Britney Spears Causes Chaos in Jerusalem

Britney Spears New Album Glory

Britney Spears’ arrival in Israel has caused quite the commotion. It’s the pop star’s first visit to the country and a tour of the holy sites in Jerusalem on Sunday was described by Israeli news outlets as a veritable mob scene.

While Spears’ security detail was substantial, the Western Wall is mainly accessible by foot. This presented a challenge for the “Make Me…” singer and her team as they made their way through mobs of fans, press, and onlookers (see video below).


Israeli Airline Hails Britney Spears’ Tel Aviv Arrival with ‘Toxic’ Video Parody: Watch

Spears is scheduled to perform at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park on Monday night, the same outdoor venue where Justin Bieber and Aerosmith recently headlined and where Radiohead is due to take the stage on July 19.

There has also been some hubbub concerning a possible meeting with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Ynet, Spears canceled a supposed visit, but it has also been reported that the meeting was never confirmed, a belief which the PM’s office seemed to acknowledge.

Ahead of the July 3 concert, Spears will visit with pediatric cancer patients.

Prior to her Israel expedition, Spears had spent the last few weeks performing in Asia as part of her Britney: Live in Concert tour.

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    1. varangia says:

      Britney still #1. The prettiest and sweetest performer and no politics thank God.

    2. Ooooop’s !!! She did it again !

    3. wjrevere says:

      Britney is Jewish. How is this shocking?

    4. marcpope says:

      maybe she should dress down and not be so obvious. i am sure she wanted the attention.

    5. Htos1 says:

      Sigh….here’s to hoping she cements the ditzy blonde image, oh, WAIT!!!

    6. rick says:

      I am glad she put her life together and is doing so well. She’s still great looking and has talent, today’s snowflake performers could learn a lot from her.

      For instance… Do you know what her politics are? Exactly!

      Today’s current crop of performers need to learnto keep their mouth shut unless they are on stage singing.

    7. Me myself says:

      The beach next to were she is performing is a well known gay beach. Of course, in that region only Israel has gays who can live free and out. If you walk that beach you will see Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Druze, etc all playing volleyball, drinking and enjoying the Mediterranean. Long live freedom, choice and capitalism.

    8. Soooooo happy that she’s performing there–Long Live Israel!!

    9. krackabich says:

      It’s good to hear some good news for a change. Apparently she’s not like most of the others influencing the young in a negative way. Go Brittany!

    10. She is a good performer I get it! You like her a lot!I think you are suffering from too much worship and to relate her to Jesus is ridiculous!

    11. Amber says:

      Brittany is a good girl. She has worked all of her life. Her entire family lives a life of fame, wealth and security due to her. She had serious problems. A lot of pressure and responsibility on someone who was just a Kid. Her Dad took over her affairs. Got rid of the Dope Peddlers. Ran off the Hollywood leeches. Worked with the father of her children to have a good life style. Be able to tour with them. Stay with the Kids when she is on stage. Her Mother and Father are often photographed with her boys at the park, in Church, ditto her Sister and her child.

      She is never in a feud with anyone. she keeps her politics to herself. She has LONG worked with Children’s Causes. She puts in long, long hours with a standing Gig in Los Vegas. She is the BIG HIT on the Vegas Strip.

      So she goes to Israel. She is a Christian. She wants to see where Jesus walked. Where he was tormented. Where he was nailed to a Cross. AND the latest issued of Biblical Archeology points to Pilate as the one who had Christ Crucified. Not the Jewish Elders. That only the Book of Matthew prints the Truth. Fascinating.

      If Every Star…..worked as hard as Brittany, kept their views on anything to themselves, had family support, was a Christian or a Jew who was honored to be Israel

      Hollywood would not the First Tanking Summer Season they have ever had. Only Wonder Woman is making money. And the Star of that is an Israeli Citizen who served in the Israeli Army for two years Doubt you will see her in some video, looked half spaced out, high as a KIte telling the USA they want to Kill the President, behead the President, beat the President up

      Brittany. She grew up to be a Class Act.

      • Ed Itor says:

        Incorrect. All of the gospels indicate Pilate had Jesup executed, including Matthew, and ALL of the gospels show that the Jewish religious leaders conspired to have him killed. You need to stop following Darby.

      • rich says:

        shut up.

        • Ronnie VZ says:

          Right on. I was concerned about her when she was going off the rails…shaving her head in public, etc., but I’m glad she got her act together.

    12. An amazing personality…..brilliant performer.

    13. jxrxc says:

      She’s the greatest. Much better than singers on mtv today.

    14. Wasn’t there a viral video that shows that Britney and almost every other pop star lip syncs “live”? Oh yeah, there was.

    15. She’s one of the last pop talents that could sell sex.
      It’s a dying art.

      I saw her in vegas a while back. It was worth it to say I saw her in vegas.

