of Richard says:

      He seemed off during the concert, but not drunk. Tired, slow kind of.
      They toured so much after reuniting, I wish they took it easier. Time off, maybe record something, sit out for a bit. CC especially, between the acoustic gigs and SG I can’t even think of a time between 2010 and now when he wasn’t performing.

      • Donna Loggia says:

        Anxiety disorder is an illness like any other. You need your meds just like a diabetic needs insulin. He was dealing with depression and was overdoing. It is a very painful state of mind.

    50. julie says:

      R.I.P Chris Cornell. You will be missed but not forgotten. Your music will live on forever. Your voice will forever be in our ears. My heart goes out to the family. Sing Forever!!!!

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