Barry Manilow Comes Out, Reveals Secret Marriage to Business Partner

Barry Manilow Opens Up About Sexuality,

Barry Manilow has finally lowered his guard on his personal life and revealed that he is gay.

In an interview with People, the 73-year-old music icon — who created hits like “Copacabana” — not only revealed his sexual orientation, but that he’s married to Garry Kief. Kief is Manilow’s manager, business partner, and president of Barry Manilow Productions. The two married in Palm Springs in 2014.

Manilow revealed that he kept his sexuality quiet because he was worried how his fans would take it.

“I thought I would be disappointing them if they knew I was gay,” he said. “When they found out that Garry and I were together, they were so happy.”

The singer said he met Kief back in 1978, and the two had a 39-year relationship under the radar — even throwing off fans when Manilow moved in with his once-rumored love interest Linda Allen during his relationship with Kief. News of Manilow and Kief’s marriage made news in 2015, which he called a “blessing and a curse.” Manilow revealed his fans’ reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

“The reaction was so beautiful — strangers commenting, ‘Great for you!’ I’m just so grateful for it.”

Along with “Copacabana,” Manilow is also well-known for songs like “Mandy,” “Could It Be Magic,” and “Looks Like We Made It.”

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    1. Gary Barton says:

      Instead of “worrying how his fans would take it” think of how much good it would have been for people to have known. To break stereotypes is part of the reason people would help others, especially young boys and girls who need positive role models from gay and lesbian people. I have little respect for people who keep it a secret. Especially with people like Manilow who perpetuate that being gay is a bad thing by lying about the fact he/she is gay. Only Helen Keller would not know and therefore by not coming out, he reinforces it is bad to be gay. Boggles the mind. During an interview on “Nightline” Ted Koppel when interviewing me said something to the effect that “of course you do not know first hand but do you think Hollywood is doing their part to help people with AIDS” I was a Sr VP at Disney and didn’t plan on coming out on National TV. However, I could not let it go when he said that to me. I got a fair amount of hate mail but I also got one note from a 13 year old who told me that he had decided to commit suicide earlier that week. When he saw the program where I said I was gay, he changed his mind because he loved Disney and figured if I could be gay and work for Disney, maybe it is okay. If someone like me,who is certainly was not famous, could have that effect on a gay kid, imagine what good it would do for people like Barry to have come out.
      And he did not because he thought selling tickets to his concerts was more important than helping young gay kids feel better about him or herself. Wow. Are things twisted. Barry, you are rich enough to not worry if a few fans don’t like you because you are gay. Nice you came out, b ut way too late.

      • lapelcelery says:

        “By not coming out, he reinforces it is bad to be gay”? That’s a bit of a leap of logic, those things aren’t related. By not coming out he reinforces that HE THINKS there are negative consequences to coming out. And there are.

        He doesn’t owe anyone his coming out in the same way you don’t owe charities 20% of your income. Sure, it’d be nice if you gave it away, but I’m not going to put a moral judgement on you for not doing it, and you don’t antagonise worryingly large, vocal portions of the united states by giving away money.

    2. Steve says:

      Shut it, bigot.

    3. Cass says:

      Good on him. Loved him and his music in my teens – Lisa, I too thought I’d marry him and still love everything about him. Amazing voice. Just heard him last week. Keep being you and be who you want to be. I love the feeling I got when I heard this tonight. It doesn’t change a thing.

    4. Jaddy Baddy says:

      At the age of 73 Barry Manilow finally decides
      to come out of the closet, not that there’s
      anything wrong with that. Dude, the only one
      who didn’t know Manilow was gay must have been
      a blind deaf monk somewhere in a cave in Tibet.

      Hell, that’s got to be the worst kept secret
      since Donald Trump’s communist bride fetish.

    5. Dunstan says:

      About as surprising as Drumpf’s fondness for pussy grabbing.

    6. Bill B. says:

      Is this a joke?! This was well known a good 30 years ago.

    7. Steve says:

      Bigotry is sad.

    8. Steve says:

      The God of my understanding isn’t a bigot, anti-gay or otherwise.

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