    16. paperpushermj says:

      She should have gone with Trump

    17. Samuel Delaney says:

      Nice to see Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Aero Smith, and other entertainer visit and prove Israel is not alone, America is here to help as long as Donald Trump is president of the United States.

    18. It would be nice if poeple like Spears and Mariah Carrey stayed away. Haven’t you already done enough damage to all the other countries?

    19. Mark Snyder says:

      Good for you Britney! I am a 55 year old male so Im too old for your music but I still route for you to be happy and successful.

      • rich says:

        Really? What do you mean you still ‘route’ for her?

        • anvil35 says:

          Never made a mistake, idiot!!?? Stop trolling and just comment on the article – know one hear kares about your elitism!! Fool! Probably a big Keith Olberman fan, too!

    20. It’s refreshing to see an American celebrity who isn’t bashing Israel and defending Palestinian violence.

      • EffIsrael says:

        Israel stole Palestinian land. They get what they deserve.

        • Steven Koch says:

          Go back and try that line on Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the other Arab states AGAIN. They threw you out. They didn’t put up with it then and they will not put up with it now. Israel has allowed you space to squat, but you have overstayed your welcome. Move to Atlantis and good riddance.

        • Josaphat Watch says:

          God gave the land to the Israelites.
          Go argue with Him.

        • lamestreamdoc says:

          No such place as “Palestine,” but nice try. And by the way: the world needs LESS Muslim real estate; not more.

        • jxrxc says:

          Not Israel, the UK.

        • aardvarkomega says:

          Californians stole Mexico’s land.
          Even in 1940, San Francisco was 90% Hispanic. It’s almost below 40% now.

        • Larry Dull says:

          I don’t think that there is a scrap of history to back Palestinian’s claims to Israeli land!

        • Jim Henry says:

          No such a thing as “palestine.” It belongs to Israel, now and in the future. Just sayin.

        • Keith Diggs says:

          You are a complete idiot who apparently is unaware that there never has been, in the history of the EARTH anything that could have REMOTELY been called, “Palestinian land”.

    21. Lisa Yakir says:

      Britney, Israel love you, enjoy your visit

    22. Britney Spears is recovering.

    23. George Lewis says:

      Nice pic of Britney.

    24. Britney Spears will survive and recover.

    25. Dimitri says:

      Wish the best for her, her family, her tour and isreal

    26. I am surprised by the vile comments about Ms Spears. She might be trying to discover God. How is that a bad thing?

    27. Ron D says:

      One of the few countries in that region where you can be openly gay and not thrown off a tall building all these Democrat Israel haters sold take note of that.

      • Amen to that. (Although there was that nutcase who went on a shanking spree at a gay pride event, got released, and did it again last year!) But that’s one nutcase. Your point remains valid, and Israel deserves respect and kudos for that.

    28. Brittany Peoples says:

      Poor thing, feel bad for her. She needs to pray for a way out if her horrible life.

    29. nostical says:

      Great for her to see the sites and perform there. She gained a lot of respect.

    30. Sam G says:

      Had she slipped out the back door and kept her entourage to a minimum, she wouldn’t have been recognized, and she could have enjoyed the marvels of the old city sans the circus show.

    31. Bitsandbytes says:

      Does she still use auto-tune for her dreadful voice?

    32. HughG says:

      Hope she didn’t forget her Geritol…..

    33. Don Juan says:

      Still hot!

    34. Louis Douglas says:

      I been loving her always 😎🌷!

    35. So she is going to Israel to show them how good she can lip-sync to recordings of her songs.

    36. morris6600 says:

      Those who perform for that racist/terrorist state have a broken ethical compass.

      • Bill Jefferson says:

        Settle down, snowflake, or it’s going to be a LONG 16 years for you leftists.
        Go Israel and never forget …… covfefe, baby!

        • Gays in Israel have rights and the ONLY Pride parade in that whole part of the world. If a gay person walks 10 feet into the “Palestinian area”- they will be killed. They kill gay people everyday. I am gay and I support Israel.

    37. Dave Lewis says:

      What a charade. I doubt she had a meeting with the prime minister to begin with. He probably doesn’t even know who she is.

      • DE says:

        do you honestly think there is a person on the planet who doesnt know who she is? Unless the prime minister is 5 years or under of course…

    38. Mendel says:

      I think it’s wonderful that stars go to the Holy Land. Israel needs our support!

    39. alpha1six says:

      Why would the PM of Israel agree to meet?

    40. Andrew says:

      The reason we should CARE about her is….?

    41. Brad says:

      Is she pro-Trump or anti-Trump? Cause if she’s pro-Trump then I like her! But if she is against Trump then I hate her!!!!!!

    42. Tommy Jefferson says:

      This is a news story?

    43. Shaun Farrell says:

      She sings songs that other people write. She dances choreographed moves that other people create. How does this warrant a meeting with the prime minister? No rhyme or reason to this world. “Meaningless meaningless says the teacher.” Oh we are but a wisp of smoke.

    44. Who? says:

      What this has-been won’t do for money.

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